The Gigolo Project Ch. 06

Big Tits

Two days have passed since Victor won a bizarre wrestling match against the Honey Academy’s star wrestler Dakota and ejaculated a huge load of cum on the stupidly massive bust of the wrestling coach. Kendra texted him the name, info, and place to meet girl number 4.

Name: Brittani Harper

Age: 21

Height: 5’9

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color/Style: Black locks mid-shoulder length

Bust size: 34D (enhanced)

Occupation: Honor student and Committee Vice President

Victor sat on a bench in the back dressing room area behind a curtain at Victoria’s Secret with his pants, underwear, and shoes off as this gorgeous Black American beauty Brittani Harper stroked her thick juicy lips up and down his turgid long pole. The day started with her going on a shopping spree with Victor carrying her bags. Their final stop was Victoria’s Secret where a few of the other costumers were giving the odd pairing of a 61-year-old man and a young black woman suspicious looks.

Brittani started trying on different lingerie sets until she settled on a short purple see-thru negligee. Seeing herself modeling in the lengthy mirror wearing the skimpy negligee piece made her horny, so she snuck Victor into the back area dressing room and proceeded to suck his cock with no objections from him.

“I’ve given head in a car, on a bus, on an airplane, in the bathroom, in a restaurant booth but never in the back of Victoria’s Secret, baby,” Brittani moaned, taking his engorged dick out of her mouth and moving to his wrinkled ball sack, sucking on each one in turns causing the old man to deeply groan. She kept one hand steadily jerking and wiggling the fat white cock above her face as she sucks his balls to the point where Victor thought she is trying to suck the wrinkled white skin off his hanging scrotum.

After she finishes wetting his ripe balls, Brittani returns her focus to his thick dark pink shaft, licking up the underside and all sides before taking 6 out of 7 1/2 full inches between her lips and down her throat. Copious amounts of saliva leak from her mouth and runs down onto the expensive purple see-thru negligee. Victor’s moaning and Brittani’s wet slurping can be faintly heard from the back dressing room. The old gigolo has never done sexual acts in such a public place.

Taking his fat wet tool out of her mouth, “I bet they can hear you moaning out there,” Brittani teased, swirling her thick pierced tongue around the fat bulbous tip of his raging shaft and continuing, “I can’t wait until they hear me moan your name from riding this fat old white cock,” she concluded and slides Victor’s full white hardened meat back inside her warm mouth and feverishly bob her head, pushing the swollen crown into the sides of her inner cheeks and the roof of her mouth as she sucks vigorously. Her stroking wet lips slide down the entire length of his rampant manhood pushing the knob to the back of her throat, moaning as she savors the pleasure of his entire cock in her mouth.

Victor grunts, “Christ oh mighty…” gripping at the seat from receiving one of the most intense and sloppiest blowjobs ever. For several minutes, her lively sopping mouth continues to deepthroat his trembling phallus, hitting his cum-filled wrinkled balls with her chin on each bob. “Oh fuck!”

The semen in Victor’s wrinkled balls surges through his veined shaft and releases between Brittani’s thirst-quenching lips. “Augggghhhhhh,” he cried in relief. Her dark brown eyes widen from the surprise at his thick and creamy dirty old man dessert flowing down her throat. She continues sucking and swallowing as his enormous load fills her mouth, leaking from the corners of her lips and rolling down her chin staining her expansive negligee.

Even after she vacuumed the spunk from his big scrotum, Victor’s old cock stayed stiff like the hardest wood in the world. Brittani pulls her mouth off, “Holy shit your cock is still so hard, but I’ve already eaten. You must be famished,” she giggled. The slender vixen with the brown sugar complexion stands and drops her fancy-laced black panties to her feet. She picks her panties up and climbs onto the bench with her sock-covered feet on either side of Victor’s legs and presents to him her extremely moist and neatly trimmed bushed cunt. She places one sock-covered foot next to his head practically shoving her glistened pussy into his face and moans, “Eat up.”

With no hesitation, Victor plunges his face into her hot steamy twat, bypassing her dark glossy pubic hairs to feverishly lick and nibble on her outer dark labia and then slides his tongue inside the full wetness of her bright pink cunt. He impulsively clutches her petite apple-bottom ass and squeezes each soft cheek as his tongue dives deeper inside her puffed-up drippy pussy, targeting her most sensitive areas.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh, you old dirty white old bastard!” Brittani heavily moaned as the nervous muscles in her drenched vagina jolted shockwaves through her entire body as her impending climax looms.

Victor motorboats his head between her toned brown-sugar Escort Avrupa yakası thighs with his wagging tongue attacking her clitoris, licking on the fat jutting nub robustly to submit Brittani to a long and intense orgasm. “I’M CUMMMMING!! UHHHHHHHHH SHIT!!” She quickly bites down on her laced panties to stifle her loud moans and cries. The horny old gigolo laps Brittani’s gushing twat through her powerful orgasm, slurping her sweet womb cum as it flows smoothly.

Once her orgasm subsides, Brittani plants her other foot on the bench and slides her soaking wet cunt down on Victor’s throbbing pillar of rock-hardened man meat. “Oh baby your rock-hard dick feels good,” she whimpered over the undergarment stuffed in her mouth. Brittani lifts the purple negligee off her body leaving her in a pair of black ankle socks and tosses the expensive garment aside to unveil her nicely rounded manmade D cup tits with bottle cap-sized bumpy brown areolas and long pointy dark brown nipples.

Victor wasted no time scooping her large breasts in his weathered hands, squeezing their firmness, and feasting on their erected nipples. Brittani kept her panties stuffed in her mouth while she moans, grinding on top of the old white gigolo as he devours her fake firm knockers. After a minute or two, he drops one hand to her firm apple-bottom ass, massaging her cheeks as she rides him hard with her cunt dripping juices down his shaft and on his fat ball sack.

Brittani’s longingly moans, “MmmmHhhhhhmmmHhhhhhhmmmHhhhmmm,” are stifled by her soaked panties as she wraps her arms around Victor’s torso, pressing his face into her breasts as she begins bouncing up and down his iron-hardened rod, slamming her brown sugar ass cheeks upon his thighs. She cries over her panties, “I’m cummmmmming!!” as her creamy fluids spill over his turgid dick and balls.

While Brittani is in a mid-orgasmic state, Victor gets to his feet with Brittani in his arms and seats her on the bench with his dick still lodged between her sloppy wet cunt lips. He grabs her long shapely legs by their ankles and spreads them apart making a V. He resumes pummeling her cum-gushing hot pussy with fierce ramming speed, feeding the entire length of his 7 1/2 inches of hardened fat man meat between her juicy wet quivering vulva lips. She moans and cries in bloody murder and even with the panties stuffed in her mouth, anyone that enters the back dressing room area can hear her.

Victor places Brittani’s feet over his shoulders and leans forward pushing her knees towards her shoulders, gripping the back of the bench seat, and drives forward with his replacement hips to effusively ram his swollen dick balls-deep between the succulent walls of her bushy twat. Brittani clutches her ankles, feeling her fat pussy becoming tensed and contracting around Victor’s swift-moving tool, brainless moans barely audible as she cums.

Victor takes beating her hot snatch to another level by climbing onto the bench nearly folding Brittani in half with her sock-covered feet touching the top of the back rest from the bench and with all his might he begins to bottom out her throbbing twat with jackhammer-like drills. His balls thunderously slap wetly against her exposed little brown anus. Brittani is grabbing at his ankles as her clenched pussy quickly submits again, soaking his thrusting dick in her sweet pussy nectar.

The old gigolo grunts, “Oh, I’m so close. Ugghhhhh, fuck!” feeling his rampant shaft twitching intensely inside Brittani’s creamed pink hole.

Feeling a large load of cum surging through his raging hardened shaft, Victor pulls out and drops off the bench. Brittani instinctively drops to her knees and presents her face to him. “Cum on my face you dirty old man,” she ordered with her eyes shut.

With a single stroke to his throbbing slab of meat, “Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Victor unloads the first big splatter of jism hitting Brittani across the bridge of her nose and forehead. The second big burst of spunk creams the lower half of her face. He empties the gooey remnants from his thick wrinkled sack onto her chest and big brown titties. Out of the blue, a Victoria Secret’s employee, a gay man, busts in on the pair. He is stunned and frozen seeing an old white man holding his cock aimed at young Brittani’s cum-creamed face and fake perky tits.

After an awkward few seconds of silence, he finally says, “Wow… The old man packs quite a punch. You wouldn’t happen to be into guys too, eh?”

After Brittani wipes the jizz off her eyelids, she and Victor hastily gather their things and exit through the back of Victoria Secret’s.

Later in the evening in a small cottage on the academy campus, gym teacher and wrestling coach Mabel is taking her usual evening nap when suddenly there’s a knock on her door. She woke up suddenly to the knock. She wasn’t expecting any visitors. She deals with her students in her office at the gymnasium and the Head Mistress of the academy would schedule a meeting at her office, not a home visit. If she goes out, she Ataköy escort and her female companion would rent a hotel room to screw around since outsiders aren’t permitted on campus unless given a pass.

The 43-year-old single gym teacher hops off her sofa wearing a only big red Mickey Mouse t-shirt, plain white granny under panties, and a pair of thick black wooled socks. She makes her way to the door after the person starts banging. “Hold your goddamn horses, I’m coming,” Mabel shouted and then realizes her gargantuan jugs are making a swaying and wobbling spectacle. “Fuck!” she grunted and then remembers back to Dakota from a couple of days ago licking Victor’s semen off her oversized udders and loving it. “Hmmm. Maybe Dakota wants to finish what she started,” she concluded with a bit of glee while approaching the door. She answers the door to see a young man she didn’t recognize standing outside. “Hello? Do I know you?”

“Hi and no you do not, but I do you know coach Mabel,” was the man’s response, with his eyes darting down and staring openly and dumbfoundedly at the preposterous size of Mabel’s monster milk cannons as they hung heavy and low on her dwarfed chest coming to a stop at her waistline. She notices his eyes and folds her arms over her ridiculous chest in a failed attempt to cover them.

She replies and asks, “Okay, you youngin. I am Mabel and who the hell might you be?”

“I’m Cord Lettermen and Headmistress Cassandra spent me here since you requested a gentleman friend for the night,” he explained with a big smile.

Mabel begins to blush, “I did not request such a thing this evening. You must be mistaken, young man,” refuting his claims and continuing, “Plus you’re not my type. If you know me then you’ll know I’m a queer.”

Cord snickers and pulls out his cell phone showing Mabel the text message from Kendra to confirm her request. “Sure you did. You requested the old geezer but he was already assigned to someone else today, so you got me, the new guy. I’m much younger, damn sure better looking and of course, packing something much bigger and since this is your first time, I’ll go easy until you’re fully broken in by my big dick. Might take a couple of rounds to get you adjusted to my size,” he arrogantly concluded and walks right by Mabel into her cottage.

Mabel becomes peeved with the young man just walking into her home. “Now you listen to me, boy. First off, I didn’t invite you into my home and second, I did have one experience with a guy. It was a very long time ago while I was in the process of figuring out who I was. It was only a blowjob to my asshole stepfather when I was 18. Not like that’s any of your business. He said I had the figure of a grown woman and the massive titties of one of his favorite porn stars. All I needed was the experience he said. My mom caught us in the act just as he blew his nasty semen on my face and my favorite sweater. She called me a slut and booted me out of the house. Fuck, I was homeless a lot of times, slept at a few of my friends’ homes, slept at a shelter, when from one job to another to make ends meet. I even degraded myself by shaking my fat fucking tits for a bunch of fat beer-bellied one-tooth geezers at a farmhouse strip club. I was lucky Cassandra saved me from that life and now here I am,” the top-heavy wrestling coach explained in great detail and continues, “And that’s when I knew I love girls. Men are just disgusting vile pigs.”

While Mabel was explaining, her hands and arms were animated and all Cord was focusing on were her colossal elongated breasts swinging to and fro freely beneath her big red tee shirt. A noticeable bulge had formed in his jeans. Mabel notices and pretends to clear her throat to break his trance.

“You’re no better then those horny fools at the strip club. Are these all you care about?” she said in an angry tone, hoisting up her heavy ginormous floppers, giving Cord a nice bounce show, and continuing, “My massive breasts have never been perky and high like most girls I grew up around ever since they began growing in my early teens. They look ridiculous to me especially since I’m tall and my body is not well proportionate. I can hardly see my waist anymore. I’m curious… Why are you attracted to them? What do you find sexy about enormous boobs that hang so low?”

“What can I say, I love big tits no matter the shape or size, and yours are truly a unique pair,” Cord complimented and continues, “And don’t worry, I’m not here to convince you to stop being a lesbian. I mean, you can have meaningless sex with guys, and still, be in a committed relationship with another woman in the end. So what do you say?”

Mabel took a couple of minutes to think it over before responding, “Can I suck your cock first? My stepfather thought I was a natural at sucking dick.”

Cord smiles, “Okay. Why don’t we go to your bedroom and get comfortable.”

Mabel leads Cord to her cramped bedroom and he takes a seat on her bed. She wastes little time dropping to her knees to unzip and pull his jeans down mid-thighs Şirinevler escort bayan along with his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. “Holy goddamn moly!” she gasped at the sight of his big cock bobbing in a semi-hard state and continues, “It’d been nearly three decades since I’ve seen a dick up close and holy shit Cord, yours is so fucking big young stud! Much bigger in all aspects than my stepfather’s dick… Let’s see if I even remember how to do this. After watching one of my students give a blowjob, this should be as easy as riding a bike again.”

Even the masculine smell emitting from his crotch frightens her a bit as she grabs his huge cock by the base and starts trailing kisses over his crown and down the shaft. She then guilds her lips over the mushroom head and starts gingerly sucking. She feels his cock growing in length and stiffness in her hand. Slowly, Mabel slides her lips further down his hardening shaft, bobbing her head gently and sucking on the part of his penis in her mouth.

“Not bad, not bad for your first blowjob in decades. You can go a little faster. Think of my cock like an ice cream cone or popsicle. You like those right?” Cord teased, leaning back on his elbows, moaning in pleasure as he watches the 43-year-old lesbian with humongous breasts sucking on her first cock in 25 years.

Briefly removing her mouth from his cock, “Yes I do,” Mabel moaned. As Cord suggested, she increases the tempo of her lips stroking up and down his rock-hardened manhood as it blooms to full length. She occasionally takes his huge prick from her mouth and slides her lips up and down the stiff sides of his shaft as if she is enjoying a popsicle.

Cord groans, “Oh yeah, bitch. Just like that. Oh yeah. Don’t forget my balls. I like them licked and sucked too,” he instructed.

Mabel follows his instructions and moves her mouth down to his smooth and rounded ball sack and lightly licks each bulbous testicle in turns. She sucks on one nut for a few seconds and pops it out of her mouth and then repeats on the other nut. Her hand holds his throbbing prick above her head while she licks and sucks his ripe scrotum.

Cord moans, “Why don’t you get a little more comfortable and take that ugly shirt off.”

Mabel isn’t oblivious to what Cord wanted to see. Dropping his cock and balls, she stands and lifts her Mickey Mouse large tee shirt off revealing her cumbersome gigantic tits as they flop out and down, slapping with a thud against her soft tummy.

Cord stares in wonder at her insanely gargantuan milkers, gasping “Goddamn. What size of those motherfuckers?”

Mabel blushes from awkwardness and replies, “38KK from my last bra fitting,” she concluded, scooping her pendulous mountainous hangers with her hands and presenting them to Cord as if she were serving them on a silver platter. The enormity of her flesh breasts overflows her hands.

Cord leans forward and becomes the first guy ever to wrap their lips around one of her nipples and sucks on it like a nursing baby. Mabel longingly moans as she feels the tender bud harden quickly between his lips. His mouth widens a bit to suck in her little areola and surrounding tit tissue.

“Damn… Slow down a bit well you. These damn things aren’t going anywhere,” Mabel moaned.

Cord groans, “Just take care of my cock. These huge titties are mine,” he concluded as his hands replace hers, lifting and holding her giant floppy meat bags as he sucks, licks, and nibbles on her crinkled nipples sending erotic shockwaves through her 5’10 frame. Even his large hands struggled to hold her vast elongated whoppers. “Aaah man, these things are heavy. Beats going to the gym.”

Pressing her mass of soft womanly flesh together, Cord buries his face in her cleavage smothering his entire head between her immense breasts and wildly motorboating a couple of times before licking and kissing her breastplate and inner sides of her milk bags.

While stroking his enormous cock, Mabel is on cloud nine from her massive tits being vigorously ravaged by her first male lover. She knew a lot of men would kill to be in Cord’s position. His Neanderthal manners on her 38KKs had her envisioning back to her days at the strip club, never wanting to dance too close to the guys fearing they would react the way Cord has been with her freakishly enormous knockers. His mouth alternates between her erected nipples and sometimes he has both at the mercy of his tongue lashing. She moans and gasps, feeling the front of her panties soaked from extreme moisture.

For close to fifteen minutes, Cord has worshipped the biggest pair of titties he has ever seen and touched. He has seen colossal floppers like Mabel’s on the internet, fantasized and masturbated to the pictures, videos, and thoughts of being up close and in person to a pair of ample pendulous jugs the size of Mabel’s and now he is living his fantasy.

Crying out, “I gotta fuck these tits.”

Releasing her mega udders, Cord kicks off his boots and strips out of his jeans and briefs before climbing onto the bed and grabbing the back of Mabel’s head to slide his huge concrete-hardened dick inside her mouth for a quick face-fuck. Her hanging fat milkshakes are swinging wildly below her from the big throbbing cock plowing all corners of her mouth and the back of her throat causing abundant amounts of saliva to pour out of her dick-filled mouth.

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