The House Of Robles Ch. 12


Chapter Twelve

Too Much Alcohol For… Mom?

Frankie Robles stared at the red light, his foot stuck hard to the gas pedal while his other foot threatened to release the brake and send his car flying through the intersection. The twenty-two year-old looked to either side, but there were no cars approaching. It was almost eleven o’clock at night, for crying out loud!

If he hadn’t agreed to work so late at the car detail place, he would have been at Aunt Cessy’s house a long time ago, he knew. The problem was that he couldn’t bring himself to say No when his boss asked him to work late. Not when he still had his wife’s credit card bills hanging over his head like a sharp guillotine with a single unraveling thread keeping it aloft.

The reason he’d worked so late was because an important client had called the car detail shop and convinced the manager to keep the place open longer than usual. Money signs must have been flashing in front of Miguel’s face, because they didn’t shut down at seven like they were supposed to. Instead, the manager convinced most of the crew to hang out with him, while still on the clock, up until the distraught and desperate caller finally showed up.

And show up the client did, at just past eight and with a small fleet of limousines that smelled rank with booze, drugs, sex and vomit. The owner of the limo company promised Miguel a hefty bonus and big tips to all of the workers. The man explained that he needed the handful of limos cleaned up urgently because he got saddled with an unexpected event for the following afternoon. Big money was hanging in the balance.

Due to the priority rush, the gang of detailers, of which Frankie was a part of, geared up and attacked the mob of limos. The moment the oversized cars had come out of the exterior wash, Frankie rolled a commercial vacuum next to the first one. When he got busy sucking up random beads and marijuana seeds, he forgot all about going to his aunt’s house. And now, it was almost eleven!

The light finally switched to green. After taking a deep breath, Frankie tried to reign in his impatience before he made himself an easy target for the first jackass cop that drove by. Aunt Cessy was still going to be home, he reminded himself, although by this time she might be drunk as a skunk. Cessy might be unable to do that little trick she did, where she induced herself into barfing up all the alcohol she had stocked up in her stomach. Frankie’s own stomach churned just by thinking that she’d done that the last time he’d seen her.

What if he was too late? Frankie wondered. What if she had already gone to bed and refused to get up to fool around with him, because she had to go to work early the next morning?

Frankie almost smashed the steering wheel with his fist. Damn it! It had all been so simple. His younger cousin, Diamond, was spending the night at her friend’s house. Aunt Cessy was going to have a few drinks with his mother, read as, they were both going to get liquored up and plastered. His job was to show up, take his mother back home, and very discreetly drive back to his aunt’s house for some late night nookie. Through his mother, Aunt Cessy had even given him a copy of the key to her front door so he could let himself in. Why did everything have to go to crap that night?

Frowning, Frankie knew exactly why. His wife Carmela wanted to purchase everything she saw with her growing collection of plastic, and to reroute all of the bills in his direction. And ever since Frankie had discovered undeniable evidence that she’d been cheating on him, he no longer wanted to speak to his wife. He didn’t even want to see her! Frankie was beginning to hate Carmela for humiliating him in front of his family, for all those times that Frankie’s sisters had warned him about her, and for when he’d snapped back at them and argued that Carmela was a faithful girlfriend, and later, a good wife to him.

The young man made a couple more turns until he found himself on the correct block. Most of the residences had their lights off, Frankie noticed, which was good in a way, as there would be less people watching him park his car. Then his heart sank when he saw that his aunt’s place was just as dark as the rest of the neighbors. Frankie pulled over, got out, and sullenly made his way to the front door. The motion sensor at the doorway gave him enough light to use his aunt’s key and he let himself inside.

Aunt Cessy was asleep, he figured, as he took in the dark living room and hallway to the kitchen. The coffee table in the living room had already been cleared off of beer cans and bottles, and the only light left on was the mellow one leading up the stairs. Quietly, he walked up to the second level to take a peek into his aunt’s bedroom.

Through the soft glow from the hallway, he could make out his aunt’s slumbering form on her bed. She had the covers tossed around carelessly, with one leg thrown over and embracing a body pillow. Best of all, his aunt was nude. Her gaziantep escort pornoları bare back and fat ass were facing him. For a long moment, Frankie simply stared at his aunt’s enticing voluptuousness. As he began to imagine climbing into bed with her, Frankie felt something in his pants starting to stir up.

He couldn’t go into her room smelling like a sewer. Back at the detail place, he’d sunk his knees into barf, phlegm, and who knew what else. There was no doubt in his mind that he had to take a thorough shower first and foremost.

Frankie stepped into the bathroom, clicking on the light and starting the shower before he shucked off his clothes. The water warmed up soon enough. As he went over the various soaps and shampoos, he decided to use the most fragrant of the bunch in order to get rid of whatever stench he’d brought in with his clothes. He knew he was going to smell like a fruit basket when he got out, but if that in any way brought him closer to what lay between Aunt Cessy’s richly tanned thighs, then it would be a hardship he was willing to endure.

What a hot body his aunt had, he remembered. Big, double D breasts, and a size 38 backside, if the figures she’d whispered to him over the phone were accurate. Only one short hallway separated his naked body from his aunt’s deliciously juicy one. His cock stood ready for action, brazen and proud, ready to do his bidding. Perhaps his aunt had considered stepping into the shower with him, Frankie hoped, when the bathroom door clicked open.

“Yeah?” He called out, as he wiped the last of the soap off his body. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Without receiving any reply, the door shut. Frankie had no doubt that this was some sort of ruse to make him finish his shower faster. He turned off the water, snatching a peach colored towel from the rack, before wrapping it around his torso and abandoning his stinky clothes in the bathroom.

When Frankie peered into his aunt’s bedroom, however, he found that she was still sound asleep. She rolled over on her back, allowing him to take in her enormous rack. As if to confirm that she’d never gotten off the bed, his aunt was snoring lightly.

Frankie stood there confused. Who’d opened the door to check on him then?

“Frankie, what do you think you’re doing?”

His mother’s cross voice made him freeze in his tracks. He’d completely forgotten that his mother might still be in the house, as he’d blindly assumed that she might have gotten somebody else to drive her home when he hadn’t shown up. Not wanting to admit that he was checking out his naked aunt, Frankie slowly turned around to face her.

“I thought I heard a noise.” He sheepishly excused himself.

“No, you didn’t.” His mother glared at him.

Even at her stunted height of just under five feet, the forty-five year old woman still managed to look intimidating. Lorena had on a teal blue blouse that fit snug against her waist, but widened out into a looser cut around her full breasts. The upper part of the blouse was wrapped and tied around the neck with a teal cord, leaving the woman’s shoulders bare. Tan, pleated casual shorts and a pair of slip-on shoes made up the rest of her outfit. She was leaning against the doorframe to the guest bedroom with her arms crossed, and the bedroom light behind her illuminated her body clearly.

His mother continued. “I just looked in on your aunt a minute ago, and she was lying there naked for the whole world to see. With her bedroom door wide open on top of that. When I heard the shower turn off, I came back out here so that you could give me a ride home. What do I find but you, Frankie, standing by her door and staring at her like a lecher. What do you have to say for yourself?”

I am so busted, Frankie thought to himself. “I know how it looks, but…”

“And another thing, I cannot believe you slept with my sister.”

“What?” Frankie was shocked. How could she know about that? “No, I never slept with her. I just got here a few minutes ago. I mean, whatever gave you that idea?”

“You think I don’t have ears?” His mother snapped at him. “The last time you were here, I could hear what the two of you were doing downstairs. It was louder than the music that I asked you to turn down. I think half of this neighborhood could hear what you two were doing!”

“No, that was… That was some karaoke that Aunt Cessy was singing. You remember how drunk she was!”

“Frankie, don’t be stupid. She told me about it the next day.” His mother rolled her eyes at him. “Once your aunt gets a little alcohol in her belly, her mouth is like a water faucet that can’t be turned off. Cessy told me everything. You should already know how she is by now.”

Frankie guiltily leaned back against the wall and lowered his head. Here he was, with water drops still clinging to most of his body, a gay peach towel wrapped around his waist, and his mother making like Perry Mason. escort pornoları So much for that romp he’d been looking forward to with his aunt. “I’m sorry. It just happened.”

“You’re not going to leave your aunt on public display like that.” His mother directed him. “I want you to go into her room and cover her up. After that, you can put your clothes back on and drive me home.”

Frankie sighed. “My clothes stink from work, really, really bad. I really don’t want to put them back on because there’s barf and crap all over them.”

His mother thought this over. “Cessy has some extra men’s clothing in the guest bedroom. I’ll go pick some out for you.” She turned and disappeared into the room.

In embarrassment, Frankie went into his aunt’s bedroom. After gazing at her sultry, sexy curves one last time, he pulled the covers all the way up to her neck. After this, he took a convict’s slow stroll through the hallway and into the guest bedroom. It was time to face the music, he knew. He had no doubt that his mother was about to give him an earful of bad news.

Lorena was in the closet, pushing and pulling at the clothes hanging inside. “I don’t see any men’s clothes in here. Cessy must have moved them somewhere else.” The short woman stretched up in an attempt to reach some boxes on the highest shelf. As she stretched her arms, her blouse rode up and exposed her lean waist. “Come and give me a hand with this stuff.”

Frankie stepped forward, unconsciously gazing at his mother’s creamy skin. Her complexion was so much lighter than his aunt’s much darker flesh. Someone outside the family would have had their doubts if they’d been told the two women were sisters. They didn’t even look alike. Cessy had a round, pretty face with thick lips, while his mother had an almond shaped face with piercing eyes and much thinner lips. Of the two, his mother was much more beautiful than his aunt. As Frankie made his approach, he noticed how his mother’s lower waist swelled out and gave a nice shape to her loose shorts.

This was his mother, Frankie thought, as pushed away these thoughts and brushed past her to bring down the first of the boxes. He opened one up and looked inside. “Christmas junk.” He tried the second box. “Halloween junk.” After setting this second box back, he glanced around the rest of the shelving in the closet, but other than some women’s hats and extra blankets, he couldn’t see anything resembling men’s clothing. “I don’t think they’re in here.”

His mother had been gazing at his chest, he noticed, but she snapped to attention once she realized Frankie had turned to face her. “Well, you’ll just have to take your clothes to the washer downstairs, unless you want to go home wearing that towel.”

“Fine.” Frankie grumbled as he ambled out. He didn’t have to go to his second job in the morning anyway. That was why he’d planned to come over and have a few drinks with his aunt in the first place. Now, instead of having fun with Aunt Cessy, he was going to have to sit around and wait for his clothes to get cleaned up, and be under the watchful eyes of his irritated mother the entire time.

Frankie went into the bathroom to scoop up his garments, and quietly made his way down the stairs and through the bottom floor. The washer and dryer were located in the garage. The young man got a good chill from the much cooler air circulating around in there, since he was still moist and wearing only a towel. He did manage to prep and start up the washer before he hurried back inside.

Knowing he was going to have at least an hour before the washer and dryer would be finished, Frankie resigned himself to sitting on the living room couch and watching the sports highlights. He was still browsing for the channel when he heard his mother descending the stairs.

“Frankie, we need to talk about a few things.” Lorena said. Her imperious tone left no question that her son was expected to stop what he was doing, and to follow the irate woman to her appointed place of discussion.

Frankie shut off the TV. As he got up, he noticed his mom waiting for him halfway up the stairs. He figured she was coming down to harangue him, either in the living room or further off in the kitchen, just in case she raised her voice at him. Instead, the short, shapely woman merely turned and started back up the stairs.

Whatever, Frankie thought, climbing up the stairs after her. He trotted up while she walked. After a few steps his eyes were on an even level with his mother’s lean legs and shorts. He even paused, letting her gain some ground on him, so he wouldn’t have to see this end of her too long. Once she’d turned toward the guest bedroom, he resumed his own ascension up the stairs.

His mother went directly into the spare room, crossed her arms, and took a seat on the edge of the bed. Frankie followed, but he stopped just inside the doorway.

“Close the door behind you.” She stated. “And lock it. I escort gaziantep pornoları don’t want anybody coming in here until we’re finished talking.”

“Sure.” Frankie did as he was told. He turned back, but his mother was already looking elsewhere. She didn’t look too happy. He waited at least one full minute before he began getting impatient. “Well, what’s going on?”

“I’m thinking.” His mother replied, still with that stern look on her face. A short while later, she asked, “Why would you think it would be okay for you to sleep with my sister?”

“Look, I’m sorry, but it happened, okay? It’s not like I can take it back.”

His mother glanced at him. “You know that I was wide awake that night. I was about to ask you to drive me back to the house, when I heard what you two were doing in the living room.”

Her embarrassed son had no reply.

“I don’t think it’s fair.” His mother grumbled, looking away from him.

“What’s not fair?” Frankie asked.

“That my sister can sleep with whoever she wants.”

That answer threw Frankie off a little. Wisely, he kept his mouth shut.

“Just like your father.” The woman admitted. “He can sleep around with somebody from his work. I find out about it, but I have to pretend that it didn’t happen and I have to pretend that I’m still happy with him. I have to blind myself and keep doing everything the same way I’ve always done it.”

His mother sounded angry and frustrated. Frankie began to wonder if Aunt Cessy was really the trustworthy confidant to his mother that he’d always thought she was. Why was his mother admitting these things to him instead of her?

“I’ve been a faithful wife to your father for all these years.” Lorena went on, but now she was staring down at the floor and absently swinging her legs. She huffed. “And this is what happens to me. My own sister thinks I should find a random man and sleep with him, to get back at your father for what he did to me. She thinks I should just pick the first man that catches my eye. But I’m not going to go out on the street like a whore, like she does, and ask a stranger to sleep with me. I don’t want people to talk about me the way they talk about her. You know the things they say about your aunt!”

Frankie did know what some people thought about his aunt. Even his dad thought Cessy was a slut. His dad hated when his mother came over to have drinks with her.

“What am I supposed to do, Frankie?” His mother pondered out loud. “Am I supposed to break up my marriage over this? To break up my family and my home? To ruin everything I’ve worked all my life to build?” She paused in thought. “Or am I supposed to turn my head the other way and pretend that my husband didn’t cheat on me? I’m not like other women, Frankie. I’m not going to keep my mouth shut and let your father get away with anything he wants!”

Frankie understood that they were both having the same dilemma in their respective marriages. But while he could keep his anger and disappointment over Carmela bottled up, he realized that his mother needed some way to vent her emotions. This is what she was doing now. “So what are you going to do?”

His mother stared at him, as if she were on the cusp of some important decision. “Come and stand over here.”

Frankie walked to the spot, hoping he wouldn’t be the first person to hear that his parents were about to get divorced. He halted a few feet from his seated mother, only to have her stand up a moment later. She glanced away at first, but slowly, her gaze swung over to take in Frankie’s nude arms and chest. Her head and chin tilted upward, as she only came up to Frankie’s shoulders. It was at this point that Frankie realized that his mother was looking at him in a very weird sort of way.

“You look so much like your father.” The woman compared the two men. “Your face, your form. This was back when we first got married, when everything was perfect between us.”

Frankie couldn’t think of anything to say.

His mother chuckled. “You father was always so serious back then, just like you are now.”

She considered Frankie’s physique again, her eyes roaming down to his chest and abdomen, and to the moist towel wrapped around his waist. When her gaze came back up to meet her son’s, the young man noticed that his mother’s cheeks were becoming flushed. Her normally calculating eyes had softened into something warm and expectant.

As he watched, his mother hands reached up behind her neck. She undid the single length of fabric that held her cute teal blouse up. The blouse sagged a little, and a nice portion of his mother’s cleavage was exposed. Next, the woman brought her hands down to grasp the bottom edge of her blouse. Lorena lifted her blouse up and over her head. Once she’d set the blouse on the bed behind her, she turned back to face him.

Although Frankie had unconsciously known that such a blouse prevented its user from wearing a bra, he hadn’t expected to be staring at his mother’s bare breasts either. They were smooth and rounded, C-cups with large areolas and gumdrop sized nipples. Her breasts were clearly aroused.

“I know how I can get back at your father.” She said, seductively. “And by doing it this way, I’ll be able to keep my reputation intact. I also know that you can keep a secret, because of what you’ve been doing with Amanda…”

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