The Iron Shop Ch. 02


Eager to begin, I headed straight for the gym. Normal hours were from noon to ten p.m. I posted a notice on the door explaining that we’d be closing for a couple of days and unloaded grandpa’s tool chest from my trunk. I spent the rest of the day tearing down drywall, dragging weights and old equipment out the back, measuring rooms, and sketching out a drawing of the new gym.

When I returned to grandma’s that night for dinner, she told me that Mrs. Fabian had called and congratulated her on the line of credit and her gentlemanly grandson. I smiled to myself and hit the shower.

Grandma had cooked up a couple of pounds of chicken and some brown rice, along with broccoli and tomatoes. I shoveled it up. After clearning the table, grandma sat down next to me. She clasped my hand in her two little hands.

“I love you so much, Frank,” she whispered. “Thanks so much for everything.”

“It’s nothing, Gran,” I answered. “I’ve always thought about running my own shop. And this is a great opportunity.”

Gran smiled and squeezed my hand. We chatted about family and San Pietro while she sipped her coffee.

“Well,” I said after a half our or so of conversation. “Gramps still have his bench and weights in the garage.”

Gran nodded brightly.

“Time for me to hit the stack!”

I pulled off my tank and changed into shorts and tennis shoes. In the garage, I uncovered grandpa’s old weight set and started working out. I had just started a set of super heavy squats when grandma opened the door and walked in. I smiled at her and bent with the bar across my shoulders. I was really trying to work my thighs deep and hard.

Grandma, smiling, sat on opposite me and watched.

I grunted through my set and dropped the weights on the stand.

“You know,” grandma said. “Your gramps and I used to work out together. Right here. Our own private gym.”

She laughed and I mopped my forehead and chest with a towel. Grandma stood.

“Here, honey, let me get your back.”

I stood straighter and felt grandma gently wiping my back.

“Good lord,” she sighed. “Look at those traps.”

Laughing, I flexed. I felt her small hands flutter across my upper back.

“Tom would be so proud,” she said as she returned in front of me.

I looked at her. She had on a sleeveless training top and a pair of nylon shorts. I could see she was in great shape. Her waist tucked into her hips and her thighs were thick with muscle. Her braless breasts still rode high and proud on her chest.

“Hey,” I said. “I’m gonna move to my chest press. Wanna spot me?”

Grandma nodded and I lay back on the bench, gripping the bar above me. She stood just above my head. I looked up at the bar and then backward toward grandma. Her luscious thighs were only inches from my head. She looked down at me with a smile.

“Ready?” She asked.

I nodded and lifted, while she rested her hands lightly on the bar. There is someting sexual about weightlifting: straining, flexing, pumping muscles; sweat; exertion. As I pushed the bar up and down and felt the burn spreading out from my chest and shoulders, I kept my eyes on grandma’s thighs. So firm and full. Milky white, smooth skin. Before I knew it, my cock had started to stir in my shorts.

I grunted and pushed the weights more slowly, enjoying the hard effort to raise them upward and lower them. With a final surge, I pounded out my last rep and dropped the bars into their stand.

“Wow,” I said, breathing hard. “That was maximum weight.”

Gran smiled. “Sit up, baby. Let me wipe you down.”

I sat up and grandma began running a towel around escort resimleri my shoulders and across my back. I felt her cool hands on my upper back.

“Lord,” she sighed. “You are getting so thick back here.”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

“What’s next?” Grandma asked.

She walked around to the front of the bench. I could see her starting to flush along her upper chest.

“Just some quick shoulder raises. Spot me?”

Grandman nodded and stood in front of me. I grasped a dumbbell in each hand and started to slowly raise them up from my waist outward. Grandma’s hands floated under my wrists. I’m a slow lifter – – I like careful, deliberate motions that emphasize form and push my muscles to their maximum. I lowered the dumbbells deliberately.

“Great form,” Grandma said. “But . . maybe you need to pull your shoulders back a bit more.”

I grunted. “How so?”

“Go ahead and lift,” grandma said. “I’ll show you.”

She stepped closer to me until our two bodies were almost in contact. Something electrical passed between us as I felt her hands rise to grasp my shoulders and her breath puffed against my chest. I took a deep breath.

“Lift,” she said in almost a whisper.

I pulled the dumbbells upward slowly, as grandma grasped my shoulders and pushed them gently backward. As she did, she stepped closer until our two bodies were in light contact. Gym work often requires buddies and teams. It wasn’t rare for a guy to touch another guy while lifting. And, if you were working out with a woman, it was even less than rare. But, grandma’s hands on my shoulders were doing something else.

I lowered the weights slowly. Her hands remained on my shoulders, squeezing my engorged muscles.

“Again,” she said, quietly.

Her breathing had grown deeper and more ragged. A deep red flush had spread across her chest and up her neck.

I lifted again, more slowly. As I did, I stepped gently forward, pushing myself closer to grandma. She caught her breath. I looked down at her. Here eyes were glued on my chest, as if she were avoiding my eyes. I lowered the weights again. She stayed where she was.

My eyes traveled down her slender, toned body all the way to her athletic shoes. Something about her bare ankles jolted me. Maybe because a brief image of her feet wrapped around my neck flashed through my mind. I felt my cock jerk to attention – – hard and thick and long. It pressed against grandma’s firm belly.

“Again,” grandma said in a ragged voice, pressing herself harder against me and squeezing my shoulders.

I couldn’t believe it. Maybe it was the steroids. Maybe it was something else. But, all I wanted to do right now was throw my grandmother down on the bench and fuck her silly. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to force the image out of my brain.

“No,” I grunted, dropping the weights to the floor. “That’s good. Don’t want to work it too much.”

I heard grandma gasp as she released my shoulders and stepped back. Her face was flushed and her eyes slowly rose to meet mine. We looked at each other, and we both knew something. Something scary and exciting. Grandma trembled and turned away. I stepped back.

Silently, she turned an left the garage. I stood still, confused. I reached down for my towel and slowly wiped the sweat off my body. My cock relaxed. I sighed. Just a bit of confusion, I told myself. Just working out. She’s just helping me. No worries.

I packed the weights away and headed back inside the house. Gran was in her bedroom with the door shut. I showered quickly and practically dashed gaziantep escort resimleri to my room. Switching off the lights, I dove into bed and hoped I’d forget what I knew I couldn’t stop remembering.

I drove to the Iron Shop early the next morning and got to work. After cleaning the place up, I drove grandpa’s truck to the building supply store and loaded up on new tile, two-by-fours, sheet rock, and everything else I could fit in the bed of the truck.

I’d start with the floor, which I’d already stripped. I started laying tile. By noon, I’d finished half of it in glowing white, tough, vinyl tile. I sat back and gulped at a gallon jug of ice tea. A knock sounded at the door. Groaning, I rose up and opened the door. It was Mrs. Fabian, dressed in her tight black dress and pumps.

“Hi, Frank.” She pushed past me and closed the door behind me. “I came by to check out the progress.”

“Welcome,” I answered.

“Looks good,” she said, turning around too look at the gym. “But . . . you didn’t call me yesterday.”

“Oh jeez,” I said. “Sorry. I really got into the job. But, I was going to give you a ring today.”

“Uh huh,” Mrs. Fabian said, nodding. “Is that door locked?”

I turned and pushed the lock over.

“It is now.”

Mrs. Fabian reached behind her and pulled the zipper of her dress down, looking into my eyes the whole time. She shrugged the dress off to reveal her curvy body. Her tits were huge, bulging over the top of her bra like two snowy mountains. Her hips were wide and her waist, while fleshy, was narrower. Her big legs were perched on black high heels.

“Time to workout?” She said, a grin spreading across her face.

I grinned back and walked over to her, pulling off my t-shirt and unfastening my jeans. By the time I had my arms around her waist, I was in my boxers. Mrs. Fabian squealed in delight as I crushed her body next to mine. Her tits jammed against my chest. Our lips met hungrily and we were sucking each others’ tongues.

“Oh my goooooooood,” Mrs. Fabian bawled, pulling her wet mouth off of mine. “Yesssss, honey, that’s it.”

She reached down and fished by hard cock out of my boxers. Jerking and yanking at my dick, she began moaning. I pulled her bra straps down to release her tits and, grasping a huge mound of flesh in each hand, I began licking and nibbling her big, red nipples. My cock swelled bigger and fatter. Mrs. Fabian released it and began running her hands all over my shoulders and chest.

“Oh lord,” she sighed. “Yes, baby. Oh my god. You’ve got to give momma what she needs.”

I reached down and pulled her black panties off her hips, sticking my foot between her thighs to peel them all the way down her legs. Mrs. Fabian wrapped her arms around my neck and leaped onto me, wrapping her meaty legs around my waist.

Grunting, I wrapped one arm around her big ass and grabbed my cock with the other. She squealed as I squeezed her ass. I pushed my dick hard against her wet pussy and jammed my hips forward, driving my cock deep into her in one sweeping motion.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, squeezing my neck in her arms. “Yes. Put it in momma!”

I laughed and, palming her ass in my hands, began bouncing her up and down on my cock. Mrs. Fabian panted and groaned and gasped as I plowed in and out of her. I felt her head flopping up and down on my shoulder as I hammered away at her juicy pussy.

“Yessss,” she mumbled deliriously. “Fuck me harder, harder.”

Our bodies were bouncing together, colliding into each other as I rocked her on and off my cock.

Groaning, gaziantep escort bayan resimleri I lowered her to the ground, my cock still plugged into her. Her big luscious body was covered in sweat, and she gazed up at me with a slack mouth and a dazed expression. She was gasping for air, her huge tits rolling back and forth. I jammed my cock deep inside her and began pumping furiously. Her body quivered and quaked. I felt her legs wrap around my waist as she turned her head away from my gaze.

The only sound in the gym was the wet slap of my cock in her pussy and her deep grunts meeting my every stroke. I pulled my cock out of her and pushed her limp, unresisting body over onto her stomach until her big wide ass spread out before me. I plunged my cock back into her gaping pussy and rode her shaking ass. My thigh muscles coiled and uncoiled as I drove my leaden cock in and out..

Mrs. Fabian lay there, barely moving. Her tiny, delicate hands gentely smacked the floor as we rocked together. She whimpered in a low voice as I smacked her ass hard and continued fucking her. With another savage thrust, I buried my cock all the way to my pubes and squeezed a meaty ass cheek in each of my hands. My body tensed. My cock exploded. I grunted and ground my hips against her ass.

Emptying myself into her, I began running my hands up and down her back, squeezing and kneading. She moaned more deeply, and I felt her hips twitch back and forth. I leaned down and kissed her shoulders and pulled my dripping, hard cock out of her.

“Shittttttttttt,” I whispered into Mrs. Fabian’s ear as I rolled onto my side. “You are one regular fuck-star.”

She lay there, still and quiet. I slipped onto my back, staring up at the suspended ceiling above. Have to change that too, I made a note to myself.

Finally, with a low grumble, Mrs. Fabian rolled onto her side and placed a hand on my chest. She leaned over and kissed me, our tongues flicking against each other. Then she reached down and gave my cock a squeeze.

“Delicious, sweetie,” she sighed, resting her head on my chest. “I have never been fucked like that.”

I smiled.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred, pushing her thick thigh onto mine. “You know just what momma likes.”

Her tongue flicked against my ear, and I reached down to stroke her thigh. We lay like that for a while, relaxing, bringing our pulses back to normal. At last, Mrs. Fabian stirred, sliding her thigh across my crotch and pulling herself upright to sit across my hips. She leaned down to kiss me.

“Time to get back to work,” she sighed, pushing her hair back into place.

I reached up to squeeze her big breasts in my hands. Playfully, she slapped at my hands.

“Not now, sweetie. Momma’s got to go make some money.”

I laughed. She pulled herself upright and stood above me.

“Mmmmmm,” she said with a smile, her eyes wandering up and down my body. “Still . . . maybe money isn’t all that important.”

With a flirtatious wiggle of her wide hips, she stepped over me and began putting her clothes back on. I watched as she stuffed her tits back into her bra, pulled up her panties, and crammed herself back into her dress. I stood and wandered over to help her with her zipper.

Mrs. Fabian turned and gave me a big wet kiss. She took my ears in her hands and playfully pushed my head back and forth.

“Now, you’ve got trouble, mister,” she said, smiling. “You’re going to have to take care of momma all the time.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her. “You name the time and the place.”

She laughed and pinched my cheek.

“Are the bathrooms in yet?”

I nodded no.

“Oh well, guess I’ll have to stop at home on the way back to work.”

She strutted over to the door. I watched her big ass roll back and forth on her high heels. At the door, she turned her face back to me.

“I’ll be callingggggggggg,” she trilled.

The door shut behind her and I pulled my clothes back on.

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