The Good Catholic Girl


She was a good Catholic girl,Sweet and virtuous was she,In secret she was adored by he,How he dreamed of taking her for a whirl. In trouble and strife they had met,Ready to tear each other apart,All he wanted now was to make her wet,And she wanted to capture his heart.As the strife did end,So did they become friends,Life moves on and so do we,Life too short for missed opportunity.They laughed and flirted,Finding Elvankent Escort all they had in common,He wondered if she squirted,She longed to see his hard on.For dinner they met,The table and time were set,Worried by what the other might think,Would it be ok or would it cause a stink.In Trepidation they did talk,Exploring the avenues they could walk,Full Beşevler Escort of desire, full of need,To unbridled passion they would cede.Back to the home of the good Catholic girl,I can confess tomorrow she thought,Sex was on their minds,And that is what they sought.More wine was poured,A joint was rolled,Inhibitions gone,Clothing soon shed.On Cebeci Escort a hot summers night,They came together, The temperature rising,As the fire began burning.Upon her nipples his tongue and teeth did play,Her hands around his head,Moaning in pleasure,As she in pleasure did sway.His head moved south,Hungry to taste her secret place,As her legs opened wide,Revealing its glory.Then up again their lips did meet,Tongues entwined, oh so sweet,Reaching out for his dick,Pulling him in.Gyrate did she,This good little Catholic girl,Push and push did he,Against those pussy walls.From the front, From the rear,Every which way but loose,Lost in the moment.A night of hot sex,No longer was she a good Catholic girl,Freed from the shackles,Liberated at long last.

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