The Hairdresser Ch. 03


The Dinner Party.

The following week Trevor received a call from Kate and she told him that both of them were invited to a small dinner party at Teri’s. Trevor was very excited by the fact that he would get to see Teri again. He took a long shower, dressed in a sports coat and tie and even put on some cologne. He wanted to make a good impression for the dinner.

He met Kate in front of Teri’s Apartment building and the two of them went up together. Trevor had to admit that he was nervous. He wondered if Teri was attracted to him or not. Maybe she was and that was why she extended him an invitation to the dinner.

Teri greeted them at the door. She wore a shiny blue gown and nude nylons and blue high heels. To Trevor, she was stunning and he knew that he would not be able to help but sneak more than one glance at her. He was introduced to her roommate Selena and a couple they’re named Ben and Eve. Ben had light blond hair at his shoulders and green eyes. Eve had long wavy dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes. Trevor was later informed that Eve is another T-girl. Like Teri and Selena, she was very passable.

After some small chat, they all gathered into the dining room where dinner was served. Trevor was delighted that he was seated next to Teri where he took the opportunity to get to know her better. They had roast chicken and potatoes and some Caesar salad. The meal and conversation were both excellent and everyone was to full for desert.

As the night drew on, Ben and Eve said their goodbyes for the evening. They both had to be up early the next day because they were going on a trip to California and their plane left in the early morning. They left with their thanks for the meal and company and departed.

Kate and Selena went into the kitchen while Trevor and Teri went to her bedroom. Teri had some pictures she painted she wanted to show him. Trevor noticed that Teri’s bedroom was a good size and she had a king size bed. Lots of room to move and play, he thought to himself. She showed him some paintings of various landscapes she had painted porno and he commented to her that they were very good and should be in an art gallery. She blushed at the compliment.

Meanwhile, Kate assisted Selena with cleaning up. They were both aware of the attraction between Trevor and Teri and they gave the two of them their own space to get better acquainted. Kate and Selena talked about what the two others might be up to. While Kate did the dishes Selena went up behind her and embraced her. She pressed her hard cock on Kate’s ass and started to rub against her. Kate replied by moving against Selena’s cock. She was also getting wet by their conversation.

“She wants him.” Selena told her as she moved against her. “She wants to suck his cock.”

“Mmmmmm” was Kate’s reply as she felt herself getting excited. She then turned around and kissed Selena long and hard. She kissed Kate back and started to rub Kate’s damp pussy.

Kate stood back and lifted her red dress and lowered her panties. Selena’ then knelt before her and started to lick Kate’s pussy. Licking between her soaked lips, tasting her sweet juices. As she licked faster, Kate moaned and rocked against Selena’s tongue. A louder moan escaped her as her first orgasm let loose on Selena’s mouth and tongue. Selena quickly drank in Kate’s cum.

They then lay on the kitchen floor and Kate raised Selena’s green skirt and removed her panties. She started to stroke Selena’s cock until it was rock hard. Kate then moved her pussy towards Selena’s cock and slid it in her slowly. They both moaned in delight as Kate moved up and down on Selena. Riding her hard cock faster and faster. Another orgasm shot through Kate. Her pussy cum soaked Selena’s hard cock. Selena was going to cum herself very soon. But she held back as she felt Kate on the verge of a third orgasm.

“OH GOD YES!” Kate cried as the lust went through her like a tidal wave. She rode Selena like she hasn’t had sex in along time. Her pussy cum squirted all over Selena’s warm cock. Selena felt the warmth of Kate’s pussy and anime porno her cum and she could hold back no longer.

“I’m going to cum.” Selena moaned.

As soon as she heard that, Kate slid off of the hard cock and started to jerk it up and down with her right hand. Her hand held and stroked fast as she opened her mouth and waited for the white creamy reward. Selena did not disappoint her. In a matter of seconds, she came. Her cum shot out of her cock and straight into Kate’s waiting mouth. Streams of cum also landed on her cheeks and chin. Kate licked and savored the way it tasted. She then went up to Selena and kissed her long and passionately. Selena kissed her back as she tasted her own cum in Kate’s mouth.

Back in the bedroom, it was clear to Teri that she would have to make the first move. She looked right at Trevor and said.

“You do know that I really like you don’t you?”

Surprised by the statement Trevor smiled and replied, “I really like you too.”

Teri then leaned over and kissed Trevor. Surprised by the kiss, he was taken back for a moment, but then kissed her back. Their tongues met in their mouths as they lay back on the bed. The kissed for a long time and Trevor reached over and started to rub on Teri’s crotch area. He felt her cock and it was hard. She responded by reaching over and touching Trevor’s cock. They kissed and rubbed each other’s cocks. Trevor thought that he was in a wet dream. If it was, he knew that he didn’t want it to end.

He slid down he panties and began to play with her cock. He loved the way that it felt in his hand as he stroked her gently. She also started to play with his cock. Everything was going the way she wanted it. She was lost in passion as they embraced. She could kiss and play with Trevor’s cock. She got an unexpected surprise.

Trevor couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to make his fantasy a reality. He then whispered in her ear, “Teri, Teri, I want to tell you something.”

“Mmm what is that?” she asked as she kissed his neck.

“I, arap porno I want to do something.”

“What do you want to do?”

He pushed her back gently and looked into her eyes. He then said, “I really want to suck your cock.”

That made her very hot and horny. She was positive that she would have to seduce him and suck his cock before he would be willing to suck hers. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She then got up and pushed him so he was on his back. She then took her cock in her hand and moved towards his mouth. He then took her mouth, and for the very first time, put a cock in his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down on her. He was still in disbelief that he was actually sucking a T-girl cock, and he loved it.

She moved back and forth as she fucked his mouth. She felt her cum build up and she said, “Oh Trevor, you’re going to make me cum.”

That was what he wanted. He wanted to please her and make her feel good. He sucked on her harder and moved up and down on her cock a bit faster. He started to rub and massage her balls, hoping she would cum soon. His effort was rewarded as she moaned in ecstasy and she exploded into his mouth. He had never had a cock cum in his mouth before and he spit out a lot of it. His saliva and her cum dripped from the tip of her cock down on his neck and chest.

Teri stroked as the last of her cum landed on Trevor. She felt very good and satisfied. She also knew that it takes two to tango and it was her turn to please Trevor. She went down on him and started to play with his cock. She then opened her mouth and swallowed his manhood. She was one who loved to suck a hard cock, and she knew from the start that she loved to suck Trevor’s cock. He moaned as she devoured him. He felt her go down on him and deep. He had never had a woman deep throat him. He felt Teri deep throat him and suck hard on him. Within seconds he shot his hot cum into her anxious mouth. There was a lot of cum for her and some of his cum escaped her mouth and slid down his shaft. She drank in what she could and relished the way that it tasted. She knew that she would love to taste Trevor and his cum much more in the near future.

They lay in each other’s arms, both happy and content. They both knew that this was just the beginning of many more hot and erotic times.

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