The Girl with Magical Hands Pt. 02


See Part 1 if you want the background to this story. Otherwise, this mostly works as a standalone story.


We had our story. Oh, did we have our story. As the crowd filed out, Jovie climbed down from the stage and walked over to me on wobbly legs. I wasn’t sure exactly what to say to her and was embarrassed that I’d made her volunteer, so I just got down to business.

“What happened up there?”

Jovie’s eyes were in the past. “I don’t know.”

“Did she hypnotize you? It seemed real. You weren’t faking anything, right?”

Jovie visibly winced, then shook her head emphatically and crossed her arms over her small chest. She couldn’t answer, but her expression told me everything.

“So you really … um…she really…?”

We had a long moment of silence, and then the words came tumbling out. “I don’t know what she was doing, but it was real. I can’t even describe it. She just touches you, and something happens. It flows through you, and it just grabs you.”

“Like an electric shock?”

“No.” Jovie looked at me, her young dark eyes worried that I was going to judge her. She practically whispered the words. “Her hands, they were like the best vibrator EVER. Even if they’re just on your arm. It was unbelievable.”

“You could see behind the screen. Did they really do lesbian stuff with Vivian?”

A little bit of life came back to Jovie’s eyes. She loved to gossip. “That could have been me!” she said. “I could see everything, and she was … she was … you know, right between their legs. She didn’t have a choice with what they were doing to her!”

The tent was empty now save for one low-level carnie picking up trash. I eyed the door at the back of the stage, the one where Orgasma and her strongwoman friend had disappeared.

“Come with me,” I said. “We’re going to interview Orgasma.”

Jovie cringed. “Are you sure?” she asked. “There’s something about her that’s kind of scary.”

“Don’t worry. You’re with me.” I gave her no choice as I boldly climbed up on stage. The cleaning guy frowned up at me, and I used my journalism trick of acting confident. “We’re here to interview the Great Orgasma,” I said. He shrugged and went back to sweeping as I headed toward the door, Jovie reluctantly following along behind me.

I knocked.

No answer. I knocked again. After giving it another thirty seconds, I used my journalist prerogative and creaked open the door. “Hello?” I called. “Anybody home?”

The door opened into a large room, much larger than I expected. It was more or less a living room with a couch and chairs, but had other equipment in it, equipment that I assumed was used occasionally in shows. There was a pillory sitting next to the door, and a medieval rack that was doubling as a sofa stand. Sitting on the sofa, staring balefully at me, were Orgasma and Stella, still clad in their bikinis, beers in hand.

“Hey! This is private!” Orgasma yelled. “Get out!”

I continued unperturbed. “I’m sorry to bother you.” I grabbed Jovie and pulled her into the door with me. “This is my coworker Jovie. We really enjoyed your show tonight.”

A hint of a smile crossed Orgasma’s lips as her eyes traveled up and down Jovie’s body, then mine. “Glad we could entertain you. It went both ways.”

I ignored a girlie growl from my intern. “My name is Elizabeth, and I’m a writer at CityPunk magazine. We’re a cutting-edge alternative magazine in the local area. I’d love to write an article about you.”

Orgasma retained her stern expression, but her eyebrows arched ever so slightly. That was always a good sign. “What kind of article?”

“We write about interesting people and topics. And my intern here tells me that you’re a very interesting person.”

Orgasma and Stella laughed heartily. They made eye contact and Stella shrugged, eyeing me up and down before murmuring something to the smaller woman. They spoke in low voices to each other for a few moments, and then Orgasma grinned in a way that made me somewhat uncomfortable.

“Come in and sit down,” Orgasma commanded. “And for god’s sake, shut that door. You’re letting bugs in.”

A moment later, Jovie and I were sitting on the chairs facing Orgasma and her friend. I explained in more detail what our magazine did and who I was, and ignored the fact that Orgasma’s bikini bottom had slipped over to the side off of her lips. The narrow ribbon was bunched into the intersection of her hip and thigh, leaving her vulva completely exposed. I hoped that Jovie’s staring at it wouldn’t get us kicked out.

“So tell me about this skill you have,” I said, swallowing hard. “Is this something you were born with, or did you learn it somehow?”

Orgasma seemed genuinely surprised by my question. “So you’re not going to accuse me of doing some sort of sham?” she asked.

I cocked my head toward Jovie. “I have a strong witness who says you’re legit. She said your hands are like the world’s best vibrator.”

Jovie was horrified, but Orgasma altyazılı porno giggled. It was a true giggle, like that of a little girl. “That was fun, wasn’t it?” Sheld up her hands, palms toward us, and waggled her fingers. “I told you, I have magical hands.”

“How are they magical?” I pressed

“I don’t know. They just are.”

I had my notebook out now, taking notes. Beside me, Jovie followed my lead and did the same. “When did you discover this magic?”

Orgasma took a long draw on her beer, then noticed her askew bikini bottom and absentmindedly pulled it back to its proper spot. She was silent for a moment. “You really want to know?”

“Of course.” Orgasma looked over at Stella, who took a break from staring at my breasts and offered a noncommittal shrug. Stella was making me uncomfortable, but I ignored the instinct to cover up. Anything for a story.

The small blonde took a deep breath and held up her hands once again. She waggled her fingers again, but more slowly. This time she was studying them herself. “They really are magic,” she said. “I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but they are.”

I looked at her hands. They were attractive as hands go, but unremarkable. “So what exactly they do?”

Orgasma smiled wryly and nodded toward Jovie. “Ask her,” she chuckled. Beside me, I saw Jovie’s knees press together.

“I understand that they seem to give women orgasms, but how? When did you discover that you could do this?”

“Hell if I know: It took a long time to figure out.”

“When did you figure it out?”

Now it was Orgasma’s turn to shift uncomfortably, “Don’t laugh.”

“Of course not.”

Orgasma took a draw of her beer, then pursed her lips for a moment. “Well, let’s just say that I got invited to a lot of slumber parties growing up. No one really knew what was happening but they all wanted to share a sleeping bag with me. And at some point I figured out why my mother wouldn’t let me hug her any more. It took a long time to figure it out, but I think I was born with it.”

I stopped writing for a moment as I pondered this. “Does it work with men, too?”

Orgasma laughed. “That’s the cruel part. It only works with women. I think there’s some sort of harmonic frequency thing. Women feel it but men don’t.”

“I take it you’re attracted to men?”

Orgasma cast a sidelong glance at her larger companion, and while the lighting wasn’t great I thought I saw her blush. “I am. I was. At least, that was my base. But as this talent progressed I became more arid more interested in women. It was fun to watch them respond, At this point, I guess I’m a woman’s woman.” She and Stella exchanged smiles, and I concluded that Stella know her talents well.

“Have you ever seen a doctor? Can this be treated?”

“I’ve gone a couple of times. But only briefly. Male doctors think that it’s funny and don’t take me seriously, and female doctors have a lot of trouble working with me. It’s hard to do an exam when you’re climaxing. Besides, I don’t want to end up in some government lab.”

“So what have you figured out on your own? You mentioned something about harmonic frequencies.”

“It’s just a theory. It goes through my hands – no other part of my body, just my hands – and clothing tends to dampen it. It also affects different parts of the body differently. If I touch a woman on the arm, it slowly heats her up. If I touch a slightly erogenous zone like her scalp or her lower back, I get her very horny but usually not quite enough to take her over the edge. And if I touch a breast or pussy, she’s going to come hard. If I touch her clit or finger bang her, she’ll be screaming in no time.”

Stella grinned broadly. “She’s the best girlfriend ever: “

I laughed too, but shifted uncomfortably in my chair. ] was a veteran of a lot of odd stories, but this one was truly going to be unique. If I could convince people, that is.

“So can you control this… this gift?” I asked.” Can you turn it off and on?” Orgasma shook her head. “I’m always on. Wanna see?”

I have to admit that I was waiting for this moment. I’d seen what she did to Jovie and Leah and especially Vivian, and I was curious. Any girl would be.

I tried to suppress a smile. “Would you be willing to show me?”

The two circus women exchanged knowing looks. “Sure, “Orgasma said. “Give me your hand.”

She grasped my wrist with one hand and slowly stroked my open palm with the other. “Hands are sensitive,” she said, “but for most people they’re not particularly erotic. Do you like what I’m doing?” She had very warm and soft hands, and I had to admit that it felt good. She kept stroking my palm, “If I keep doing this, you’ll start warming up. But it’s slow unless you have a hand fetish. Do you feel it?”

It felt very nice. But then, doesn’t it always feel nice when someone holds your hand and strokes your palm? And Orgasma had a sensual style of doing it. Of course it was going amatör porno to turn me on a little bit. But was this all she had? It was a little disappointing.

Orgasma brought a hand up and ran it across my face. “You have wonderful cheekbones,” she said. “If you touch a person’s face, they usually feel it more quickly than if you touch their hands. Do you feel it more?”

Orgasma was an attractive woman. I’m not into women, but I suddenly became aware of her tiny bikini, and how her sizable breasts fell against each other as she leaned forward toward me, creating a very nice cleavage. So full and plump. I kind of wanted to touch them. “It feels nice;” I admitted.

She rose up and scooted into my chair next to me, her bare hips rubbing against me. She ran a hand up and down my back, softly, like a lover would do. She leaned in and bit my earlobe.

Oh, god. That was the sexiest thing ever. I have a thing for men biting me on the earlobe. Don’t judge me on that. I don’t know why I love it so, but I do. Suddenly I could feel myself lubricating, and I squirmed slightly in my seat. Was she magical, or was she just able to figure out how people’s buttons were pushed?

“Are you excited?” she whispered. Her tongue flicked into my ear.

Stella and Jovie were watching intently. I wasn’t going to lose control in this setting. No way, no how. I was a professional. “It’s very nice,” I said, a little more breathily than I intended. Her hand continued to stroke my back, up and down.

“Tell me where you like to be touched,” Orgasma whispered. I could feel the pressure of her breast on my arm, the tickle of her breath in my ear. A hand grasped my jaw and pulled it to the side, so I could look into her eyes.

She kissed me.

I’m not a lesbian. Like any woman I have the occasional fantasy, but I’m not lesbian. But there was something about this woman. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and dominated me, and after a moment of shock and hesitation, I kissed back. Why was I kissing back?

She swung one of her naked legs over me, and suddenly she was sitting on my lap, facing me. She leaned into me, her nearly naked breasts crushing against mine, and pushed me back into the chair. We kissed long and hard as she pulled my hair with one hand and bear hugged me with the other. Suddenly I was so horny that I could actually feel my vagina flex, as if it was trying to pull a penis inside it, begging to pull a penis inside it.

She was a fantastic kisser. I wanted to fight her, wanted to say no, but it felt so good. I became very aware of my nipples. I love for my partner to play with my nipples. I could feel them hardening and pushing against my dress, demanding attention.

Don’t…say … anything. I willed myself to resist. She knew some trick and it was really working. I desperately wanted to touch myself, to be touched, to be licked, frigged, fucked, anything to put me over the edge. But she just kissed me, and it was simultaneously incredibly satisfying and amazingly frustrating.

“Look at her hips move,” I heard Stella say.

Orgasma broke loose from my mouth and pulled away slightly. She stared into my eyes. “Do you want to cum?” she asked, a knowing smile on her face.

She knew the answer. But I couldn’t give it. Jovie was sitting right there. I had responsibilities. “Let’s continue the interv-“

I didn’t get the words out before she was on me again, pressing herself against me, probing my lips with her tongue, and stroking my back, my arms, even my throat. Her breasts crushed sensually against mine. I didn’t fight it, and the heat in my pussy grew. It shouldn’t be happening. I shouldn’t be feeling this.

I managed to pull back. “How are you doing that?” I asked softly, my voice strained.

“Do you want to cum?”

I should have pushed her off of me. I knew that I should. I should have ended the interview. It probably wasn’t enough for a great story, but it would pass.

But I didn’t do anything. I was the rabbit before the snake, and she knew she had me. Sitting on my lap, she grinned with evil intent, caressing me with long strokes up my arms, shoulders, neck, and through my hair. “I love redheads,” she said. “I can see your nipples now through your dress. Are they light colored?”

I was actually getting close to cumming.

“Tell me. Are your nipples light colored or dark colored?”

Another 30 seconds like this, and I was going to cum.

“Let’s see.” Orgasma reached behind me and unzipped my dress, peeling the strapless bodice down over my bust. Then she unhooked my strapless bra and lifted it away. I let her. I was so close. I couldn’t believe that I let her.

“I don’t think you should be doing that,” I heard Jovie say meekly.

“Her nipples are fantastic,” Stella said. She stood up and stepped over to inspect them more closely. “They’re so big and hard, and I love that light pink color. I want to chew on them.”

Orgasma leaned in and nibbled on my throat. anal porno “If I touch your nipples, it’ll give you a great orgasm. Do you want me to touch your nipples?”

My nubs were aching. I loved to have them squeezed and licked and rubbed. It felt like they were going to break through their skin. “If you want to,” I said. Was I really going to let a woman touch me there? It was as if another voice had said the words.

“Take off all your clothes,” Orgasma ordered. She bounced off my lap. “We’ll need to secure you down, and then I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

Grabbing my hands, she pulled me to my feet. My dress hung around my waist and I didn’t know where my bra was. My pussy was practically dripping with desire. I looked at Orgasma, who was staring lustily at my breasts. I looked at Stella, who was literally licking her lips with desire. Behind them, still seated, Jovie’s cute brow was furrowed with worry. She was shaking her head at me in warning.

But hey, she’d done the same thing just a few minutes ago. I was turned on as hell, and I didn’t have a boyfriend at home to satiate me. I’d never had a lesbian experience, but this wasn’t even really lesbian. It was magic. Whatever she was doing, it was magic. And all she was going to do was touch me, touch me for the sake of journalism. I had to finish out this ride for the sake of the story.

And I really needed to cum.

I pulled my dress down and stepped out of it and my shoes.

“Panties, too,” Stella ordered, and I removed them as well.

So there I was, standing stark naked in a trailer in a circus sideshow, longing to get touched by a woman. Life was weird sometimes. “Do it,” I pleaded against my judgment. “Let me finish.”

Stella pushed me gently backwards until a table bumped against my hip. It was the rack behind their sofa. She and Orgasma half-pushed, half-lifted me onto it, both grinning like Cheshire cats. Stella nodded toward my hips and then spoke to Orgasma. “Look at that red landing strip,” she commented. “Is that amazing or what?”

The table had manacles on each corner, and they began hooking them up, Stella working on my wrists and Orgasma working on my ankles as I lay on my back. Every touch of Orgasma seemed to bring me closer to cumming, but it wasn’t enough to put me over the edge. It just drove me crazy with desire. I wanted her to put me over the edge so bad, but she wasn’t making contact with me on my most sensitive parts, just my feet and ankles and calves. The energy ran straight up to my pussy, and I arched my back in frustration.

“Tighten her up,” Orgasma said.

My wrist manacles were attached to some sort of rotating mechanism, because above my head I heard chains clinking and gears grinding, and my wrists got pulled higher and higher. I reached a resistance point, but they kept pulling, harder and harder, stretching me further on the table with each passing second. All of the slack in my body disappeared, and quickly I found myself unable to move at all, stretched so tightly that I was immobile. Jovie stood behind them, and I could see her studying my naked body. It was a turn-on to see her staring at my breasts with their big pale areolae and thick, erect nipples, then to feel her gaze honing in between my legs.

Orgasma continued to fondle my feet, and it was driving me crazy. Even though she was three feet away, my pussy was reacting as if it was the part being fondled. Stella, standing at the head of the table, leaned over me and began playing with my breasts. I wasn’t sure what to think about that, but I would process it later. Right now, it just felt good.

“Do you want to cum?” Orgasma asked. “Do you want the most intense orgasm of your life?”

“Yes,” I nodded, wishing I could move my hips against the tight bonds. “I’m ready.”

“You have to earn it first,” Orgasma smirked. She climbed up on the table between my legs, and began stroking my knees. The energy coursed up my thighs and straight into my pussy. I tried to flex my hips into it, but couldn’t. It was frustrating to be on the edge like that, so close but unable to push myself over the edge.

“Are you ready to earn it?”


Stella was playing with my nipples, her sizable breasts hanging over my face. She reached up behind her and removed her bikini top, then rubbed her breasts into my face. Unlike the rest of her body, they were soft and yielding, enveloping me. I’d never felt another woman’s breasts before.

And then … uh-oh. Stella raised up and I heard some rustling, then saw the bodybuilder’s bikini bottom fly gently through the air to the couch. She put one knee near my left ear, then the other one near my right as she climbed onto the table. In the meantime, Orgasma moved her caresses up to my hips, making me moan in pleasure and practically cry for relief. It was as if my brain was expecting an orgasm but my pussy was making contact with nothing but air.

“Finish me,” I gasped. “Just a little more. I can’t stand it.”

“I cum first,” Stella said. Suddenly she was looming over me, positioned on her knees with her bare, shaved vulva hovering overhead. Her outer lips were big and thick, a beautiful dark pink in contrast to her light skin tone, and her inner labia flowered out nicely.

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