The Hunt Pt. 02


Author’s Note: My apologies for how long it’s taken for me to put out part 2! It was written for about a week now, but I had to make some important changes. As a thank you for all of your patience, I’ve lengthened this chapter significantly. There’s more sex, less sadistic violence, and more drama! Please enjoy.

Much to my dismay, Jemma did not move out. She wasn’t strong enough to make me turn her into a vampire, as that was something completely against my will. She still cooked, she still slept in my bed and snuggled with me, she was still relatively the same old Jemma that I had initially gotten to know. It wasn’t unpleasant having her around. However, what disturbed me, and what I was quick to realize is that while her marks and her magic were powerful, her will was not even a close match to my own. That said if she requested something from me, and I obeyed, some part of me already desired to do it. I may have been a Vampire, but I wasn’t immune to the charms of cohabitation. Coming into a large empty home each day was sometimes a very lonely experience. Jemma did still go to school, so that wasn’t some sort of elaborate lie. However, I did notice something important, she never took any important phone calls or spoke to family. Jemma had only one friend, Shay. I’d listen to their conversations sometimes. It was clear that Shay knew about me, to a much greater extent than I would have liked.

It took me less than a week to confront her on the subject, and I did so in a manner that shocked her. She sat in the kitchen, in one of my oversized t-shirts, her legs crossed. I almost got distracted from my task as I took a second to appreciate her figure. Refocusing, I snatched her phone from her, immediately bringing it to my ear. She tried to protest, but I covered her mouth. I’d caught Shay in the middle of saying something and managed to catch the end of it.

“…dangerous Jemma! You’re way in over your fucking head. You can just come stay with me, please. I don’t like this, at all.”

I chuckled, and her friend immediately knew that wasn’t the sound of Jemma.

Shay sounded terrified, “Kaelin?”

“Why don’t you come for a visit, Shay? Jemma will cook something fabulous. I promise I won’t hurt you, but we should talk.”


I furrowed my brows, not used to such immediate rejection.

I took my hand off of Jemma’s mouth and glared at her before putting the phone on speaker.

“Jemma wants you to come over, though.”

Jemma sighed. “Shay, she really isn’t going to hurt you. Please come over before she breaks my phone. She’ll literally break every single phone I ever own or try to buy until she meets you.”

“That’s psychotic!” Shay proclaimed.

I laughed. “It gets results though,” this was one of few times I appreciated Jemma’s infiltration of my thoughts.

“Fine. I’m on my way,” Shay hung up.

The silence was not long lasting as Jemma snatched her phone away from me, rolling her eyes for dramatic effect.

“What the hell was that about?” She demanded.

“Well, I like to keep track of everyone that knows I’m not fucking human,” I scowled at her.

“So far that’s two people, one is in my basement, and you are currently my rather annoying roommate, so the chances don’t bode well for dear Shay,” I continued.

She batted her lashes at me, taking a delicate hold of my hand. “Is that all we are, darling, annoying roommates?”

She ignored my subtle empty threat, and I ignored her teasing. Truly, I was just curious about who this Shay was, and why Jemma was so trusting of her. Was she also a Witch? Hopefully Shay wasn’t another mind reader.

“Shay is not any of the things you’re thinking, I’d think she’s an ordinary human, except I can’t read her mind. Honestly, I doubt your charms would work on her either. I think that’s the reason we’re such great friends, she’s the only person I can’t tell is full of shit 24/7.”

“I don’t give a fuck about your friendship.”

Jemma grinned. “See? You’re full of shit just like everyone else. That’s why we can’t be friends.”

“You wound me,” I replied, monotonous, before leaving the kitchen.

“But we could be lovers!” She shouted after me, earning a chuckle. I wondered how far I had to be from her before she could no longer hear my thoughts.

“Further than that!” She shouted again, and then I was all the way up the stairs, in my bed, trying to do anything but think.


Shay took a couple of hours to arrive. Not exactly my idea of the meaning of “on my way,” but it worked fine.

Jemma brought Shay up to the living room when she arrived. I wasn’t happy about it.

“I never said she could come up here,” I glared at Jemma, displeased with her actions.

I turned my attention to Shay, who was quietly taking me in, as well as her surroundings.

“Kaelin, this makes no sense. You” She took a pause, “Oh…”

She grinned. “I didn’t know I was so special.”

There wasn’t anything to hide about my floor of the house. However, it was my special place, gizli porno it was my place to be alone, I hadn’t even brought any of my flings or one nighters to my floor. Instead, I’d opt for the first floor, it was easily the floor that was closest to seeming lived in, despite my very rare use of it. Allowing Jemma to stay on my floor with me was indeed a huge deal, and she didn’t only stay in my bed, she’d also had free reign of my living room, and she’d created a library in it.

“Let’s go downstairs Shay. We should let Kaelin regather her fragile ego so that she can come down feeling terrifying.”

Shay did not laugh at Jemma’s joke. I was no mind reader, but I had a good sense for auras. Shay wasn’t buying Jemma’s nonchalant behavior around me, she still felt I was indeed very dangerous. Even if I may have had a soft spot for her friend.

“Jemma. My ego is very well earned, and you can call it fragile if you’d like, but it’s well protected,” I followed them down to the first floor.

Finally, I was able to truly observe Shay. She was beautiful, sporting smooth ebony skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. She had a well maintained tight curly mane of hair that reminded me of a lion. Her body was toned, clearly one she’d worked hard for, and while she had very small breasts, I could only anticipate by the swell of her hips that she also had a nice ass.

I got to her lips when she opened her mouth for the first time to speak to me since entering my home. “I do not consent to be your snack.”

I frowned. “I didn’t invite you here to feed on you.”

“I’d never allow it,” Jemma added matter of factly as she faced her friend. But I was not having any of that.

“Jemma. Stop trying to fucking run shit in my home.”

“Isn’t she adorable when she’s upset?” The mischievous witch asked her friend, who looked away. Shay refused to get into the dispute between Jemma and I.

I wasn’t laughing. I took a deep breath before I spoke, not wanting to embarrass myself, for some reason I cared about Shay’s approval

“Jemma. Give Shay and I some privacy please.”

“No,” both women said simultaneously. I was about ready to clock their heads into each other, feed from them, then drop them off in some public place when no one was around. I clenched my fists, trying to control my anger.

“Fine. Shay, I invited you over because I wanted you to look at me, I wanted Jemma to be here and recognize just how serious I am when I say if you tell someone about me I will not just kill you, I’ll make sure you wished you’d never even lived, and now, I am going to give you both an hour to make yourself scarce. Jemma- don’t even look at the first floor tonight. You can still sleep on the fourth floor, or the third floor, but that’s all.

Shay shook a bit; I was pleased she feared me.

“I won’t tell anyone.”

“Your heart thanks you,” I said as I ascended my stairs and picked out an outfit for the night, I wore a black crop top, black buddha pants, and to keep it all together, I threw on black canvas shoes. I was sexy in a “I party right after doing Yoga,” sort of way. That night, I intended to not only dance, but fuck away my frustrations. However, it didn’t go quite according to plan.

I continued to see Jemma throughout the first club I’d started at. She’d beckon to me, but when I looked away for even the slightest second, she disappeared. I decided to switch clubs, but the problem followed me. Finally, after a couple of hours of drinking and being completely thrown off my game, I locked eyes with Jemma as she beckoned me closer. I walked toward her, and as I stared, I realized this was not Jemma in the flesh, but a strong astral projection. I swerved, angry that she’d been playing games with me only to find her apparition in front of me, grinning like the cat that ate the canary. I rolled my eyes and moved past her, but she followed, I could feel it. Since she knew the gig was up, why not harass me further by just not leaving me alone? It was hard for me to fathom the nerve of that girl. Before disappearing she finally whispered.

“Just come home,” and so I did. I cursed my marks all along the way as well, as I hailed a taxi, alone despite not having planned to be. I cursed at myself for wanting to see her. However, when I got there, I was surprised to see she was definitely dressed for the club as well, she wore a red romper that so clearly had nothing between it and her skin it was nearly pornographic. She sported big gold hoops, and a pair of lucite heels with what looked like a fresh pedicure, her rings, and necklace, also gold were perfect against her warm skin.

“How did you find the time to harass me and get dressed like that? And how did you afford that jewelry?”

“Talent,” she smiled, as though that answered both of my questions. “Take me out. I was lonely here. I missed you.”‘

“You could’ve just texted if you wanted to join me,” I glared, but I couldn’t stay angry for longer than a second looking at her in that outfit that I so badly wanted to rip götten porno off.

“And you could just rip my romper and we could stay here. But we don’t always do the things we can do because sometimes, there’s a funner option, right?”

I raised a brow at her but didn’t respond.

“This option is better. You’re already mad at me, maybe you can punish me tonight.”

I rolled my eyes at her, but the image of tying her up and paddling her every time she said something snarky infiltrated my thoughts. She didn’t comment, only grinned.

“Ask James what my punishment is like,” I smiled at her, leaning over and nipping at her ear just hard enough to draw a little blood, as soon as I tasted, I realized I was thirsty.

“Hey hey, if you’re going to drink from me… you better be buying the drinks.”

I rolled my eyes. “We both know I was buying the drinks.”

The problem with alcohol and me wasn’t that I couldn’t get its full effects, I quite liked only getting buzzed while I’d watch everyone else around me being chaotic. The buzz was just enough for me to enjoy it, and never embarrass myself. The problem was how quickly I metabolized alcohol, for whatever reason, always made me hungrier. It also wasn’t ideal to abandon Jemma, despite my suspicion that she can probably take care of herself. I felt she was my responsibility since I brought her. So, I was a very hungry woman to say the least.

I had taken her to the first club I’d gone to, it’s my favorite, but when I was still naïve enough to believe I could escape Jemma’s projection, I left it. It was called “Puss n Boots,” famous for always having go-go dancers on its stage, and they were quite good. It was proper etiquette to tip them, not everyone did, but I always did.

“I’ve never been here… in the flesh,” Jemma snorted as though she’d said the funniest thing in the world.

“You sound like a pig; I should eat you.” I smiled at her, licking over my canines. They were oversized naturally, but not so dramatically that people would find them terrifying at a glance, I had to extend them to instill that fear.

“Mmmm, I’ve dreamt about it ya know? But you refuse to touch me after that one night. You’re such a prude.”

“That’s not what I meant!” I snapped at her, although her confession rolled around in my head. She dreamt about me, did that excite me? Was it even the truth? I then turned my attention to the bar. “Come on,” I said, and strode over, slipping into a space that didn’t quite exist until I made my presence known and people scooted. Jemma squeezed herself in front of me, grabbing one of my arms and pulling it around herself. I sighed, she was going to drive me insane tonight and I knew it, and there was no point in denying that I quite enjoyed it. I told her to give me her ID, and she obliged. I handed both our ID’s and my credit card to the bartender.

“Start a tab for us. She’s welcome to order drinks without me, we’ll start with… two rum punches, a glass of water… and…” I glanced at her, wondering what her drink of choice would be.

“I’ll drink one of her rum punches, can we have extra of whatever the fruits are in it?”

“Of course,” the bartender glanced at me for approval, I begrudgingly nodded my assent.

“Why take one of mine?” I spun her around to face me as soon as the bartender left us.

“Because if you’re minding three drinks, you won’t be able to dance with me. So, I took one off your hands,” she shrugged, like I should’ve known this information already.

“Oh, I thought we had two options tonight? I was hoping to go for the jealousy inducing one…”

“You don’t want to dance with me?” She raised a brow and right before I could lie to her, she grinned. “You’re so full of fucking shit Kaelin Vincent, I think I’ll buy you a porta-potty.”

Her joke caused laughter to ripple through me, I hadn’t laughed like that in a long time. I wasn’t really sure why it made me laugh how it did- it wasn’t /that/ funny, but I simply couldn’t control it.

She smirked at me, and I could just tell she intended to say something else that was completely out of line.

“Careful laughing that hard, some of it might come out…”

At that point, I was practically howling from laughter, my cheeks burned from using the muscles in my face that I wasn’t accustomed to using, and a couple of tears began forming in my eyes.

“Stop, I can’t take anymore!”

Jemma almost responded, undoubtedly it would’ve been something that made me laugh more, but just then, the bartender came back.

“Two rum punches, and a glass of water,” he smiled at us in that familiar way all good bartenders do, like you were good friends and he was in on the joke. I was glad he’d came with our drinks. He made it possible for me to calm my laughter down to just a few chuckles.

She took the cherries out of my drink, and I scowled at her.

“You asked for extra, so give me back mine,” I protested, trying to snatch my cherries away. The issue with that, was that I grup porno didn’t want to reveal myself by doing anything humanely impossible. However, my slower speed wasn’t cutting it, that’s when she began plopping cherries into her mouth.

I sighed, giving up, the cherries weren’t that big a deal to me anyway, but that’s when she made her offer.

“You can have this last one,” she beamed at me, and just when I reached for the cherry, she pulled away, and put it in her mouth.

“Buh you haf chu earnnett, she spoke with the cherry in her mouth, leaning in, sex dripping from every syllable.

I knew she was baiting me, but fuck, it was good bait. I had not kissed Jemma on the lips since the night we’d had sex. This was because I was very well aware that there was some kind of power in her kiss. I’d suspected that it had something to do with enthrallment. But I wasn’t sure, I’d never used her method of enthrallment.

In that moment however, I wasn’t thinking about whether or not I was playing into her hands, I just wanted her. I closed the small gap, inserting my tongue into her mouth and carrying the cherry back into mine, I made quick work of it before I released the seed into a tissue.

“Encore,” the devious grin on her face said she already knew I couldn’t refuse. I leaned in, this time, with no cherry to eat, our kiss was longer, she wrapped her hand into my hair at the base of my skull and tugged me just far away enough for our lips to part.

“Wanna go home?”

“No,” I whispered, my voice a lot higher pitched and breathless than I was used to hearing. I barely recognized my own voice.

She brushed her lips against mine, but as I attempted to press forward to keep our lips together, I felt the gentle pressure of my hair tugging, she didn’t want me to. For whatever reason, despite my ability to overpower, I accepted this game.

She leaned in against my ear. “Why not baby?’

I still hadn’t danced, my initial intent for going out that night, but my lips stayed tight. I wasn’t going to admit that I wanted to dance with her, that I wanted to allow this intense passion to continue festering so that we’d go home into an explosion. Then again, I didn’t have to.

“Oh bitch. I fucking got you. But just because you refuse to say it out loud… let’s drink this and go home. I’m tired.”

Her game was over far too soon, I sighed, allowing myself a moment to recollect my composure despite how uncomfortable I felt with my state of arousal.

“Jemma, I need to… well,”

“I know.”

“So, can you go home without me?”

“No, I’ll feed you baby.” Two times in one night, I mentally noted her calling me ‘baby,’ and how I liked how it sounded from her. Then cursed myself for noting it because I knew she probably was aware of my notation.

Our agreement was silent, and we finished our drinks.

When we arrived back at the house, I had dramatically calmed down from my state of arousal in the club, which was why when I opened my door and she attempted to press me against it, I slipped away from her almost embrace and moved with supernatural swiftness to the basement door. “I’ll be right back.”

She knew there was no changing my mind.


“Hello James,” he didn’t answer me. I had taped his mouth shut because his rancid breath was beginning to bother me, and I wasn’t going to brush his gums for him.

“How’re you doing today?” I smirked at him. He made a noise in response, I’m sure he was cursing me out, but I simply nodded.

“Oh really? That’s good. That’s good. I’m also ready for more feeding.” He thrashed a bit, but ultimately, he didn’t have much strength in his body to keep it up for long, and certainly not enough to halt me, I sank my teeth into his neck and loud unpleasant noises came from him. He tried to thrash himself away, but I kept him still. He succumbed to it after a few seconds, and I fed in silence until I was positive there’d be no way I would kill Jemma. When I was done, I licked my lips and smiled at him. He was exhausted, eyes barely open but struggling to maintain consciousness.

“Oh, poor James. You’re not looking too hot. You hungry? You want something to eat?” His eyes suddenly grew wide with terror, he thrashed and grunted his disapproval, tears streaming down his face. I could only smile at him, I wished he could see as well as I did in the darkness, maybe then he could see his own reflection of how hopeless and pathetic he looked. A reflection of what he’d intended for me when he saw me, how ironic.

I kept a box beside James that contained different types of dog food, I opened liver flavor for him and smiled. “James… I think we got off on the wrong foot, ya know? Maybe if you will just open up to me, we can be friends.”

He thrashed around, and I laughed. “James relax!” I scolded him, right before taking the removed top and using the sharp edge to slice the tape over his mouth, immediately my basement was filled with the sound of him screaming, I shoved the contents of the can into his mouth and repeated my ritual of forcing him to swallow his food.

“Good boy. Swallow your food. Yeah, you’ve got it. Great job,” I cooed softly to him, stroking his jaw with my thumb, once he was done, I released him and his mouth fell open, pathetic sobbing noises coming out.

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