The Hunt Begins


Word count 2,837. This is an erotic fiction based on Tribal, and Primal aspects. Male on female. All persons depicted in this short story is of eighteen years of age, or older.

This is my first Erotic fiction for public consumption, please enjoy and leave a comment. I would really like to hear what you guys think. I decided to keep this one mild ish. I am capable of writing about pretty much anything. So please do not hesitate to send me a message, if you have an Idea, or would like something written. Please enjoy, and thank you for reading.


It was a humid day, as it normally is; in the tropical region of the planet Phibos. Loud music, and cheers could be heard from miles in every direction. The commotion coming from the simple village of Motinuis, and tonight was a special night; the festival of creation. Every year, the girls who have come of age would be released into the forest; the eligible men, would then be sent to track down the girls, and take them as their bride. The village, is what you would expect; Hut’s made of wood, stone, leaves, and clay. The villagers, all wore the hides of their first kills, to commemorate their coming of age.

In the midst of the ceremonies, a young girl, now a woman; spoke softly to her childhood friend. “I don’t want to be hunted, Jackel!” She said nervously, shaking as she tracked through the room. Mirah is a small, but muscular girl; with tan skin, and black hair. Standing as they were, her head sat comfortably against his collarbone. The pelt’s of two white wolves served as her clothes. One fashioned as a cold shoulder top, and the other a long loincloth; giving her the freedom to move in the harsh terrain of the planet.

“Shh.. shh.. Mihra” Jackle spoke calmly to the girl, as he took her into his embrace. Petting her head gently as they held each other. Jackel is a handsome man; with a chiseled physique, and long black hair tied into a braid. He wear’s beard, that he kept neatly trimmed, and pulled into two small braids. For clothing he had on, a black dire wolf pelt, which he has wrapped around his massive body; showing the sheer size of the beast.

Jackel took a moment to breath in her intoxicating scent, speaking swiftly as they knew they did not have time. “I… will be the one to track you down, you will see… Go to the waterfall, there I will meet you Mihra.”

“Thank you… Jackel.” she said breathing deeply into his chest, taking a moment in his scent; before finally pushing away, and moving towards the door.

Jackle stopped her before she exited. Taking her by the hand, and pulling her back to him. Looking into her sparkling green eyes; his embrace tightened, and he pressed his lips to her’s. “I will find you.” He whispered.

Finally he released his grip, and she made her way out the door quickly; with tears in her eyes. Under her breath she spoke. “You had better..” her hair flipped behind her as she shut the door behind her. She could not help but notice, her excitement. Though she also could not stave off the fear of what may happen, should someone else find her.

With the festival under way, the girls that had all come of age were all ushered to the center of the crowd. There the girls were being showered with necklaces, and jewelry.

The villagers all feasted, and danced until midday; when the girls were all brought to the edge of town. In total there were six girls that had come of age that year. All the eligible men also lined up behind them, there were twenty of them at least.

Each of the men took their turn, to walk down the line up of brides to be. The elder took the stage and exclaimed. “It is now time for the hunt. We have practiced this tradition since inception, as we all know the brides will be released first. If a man is able to catch, and mate with one of the brides to be. They will then claim her as his wife; as it is our way.” both Jackel and Mihra looked at each other. They wished that they did not need to do this, but also knew that this was unavoidable.

Mirah took a deep breath, while looking at all the men who were to Pendik Escort participate in the hunt. She knew them all socially, but could not find herself enjoying their company. Several of the men approached Mirah, they would take he by the jaw, examining her and the other girls like animals.

One man the self proclaimed alpha, Dragar, approached Mihra next. “Ah see boy’s… this one will be mine!” He announced confidently. He took some of her hair ebony into his hand, and gave it a good sniff; causing Mihra to pull away. “Feisty too..It’s okay, I can tame you.” He chuckled and continued walking with the rest of the men.

Finally Mihra seeing Jackle come down the line she let out a sigh of relief. Mihra immediately locked eyes with Jackel, as he approached her. Placing his hand on her cheek he whispered. “I will find you.” Mihra nodded, and a tear fell across her cheek.

Mihra bit her tongue, while she bared through the rest of the ceremony. Keeping her mind focused on the waterfall, the path to get there, and meeting her beloved. The chief stood on stage, and held two torches. Dropping one into the a unlit fire pit, it went ablaze. It was the signal for the women to began to run, and all took off in a sprint.

Mihra, and the other girls bolted into the forest. Once out of view, they began to take off in different directions. The day was hot, but the forest canopy shaded her from the harsh ray’s. She did not stop for an instant, clearing her path of obstacles as she ran. “You better find me Jackle.” She said to herself as she passed a clearing making it to the lake where the waterfall came from the cliff and poured into the lake below. She began making her way around the lake toward the cliff side, taking a moment to sit on one of the rocks near the lake; while she waited for the men to begin their hunt.

Deciding enough time had passed, Mihra stood up from her seat and began to walk towards the waterfall. As she walked along the shore, approaching the edge of the mountain; laughter could be heard behind her. “I knew one of you would come here, I am so glad it was you though… Mihra.”

She turned around and spotted the man from the line earlier. “Dragar..” she said with a unsettled tone in her voice. Dragar is a burly man and one of the strongest in the village; he wasted no time and charged towards her. Mihra turned and tried to run; but before she could start to sprint, he rushed up grabbing her by the waist. “Noo!” She screamed. He voice echoing through the forest, causing some of the birds to rustle.

He roughly grabbed at her body through her wolf pelt, ripping the seam that held her top pelt together; revealing her ample breasts to the open air. Dragar pushed Mihra to the ground, where she tried desperately to cover herself. “Very nice, you will make a fine wife indeed!” He said with a chuckle and a tone that conveyed his certainty.

“Dragar!!” A man yelled from behind them, it was jackel just in time it would seem.

Dragar didn’t turn immediately, but pulled his axe from his waist. “You dare interrupt me, Jackel?” He said turning to face Jackel. Dragar pointed to Mihra, who had picked up her pelt, and nervously watched the fight unfolding before her. “I have already claimed this prize, go find your own!”

Jackel stopped right before the hulking man, and pulled his two swords from his belt. With a smug look, Jackel replied. “Judging by her state of undress, you haven’t claimed anything.” Raising his swords to a fighting stance, he motioned with his hand; taunting Dragar to come at him.

“Oh ho ho… Are you sure you want to wrestle with me, little man?!” Dragar asked menacingly, as he approached him.

“Bring your best Dragar!” Jackel exclaimed as he charged towards Dragar. Jackel’s swords clanged against Dragar’s axe, and pushed it to the side. Dragar used his free hand to stop the second blade from reaching its mark, by grabbing his wrist. Dragar slammed his shoulder into Jackel’s body, sending him flying, and causing him to drop the sword from his right hand.

Dragar casually Kurtköy Escort walked up to Jackel, as he began to rise from the ground. He kicked Jackel as hard as he could in the chest. Jackel coughed loudly, and spat up a little blood. Dragar raised his axe to land the final blow. With a slick slicing sound, Dragar began to spit up some blood, turning around to face Mirah. She stood motionless behind Dragar; aside from her shaking hands, that held Jackel’s sword that had fallen.

Dragar slapped her across the face, the force flung her across the beach. Before the hulking man could react, Jackel’s other sword found itself sheathed in Dragar’s throat. Jackel had finished the job that Mihra had started, and ending with Dragar falling to the ground between them.

“Jackel!” Mirah called out, rushing to his side. “I was so worried, I’m sorry he caught me first. I should have hid better.”

Jackel took Mihra into his arm’s, and in a soothing voice replied. “It’s alright Mir.. I’m just glad… I was able to track you down, before something else happened.”

Mihra buried her face in Jackel’s chest, and nuzzled into the soft fur of his dire wolf pelt. She pushed away from him, and took a few steps backwards. Grinning as she spoke. “You may have tracked me down… But you haven’t caught me…” With a smirk she turned around, and took off towards the waterfall.

Jackel chuckled as he picked up his swords. “Hah.. Alright then, I’ll give you a head start.” He shook his head, and sprinted after her. “Oh.. I’ve got your scent now Mihra.”

Mirah’s giggles were muffled by the roar of the waterfall, as she approached it. Jackel took off after her and Mirah dodged his tackles many times. She let go of pelt that Dragar ripped, and with each step her supple breasts bounced. She ducked in behind the waterfall laughing, and motioning with her finger for Jackel to follow; disappearing behind the wall of water.

She walked over to a thick patch of cave moss, deciding it was comfortable enough she removed her ripped pelt top and released the clasp of her loincloth. But held it in place until Jackel would arrive.

Jackel walked into the cave finding his prey ready, and waiting for him inside the cave. He growled a little as he approached her. “Nowhere to run now.” He said with a smirk.

“And nowhere to hide.” Mirah said with a smirk. She then let go of her pelt that covered her womanhood. “But who’s hiding?” She said with a slight grin. Laying down amongst the moss, and fur from her pelts; she posed slightly for her Hunter.

“Mihra, and so the prey coincides?” Jackel said unbuckling his belt, and unwrapping his massive dire wolf pelt; letting it drop to the ground with a slight thud from the weight of the pelt. Standing before his prey with body and presence that commanded his status.

Mirah ran her hands down her body, and up through her pitch-black hair. She began to rustle her hair some, showing off as many of her assets as possible. “The Hunter has bested his prey.” She said seductively.

Jackel approached Mihra, his approval shown readily on his face. His girth was growing steadily, from the show she had provided.

Mihra looked sat up, and kept her eyes locked to his. She glanced at his manhood, and reached up taking his manhood into her hands. “I’m so happy you found me Jackel.” She said, with a sincere and excited tone in her voice.

Jackel kneeled down to her level, causing his manhood to slip from her hands. Their faces now inches from each other, and took her jaw into his rough hand. “I am too… there are no words… only this.” He pulled her face to his in a passionate embrace. Tracing his hand back behind her neck, keeping their lips locked on one another. Pulling away for a moment, he whispered, “I will always be there.”

Mihra reached up, and took his head in her hands. Pulling his lips, and body into hers; resting back against the soft moss bedding. Their nude bodies intertwining and beginning to writhe against one another.

Both gasping for breaths in between kisses. Their Ümraniye Escort moans echoed against the cave walls, as they ravaged each-other. Jackel reached up cupping her breast, massaging it gently with his right hand. His knee rested between her legs, and rested tightly against her pelvis.

Jackel reached under Mihra’s waist, with his left hand; pulling her body, tightly against his own. Mirah then wrapped both her arms around his neck, and held on. He suspended most of her body above the moss, and continued their embrace.

Their passionate kiss lasted some time, before he gently laid her back down. Positioning his body between her legs, he pointed his girth at her womanhood.

Mihra brought her lips to his again, while she raised her hips instinctively. The tip of his manhood close enough to touch her flower; but did not enter.

Jackel began to kiss down her neck; letting their body, and groins rub gently together. As Jackel reached her collarbone, he bit down rather hard. Like a wolf claim his mate, as he began to push slowly into Mihra’s warmth.

Mirah’s steady moans filled the cave, as her entrance was invaded by jackel’s girth. With a twinge of pain she bit her lip, and assisted Jackel to bring them closer together. Her fingers digging into the soft flesh, on Jackel’s back; while her womb adjusted to accommodate him.

Jackel stopped biting,as he reached the end of his length. Fully inside her womanhood, they simply rested for a moment; pressing their groins together. He looked her in the eyes, and kissed her again. Holding the kiss, he began to pull out gently a few inches, and push back in softly; allowing her ample time to adjust.

Mirah’s moans were muffled by Jackel’s kiss. With each touch of their lips, her body responded in kind; pushing back against his hips to keep him inside her. Her nails released from his back, leaving deep impressions behind them. She then began to gently caress, and massage his back. Trailing her hands down to his chest, being fully supported by his strength; while he began to slide in and out slowly.

Jackel grabbed Mirah by the waist, pushing hard against completely engulfed by her body. He grabbed her by the waist, and pulled her body with his into a kneeling position; with Mihra straddling his lap.

Mihra yelped from the sharp thrust, and a loud moan as they changed positions. She gasped looking into his eyes as she grabbed him by the back of the neck; pulling him into another passionate kiss.

Jackel began to gyrate his hips, making small movements inside her with his manhood. Watching each reaction of his new bride.

Mihra responded to his gyrations, by using her knees to push her a few inches off his lap; before dropping down, to sheath his length once more.

Jackel grabbed her by the hair, too look her in the eyes while he penetrated her. Each movement they made causing audible grunts, and moans from the other. Passionately exchanging kisses, before Jackel moved his head down a little to her chin, and then down to her neck.

Mihra braced her hands against Jackel’s shoulders. Then she started bouncing on his lap, with increasing speed.

Jackel began to thrust harder, as she bounced. The force was enough to meet her thrust, and push her back up. He grabbed hold of her hips, and tried bury himself inside her. He continued to kiss down her neck to her breasts, and rushing to take one of her nipples into his mouth; suckling on it gently at first. Then moving his mouth to her other nipple, he suckled for a little while while their bodies racked against each-others. Then he took the teet of her nipple between his teeth; biting down gently, and using his tongue to flick against the sensitive tip.

In what seemed like a mind melting orgasm; Mihra threw her head back, and moaned loudly into damp air. Jackel grunted, and pulled her body as close to his as possible. Releasing his bite on her breast, he let out a deep sigh of relief as he unloaded his first blast; into her Mihra’s womb. He reached up and ran his hands through her hair, pulling her into a passionate kiss. They laid backwards against the moss kissing and petting each other’s hair. Falling asleep to the sounds of the waterfall; kissing and cuddling, with his manhood still inside her. Husband and wife at last, from now and forever bound to another.

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