The Holy Season

Big Tits

Disclaimer, I don’t actually know very much about how chapels and convents work. Please enjoy!


Father Eric was enjoying a wonderful Lenten season thus far. The morning and nightly prayers were always followed by a lusty fucking from a nun or two, finishing him for a carefree slumber or morning walk. After his noon meal, a young nun would come in and crawl under the table to suck him into her mouth right where he sat. And every Sunday mass, the good father would have his favorite two girls come in and drain his heavy old balls so he wouldn’t have to resort to relieving himself under his robe where he sat.

This would sometimes be a problem as the priest would be expected to stand and address the congregation, sometimes during a shattering climax. The congregation would watch as the priest shivered and stuttered through a couple of sentences, squirting his cum out onto the inside of his robes.

The last straw had been when a noblewoman’s neckline had been low enough to expose her areolas to the holy man, causing him to have to rub himself under his robes. Her perfectly round breasts were tightly encased by her fabric, allowing the priest to see her nipples harden under his gaze. Raising his eyes, he saw that the woman held his gaze with her eyebrows furrowed in question of the priest’s lust.

The priest simply lowered his gaze again and gripped his cock even tighter as he stroked and twisted his meat to a jittery Ümraniye Escort nut. As his seed spurted out, the man of god continued to grip and twist the length of his cock, greedily milking himself to draw out of the surges of pleasure.

If the woman had any idea of the pleasure Father Eric was feeling, she didn’t let on. He had some idea that the men of the congregation knew as some of them lowered their eyes to his crotch covered by robes, their attention only serving to heighten his orgasm. After that mass, Father Eric had demanded that he be serviced before every mass.

To emphasize his point, Father Eric directed every nun to line up next to each other facing the office chair in his private rooms. He told a busty young nun to kneel before him as he removed himself from his clothes. The nun needed no more instruction as he disappeared into her wet young mouth with an audible slurp. He bade another young nun to come kneel down next to her sister.

“You’re going to wet my balls,” he informed her right before taking her head in his hand and pushing her face closer to his swollen and sweaty ball-sack. “I have some cum churning for you in my blue balls, little nun.”

The nun’s timid little tongue peeked out and touched his ball sack, and Father Eric was in heaven. He groaned low as she swabbed his hot balls with her saliva. The first nun bobbed up and down on his cock, never slowing in her service on his İstanbul Escort shaft. In fact, she added a hand to rub the length, while she focused her sucking mouth on his sensitive cockhead.

Nun number two was now jigging each ball with her tongue before licking them clean one after the other.

“Fffuuuck yeeesss, girl, that is the perfect way to get my blue balls to shoot. Now, it’s time to join your sister on my shaft.” And with that, he pulled nun two off of his balls and planted her face next to that of her sister. Both girls were now staring at his fully hardened cock, by now dripping with their spit and his precum. He smiled down at them with glee, for his throbbing dick would finally get the worship it deserved.

He pulled each girl closer to either side of his shaft until they each took the hint and opened their mouths to place their wet little tongues on his shaft. They then proceeded to drag their tongues up and down the length of him while breathing hot on his dick. He held one girl down while letting the other make her way up to his cockhead, holding her there until she planted her lips around his tip.

“Suck on that head, girl, and let your sister lick my veiny dick shaft.” So the other nun started to lick him on the side again, also on the sensitive underside of his cock. They stayed there for some time before he told them to switch positions, which they did seamlessly, without any interruption Anadolu Yakası Escort in the contact with his dick. He told them to switch again and again, until they knew to switch after every ten seconds or so.

“Yes, help your sister suck me right there, suck me just like that. Help your sister, your little sister-wife. You’re all my little sister-wives, here to help me empty this cock.” The girls continued to suck and lick, suck and lick alternating their time on his cockhead and on his thick, veiny shaft.

Soon, it was too much, even for the seasoned priest who’s cock had experienced many long years of pleasuring. Eric’s body tensed up and his swollen balls drew tight to his cock before unloading. The priest let out a deep groan as his drool-coated dick began spitting out glob after glob of thick white cream onto the nun’s lips, their habits, their dresses, anywhere the twitching cock was pointed with each spurt of cum.

His climax shook his body as his cock spasmed so strongly, it began to look like an accordion with its skin drawing up and down its length. Finally, the fountain of cum slowed to a trickle as Eric’s cock fell and the last cumshots sputtered onto the floor with a softpat, pat, pat.

Breathing deeply, he bade the nun’s to lick him clean and suck the last drops of cum out of his dick while he was still sensitive to their tongues. He dismissed the rest of the nun’s with a wave of his hand, all the while jerking with the last hints of cum-pleasure.

Spent, he then padded over to his bed and collapsed onto the mattress while the two nuns retrieved cloths to clean his cum from the floor. Eric was certain that his nuns would see him properly drained from now on.

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