The Interview


The InterviewWhen I answer the knock at the door, you are a bit startled. You had come for an interview, and my casual attire seems somewhat informal. It was odd enough I invited you to interview for the position in my hotel room. Now my appearance seems somewhat unprofessional. But you need the job, so you figure, why not…I show you in, direct you to one of two chairs facing each other. You sit and I ask if you’d like some tea. You respond that it would be lovely, and I leave to prepare it. As I do you look around the room. No noticeable signs of a work-like professional in town for duties. Just the usual traveling man items; shoes in the open closet, clothes, one clothes bag and one other bag – black, smaller – on the floor by my chair… Then you spy a few things out of the ordinary, a bottle of lubricant on the nightstand, and also the headboard and foot board of the bed seem to have some sort of ornamental sashes tied to them … And there is a camera, mounted on a tripod aimed at the chair where you are sitting, facing you.I startle you as I reenter and offer you your tea. You drink some tea, it’s quite pleasant, and then you ask, “Are you filming this”?I respond, “I hope you don’t mind, I will be taping the interview. Just to have a record of what we discuss and your reactions to my questions. This interview will be in depth and all encompassing”.As you sip more of the relaxing tea, you begin to loosen up … You ask, “So, tell me more about this position you are offering.”I smile and say, “It’s an entry position, working under me, and some of my direct associates. You’d be asked to work some long hard hours. You’d be assisting me and my staff. I would like to ask you some probing questions, if you don’t mind.”“Not at all”, you say. You feel warm, all over, as if you are coming in heat.“Do you mind doing things out of the ordinary to help me achieve my goals?“No, of course not. The ad said that the assistant duties would include after hours work, and thinking outside the box, so I knew there would be obligations that would be required that might not be so in another job. I have no problem fetching you tea or coffee, helping with your personal needs as well as business…”, then you stop speaking. You realize, your words are a bit slurred. The warm feeling has made your body relax; in fact, you notice your legs are apart. When did that happen?“Excellent, Jennifer, I think we will get along famously!”“Excuse me, Mr. Xavier, what kind of tea is this?”“Oh, my own blend. Finest tea leaves, a few herbs like ginseng and chamomile… do you find it relaxing?”“Very much. It’s quite relaxing.”“Excellent, Jennifer, I find being relaxed enables you to be more free and to open up…”With that I drop to my knees before you and spread your already splayed legs wide apart. You are aware of the sound of the tea cup hitting the floor. And also that though shocked, you are not completely resistant to my actions. “That must be some tea”, you think to yourself. I run my hands up and down your thighs. You make feeble attempts to close your thighs, but the tea or my dominant style or both have robbed you of some of your strength … and will.“Now, now, Jennifer, you must not fight the interview process…” I cross to the black bag on the floor. I pen it and remove two sets of handcuffs. You try to stand, but I push you back down and cuff one wrist to each arm of the chair.You whimper, “Wait, please…”“We’re past the waiting period, Jennifer”, I growl as I drop again to my knees before your open legs. I hook my fingers into your panties’ waist band and rip them off of you, tearing them as I free your cunt.“No”, you sigh.“Oh come now Jennifer, I told you this interview would be in depth”, I say and then force three fingers into your cunt. You try to squirm away, but the d**gs, the handcuffs and my body between your legs have you immobilized.My fingers plunge in and out of your cunt. My thumb is hitting your clit with each inward thrust. You are mortified. Your mind rebel s at what is happening, but your body betrays you. Your cunt begins to open, as warm juices start to flow from you. Your clit hardens, stiffens under the assault and you feel shame as your begin to enjoy each thumbing of its hardness.My free hand begins unbuttoning your blouse. You again try to squirm, but it is useless. Your shirt is soon open, and with my free hand I reach once more into the black back. I fish out a knife and with a swish it flicks open. Now you are finally able to overcome some of the fear dampening of your free will. You start to scream, so I drop the knife and pick up your ripped panties and stuff them into your mouth.“Now, now, Jennifer, you’ll never get the job if you don’t pass this interview”, I say leering.I retrieve the knife and use it to carefully cut through the front of your bra. Then the straps. With one hand (because I now have four fingers of the other hand fucking your cunt) I close the knife and drop it back into the bag. “See, Jennifer, all that fuss for nothing, I am not going to harm you. Just take you places you have never been before” I fondle your breasts now with my free hand. Manipulating, kneading, groping and squeezing them. I pinch your now turgid nipples. Through your panties, you make a sound, but I can’t be sure if it’s a sigh of protest or a moan of pleasure.This physical m*****ation goes on for what seems like eternity to you. At one point you open your eyes to see the red blinking light on the camera and you feel intense humiliation knowing that your assault is being filmed.Finally, I stand. I smile at you. “Jennifer, it’s time you meet my staff”.I move directly in front of you and unzip my pants. I am not wearing underwear, and my ridged cock springs fort, inches from your face. It is large, thick and veiny with a big mushroom like head. Engorged with blood it is glowing an angry red, and the head is already glistening, pre-cum dripping from its tip. I see your eyes widen. I rub my fluid all over your face, you move your head but keep smearing pre-cum on you. I slap your face with my club-like cock.“JENNIFER! Don’t resist, dear…”You comply. My cock and hairy balls are all over your face and I ride and hump on your cheeks, chin and forehead. In a few moments, I stop. “Now, Jennifer, it’s time for the oral part of the interview.”I pull the panties from your mouth and before you can speak, much less scram, I ram my cock through your lips and begin to fuck your mouth and throat. You gag, you fight for breath, and tears stream your face. My forced entry of your mouth continues. My Balls slap against your chin as I grunt and face fuck you – all in front of the camera. Drool and my fluids pour from your mouth staining your dress, your jacket… Eryaman Rus Escort And as you ponder how odd it is that you are being forcibly fed a strangers cock, and you are concerned about stains on your clothing, you hear me grunt.You feel my cock swell even more, it pulses, and then streams of hot cum erupt from it. You can’t swallow enough. You gag as much of it can you can down. As I keep pushing into your throat and it unloads down your gullet.I finally withdraw.I stand staring at you. You gasp in air. Your only thought is, ”Maybe now he’s done, maybe now he will let me go.”As if reading your mind, I bend down until we are face to face and I say, “Oh no, Jennifer. We are not done, we are just starting. In a moment, I am going to uncuff you. Let me tell you something, Jennifer. That camera loads directly to my account in the cloud. I have it, even I handed you the camera, I have what just happened on file. SO, if you try to leave, if you try to fight me or destroy my camera, I will send this file to all your friends, you know, the references you put on your application, your alma mater, your former business associates, they will ALL see your humiliation. Do you want that?”Meekly, you shake your head “no”.I smile and say, “Good girl. Good little slut”.I uncuff you and pull you to your feet. You resist but ineffectively as I remove the rest of your clothing… I take your hand and walk you to the bed. As we pass the camera, I turn it so that it is now filming everything that happens on that bed. “Lay down, Jennifer. On your stomach…”You do as you are told and I take up one of the sashes and begin to bind your limbs.“I hope you’re ready for the second part of your interview, Jennifer. It will be the most in depth of all…”Part IIYou are bound to the bed. I have stuffed a pillow up under you so your ass is nice and high. The effects are the d**g are ebbing… but you are still helpless, fastened to the bed, your pussy and anus exposed.I slap you right ass check, hard. It stings, and you find you have the energy to scream out. “Now Jennifer, what did I tell you about making noise? You are a naughty little whore and dirty sluts like you need to be punished. “ I move away from the bed. Bound, with your face turned away, you cannot see what I am doing until I return with the black back. I take from it a ball gag. You begin to whimper and beg. “No, please, I won’t make another sound, I promise; I won’t cry out again, just don’t put that on me.”Unmoved, I begin to affix it to your mouth and head.“Jennifer, you have SO much to learn about being a terrific assistant. I have to say, I had hoped you’d give a better interview. Maybe, MAYBE I would have not gagged you, had you said please and called me sir. But you didn’t show me respect. So let me show you some things to help you remember how to respect me.”I begin removing other items from the bag: Dildos, butt plugs, each larger and more menacing than the former, clamps and more. You are really beginning to squirm now. I slap the other cheek, and tears squirt from your eyes. “Oh, tears, really? That is going to look so good on the film.”I begin to alternately spank one cheek, then the other, back and forth, lighter and slower at first, then harder and faster. You are not sure how much more you can take then I abruptly stop. You feel my hands on your tender, red cheeks. I spread them apart, wide. I move my body to the side and say, “Smile for the camera, you can smile with your asshole can’t you?”Your humiliation is a physical knot in your stomach. You ass, opened, filmed, spread apart and full few of the harsh lights and the lens of the camera. Never have you been so exposed, so raw, so helpless! Then I bend – and you feel an odd sensation – you realize I have snaked my tongue up into your anus. You try to pull away, but my hand pull you back by the cheeks, making them throb with pain. I tongue fuck your anus relentlessly. As I do, I push two fingers into your cunt and begin to rhythmically finger you. Then a third finger slips in. Your are very wet, even though against your will, the machinations of my tongue and fingers are causing you to seep with juices. A fourth finger enters your cunt, stretching you open. I withdraw my fingers from your cunt and my tongue from your ass. “What next”, you wonder, “What next, when will my disgrace be complete?” As if in reply, I speak, “Jennifer, I have you fairly well loosened up with my tongue in your rosebud and my fingers in your honey pot, but I think we need a little help.”I retrieve the bottle of lube from the bed, you hear me flip the top open, then feel it sluicing down your ass crack and into your pussy. I recap it and set it aside.I take one of the larger butt plugs and begin to toy with your anus with it, just the tip; rimming your asshole, lightly probing it. Then, with a swift push, your ass is filled with it. I have shoved it all the way up inside your asshole. You buck in pain, exquisite pain and pleasure. Unexpected pleasure to be sure, but something about having that huge device inside you is pleasurable, while at the same time, your ass feels stretched to the limit. But your humiliation is not yet complete. I start to finger your cunt again. You strain against your bindings, you pull, your try to move away from me, but my fingers are relentless. All four fingers are pistoning in and out of you. Then my thumb enters as well. You feel all my digits curl inside you and I fist fuck your cunt while your asshole is filled with the plastic butt plug. The ball gag fills your mouth; your every orifice is full, full to overflowing. You feel as if you may pass out from the mortification, the physical demands made on your body, and your total lack of freedom. All being filmed, a record of your shame.You lose track of time, lose count of how many different dildos and plugs I use on you. How many times I entered you with my cock, with the phone receiver, with other alien objects… It seems as if hours go by. You cannot speak to tell me you need to use the bathroom, and so at one point as I am fisting your ass, you urinate all over yourself, the bed and me. But I never stop. I am relentless.Then, suddenly, I withdraw. You body doesn’t relax. You are wound too tight. The emptiness is now a reminder of just how degraded you had been.I come around to the head of the bed. You see shit smeared oil over both my hands and forearms. “Oh my God”, you think to yourself, “it looks like he was in me up to his elbows.” Without cleaning myself, I begin to remove the ball gag.“Jennifer, I am going to take this out now, but I promise you, if you scream, if you even speak, I will fill your Sincan Rus Escort mouth with one of the toys I used on your ass, and they are all very, very dirty. Do you understand me”?You nod your head. It is clear now, the d**gs long purged from your system. But, the ropes have you bound. And your strength to fight is gone.I brush back your hair from your face, and you think “He’s put oily shit in my hair now…” And the thought is so ridiculous, given all that has happened that you almost giggle at the absurdity of it.“Jennifer, remember I told you that you had to pass my interview to get the job”?You nod.“And that you needed to please my staff”, and with that I grab your hair and pull your head back. I slide my cock, covered in your fluids and offal into your mouth.As I fuck your mouth, I continue, “Well that you have done”. The interview is almost over. But remember, you have to also pass the assessment of my associates. I pull my cock from your mouth and release your hair. You see me walk to the side of the room where there is a door to an adjoining room. I open in…You hear me say, “Come in, she’s ready for you now” and I stand aside. Two men, one black on Caucasian and both naked, both hard; their enormous cocks rampant and jutting out before them enter the room. They are followed by a pale skinned redheaded woman wearing only a corset, her puffy pussy and massive breasts exposed. She is the first one to speak, saying, “About time, I’ve been keeping Jason and Bob hard but they are ready for more.And the three of them head for the bed, head for you…PART IIIThe largest male, a 6 foot plus black man with the largest cock you’ve ever seen comes to stand beside me. The other two disappear from your field of vision, but you can feel their hands on you. You pull against the sashes binding your wrists and ankles, but each effort only seems to tighten them. You begin to speak, perhaps to scream but I grab your hair again and pull your head back. Your scream is caught in your throat as I pick up the ball gag and show it to you.“Really, Jennifer, must I use this again… There are other things that would be much more … fulfilling … to fill your mouth with. Your choice.”Resigned, humiliated beyond comprehension, you close your eyes and ponder your possibilities. You realize, the only way out of this predicament is to go through it. To yield. To let it happen. “Not the gag. Anything but the gag”, you say meekly. “Good girl, Jennifer. Now, I think you’ll find this much better. Jason, fill her mouth.”And as I climb over you and sit behind you I pull your head back further, your hair knotted tightly in my hand. The dark man’s huge black cock slides into your open mouth. He is not gentle, but plunges his swollen manhood deeper into your throat than anyone before, deeper than you thought possible. As his balls hit your chin, you think “My God that entire huge cock is down my throat” and you begin to gag, to struggle for air. I pull your hair harder and the pain is intense, but the action of your head so far back opens your esophagus, just enough to breath. Tears stream down your cheeks as the man roughly and rapidly fucks your throat.Then, you are aware of fingers penetrating your cunt. You have no idea who it is. Bob? The as yet unnamed woman? Then your question is answered. It’s the lady’s hand, smaller than mine, now fisting your cunt once more. You know it’s hers, because Bob has just slid his cock into your ass. Every hole is filled. You degradation is fully absolute. Or so you think, then you hear Bob speak, “Rachel, move over a bit, so you don’t block the camera.”The camera, oh my God. So involved were you with all that was happening to you, you’d forgotten that it was all being filmed. Who knows how many people will see your humiliation, your debasement? And then, surprisingly, you surrender. Your body stops tensing against the things that are happening to you. You start to lick the shaft of Jason’s huge horse cock as he continues to ram it down your throat. You loosen the muscles of your cunt and feel Rachel’s (odd you think, I now know them all by name) snakes further up into your cunt. And when you know you are complexly shamed, with nothing less to lose, you arch your body up slightly, giving Bob better access to your asshole. Your sphincter now unclenching.And as your succumb, as your body stops opposing the assault and begins to comply, you feel my grip on your hair relax. Then release you. You ass and cunt move in the rhythm of Bob and Rachel’s actions. Your head works itself up and down Jason’s cock. Meeting his thrusts, swallowing his rod.You hear my voice, “She’s ready”, I speak.The other three suddenly cease their actions. Jason pulls his cock from your mouth as Bob pulls out of your ass. Rachel gives you a few last thrusts before her hand slips from your pussy.All of us move to the front of you. You can see us all. Both men still hard, Rachel’s nipples red, hard as bullet heads, her hand slick with your juices. All but I are breathing heavily. Then you realize, your chest is heaving like a coal burning train, hot, heart pounding. You realize that your nipples must be as hard as Rachel’s. And that achingly, you realize that you feel empty now with nothing in you. Then you understand, the humiliation is not so intense because you have been forcibly taken …But because you began to enjoy it. We stand before you, leering at your debasement, your exposed body. Bob, Jason and Rachel start to move away, and you fight the urge. Not to run as before, but to call them back. You can hear them moving, as I stay with you, they move to the other three corners of the bed. And I speak once more.“Jennifer, we are going to untie you now. There are four of us, you can’t leave until the interview is finished, and it is almost over. If you comply, if you will do whatever we demand, we will not tie your limbs. If you resist, even in the slightest, you will be bound again, even tighter. But I believe, Jennifer, you have no desire to leave, do you?”Your eyes meet mine; your gaze intense. “No sir”, you respond.You are unbound. You begin to turn over then stop yourself… You look and me an speak, “Sir, may I please turn over”?“Yes, you may Jennifer, in fact we insist on it.”You roll over, your limb as stiff and you body tight. But you don’t seem to care.“Sit up, Jennifer”, I insist.You do.Your four assailants move to the foot of the bed, but only I speak.“Jennifer, your interview is complete. The job is yours, but there is one final task for you to perform today. A combination physical contract and initiation, if you will. And if you accept the position.”“Yes sir”, you reply, Etlik Rus Escort “Whatever you wish”.As if in predetermined order, a series of events take place. I take you by the hand and pull you from the bed. Bob lays down on it. His cock is hard, standing up. His legs bent over the foot of the bed.“Bob is our lower level associate. He is the behind the scenes man. I want you to go and sit on his cock, facing us. “Without hesitation you go to straddle him but as you begin to ease onto him, I interject, “He’s the Behind the scenes man, do you comprehend”?You nod, take his cock in your hand and guide it into your already well used ass. Sliding down its length until you are impaled on it.He moves under you, fucking your ass. Familiar territory for him. “Now, Jason here, he’s our front man, leading the company from the forefront. I want you to lie back on Bob. “You do, back fully reclined on Bob’s chest, his cock still pushing in and out of your ass. Jason moves forward between both your legs and pushes his huge cock into your cunt. Both men now are fucking you.“Rachel does our leg work, and as spokesperson, is the face of our organization. “The voluptuous woman climbs on the bed, and as she lowers her cunt to your face, you have the oddest though “She looks so much like my Aunt Olive”. You had female lovers before, but no one as voluptuous as Rachel, as full bodied. You understand my “legwork” comment; her lower limbs are strong, as she rides your face without smothering you or placing undue pressure on you (or Bob). Her cunt is wet, her juices sluice around your face, but you lick her, tongue her, and suckle her clit – just the way you like for it to be done to you. She moans, you must be doing it right.You can no longer see me, but you can hear my voice, “As for me, well, I’m the boss, I direct all the activities. Everyone serves me. Bob, Jason and Rachel all went through a comparable interview process. I have unusual tastes, as you now know.”I climb on the bed and begin to fondle your breasts, to pinch and suck your turgid nipples. I stop sucking just long enough to say, “You are our hands on person, and as such, I direct you to grab Rachel’s tits with one hand and my cock with the other. Pleasure us both as we have our way with you.”And you do. You stroke my cock and alternate between each of Rachel’s massive breasts. Your surrender is total.You have no idea how long this cluster fuck goes on, time is now meaningless. Then, you hear everyone’s breathing begin to quicken. Bob grunts and you feel his hot cum filling your ass, overflowing it. Within seconds, Jason’s cock pulses and it is so large, fills you so that you can actually feel his spunk rising up through his shaft as it erupts spilling his seed deep in your cunt. So much that it runs out and joins Bob’s running down your ass to soil the bed. Rachel’s clit, stiffened to maximum hardness feels like a tiny cock in your mouth and her cunt quivers as she cums, squirting her fluids into your mouth. She trembles and collapses, catching herself with her hands before falling on you. And then you orgasm. Your body shakes, you convulse, the orgasm is s intense, and you feel as if perhaps you are dying. You let go of my cock, and give in to the most explosive, long lasting climax you have ever felt. You feel wetness and you realize that you are squirting, just like Rachel did down your throat. You had never achieved that before. And yet it happened under these circumstances.The others pull away and you turn your head to look at me. You open your mouth without my asking and take my cock, so close was I that within minutes I fill your mouth with my cum for the second time this evening. God, how long ago was that first time, when you still resisted, when you still fought, before you became my slut?You taste my spunk, and realize you can also still taste Rachel; both flavors mingling on your tongue.I stand. But so spent are you, that you can’t quite move yet.Bob, Rachel, Jason and I exchange glances, smiling. We all nod, and I speak, “The position is yours, Jennifer. Do you accept”.“Yes, sir”.“Then we shall have a toast or salutation.”Rachel stands on the bed, moving over you, straddling you. Jason, Bob and I take a triangular position around you.Rachel speaks, “Welcome, Jennifer. Welcome to the organization”And she pisses all over your tits and face. We three men simultaneously release, spraying you with our hot urine. You are shocked, but accept this final act of initiation. Jason’s massive member is inches from your cunt, so violent and forceful is his stream that his piss works its way up your cunt, until he trains it on your still tender clit, which perversely causes you to orgasm again.Eventually, the “toast” ends. You lay in the bed, soiled with sweat, shit stains, cum and piss. You lay there until your breathing slows. As it does, Rachel comes over to you; she kisses you on the mouth, sweetly. “I look forward to working with you, Jennifer”.She departs, going back into the adjacent room. Bob and Jason each come over to, oddly, shake your hand and bid you welcome until the likewise depart into the other room.You sit, used and confused. You see the light of the camera, still rolling. You are ashamed. But you are also oddly relieved to know just how depraved you really are. You notice, I am not there, you are alone. Then I come from the bathroom with a towel and had it to you.“Jennifer, you are now a member of my staff. But that doesn’t mean you will be an equal. You will always be treated just the way you were tonight. Do you agree to these terms”?You surprise yourself with how quickly you answer, “Yes, Sir.”“Dry off in here. The cleaning crew I have acquired will be here soon, and I am leaving. By now; Rachel, Bob and Jason will have dressed and left the other room. It is untouched, and yours for the evening. It has a Jacuzzi tub, soak, relax, call room service and get whatever you want. There is an office address on a card on the table. Be there Monday at 9:00am. Plan to be HERE, whenever we demand it. What happens here is in addition to the sizeable salary mentioned in the ad. Welcome, Jennifer, I will see you Monday morning.”I go to the camera, and take it with me, closing the hotel room door behind me as I leave.You stagger into the other room. Your clothes are neatly folded on the bed. “Must have been Rachel” you muse. On the table is a bottle of Champagne, with an embossed card that reads only, “Welcome” with the address of your new office below.Underneath the card is an envelope. On it is neatly written, “To cover your interview process and initiation”. You open it, inside are ten crisp new one hundred dollar bills.You think that you had reached the depths of your humiliation when you surrendered, when your every depraved act was filmed. Now, as you realize that you intend to be at the work address on Monday and do whatever is required of you, no matter how perverted, depraved, disgusting or degrading it may be it occurs to you.You ultimate act of humiliation was the only one not filmed. This moment. The moment you became a whore.

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