The House Ch. 03


“I created the sound of madness; wrote the book on pain, somehow I’m still here to explain…” Brent Smith of Shinedown sings in my ear as my cell phone wakes me. I grab the singing cell phone and see that Mom is calling.

“Hello?” I say groggily.

“I’m sorry to wake you, Tim, but have you heard from your cousin?” she asks quickly.

“Yeah, she called me last night and then texted me again for our address,” I tell her.

“Did you know she was planning to come out here?” she asks.

“That’s what she said last night. She told me she’s transferring schools in the spring,” I say, getting out of bed to talk to her privately in the bathroom so I don’t wake Jenny. I don’t bother putting any clothes on; I’m too tired to do that, besides, I’m trying to hold a phone to my ear.

“Well, she’s just taken off from her mom’s house and is holed up with her girlfriend and her brother at the moment,” she says.

“Okay,” I say as if it doesn’t surprise me, which it doesn’t.

“She’s running away from home, Tim,” she adds.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. I always had a bad feeling about Dan, but what could I have done about it? They’d moved during our junior year of high school so it’s not like I could protect her like I could if they’d stayed in California. But, she texts me often and occasionally calls me to catch up every so often.

“Why don’t you sound concerned?” Mom asks me suspiciously.

“Because, no offense, Mom, I know Courtney better than anybody and she wouldn’t do something like this without a good reason,” I tell her.

Mom is silent for a moment before responding. “So, why would she take off from home like this?”

“Mom, before I answer that, can you tell me your fully honest opinion of Dan?” I challenge her.

She sighs. “He’s an asshole,” she admits. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said it like that,” she corrects herself.

“No, Mom, that pretty much sums it up. But, after I tell you what I’ve heard from Courtney about him and Aunt Andrea, you’ll understand why she’s doing what she’s doing,” I set up my story of what Courtney’s told me over the past couple years.

“Okay, go ahead, don’t hold anything back,” she says, a hint of anger in her voice that scares me a little.

“Well, from what Courtney told me, the real reason they sent her to that Catholic school was because Dan used to try and seduce her all the time. She was able to keep him off of her for a while, but the one time she wasn’t able to fight back as successfully, Aunt Andrea walked in on them. Courtney was relieved, thinking that her mom would rescue her, but instead, she accused Courtney of seducing Dan. The next thing she knows, they’re shipping her off to that Catholic school. She hated it at first, but then she met Becca, and they hit it off,” I say and then Mom interrupts.

“Which is about when she came out of the closet,” she says.

“Actually, she did that about six months after she and Becca started seeing each other, but yeah. Anyway, because of what Dan did to her, she told me she’s done with men and when she met Becca, Mom, she sounded so happy, I couldn’t help but be happy for her,” I tell her.

Mom sighs. “I guess I can’t disagree with you there,” she says. “Your sister seems so happy with Melody.”

“She is, Mom,” I tell her but leave out the fact that I join them from time to time and actually just fucked Tina yesterday.

“So, you think things just came to a point that Courtney couldn’t bear to live there anymore?”

“It’s the only thing that makes sense, Mom,” I tell her. “She wouldn’t leave unless there was a really good reason. She wasn’t making enough money to help pay rent with Becca at her place, so she couldn’t move out, but if she was able to save up a little for a flight out here, then things were pretty bad. I mean, Pendik Escort Dan’s an alcoholic and I think he’s made Aunt Andrea one, too,” I tell her, though I’m scared she’d defend her sister.

“You’re probably right, she sounded drunk on the phone last night,” she confesses.

“I’m sorry, Mom.”

“No, it’s okay, Tim; I had a feeling something was wrong and I knew if I could get the truth from anyone it would be you. I know how close you and your cousin are.”

“I’m still sorry that Aunt Andrea has become the way she is,” I tell her. “She used to be cool. Now Aunt Dana is more of a real aunt to me than Aunt Andrea.”

“Well, Dana would definitely appreciate hearing that,” she chuckles.

“How are you guys doing? We haven’t come to see you in a while. Maybe we should when Courtney gets here.”

“Yes, but only when she’s ready. Take care of your cousin and make sure she’s okay before bringing her by. I need you to assure her we love her and want what’s best for her no matter what that is,” she urges me.

“Of course, Mom. We’ll take care of her,” I promise and just then the bathroom door opens and Melody enters, stark naked. She looks me up and down and then raises her eyebrows at me and cocks her head to the side. “I gotta go, Mom, I’ll let you know when Courtney gets here,” I say.

“Okay, I love you!”

“Love you, too, Mom,” I say and then hang up my cell and set in on the counter in time for Melody to drop down to her knees and take hold of my cock.

“Good morning,” she says.

“Good morning, beautiful,” I say and then sigh as she swallows my half-hard cock into her mouth.

She has me hard in no time and bobs her head up and down on my cock. I haven’t fucked Melody in a while; she and Tina have been so exclusive lately. I’m not complaining, I’m head over heels in love with Jenny and our sex-life is still pretty amazing. But, it’s been a while since the four of us have played together. I almost forgot how good she really is at this. She sucks as she pulls back on my cock, while breathing in through her nose as she takes me back into her mouth again. But, as quickly as she starts, she stops and faces her back to me, leaning on the counter. She was only sucking me off to get me hard enough to fuck her. Sometimes I love how straightforward and to the point she is.

“Make it quick, stud,” she says, using her favorite nickname for me. It used to only mean that I was a good-looking guy with a great body, but shortly after we were all living here together, she’d said I was like a stallion set to mate with all the mares in the herd.

I’m not one to argue with Melody, though we’ve had moments we fought over Tina’s attention, so I drag the tip of my cock along her tight, hairless slit to gather some of her juices onto my cock before sliding it deep inside. She sighs as if my cock is exactly what she needs this morning.

“Sometimes the real thing is so much better than a dildo,” she says, leaning back against me briefly to kiss me, which she doesn’t do very often, which makes this situation even weirder. I don’t complain, though.

She leans on the counter again and I begin to pump in and out of her pussy, holding her by the hips. I even reach up and grab her red, curly locks and pull back on her hair. She laughs lustily as I fuck her roughly from behind, my pelvis slapping hard against her cute little ass as I slam into her tight, lesbian cunt. I let go of her hair and hold onto both of her hips as I hammer away at her sex, soaking in the heat and moisture of her pussy. Just then Jenny walks in on us. We stop and look at her but she smiles as she walks past us to the toilet to pee.

“Don’t stop on my account,” she giggles and then begins to urinate.

I return to banging Melody’s cunt quickly. She gasps Kurtköy Escort “yes” over and over again as I ram into her. I feel my balls tighten as my orgasm approaches, and then suddenly her cunt grips my cock so tight, I’m surprised I can still slide it up and down her fuck hole at all. But it triggers my cock to blast her insides with my hot, stick spunk. We shudder together; I hold her up so she doesn’t collapse as I sense her legs begin to give out on her.

“Thanks, stud,” she says and then kisses me again before heading back into the hall and into her room. I hear their shower turn on and that’s when I remember that she and Tina have their own bathroom; she’d really just come in here for a quickie. Fuck, I love living here.

“So, that looked fun,” Jenny says after wiping herself and then flushing the toilet.

“Yeah, I’ve got it rough, don’t I?” I joke as she steps up to me in just her oversized T-shirt, or my T-shirt I should say, and her cute little pink cotton panties.

“It must be hard living here,” she says with innuendo.

“It usually is,” I agree.

Her hazel eyes drop down to my cock which is at half-mast after my quickie with Melody. “Think I can get it hard again?”

“For you, I don’t think it’ll be a problem,” I tell her and then pull her against me for a deep kiss.

I reach down and grab her beautiful ass, squeeze her cheeks and then lift her off of her feet. She helps by jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist. I turn and set her on the counter and continue to make out with her as I slip my hands up into her T-shirt. Her skin is hot to the touch as I fondle her full breasts; god I love those tits. She pulls on the hem of the shirt and then quickly lifts it up over her head, breaking our kiss to do so. As soon as the plain, gray shirt is tossed away I dive in and suck on her amazing tits, switching from one to the other and back again. I fondle, squeeze and pretty much maul whichever one I’m not sucking, licking and nibbling. After a good couple minutes of giving her tits attention, I begin to kiss down the rest of her body until I reach her tiny little panties.

Hooking my fingers around the thin strips of material curving around her hips, I pull them towards me; she raises her hips off the counter, pushing herself up with her hands, to allow me to remove them from her body. I discard them to the floor and spread her legs wide, but before I can do anything, she grabs my face and pulls me back up to hers. She places a gentle kiss on my lips and then pulls away so she can look me in the eye.

“Not in here,” she says softly and the look on her face tells me she wants to take it slow and not where I just had a quickie with Melody.

I smile at her and then lift her off the counter. Her legs curl around my right arm as I support her back with my left; she wraps her arms around my neck and I carry her beautiful, naked form back to our room. As we enter the hall, Tina steps out of her room in a flurry.

“Tina,” I say as she storms by.

She stops and turns towards us looking flustered.

“What’s wrong?” Jenny asks.

“Ask your boyfriend,” she says and storms off, completely killing our mood.

I set Jenny down and race after her. I’m completely aware that I’m naked still, but I don’t have time to put clothes on before she reaches the door.

“Tina,” I say, grabbing her hand, which she wrenches away angrily.

“Fuck you, Tim!” she shouts at me and I stumble back a step.

“Tina, what’s going on?”

“What’s our one rule, Tim?” she demands.

I shake my head confused. “Communication?”

“Yes! So, why would you fuck my girlfriend without communicating that to me?”

I raise my hands in defense. “Tina, I was on the phone with Mom when Melody came into the bathroom, Maltepe Escort eyeing my cock. I had to hang up with Mom before I gave away that I was getting blown. I didn’t seek her out,” I explain.

Tina’s arms are crossed in front of her with her hip jutted out to the side. She bites one of her fingernails as she avoids my gaze. I step up and reach for her. With a single finger hooked, I gently lift her head by her chin and direct her to look me in the eye.

“Tina, you know I love you and would never cross any line. I shouldn’t have assumed she said anything to you about wanting to fuck me this morning; and maybe she was planning to but you were still sleeping,” I suggest.

Tina sighs. “You’re right. I’m just upset with her right now; it’s our anniversary and she hasn’t said a word,” she explains.

I hug her, painfully aware of my cock pressing against her yoga pants. It begins to stiffen as I hold her against me.

“I’m sorry, sis, but I’m sure she has something special planned for you. Melody has a great memory; she’s probably just trying to surprise you by acting like there’s nothing special about today,” I reason with her.

She sighs heavily as she hugs me back. “You’re probably right. I don’t know why I got so emotional.”

I pull back and look at her. “It’s not that time…?” I trail off.

Tina laughs. “No, I just feel like there’s something wrong or something really bad is about to happen or already has and nobody’s told me.”

“I told you about Courtney coming tomorrow, right?” I ask her.

She shakes her head. “NO! Why would you keep that from me?”

I think back to last night and it all comes rushing back. “Well, you and Melody were, uh, preoccupied and then Jenny began to suck me off while I was on the phone with Courtney. She called while we were sleeping in your bed after your little surprise for me yesterday.”

“Oh, I guess after your night with Jenny last night, I can’t hold it against you,” she giggles softly. We did have a good fuck last night; I won’t deny that.

“So, maybe that’s what’s going on. I know things aren’t great with Courtney right now. Mom called saying she took off last night. I’m sure Dan did something to make her want to leave, and since she was already packed for her trip, she probably just took off and stayed with her girlfriend last night,” I tell her.

She sighs again. “I hope she’s okay. Maybe I’ll give her a call and check up on her.”

“I think she’ll like that,” I agree.

“Thanks, Tim. You always know how to calm me down,” she says and then kisses me sweetly on the lips. “Now, get back to your girlfriend. I’m sorry for interrupting you guys.”

I shrug. “Don’t worry about it,” I tell her. “Why don’t you go talk to Melody before it creates a bigger problem?” I suggest.

She looks at her phone to check the time. “Yeah, I still have an hour and a half before my first class.”

“What time is it?” I ask her.

“Nine-thirty,” she replies. “Why, when is your first class?”

“An hour ago. Fuck,” I chuckle. “Oh well, it was just Psych, attendance isn’t important in that one. As long as I pass the final I’m fine.”

Tina rolls her eyes and shakes her head as she heads back towards her room. I follow, staring at my sister’s beautiful ass inside her tight black yoga pants. With a smirk, I slap her ass before she enters her room, shocking a small scream out of her. She turns back towards me wide-eyed and blushing.

“You’re a brat,” she says and I shrug as I enter my room to find Jenny getting dressed.

“What’s going on?” I ask her.

“My lab partner reminded me I’m supposed to be helping her finish our report before class at noon and we still have some more data to collect from the lab. Sorry, baby,” she says, kissing me on her way out. “I’ll make it up to you later, okay? I promise,” she says, giving my cock a squeeze before rushing out of our room and then out of the house.

“Well, shit,” I say and then decide to take a shower and head to school so I don’t miss my class after lunch.

To Be Continued…

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