The Inheritance Ch. 02


2.01 Dianne and her son come to the Beach House:
2.02 Dianne meets her Entities:
1. Shower Preparation:
2. Breast, Nipple, Clitoris Enhancement:
3. Vaginal enhancement:
4. Vaginal testing:
5. Morning Encounter, Fisting:
2.03 Daniel meets his Entities:
1. Shower Preparation:
2. Erection and Nipple enhancement:
3. Entity, Deep Throat:
4. Suppository, Rectal enhancement:
5. The Mating, Doggy style:
2.04 Susan, Dianne, Daniel, Morning:

2.01 Dianne and her son come to the Beach House:

Susan made it a point of meeting her neighbors and soon an intimate relationship formed with her next door neighbor Adrian and Jessie. Both were bisexuals and occasionally, all three would enjoy each other’s sexual affections and all enjoyed the ‘services’ of the basement. Adrian and Jessie were also ‘serviced’ by the house’s Entities.

One morning, Susan got a call from one of her closest friends, Dianne. Susan felt or sensed tension in Dianne’s voice and asked if she and her 18 year old son, Daniel, would like to spend a couple of weeks with her in the Beach House.

Dianne and Daniel arrived the following morning and Susan showed them their rooms. Both were amazed at the hugeness of the bed/sitting rooms. Dianne blushed at all the mirrors. Susan told her that she hadn’t changed any of rooms layouts or furnishings.

As she helped Dianne unpack, Dianne explained her situation.

“I know it’s wrong, but I have not dated any man since Adam left me, three years ago. I have gone out with women. At first it was because I didn’t like men anymore. Then something happened, my girl friend kissed me, just a casual goodnight kiss.”

Dianne paused and looked at Susan,

“I liked it .. but am afraid to go out with her again. I now have strange feelings when I look at other women.”

Susan held Dianne’s hand and said,

“I have always felt that there is someone for each of us. I know you will find that special someone and trust me, the gender does not matter.”

Both the female and male Entities were listening to the conversation.

“I guess it must run in my genes. Daniel seems to have a strong feminine side and the Doctors say there isn’t much they can do for him. One Doctor suggested hormone therapy but that would give him breasts and turn him into something called a Shemale.

There have been occasions when I have came home from work and found him dressed in my ‘see thru’ panties and bra. He isn’t so well developed down ‘there’ and that could be a part of his problem.”

Susan decided it was time to fill in Dianne with the inner secrets to house. She blushed a little as she told Dianne about her unseen Lovers, leaving nothing out.

Dianne was a bit apprehensive about ghosts and things like that.

Susan said,

“These are different, assuming that there is a standard. They are, friendly, affectionate, understanding and very loving. You have absolutely nothing to fear from them.”

Dianne said,

“Well, that might make Daniel happy, I hear him talking to himself as if someone is with him. Probably making up for his lack of friends.”

Susan knew the Entities were with them and reached out and took Dianne’s hand and asked,

“I know its non of my business, but what would be the best for Daniel, wait for him to find his own way or help him out of the ‘closet’?”

Dianne sighed,

“Probably helping him out of the ‘closet’, but I really don’t know what his sexual preferences are.”

Susan said,

“Well we have lots of time, I have a big house, a lot of empty bedrooms and I am by myself.”

Dianne smiled and hugged Susan.

In a few minutes Daniel joined them. He casually mentioned that he liked his bedroom, especially all the mirrors. He also said that he had a feeling that he was not alone. Not a scary feeling, more of a warmness that made him feel comfortable.

Susan and Dianne smiled knowingly.

Soon all three were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying lunch. As time progressed, Susan could clearly see, the feminine side of Daniel.

Thoughts filtered into Susan’s mind,

‘We will help them both find their sexuality.’

Susan wasn’t expecting a response from the Entities so quickly and it caught her off guard. Dianne looked at Susan wondering why she had stopped talking.

Susan apologized and suggested a grand tour of the house. She left the basement for a later time. They then drove into town to do some shopping for food and personal items. After dinner, they relaxed on the sectional and watched the HDTV.

Around 10:30, Dianne said,

“Its been a long day and I think I will have a soothing shower and get some sleep.”

Daniel echoed his mother’s words.

Susan entered her bedroom and lay on her bed. She was thinking about Dianne and Daniel, hoping that she was doing the right thing.

In almost a whisper, so her voice wouldn’t be heard beyond the room, Susan said,

“I would like Daniel’s first sexual encounter with a male to be as if he is a virgin. I know you will test him, but does he have to İstanbul Escort remember the encounter.”

Almost immediately, thoughts filled her mind,

‘The only thing he will remember is the wonderful time in the shower where his hair was removed the enhancements were done to his body. He will be bisexual.’

She smiled and sighed as light soft touches and kisses began flooding her body.

2.02 Dianne meets her Entities:

1. Shower Preparation:

Dianne entered her bedroom and looked at the doors to bathroom and the Jacuzzi.

‘Shower’ she thought, ‘the Jacuzzi in the morning.’

She undressed and walked into the bathroom with its large walk-in shower. She looked at her naked reflection in the full length mirror and frowned when she saw her 34A breasts. She was 38 years old with a 18 year son and despite her breast size smiled at her still curvaceous body. She saw the thick thatch of hair hiding her labia and frowned again. She could remember when she just had a small landing strip down there.

She opened the glass doors to the shower and was surprised to see that the three walls were all mirrored. She put on a shower cap, turned on the multiple shower heads and when the waters were nice and warm, stepped into the shower. In a about a minute, she picked up the bottle of creamy soft soap that was sitting on a corner ledge.

She sighed as her hands and fingers spread the liquid softness over body. Her breasts, nipples and labia tingled as her fingers cleaned and caressed all her ‘vital’ spots. Dormant yearnings began to come to the surface and she quickly stopped her exploration.

She stepped back panting. She hadn’t felt those kinds of sensations for a long time.

“Oh God, How I miss it ..”

Dianne was in a state of denial and abstinence.

She let the waters wash away the soap and relaxed in the warm flow of the waters. In a few minutes, she turned off the shower heads and looked at herself in the mirrored shower walls.

It started with soft, almost indiscernible touches along the back of her neck and spread to her shoulders. A voice .. no a thought, filtered into mind, calling her by name.

Dianne flinched and quickly looked around but saw no one. The Soft touches returned along with gentle kisses.

The thoughts returned,

‘Dianne your body is beautiful.’

Again she looked around, her nervousness was growing. While the kisses on the back of her neck and shoulders continued, she felt soft ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ begin to explore the front of body. Her startled mind made an attempt to reach for the shower door but ‘hands’ held her firmly in a standing position.

Again she felt the thoughts.

‘Don’t be afraid Dianne, We are here to help you.’

She wanted to scream but only a soft gasp escaped her lips.

“Noooooooo .. Let me go ..”

Something in the back of her mind recalled the conservation Susan had with her about the secrets of the house and its Entities. A sigh of acceptance escaped her lips and the tenseness ebbed from her body as she succumbed to caressing touches of her unseen Lovers.

The ‘hands’ on her abdomen worked their way upward toward her breasts and Dianne flinched when she felt her breasts being lifted and gently kneaded. ‘Fingers’ slipped onto her nipples and began to caress and manipulate the rubbery buds. The ‘fingers’ left the nipple of her right breast and a warm ‘mouth’ descended onto the nipple with a delicious suckling action. A slippery ‘tongue’ swirled around the tingling tip and a reluctant sigh escaped her open lips. Another set of ‘lips’ moved onto her left breast and nipple. The combined sensations of the massaging ‘hands’ and suckling ‘lips’ caused the sigh to grow louder as her nipples stiffened and grew erect.

‘Hands’ moved onto her thighs and began to knead the soft skin. They slowly worked their way toward the junction of her thighs. The soft ‘finger’ tips caressed the outer lips of her labia and then slipped down her thighs to her knees. The exquisite sweep continued and a dazed Dianne moaned softly as ripples of arousal began to seep across her loins. The ‘hands’ molded themselves onto her labia and began to massage and knead the soft skin of her folds. ‘Thumbs’ pressed and swirled onto her clitoral hood and her pink organ began extending outward. She gasped at the ecstatic contact and laid her head back onto the shoulder of her unseen Lover.

She felt light pressures on her back, thighs and legs and then felt her legs being bent at the knees and pulled upward. She looked at the mirrored shower wall and watched as her bent legs were spread apart. It was as if she were sitting on a soft chair of thick air. She saw her swelling folds flare open, the pink tip of her engorged clitoris and her erect tingling nipples. She looked with aroused amazement as her breasts and labia were being manipulated by unseen ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’.

Susan saw a bottle being lifted off of one of the corner shelves. As it got nearer to her, she saw that it was labeled ‘Permanent Depilatory’. Her mind was filled Anadolu Yakası Escort with mixed emotions.

‘Yes .. No .. Permanent? .. What if she wanted her hair back?’

She felt her arms being pulled up level with her shoulders and her sitting position was slightly reclined. She could now see her sex and the cheeks of her buttocks in the mirror. The bottle floated toward her and the silky liquid was poured onto her left arm and arm pit. It moved to her right arm and it too was drenched with the thick liquid. The bottle moved down toward the junction of her thighs and the silky liquid saturated her genitals, inner thighs and between the cheeks of her spread buttocks. Both of her bent and spread legs received the same treatment.

Dianne looked mesmerized as she felt a multitude of ‘hands’ massaging the Depilatory onto arms, legs and genitals. The ‘hands’ on her thighs and labia worked the warm, thick liquid into the thick thatch that covered her sex and she began panting when the ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ went from mixing to arousing. Soon wonderful ‘popping’ sensations flooded her genitals, arms and legs. It felt as though thousands of bubble were forming and bursting all over body. As she looked at the mirrored wall, she watched in awe as all the hair on her body, below her shoulders began dissolving.

The ‘popping’ sensations soon faded and Dianne saw the removable shower head being turned ‘on’. It drifted toward her and she gasped as the pulsing waters flooded her sex and body. As the Depilatory and remnants of her hair were washed away, she saw for the first, in a long time, the full folds of her labia and clitoris could be seen without obstruction.

She smiled at her ‘new’ hairless nakedness and whispered,

“Thank you ..”

The shower head moved so it was in direct alignment with her labia and clitoris. Her mind wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Intense jolts of joy flooded her loins as the pulsing waters rushed onto the flared folds of her labia and protruding clitoris. Her hips began an ecstatic grinding and sawing motion into the pulsing flow. She moaned and gasped as her Lovers gave her pleasure that she had not felt in years.

She felt a ‘tongue’ curl around her protruding organ and ‘fingers’ slipped into her excited vagina. Her mind was awash with waves of ecstasy and she squealed with joy as a quick, tension relieving, orgasm exploded across her body.

The shower head was returned to its holder and turned ‘off’. Dianne sat within the supporting air-like chair, gasping as she came down from her orgasmic high.

2. Breast, Nipple, Clitoris Enhancement:

Thoughts entered her mind,

‘Now that had to feel good. How do you like your hairless body?’

Dianne smiled and whispered,

“Oh God, did it ever and I love what you did to my body.”

The thoughts again,

‘That’s just the beginning, How would you like firmer breasts and a clitoris that will guarantee you an orgasm every time you have sex. A clitoris that another female would love to get their mouths and fingers on.’

Dianne’s heart pounded with anticipation,

‘Another female .. would another woman do that to her?’

In an obvious hesitant voice, Dianne said,

“I .. I’m not sure .. Another woman .. maybe .. No .. Yes .. Ok”

She felt a light kiss on her forehead and the thought said,

‘I know you would .. I have much to teach you.’

Suddenly it dawned on Dianne, her unseen Entity was female.

Dianne saw a bottle appear out of nowhere and watched as it floated toward her. She watched in awe as the bottle was tipped and she saw two pools of a thick golden liquid forming in the air above her abdomen. A third pool formed in front of the junction of her thighs. The pools moved toward each of her breasts and inward toward her sex. She gasped as the liquid made contact with her body and the ‘hands’ began massaging the thick liquid onto her breasts, nipples and protruding clitoris.

Wonderful and intense tingling sensations flooded her breasts, nipples and clitoris.

Within seconds, she felt an exquisite warmth flood across her chest and into her clitoral hood. A wonderful firmness gripped each of her breasts and her nipples had never felt so hard or so excited. A deep kingliness saturated her rigid clitoris and a need to touch it became almost unbearable. She tried to reach down to it but the unseen ‘hands’ held her arms firmly.


NIPPLES: 5/16″


As the ‘hands’ massaged and kneaded, she felt a delicious firmness building in both breasts. Dianne looked at the mirror and her eyes opened wide and she gasped when she saw her breasts becoming fuller and firmer. Her clitoral hood was thickening and the pink tip of her clitoris was expanding outward.




Delicious quakes pulsed across her as her breasts and nipples grew in spurts and her hips began jerking as her clitoris extended further out of its protective hood.


NIPPLES: 7/16″

CLITORIS: Kartal Escort 5/8″

The hands on her breasts and the fingers on her clitoris intensified their loving actions as they had more and more to massage and knead. More of the thick lotions were poured onto her body and Dianne began moaning and gasping as her breasts, nipples and clitoris were enhanced.




Dianne saw her sexual enhancements in the mirror and look of sheer joy flooded her face. Her 34C breasts pushed proudly from her chest and her erect, bullet- like nipples felt as though they were going to explode. She saw her clitoris standing out like a rigid pink beacon and again, a desperate need to touch it caused her hips to jerk with a sense of urgency.

Reassuring thoughts filled her mind,

‘One more thing left to do, then we will take care of your needs.’

3. Vaginal enhancement:

Dianne saw what looked like a tear drop, oval shaped mass appear in front of her. It was gel-like, transparent and bluish in color. It was about 4″ tall and 1″ wide at its top and gradually widened to 3″ at the bottom. Protruding slightly outward from within the ‘tear drop’ was a replication of the head of an erection. The body was made up of thick accordion-like folds. Attached to the oval casing was a small opened ended circular tube, also with accordion like-folds. The entire casing glistened in the light with its oozing thick fluids.

Suddenly the accordion folds began expanding and Dianne gasped when she saw a life-like erection growing before her eyes. It slowly lengthened to 8″ inches and thickened to 1.75″. When it was fully formed it drew back into its folds and then expanded again. A stunned Dianne saw the phallus intensify its expanding strokes.

The small tube at the phallus’s base now expanded to 2″ x 5/8″. Its open folds began to ripple and clench. Dianne’s breath quickened and her arousal vaulted as her eyes locked onto the erotic and sexual ‘device’ that was swaying in the air in front of her. The more she looked at it, the more she wanted it.

The Entity sensed Dianne’s attraction to the floating phallus and drew close to her.

‘We call it the ‘surrogate’. Just think how wonderful it will feel as it slips into your vagina. The perfect mate for a needful woman. It does other things to. The surrogate will ‘deep throat’ your clitoris and will secrete chemicals that will enhance your vaginal sheath, inner lips and labia.’

Dianne’s eyes were locked onto her potential Lover and her breathing was coming in deep pants. Her clitoris tingled as it strained in the air, begging for attention and her inner lips fluttered with need and desire. The Entity reached down and palmed Dianne’s wet, swollen labia and her hips jerked her more than ready sex into the massaging ‘hand’.

Dianne saw the ‘surrogate’ move between her bent and spread thighs. She felt its radiated warmth flood onto her sex and then felt it form over her flared folds. She gasped as it made contact and then moaned as its protruding head nestled into her eager inner lips. She then felt an incredible jolt of joy as the suckling tube slipped onto the tip of her engorged organ of joy. Her hips thrust and ground against the clenching tube as suckled its way into her clitoral hood.

The nestled head began flexing within her clasping inner lips and she moaned as the pulsing thickness deliciously nudged and traced the eager opening to her vagina. She held her breath when she felt an exquisite pressure stretching her excited opening and then an ecstatic hiss was heard as the clasping entrance stretched over the phallus’s flexing crown. Her mind was flooded incredible sensations as the phallus twisted its way into her eager vaginal passage. The flexing thickness with its twisting nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls as it burrowed inward to a depth of eight inches. Her mind reeled with the ecstatic fullness and her vaginal muscles clenched deeply onto the flexing nubs.

The ‘surrogate’ began releasing its enhancing chemicals and Dianne gasped as ecstatic antsy sensations gripped the entire length of her vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8.0″ x 2.0″ erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of her vaginal sheath and her ‘G’ spot or Skene’s gland was expanded. Her mind was immediately flooded with waves of intense joy as her spasming womanhood was enhanced.

4. Vaginal testing:

The ‘surrogate’ rested for a few seconds while Dianne cooed and gurgled with joy. Then, it slowly withdrew and plunged back into her seething vaginal sheath. The phallus slowly expanded to 2″ as it flexed deep within her vaginal passage then it pulled out and twisted its way inward, again and again. All the while the sucking actions on her clitoris matched the stroking actions of the phallus. Dianne’s glazed eyes open wide and incoherent sounds of pleasure were heard as her body was pushed into a sexual frenzy.

The phallus’s girth expanded and contracted as it stroked inward and outward from Dianne’s enflamed vaginal passage. Her frenzied body was now totally controlled by the insatiable ‘surrogate’. She instinctively fell into the same rhythm and began urgent counter thrusts with her twisting and bucking hips.

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