The Hotwife , Her Bull – Pt. 12


This is the story of poor Carol Hendrick, a normal, healthy young woman with normal, healthy desires. Unfortunately, she followed the advice of her conservative parents and married Alan, who has a low sex drive and is unable to satisfy her. But Alan is aroused by the idea of his wife having sex with other men, so he suggests she become a Hotwife and start a relationship with a man who can serve as her Bull. In Chapter 12, Carol, Bill and Rachel have a threesome.


Carol arrived at my house before Rachel. We were both nervous. I think Carol was more nervous than me, but not by much. Having a threesome was my idea, and I’d feel terrible if either woman had a bad time. I’d only had one threesome previously, and it hadn’t gone very well because we were all drunk. Rachel was the most experienced in the threesome department, and she was so open and friendly I felt sure she’d put me and Carol at ease.

“I don’t think this is a good time for me to put on my sexy maid outfit,” Carol said as I took her coat. “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do in this situation.”

“Don’t feel you have to do anything,” I said. “Just wait until you meet Rachel. I’m sure you’ll like her. She’s a wonderful person in a lot of ways.”

“Have you spent a lot of time with her?” Carol asked.

I paused. Yes, I had spent a lot of time with Rachel, and a lot of that time was spent in bed. But that seemed like a tasteless topic to share. I didn’t want Carol to think I liked Rachel more. The truth is, Rachel was a good friend and lover, but Carol was a central figure in my life.

Carol realized why I was so quiet. “Don’t worry, Bill. I know you see other girls. I’m a married woman. It would be crazy for me to expect I could have you for myself.”

“I am completely devoted to you, Carol,” I said. “I think about you all the time. My feeling is that it’s possible to be intimate with more than one person and still feel committed. I’m completely committed to you.”

“I know. And I appreciate you setting this up for me. I just wish I wasn’t so nervous,” Carol said.

Rachel knocked on the door.

“You must be Carol,” Rachel said. “Bill said such positive things about you that I wanted to meet you for myself. I’m sure you know that Bill is crazy about you.”

“I’m figuring that out,” Carol said. “I wish my situation wasn’t so complicated.”

“Life is complicated,” Rachel said. “I try not to worry about it.”

I offered to make the women cocktails. Carol accepted, although Rachel elected to use her vape pen. But I made myself a soft drink. Considering what happened the last time I had a threesome, I wanted to be sober this time. It was good to see that the cocktail helped Carol relax.

Rachel decided she wanted to sit next to Carol. “I don’t know how you feel about women, but I am very attracted to some girls. I feel very attracted to you. You’re a sexy woman, Carol.”

“Th-th-anks,” Carol said.

“It’s understandable that you feel nervous,” Rachel said. “I was nervous the first time I had a threesome. But it was wonderful. The couple I was with knew I had never done it before, and they decided that they’d make our first threesome all about me. They did everything they could to make me feel good. I think Bill and I should do that for you. Tonight should be all about you, Carol. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine.”

Rachel ran one hand through Carol’s hair, then leaned in and gave her a soft kiss. Carol seemed almost paralyzed. But Rachel kissed her again, and again, and each kiss was more passionate than the last. It wasn’t long before the two women were making out like lovers who’d known each other for a long time.

“Why don’t you come over here and sit next to Carol,” Rachel said. I sat down, and with Carol between us Rachel and I both concentrated on making her feel good. I began to caress Carol’s breasts as Rachel stroked the inside of one of her legs. Carol began to moan when Rachel reached up her skirt. She didn’t reach high enough to touch her between her legs, but the touch was so erotic it forced Carol to think about what was about to happen.

I unbuttoned Carol’s blouse, then leaned in to kiss her myself. One thing I remember from my first threesome was how stimulating it was to make out with two women at the same time. Their kisses taste different. They smell different. Their touch is different. I felt Carol’s hand reach between my legs and rubbing up and down my cock. She was trembling.

I took Carol’s other hand and pressed it against Rachel’s breast. As I expected, Rachel wasn’t wearing a bra. Rachel is a very well-endowed woman, but she wouldn’t wear underwear unless the situation absolutely demanded it. She’d wear sports bras when she ran marathons or took aerobic classes, but that was about it. I could tell that Carol loved how it felt to caress another woman’s breast. She ran her fingers over Rachel’s nipple, then felt the other one.

We continued to make out for several minutes. gaziantep lezbiyen escort Rachel took Carol’s hand and put it up her skirt. “See what you did to me? You made me all wet,” Rachel whispered. Carol began stroking Rachel’s pussy in a way she liked when she was being touched herself. Rachel leaned back on the couch and moaned.

“I think it’s time to take this to the bedroom,” I said.

As soon as Carol walked into the room, Rachel finished unbuttoning her blouse. She looked into Carol’s eyes as she undid one button after another. With Rachel standing in front of Carol, I got behind her, and as soon as the blouse was undone I eased it off Carol’s shoulders and down her arms. Then I unhooked Carol’s bra, and Rachel pulled it off. With Carol’s breasts exposed, Rachel began kissing Carol’s left breast while I reached around and caressed the other. Carol started breathing deeply again.

I unzipped Carol’s skirt, eased it past her hips, and down to her ankles. I lowered her panties next, and had her step out of her clothes. Rachel and I were still fully dressed, but Carol was completely naked. She liked that when she was naked and I was clothed, so it made sense that she liked it twice and much with Rachel there.

Rachel turned around. “Unzip me,” she said. After Carol unzipped her dress, Rachel shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall to her ankles. She wore nothing underneath the dress, so now both women were naked. Rachel took Carol in her arms and drew her close, pressing their flesh together from their lips to their knees. I removed my own clothes, then took Carol’s hand and led her to the bed.

We put Carol on her back between us, with me on the right and Rachel on the left. I gave Carol a passionate kiss and cupped her breast firmly. Rachel kissed Carol’s neck and shoulder, then began kissing, nibbling and sucking her other breast. Carol’s nipples were firmer than I’d ever seen before. She gasped when Rachel sucked the nipple between her lips.

I moved my hand lower, sliding down across Carol’s belly and reaching slowly for her pussy. I stopped kissing her lips and started on her breast, letting Rachel give Carol the deep soulful kisses she liked so much. Carol was so aroused that she arched her back. When Rachel broke the kiss, Carol moaned.

I was glad it was going so well. I’d hoped Carol would like having a threesome, and I’d hoped she’d like Rachel, but there was no way to be sure those things would develop. Seeing it happen was a great relief. I’d developed such strong feelings for Carol that I wanted everything to be perfect for her. Always.

Carol spread her legs for us. I felt Rachel reach down to pull the legs open wider and to caress the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. My hand rested on top of Carol’s pubic mound, and I went to cup her pussy lips. I moved so slowly that Carol got impatient, humping her hips upward to try to get my hand there faster. But I wouldn’t grant her wish, continuing to move my hand so gradually that Carol started to groan in frustration.

In the time we’d known each other, I’d spent a lot of time teasing Carol. It always drove her to higher levels of arousal. But I felt this was not the right time to tease her too much. She was already so aroused she seemed to be going a little crazy. I finally pressed my hand firmly against her vulva, squeezing her lips together until I felt wetness on my fingers.

She was squirming so much beneath my touch that it took an effort to keep my hand where it belonged. Soon I was running one finger up and down the length of her slit, and Carol started to moan even louder.

I felt Rachel’s hand on top of mine. She slipped one finger inside Carol, then added another and moved in and out. Seeing two sexy women pleasuring each other made my cock so hard that the head turned a shade of pale purple. That’s when I felt Carol wrap one hand around my cock and start to stroke it.

I was so excited I worried that I might climax two soon. There were two sexy women in bed with me. I needed to satisfy them both. It was important that I pace myself so I could last long enough to give Carol and Rachel enough of the cock action I knew they would want.

Rachel raised up on one elbow and pulled her hand away from Carol’s pussy. Carol let out a sigh that made it clear she missed Rachel’s fingers moving inside her. “Lay on your back,” Rachel told me. She gently guided Carol until she was straddling my body. Rachel took my cock in her hand and directed it to Carol’s pussy. Carol moved down until I was deep inside her.

Carol was so aroused she struggled to focus on riding my cock. She managed to grind her clit against my body, and move up and down at a slow, steady pace. I forgot about Rachel for a while as I enjoyed the beautiful sight of Carol on top of me.

Then, out of the corner of one eye, I saw that Rachel had been busy.

She was wearing a strap-on dildo that was shaped like a very slender escort gaziantep lezbiyen cock. It was as long as my cock, but much thinner, and when I saw it I knew immediately what Rachel wanted to do. She applied lube to the strap-on, got on her knees behind Carol, and gently pushed her down until she was pressed against my chest. When Carol felt the head of the dildo pressing against her anus, she got a panicked look on her face.

“Just relax, baby,” Rachel said. “It will be fine if you just relax.”

Judging by her shocked and frightened expression, Carol wasn’t able to relax right then. Rachel moved forward and back slowly and gently, pressing the head of the rubber cock against her little butthole without trying to go inside. She did this over, and over, and over, and finally Carol managed to relax a bit. Rachel pressed the head of dildo into Carol’s ass, and the reaction was immediate.

“Yah! Yah! That hurts!” Carol said.

“Shush. I know it hurts a little, baby,” Rachel said. “It will stop hurting in a minute. It will feel wonderful in a minute.”

Carol squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth. I could feel the dildo moving inside her. I could tell Rachel was pressing inside deeper and deeper. I was afraid Carol was about to start crying. Although Carol loved it when I fucked her up the ass, double penetration was different. Having a cock in her pussy and a dildo in her ass made things awfully crowded down there. She was tight when I invaded just one hole; I can’t imagine how it felt when Rachel invaded a second one.

As Rachel pressed deeper and deeper in Carol’s backside, we fell into a rhythm where I’d pull out when Rachel pressed in, then she’d pull out when I pressed in. It was almost like we were tossing Carol back and forth. I kissed Carol’s cheek and hoped for the best. If things didn’t improve soon, I was going to put a stop to this.

But then I felt Carol relax more, and everything got more comfortable. Her pussy was still very tight, but I was able to move more freely. Rachel got deeper and deeper, and finally it seemed that her skinny little dildo was all the way up Carol’s ass.

Carol began crying out. It sounded like a mixture of extreme pleasure with a small amount of pain. I’m sure it hurt more than when I fucked her ass, but she finally seemed to be enjoying herself. She hadn’t expected Rachel to do this. Neither had I. But it was a success. I wanted Carol to experience a threesome because I wanted to keep exposing her to new, satisfying pleasures. It seemed that double penetration was something particularly new and satisfying.

When Carol climaxed, she let out a scream so loud people probably heard it outside the building. She screamed again, and again, and she shook as every muscle in her body spasmed over and over and over. Her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard I had to stop moving for a while. I imagine her ass probably did the same thing to Rachel’s strap-on. I just held on and waited. It took some time for the waves of sensation to stop flowing from her pussy to the rest of her body. She slumped down, lying motionless on my chest.

We didn’t move for a long time. My cock felt so excited that I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to cum, but I tried to make myself relax. At length I felt Rachel pull the dildo out, and then I removed my cock. I gently rolled Carol off my body and laid her down on her back. She was limp.

Rachel removed her strap-on while I laid on my back and calmed down. “Is there any of that left for me?” she asked, pointing to my cock.

“I think I can give you what you want,” I said.

“Let’s get to it, Bill,” Rachel said. “With all the excitement, I’m ready for whatever you can do.” My cock had calmed down by the time I climbed over Carol’s body and laid down on top of Rachel.

“It’s been a pretty good day so far,” she said with a grin.

I put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and shoved the head inside. She made a little gasping sound. After all that had happened, Rachel didn’t need any more foreplay. She was wet and ready. What she wanted was some nice hard cock, and that’s what I intended to give her.

“Oooooooh . . .” she said as I pushed my cock all the way inside her. There was no point in dragging it out by giving her my cock one tiny bit at a time. She gave me a wonderful warm smile.

“I think I’m going to call your cock Old Faithful,” she said. “It is so reliable.”

We made love slowly, gently, and lovingly. It wasn’t easy being so patient. Carol had given my cock such a nice workout that it would have been easy for me to just pound into Rachel until I climaxed. But my male ego would not allow me to cum before Rachel.

Fortunately, Rachel was so excited that it didn’t take much to give her a nice, strong orgasm. She’d worked so hard on Carol that Rachel was covered with a light sheen of perspiration. She looked like a very sexual creature as we got into the rhythm of lovemaking, with gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar her lifting her hips to meet my body every time I pressed down. She made a lot of sexy little sounds that got louder and louder as we continued. Soon she was ready to climax.

“Yesssss . . . !” she said as her orgasm took hold. I felt her pussy throbbing, and it made me want to cum myself.

But that didn’t happen. Carol had rolled over on her side and was running her hand up and down my back. Rachel turned to give Carol a hot kiss. Carol was excited again. I could see it in her eyes. She was ready for more.

I withdrew from Rachel after her orgasm subsided, then pushed Carol on to her back. I got between her legs and slipped my cock inside her. I was wet from being inside Rachel, and Carol was still wet from earlier, so it was easy to slide all the way in.

“Aaaaaah . . .” she said softly as she felt my cock move inside her. I was so excited that I knew I couldn’t possibly last long enough to make Carol climax again. But I knew she enjoyed the sensation of my cock filling her with warm wetness, so that would have to be enough.

She looked at me with bright, happy eyes, then put one hand on the back of my head. “You take such good care of me,” she whispered.

Rachel slowly roused herself, then rolled over and planted a hot kiss on Carol’s lips. I’d been nervous about having this threesome. I wasn’t confident that all three of us would have a satisfying experience. It was obvious that my fears were not justified. Both women had enjoyed each other, and both enjoyed me. I’d had a better time than I’d imagined possible. It was nice that Rachel volunteered to help give Carol her first threesome. She was a perfect choice.

I finally had to cum. My cock had done a lot of work that day, and it was ready to get some relief. I wrapped Carol in my arms, pounded into her body several times, then went stiff as I felt my cock begin to cum over and over inside her. It felt like I exploded, filling Carol’s pussy. I hadn’t had any sex for two days before Carol’s threesome, so my balls were full when we began.

As all that cum flooded into Carol, she made a contented little noise, and soon she climaxed herself. It was a very small little orgasm, nothing like the powerful climax she’d gotten from the double penetration, but I was impressed that she was able to cum at all. I was just thrilled. I’d done a great job giving Carol the best threesome possible. At that moment, everything felt perfect to me.

I rolled over on my back, with Carol on my right and Rachel on my left. Both women snuggled up to me, and in a few minutes I fell asleep. I don’t know if either of the women slept, but they were both next to me in bed when I woke.

To my great surprise, I woke up with an erection. Don’t ask me how that happened; I couldn’t believe my cock was ready for more. Rachel noticed first, and she began running her hand lightly from the base of my cock to the tip. “Carol. Look,” she said. Carol’s hand joined Rachel’s, and soon I was enjoying a particularly exciting handjob.

“Today is supposed to be all about Carol,” Rachel said. “Give her your cock.”

That sounded like a good idea. I got on top of Carol and pushed the tip of my cock inside her pussy. We were all a wet, exhausted mess, but it felt good anyway. She was smiling happily as I eased my cock deeper, inching a tiny amount forward each time before withdrawing and started again.

“Your cock feels so good inside me. So good,” Carol said.

I wasn’t paying any attention to Rachel, so I was surprised when I felt her getting behind me. I turned to look at her, and was alarmed when I saw she was wearing her strap-on again. She’d changed the dildo, and was wearing the same one she’d used to peg my ass during our camping trip.

“Don’t worry about a thing, Bill. I’ve got this,” she said, applying lube to the dildo. Carol looked at my face and laughed. “Relax, baby. It will feel fine if you can just relax.” Her voice sounded exactly the way Rachel sounded when she said those same calming words to Carol.

I should have known this would happen. Carol wasn’t the only one getting a new experience that day. Although Rachel had pegged me during our camping trip, she hadn’t done it while I was balls deep in pussy. I had a feeling that was going to feel completely different.

It did. Rachel slipped the dildo up my ass. She rubbed the head against my prostate gland, sending waves of pleasure through me. It was so intense it ached. Carol pulled my head into her shoulder.

“You’ve got two women making you feel good,” she said. “Two women. Most men are lucky to get one.”

My control wasn’t great after that. I tried to keep moving slowly in and out of Carol, but every time I tried to back away it forced the dildo a little farther up my ass. It seemed like too much stimulation.

I lost track of time. It felt like it went on, and on, but it couldn’t have been long before I climaxed again. I felt my cock throbbing painfully at the same time the muscles in my ass were clenching the dildo. Rachel let out a sexy little laugh. “Let it out, Bill. Let it all out.”

It was official. Of all the orgasms I’ve had in my life, that was the strongest. It felt like I’d pulled a muscle. I think I almost did. “My God, Bill. You filled me full of cum AGAIN!” Carol said. “Where do you get it all!?”

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