The Hero


Ally sat at her desk feeling horrible. She came out of the meeting with her boss having not only failed at getting the promotion, but also received an insulting raise. Tina saw her looking glum and knew right away what had happened.

“Don’t let it get you down.” Tina said. “You know you’re going to quit soon anyway, why worry about it?”

“Because I deserve better than this. And I know I’m going to start my new job and the same damn thing will happen there.” Ally responded.

“So you’re definitely taking the new job now, right?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know anymore. Why can’t life be easier? Why can’t it be like in the movies where everything works out the way it is meant to?” Ally knew she was acting like a little kid, but she didn’t care.

“What kind of movie do you want it to be?” Tina asked.

“A hard-core porno!” Ally said and they both laughed.

“And let me guess who your co-star would be.” Tina said as she looked up. Ally followed her gaze and they both landed on Mark. He was across the way staring some paperwork. They watched him as he read quietly to himself.

Mark was the object of Ally’s lust but she was too shy to talk to him. Mark’s a really nice guy that everyone likes and for some reason he is single. Tina always tried to get Ally to approach him, but Ally always came up with an excuse not to.

“I don’t think he would do a porno with me” Ally said. “He is more the action-adventure type. A stalwart hero looking for a damsel in distress.”

“Well you’re a damsel and you’re certainly distressed” Tina nudged her. “Go talk to him, he always makes you laugh”

“He makes me laugh when you talk to him, I can never think of anything to say. Besides, I’m sick of being the damsel. I want to be the hero! No, even better, I want to be the villain! Yeah, I want to terrorize the city and make the men of this town suffer for not going out with me, for going out with the other girl and for not realizing that I can be hot too!” Ally snickered.

“Now you’re talking” Tina laughed at her friend.

Ally took in a deep breath and settled into depression again. “But it will never happen. Who am I kidding? I suck.”

Tina looked at her friend and wanted to help. A thought crossed her mind. “Come over to my place tonight. We’ll have margaritas and get drunk and feel better. Maybe I can even think of some way to cheer you up”. Tina glanced over at Mark. She noticed he had been checking them out then he quickly looked away.

Tina’s devilish smile grew.

Later that night, Ally arrived at Tina’s house. Tina met her at the door and grabbed her inside.

“I have the greatest surprise for you, you are NEVER going to believe this. I am the best friend you have ever had!” Tina giggled.

“What? What did you do?” Ally grew a little happier.

“Okay, you have to trust me like you’ve never trusted anyone before. Do not question me, just do as I say. Drink this” Tina said as she handed Ally a Margarita.

“Okay” Ally said a little apprehensively.

The two girls drank to the point of feeling no pain and as many times as Ally asked what the surprise was, Tina refused to tell her. Tina also kept checking the clock. At about 8:15PM Tina jumped up and handed a bag to Ally.

“Here, this is your costume. Go put it on and do it fast we’re almost out of time. You said you wanted to be a Super-Villain, Ataşehir Escort well this is your chance. My surprise to you is that I am going to give you the chance to get back at all the men who ignored you and show them what a hot seductress you are.” Tina said to her friend in all seriousness.

She pulled out a video camera. “We, you and I, are going to put you in the movies. Your role is that of a hot Catwoman-like villain. The hero has been ignoring you for the longest time and now it’s time to get back at him.

Ally sat there dumbfounded. Then she burst out laughing. “What the hell are you talking about?” Ally looked at the skin-tight black outfit with a little mask and then looked back at Tina. Tina pulled her clothes off and underneath she was wearing a pink spandex outfit. She put her mask on and pushed Ally into the bathroom.

“Go on, hurry up. You have to trust me”

Ally went into the bathroom and changed. She came out and made a Catwoman-like growl.

“You look great, Ally. You are so much hotter than you let anybody ever see.” Tina said. She pulled Ally over to her and they both looked in a mirror. The two ladies looked so sexy it was unbelievable and they looked at each other’s bodies and felt a little hot and bothered.

“We’re not going to go lesbo or anything are we?” Ally asked.

“Nope. Better.”

Tina picked up the camera and focused on Ally.

“You are not showing this to anybody, Tina I’m serious.” Ally said.

“This tape is only for you, and sometimes me. Now listen, here is the scene—you are a super-villain and I am your side-kick. The hero has been a total bore by doing the Boy Scout routine and you are sick of it. We have set a trap for him and lured him to our secret hideout. Come here.” Tina told her as she led Ally into the other room after first unlocking the front door.

Ally was shocked at what she saw. Tina had cleared out the room and placed a large inflatable kiddie pool in the middle of it. The pool was half filled with what looked like baby oil. Tina had replaced the light bulbs with black-light bulbs to give the room a strange look.

“What is this, baby-oil?” Ally looked at Tina.

“No, it is a paralyzing gel that once a person gets it on them they can’t move until we wash it off. Luckily we both drank the formula that will make us immune to its effects. We are going to use this goo to trap the hero. When he tries to capture us we’ll push him in and he will be ours to do with as we please!”

“What the hell is going on, Tina? Have you lost your mind?” Ally asked.

“Alright, from this point on no more questions. You are the villain you always wanted to be, now go with it! This is your chance to do what you always dream about!”

They heard the front door open. Ally froze, she didn’t want anyone to see her like this. Tina ran to the corner of the room and hid in the shadows keeping the camera on Ally. “Hide!” she whispered.

Ally hid in the opposite corner. The door to the room slowly opened and the hero walked in. Ally stomach dropped when she saw Mark walk in with a small black mask across his face and a green and yellow spandex costume on. Tina had outdone herself this time. His costume looked ridiculous, but Mark filled it out well. Ally was looking at his ass and how round it was when he quickly pivoted and she saw his front. Kadıköy Escort A shiver ran down her back as she looked at Mark under the top light, it accented his muscles beautifully and she noticed a nice protrusion in his crotch.

Ally was feeling very nervous now, unsure of what was expected of her. For a moment she didn’t do anything. She was still hiding. Then it finally occurred to her that this was all a set-up for her. Somehow Tina had talked Mark into this crazy scheme to cheer her up and Ally felt her eyes welling up thinking how they both went through this much trouble for her.

Mark made his way to the pool and leaned over it sticking his hand in the goo. His back was to Ally now and she stood staring at his ass before looking over at Tina who was motioning for her to make a move.

Ally was overcome with excitement. Lust poured through her body like never before. She wanted Mark and here he was waiting for her to fulfill her most perverted fantasy on him. Her nipples were pressing hard against her tight costume and she felt a deep burning between her thighs.

She rushed forward and thrust Mark into the pool. He fell in and slid around on his back. Tina rushed out of the shadows and focused the camera on him. Ally stood motionless for a moment looking down at Mark on his back with his suit covered in goo. He struggled against the goo, but it was no use. He acted like he was stuck to the bottom of the pool with his arms at his sides.

“I should have known it was you!” he proclaimed in a most heroic voice.

“We’ve got you now Boy Scout! And when we finish with you, you’ll be a little less wholesome, right?” Tina yelled and looked at Ally.

Ally smiled for the last time, then fell totally into character.

“Such a strapping young hero” she said as she grabbed his arm. Mark struggled against the goo but it was no use. She felt his arm flex and realized how powerful this man really was. Ally slid her hand across his face, her fingers made their way down his neck and then across his chest. She rubbed his nipple and saw it harden. Ally cupped a bunch of the goo and rubbed it across his chest. Then she really got into it and started splashing it all over him, until he was covered with the stuff. His spandex covered body glistened with shiny wetness under the lights. Ally continued to rub her hands all over his chest, arms, legs, and stomach. Mark had a much better physique than she realized. She noticed that the bulge in his costume had grown quite a lot, but wasn’t at full mast yet. She was really enjoying making him feel this way.

Her heart was in her throat and her loins burned for him. Ally’s breathing became faster and faster to where she thought she might pass out. She leaned in with her mouth only an inch away from his. Mark’s eyes stared into hers with excitement and wonder. She moved forward more and lightly kissed his forehead. She rubbed her hand on both sides of his face and stared into his eyes and for the first time she truly felt he might have feelings for her after all.

“The hero always humiliates us, you know. Maybe its time we humiliated him.” Tina said almost breathlessly. “He can’t move, he can’t fight back and he can’t stop us this time.”

Ally looked up at her sidekick and wondered if she meant what it sounded like she meant.

Tina looked back at her while holding Bostancı Escort the camera on Mark and gave a simple command: “Strip him . . . NUDE!”

Ally noticed Mark’s bulge surged at that and she blushed.

Ally couldn’t believe it, she wondered if this was really happening. Before she knew it she was lifting Mark’s torso out of the goo (with his help, of course) and she pulled the back of his costume open. She dropped him down on his back and pealed the costume down to his bellybutton. His skin was shining in the light and Ally slid her hands all over his bare torso. Mark moaned a little as she did this. Her hands slipped down his abs and he shuddered—he was totally into this.

She suddenly realized she was leaning over his face and her boobs were hanging right in front of him, but she didn’t care. Ally repositioned herself at his feet and Tina ran to his head making sure to never take the camera off his body. Ally paused and realized this was the moment she had dreamed of so many lonely nights. Mark was looking down at her with a smile on his face. The goo dripped off his chest as the bulge in his costume was now pulsating; he was as excited about this as she was.

She grabbed underneath the costume and pulled it off his butt. Then she yanked the costume from his glistening body hard. Mark’s penis whipped up and slapped right onto his stomach. Ally pulled the wet costume away and dropped it at the bottom of the pool. She moved over to his midsection and grabbed his dick. Mark let out a gasp of extreme pleasure as she stroked him a few times.

Tina was laughing this whole time, but only videotaped it; she never joined in the groping.

Ally’s hands explored Mark’s nude body; she leaned in to kiss him on the mouth. Their lips locked onto each other in the softest way she could imagine. He slipped his tongue into her mouth very gently and she sucked on it for a moment. Her hand found his penis again and started stroking wildly. Mark couldn’t take this. He laughed. His breath began getting heavier and Ally looked down at his stomach as it went in and out faster and faster. She looked down at the way the goo glimmered off his cock and how his balls began to recede—this was it, he was getting closer. She stroked him harder and faster until he let out a gasp and relaxed. His penis fired his own goo into the air like a fountain and his body went limp.

The three of them sat there laughing. The whole thing was so ridiculous and they knew it, but what a fun time it was.

Ally began to feel a little disappointed it was over when Mark lunged for her. His strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her into the pool. Mark kneeled outside the pool now and held her down on her back. Ally was suddenly very nervous again, but thrilled like she had never been thrilled before.

Mark leaned in and kissed her on the forehead, “My turn now—the hero always wins.”

“Then I must be the hero.” Ally said as she smiled back at him.

Tina dropped the camera and watched as Mark’s hands rubbed Ally’s perky little breasts. His hands groped all over her entire body. Mark was not shy and he was intent on giving her the pleasure she had given him. He began to pull Ally’s costume off and had almost exposed her shining boobs when Tina decided to give them their privacy. She walked to the door and looked back. She saw Mark’s muscular nude wet back as he stripped Ally naked. He leaned forward and kissed her hard on the mouth as his hand found its way down past her bellybutton.

Tina sighed and closed the door on them. She grabbed another drink and wondered if her hero would ever come for her.


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