The Introduction


It was three weeks before she and David left on their vacation south. She knew that David had been disappointed in their love life for many years. Despite her concern for her marriage, she could not understand what held her back.

She had to admit to herself that she had never really sought his lovemaking, and had only persevered when she felt guilty about the lack of sex. She knew that he was tired of the same limitations, yet for whatever reasons held her back, she could not bring herself to do the things she knew would make and keep him hers forever. Why was it, she asked herself, that she could not bring herself to enjoy the love life that had been theirs in the beginning?

Her mind left its wanderings as she pulled into Cathy’s driveway. She and Cathy had been good friends since their daughters had been together in pre – school. David had often commented on how Cathy would occasionally make a crack that indicated that she still enjoyed an active sex life with her husband Bob. Jane had never been able to talk as freely about sex and her feelings as Cathy had, completely uninhibited, save that Cathy had never been crude or gone on at length. Jane agreed, that from everything Cathy had ever said, she gave the impression that her sex life was still pretty damn good.

As Cathy answered the door, she greeted Jane with a hug and kiss on the cheek, and invited her in. Tea was ready, and they walked out into the beautiful back garden that Bobby had built and sat in the morning sun. They talked about the usual — kids, plans for Christmas, how their oldest daughters were doing in first year university, and the topic turned to Jane and David’s planned trip to the Caribbean.

“I envy you,” said Cathy. “After all this rain, the two of you will be off in this fabulous resort. Sun, alcohol and sex whenever you want it.”

Jane hesitated, and the look on her face caught Cathy by surprise. Cathy carefully thought of her words, and said, “Is everything all right with you and David?”

Jane hesitated again.

“C’mon,” Cathy insisted. “You can tell me everything. Is everything ok?”

After a moment more thought, Jane slowly opened up to her friend. “Cathy, I don’t know where to start. Things have not been good for so long, I don’t know if this trip can save it.”

Cathy was shocked. She had known that Jane was a very private person about her love life, but had never imagined in seeing them together that there had been a problem in the marriage.

“Is David cheating on you”, Cathy asked?

“I don’t know”, said Jane. “But to be honest, I can certainly see how the thought must have crossed his mind on more than one occasion.”

“Why Cathy asked? What is wrong?”

“It’s me.” said Jane. “I haven’t had the desire, nor given him the Sports sex he wants for so long. I think that I may have let the fire go out in our relationship.”

“What’s been the problem Jane? Is he not interested?”

“No, he isn’t. And I don’t really blame him,” said Jane. “I haven’t been much fun for so many years. I often worry that our marriage is so fragile because of it.”

“So it’s you,” said Cathy.

“Yes. And I don’t know what to do about it.”

“Do you like sex?”

“I guess, I mean once we get started, it certain is pleasant.”

“But,” said Cathy, “do you like to fuck? Do you think about having your pussy eaten until you come? Do you day dream about sucking him off, or better yet, sucking one of his friends off? Do you ever fantasize İstanbul Escort about doing something you would never do in real life?”

Jane was shocked. She had never heard her friend talk that way before, and coming out now, she was overwhelmed.

“God Cathy, is this really you? Do you fantasize about other men?”

“All the time,” said Cathy. “I don’t do it all the time, but it sure is fun to find a quiet time in the afternoon and masturbate while indulging in the world of make believe!”

Jane was speechless. Cathy looked at her, wondering if she had shocked her friend and gone too far. But now was no time to drop the subject. Jane was troubled and needed her help.

“Jane…it’s healthy to have such fantasies. It is healthy to have an orgasm and enjoy the thought of doing something completely taboo or naughty, knowing that you can safely go there in the privacy of your bedroom while the kids are at school and your husband is gone for the day.”

“How often,” asked Jane. “How often do you masturbate?”

“Oh, at least once a week. Bobby and I are lucky now if we have three or four really good fucks in a month, now that our kids stay up longer than we do. He is so self conscious about closing the bedroom door, knowing that our kids would know exactly what we are up to. So I find at least one afternoon a week to enjoy myself and have a nice contented nap afterwards.”

“Do you orgasm,” asked Jane?

“Of course I do,” said Cathy. “What would be the point otherwise?”

“I have never had an orgasm,” said Jane.

Now it was Cathy’s turn to be shocked. “I can’t believe it,” she said. “Even when David eats you?”

“I won’t let him,” said Jane. “I have never really enjoyed it.”

“I can’t believe….,” said Cathy. “My God, having my pussy licked while Bobby caresses my breasts and plays with my ass and thighs is what I live for! How can you not just love a good licking on you clit and around your G spot?”

“I just haven’t,” said Jane. “I have never been able to get over, I don’t know, whatever. I have never been able to just relax and lie back and enjoy it.”

“Do you like fucking though? Do you like the feel of David’s cock moving in and out of your cunt?”

“Oh, it can be quite pleasant,” said Jane. “And I know how close it makes us, but I have never been able to cum.”

“What about when you masturbate?” asked Cathy.

“I don’t.”



“Why the hell not? Don’t you like the feeling of feeling your clit being rubbed by your fingers?”

“I have never been able to bring myself to do it,” said Jane.

“Well it is time to start, and you should start bloody soon,” said Cathy. “Maybe you just need some help? I will be right back, and she got up, and went into the house.”

Jane looked up sharply at her friend and watched her leave the patio. What did she have in mind. Jane was getting sorry that she had ever brought up this point. She was truly embarrassed, and didn’t know how she was going to gracefully end this conversation.

Cathy was back in a moment. “Here,” she said, “this is my favorite friend.” And with that she handed this firm but soft dildo to her friend. It looked like two penises, one smaller than the other, and it was black.

“What is this?” Jane held it with both fear and fascination. For a moment her mind wandered, and she thought of Cathy lying on her bed, alone and naked, holding one half of the penis and thrusting the other Bayan Escort in and out of her cunt.

“It is called a Nexus. It is incredible. I can hold a cock, and pretend to be fucked by a cock, while playing with my clit or my breasts or my ass, or whatever else feels good, until I come.”

Jane was now staring at her friend in utter disbelief. Could this be real?

“What do you want me to do, or say,” said Jane?

“I want you to do something that you have never done before Jane. I want you to throw away all of your inhibitions. I want you to turn yourself into completely self indulgent slut. Do it for your self and David, and I want you to do it to save your marriage, and because you trust me as your friend. Stay here for a moment, I will be back in a few minutes.” And with that, Cathy went back into the house.

Jane was worried now. She had no idea what to expect. Did Cathy have something in mind that involved the two of them? She wasn’t ready for that. She couldn’t let this continue. She put the dildo down on the table and started to rise, determined to head back to her car and out of her friend’s scrutiny. Before she could do, Cathy was back.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Cathy. “Are you having your period right now, or could you have sex?”

Jane stared at her mute, not sure what to say. Instead Cathy took her by the hand, and led her up the stairs and into her bedroom. Five or six candles were lit, and the curtains were all closed.

“Jane, there is some KY Jelly on the table if you get started. I want you to take off your clothes and take this dildo. I will close the door, and be downstairs. You are going to masturbate, and you are not to come out until you have come. You are not to fake it, not to lie to me. You are to enjoy that big bed, and the smell of Bobby and I where we fucked this morning.”

“I want you to use your imagination. Go where you would never go in real life, and let your fantasies run wild. You will love the feel of my Nexus as it slides in and out of your pussy. Think about whatever taboo turns you on. Think about David, or think about Bobby or some other man.”

“About Bobby,” said Jane.

“Sure,” said Cathy. “I have seen the way he looks at you. Do you really think that if you and he were alone and you asked him to fuck, that you wouldn’t have his head in your pussy in a minute? He’d fuck you like an 18 year old, ask you to make him hard, and probably fuck you again.”


“I don’t know,” said Cathy. “But it is one of my favorite fantasies — to watch him fuck one of my friends silly while I lie beside them bringing myself off. So I thought I would offer it to you. Now off with your clothes and don’t come out after I close the door until you have really come.”

And with that, Cathy walked out and closed the door. She didn’t go far however. She waited quietly, and listened for what her friend would do next.

Jane sat on the bed, in disbelief. She didn’t know what to do. To laugh or to cry. It seemed like ages when suddenly the door opened, and Cathy said, “I don’t see you naked and fucking yourself. Go home. But take the dildo and the KY. And think about it.” And with that, Cathy gave her a tender kiss, and led her to the door. She watched as Jane got slowly into her SUV and drove away.

When Jane got home, she didn’t know what to do or what to think. The last hour had been a complete suspension of disbelief. Had her friend really talked and said what Eskort she had said. She looked back into her purse, to see the black Nexus. She stared at it, wondering how many times it had been in her friend’s cunt. Then she reached for it, held it to her nose, and then slowly put the head of the larger penis pensively in her mouth like a lollipop that might be too hot. It was not without taste, and she wondered if she had just experienced the taste of another woman’s pussy for the first time.

She thought about Cathy again, imagined her naked, using this. Then she imagined Bob coming unexpectedly into the room, and slowly stripping while her friend continued to use the dildo. And as she began to let her fantasies go where they had never gone before, she found herself heading to the bedroom. The drapes were still drawn, and quickly she pulled off her jeans, top and bra and lay down on the bed. She began to rub her cunt through her ever so practical panties, as she continued her fantasy of watching her friends fuck. She slowly removed her panties, then reached for the Nexus. Next she began to rub the larger cock up and down her slit, like she did with David’s cock. All the while fantasizing about the fucking her friends were doing with each other.

As the pleasure grew, she began to caress her breasts. They were still good firm breasts, as firm as her as. She knew that men stared at them some time. She had even seen Bob stare at them when he though neither she nor Cathy were looking. The pleasure continued to spread, and that warm familiar wetness returned — a feeling and desire that had been dormant for so long. And she didn’t want the feeling to end.

So she pushed her fantasy. She found herself in her friend’s bedroom, watching them fuck. Both were in the throws of passion, but Cathy was watching her. And in her mind, Cathy beckoned her to join them. Suddenly, she was naked on the bed, rubbing her clit with one hand while she stroked Bobby’s back as he fucked Cathy. Then suddenly her friends came, but still she couldn’t. God would she ever be able to?

She continued to play with herself, as she imagined her friends smiling at her. Bobby rolled off of Cathy, and she stared at the sopping mess between her friend’s legs and the still wet cock of Bobby. It was thick, and hard, and still looked as if it wanted to go.

“Hold on,” Cathy said in her fantasy. “I will get him ready for you.” And with that she took Bobby’s cock in her mouth and began to suck on his cock, while she sat on his face, ordering him to suck his cum out of her cunt.

Jane was getting closer now. Closer than she had been in years. How far would she let her fantasy go. And with that, she closed her eyes. She imagined lifting up her friends face, and doing what she had not done for David since before they were married. She took Bobby’ cock in her mouth. She could taste her friends cunt, and flicked her tongue over his tip and then sucked what little sperm was left in his cock into her mouth. Satisfied he was hard, she purposefully pulled astride of him, and with one movement, in her fantasy plunged herself onto his cock.

As she began to rub her clit more vigourously, she began to fuck herself harder with the Nexus. She imagined her hands on Bobby’s chest, rubbing her clit against his cock, and bouncing up and down on him, fucking him for all he was worth. Then her friend was behind her, cupping her breast with one hand, and whispering in her ear. “Fuck my husband Jane. Fuck him till your cunt is so sore you won’t be able to fuck for a week. Then we’ll both suck him hard again, and he can fuck you once more.”

And with that, Jane convulsed alone in her bedroom, crying out with the first orgasm of her life.

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