The Getaway

Big Tits

Brynn sighed as she watched the snow fall outside. This was supposed to be a fun getaway for Mark and her. Cozy ski cabin, warm fire with a view of the mountainside, all the luxuries that they couldn’t afford at home. Mark had come up with it as a celebration for six months together.

Work had been difficult lately, and Brynn had been counting on the few days away to relax. The bar was fully stocked, thank goodness. She’d brought a book to read and had plans to curl up by the fire and read as a way to unwind.

Instead, Mark had invited another couple to come with them. Wyatt and Cassie were nice people. Brynn had nothing bad to say about them. Cassie was bright and fun to talk to, and Wyatt was definitely easy on the eyes. Brynn knew that money was tight for Mark, but he opted to include another couple to defray the costs, rather than come to her for help. She would have gladly chipped in.

The big shock, though, had come when they arrived at the cabin. Wyatt was there, but Cassie was nowhere to be seen. Wyatt, who had apparently already broken into the bar, called Mark aside and they went into the other room to talk.

When Mark returned, he had a grim look on his face. Brynn already had an inkling of what was going on, though she didn’t know the details of the story. “So what happened to Cassie?”

Mark sighed. “When Wyatt got to Cassie’s place, she dumped him. Apparently, she’d met someone else and so she’s going to date the other guy instead. Wyatt was so shocked that he just drove up here without thinking.”

“And now he’s too drunk to go home, right?”

Mark nodded. “Trust me. I gave him a sobriety test to check. He’s nowhere near ready to drive.”

“So we’re stuck here with him tonight?” Brynn looked over at her book, suspecting that it was the only comfort she would have tonight.

Mark nodded. “Afraid so. Is that – I mean, are you mad?”

Brynn looked at him, gazing into his eyes. He was a kind man, but sometimes she wondered if he understood women. “I’m not thrilled, but I’m not going to throw a fit, if that’s what you’re asking.”

He nodded. Mark went to the bar and got the ice bucket. Brynn watched from the window as he went outside and filled the bucket with snow. “This should work well,” Mark said as he thrust a bottle of champagne into the snow-filled bucket.

He came back with a plate of appetizers. He set them in front of Brynn, and then popped the cork from the champagne. “I have the grill fired up, so we’ll have steaks soon. I didn’t invite Wyatt for the cocktail hour. He’s already had too much of that, but I invited him to have dinner – I thought it might help sober him up somewhat.”

Brynn gave him a twisted smile. “Sounds good.”

By the time that they finished the bottle of champagne, Brynn could almost tolerate having someone else in the cabin. Wyatt hadn’t shown his face since the talk with Mark, and she could pretend that he’d gone away.

Dinner had been a bit less than a success. Mark had overcooked the steaks a little, and Wyatt had come to dinner, looking no less drunk than he had earlier. Brynn wondered if he’d stashed some bottles in his room before they had arrived.

Wyatt dominated the conversation, unfortunately, spending the entire meal talking about Cassie and how he’d been too good for her. Brynn had tried to change the conversation several times, but everything always led back to Cassie.

Dinner had finished, and Wyatt disappeared. Brynn flopped back on the sofa, saying, “I’m glad that we don’t have to see much more of him. He’s exhausting me with all this talk of break-ups.”

Mark stood behind her and began to massage her shoulders. “I’m really sorry for this. As soon as he sobers up, I swear he’s out of here.”

His hands slid lower on her back, rubbing out the knots and tense muscles. Brynn let out a soft moan.

“Save those for later,” Mark said softly. “I have an idea for now. The hot tub is outside, and I can’t think of anything more fun than being outside under the stars with you and a bottle of champagne.”

Brynn tilted her head back and smiled. “I’m Anadolu Yakası Escort having trouble figuring out if you’re more interested in me or the champagne.”

“Both,” Mark said, as he moved his hands away. “Meet you out at the hot tub in ten, okay?”

Brynn agreed and headed to her room to change. She was looking forward to this. She’d brought a low-cut bikini that left little to the imagination. It was definitely something that should spark the evening.

She came out of the door and headed outside. Seeing no signs of either male, she slid on a pair of boots and walked out to the hot tub. The steam from the Jacuzzi wafted up into the air, making the entire scene seem misty. A lone male figure sat quietly in the tub, facing the other way.

Brynn slid down into the tub. She had thought it was Mark in the tub, but when she rubbed her leg against his body, she immediately realized that it was Wyatt. He looked up at her with lust in his expression.

He saw the shock on her face and his expression changed immediately. “Sorry, I guess you were thinking that I was Mark. I just came out here to give you some privacy.”

Brynn wondered if her embarrassment showed. She hadn’t really done anything wrong, but the contact of Wyatt against her skin still made her leg tingle. What was up with that?

Mark came out in a second. He was dressed in a pair of board shorts. Nothing provocative in what he was wearing. She admired his physique again. He had broad shoulders, with flat, muscled pecs and flat abs on his thin waist.

He had another bottle of champagne in his hand. He slid down into the tub, and then realized that Wyatt was there too.

“Hey, Wyatt. Wasn’t expecting to see you here,” he said. He didn’t seem to have any strong opinion on the matter though. His tone was even, nearly monotone.

Wyatt nodded. “Yeah, thought I was getting out of your hair out here.” Wyatt picked up his drink, a dark amber liquid that sparkled against the moon and stars. He finished the drink and set it down again.

Mark didn’t respond. Instead, he popped open the bottle of champagne. He handed it to Brynn, who took a long swig from it. She was going to need something in this awkward situation.

Mark took a drink from the bottle as well. He looked across the hot tub at Wyatt, cleared his throat, and said, “Dude, could you give us some privacy out here? You know…” He let the sentence trail off.

Wyatt started to say something and then stopped. Instead, he stood up. Brynn ran her eyes down Wyatt’s firm chest and the ridges of his eight pack. She’d known he was in good shape, but she never would have expected a body like a model.

Then her eyes dropped lower. She was stunned. Wyatt was hard. Not just interested and fluffed, but rock hard and ready. Wyatt was wearing a little square cut suit that left nothing to the imagination. He was big, bigger than Mark, and uncut. She didn’t have to guess about that; she could see the head of his member poking above the waistband.

Mark said, “Jesus, man, do something.”

Wyatt sat back down in the hot tub. Brynn noticed that he didn’t seem embarrassed. He met her gaze when she looked over at him, and the lust she’d seen earlier had returned. He gave her a smile before he ducked his eyes and looked away.

Mark took a long draw on the champagne. Brynn hoped that he was leaving enough for her, since this looked to be a long night. He started to hand it to her, but Wyatt stood again and reached to take the bottle.

He was less than a foot from Brynn, and she could see him clearly. More of his member was now protruding from the shorts. He took a sip from the bottle and then handed it to her. “Drink up,” he said. Brynn took a drink and handed the empty back to Mark.

Wyatt smiled at Mark. “Why don’t you get us another bottle, buddy?” he suggested, but Mark didn’t budge. Wyatt laughed, and said, “I’ll get it.” He pulled himself out of the tub and Brynn could clearly see his full body as he wrapped a towel around himself.

Mark started talking as soon as Wyatt was out of sight. Bostancı Escort “I’m sorry. Jeez, I would have thrown him out if I’d known he would do this.”

“Don’t worry about it. He’s just trying to get a reaction because he’s hurt.”

Mark caught her gaze and his mouth dropped open. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? He’s putting on a show, and you’re turned on by it.”

Before Brynn could speak, Mark stood up in the tub. Brynn thought he was going to leave, but instead he pulled down his board shorts and stepped out of them. Like Wyatt, he was hard and ready. Brynn hadn’t been expecting this, but the sudden burst of daringness turned her on. She reached over and stroked Mark’s length. The action encouraged him, and Mark moved in and kissed her hard on the mouth. She felt his tongue press against her lips, and she parted them slightly so that he could enter. His tongue was hot and wanting, and it found hers and began to lick and dance with hers.

Neither of them heard Wyatt return. He put the two bottles of champagne next to the hot tub and stepped in.

“Live porn, gotta love it,” he said.

“Wyatt, why don’t you -” Mark began.

“Stay,” Brynn said. “Please.”

Wyatt laughed, and she watched as he stripped off his shorts. His uncut dick snapped back to near touch his abs.

“Don’t mind me,” he said.

Mark tried to ignore him and went back to kissing Brynn. His tongue returned to her mouth and stroked her tongue. One of his hands slid around her waist while the other began trying to untie her bikini top. She moved so that his member slid between her legs, teasing him with what would soon happen. He moaned as she shifted against him.

He broke off the kiss as the bikini ties fell loose. Mark’s head ducked lower and began to lick at her nipple. He bit the right nipple and licked at it until it became hard. Then he started on the left. She opened her eyes to see Wyatt staring at her. She beckoned him to come closer, and he grinned as he moved across the tub.

She leaned towards him, and he got the hint. His mouth was on hers. The kiss was less urgent, and Wyatt let his tongue slide into her mouth slowly, exploring and tasting. He bit her bottom lip before he pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth.

Mark had licked both nipples until they were rocks. Brynn moaned slightly into Wyatt’s mouth as Mark’s hands slid down her body and gently removed the bikini bottoms.

Wyatt’s hands found her breasts as Mark ran his hands lightly over her thighs. Her body was ready to explode from the overload of sensations. Wyatt only used his fingers to toy with the nipples, moving back and forth between them. He watched her face as he tweaked them.

Mark’s fingers were at her opening now. She could feel the first fingertip slide into her, and she moaned. The noise only made Mark push more of his finger into her. She could tell when he was in up to the last knuckle. Once in, he began moving in and out slowly. Brynn closed her eyes again and allowed the feeling to wash over her. Mark could tell how much she was enjoying the touch, and he added a second finger to her. Now as he moved in and out of her, Mark made sure to brush along her pleasure zone. Each pass sent shivers up her spine.

Wyatt leaned in and kissed Brynn again. Brynn could tell that he wanted to be more involved. She opened her mouth to him. The kisses were more insistent now, sloppier and filled with desire. Their tongues met and danced as she felt Mark’s fingers inside of her. Brynn reached down and found Wyatt’s member. She slowly stroked its length as they kissed. She’d never touched a man with foreskin before, and the sensation was different. She pulled it all the way up and then slid it back towards his balls.

He pulled back from her mouth and whispered, “You’d better take it easy, or this won’t last long.”

Mark laughed at the comment. He took the moment to add a third finger, and now Brynn felt full with him. She bent her knees to meet his hand. She began to set a rhythm with Mark as he filled her and rubbed against her.

Wyatt dropped to Erenköy Escort his knees in front of her, so that both of them were there. Mark pulled his fingers out of Brynn, not sure what Wyatt wanted to do. Wyatt took Mark’s fingers and slid them into his mouth. Brynn shivered with anticipation, realizing what was going to happen next. Wyatt’s face moved towards her stomach, and she felt his hot tongue lap the juices that had begun to run down her legs. His tongue followed the juices back to their source, and he teased her opening. His tongue slowly slid inside of her. She gasped as he found pushed in and out of her.

Mark stood up and kissed her now. Brynn’s hand went down to his member and stroked on it while Wyatt lapped at her. She could feel the warmth inside of her, heating her whole body as they stood in the chilly air. Wyatt pushed his tongue into her again and this time he teased her pleasure zones. She whimpered as Wyatt pushed at it with his tongue.

Wyatt stood suddenly. She broke off the kiss with Mark just in time for Wyatt to kiss her. He tasted of her juices and she licked at his lips to taste herself.

Without warning, she felt Wyatt push his whole body against hers and his member pressed against her opening, asking to enter. She shifted slightly, and Wyatt thrust inside of her, hard and deep. She moaned as he pulled himself almost all the way out. She turned her head slightly to see Mark. Her boyfriend’s lips were red and full, and she could see traces of her juices on his chin. He stroked himself as he watched them. He hadn’t moved back and he almost touched them with each stroke.

Wyatt shifted so that Brynn could sit on the edge of the hot tub. She braced her hands on the rim as he pushed into her again. Her legs went up and around him, almost instinctively, and he wrapped his arms around her.

Wyatt grinned as he pulled out slowly and thrust into her hard. His pace was still slow, but Brynn knew that it would soon be faster than she could handle. The heat inside of her was building, and she moaned again as he pushed into her. “Faster, please,” she whispered.

Wyatt smiled at her and complied. His pace grew faster, in and out like a piston engine. Each thrust filled her until she could feel her own orgasm flow through her. She could feel the thin layer of sweat that covered her as Wyatt continued to push. Wave after wave of heat ran through her until finally she could feel his own spasms as he came. He pulled out, still gasping and grinned at her.

Mark didn’t let a moment waste. He gently brushed Wyatt to the side and stepped into his place. Brynn wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but she wrapped her arms around him as he moved between her legs. Still watching her, Mark slid into her. Brynn wrapped her legs around him. Slipping his hands under her butt, Mark stood up and brought Brynn with him.

The maneuver thrust him deep into her, and again she could feel the sparks of another climax start to build inside of her. She was surprised, knowing that normally she needed time before starting again. However, the different position and Mark’s deep thrusts into her were having the desired effect.

Using his arms, Mark was moving her so that he slid in and almost out. The thrusts were quick and deep. She shifted so that her arms were securely wrapped around his neck, and then she just enjoyed the ride. Mark was moving his arms quickly, and even in the moonlight Brynn could see the ripple of muscles through his arms and chest. She licked one of them while he continued to shove into her.

Brynn could see that Wyatt was stroking himself to his own private porn show, which turned her on more. The thought of making two men climax for her was intoxicating.

Mark made noises like he was going to shoot soon. He bit his bottom lip, but he kept moving in and out until Brynn was there again. This time the heat struck her like a tidal wave, one crashing wave of heat that left her panting. He continued thrusting until she was done and could catch her breath. Then he set her down on the edge of the hot tub. Wyatt must have released as well because there were strings of his juices on the surface of the water.

Brynn slid back into the tub. Both men followed suit. They sat there, watching the winter sky until Brynn said, “I’m going to bed. Are you coming?” and both men got up to follow her.

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