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“Does a fifteen hit?”The GM checked the stats on his notes.  “It does not. And it is attacking you.”“Fuuck.”“What is your Armor Class?”“Fourteen.”The GM rolled dice while keeping his face neutral,  Gaylor always had a very fine poker face.  Both his parents were actually professional poker players.  He often joked that it was a genetic trait.  Annborn didn’t care. She just liked looking at him. He had dark hair that was always flying into his face and so many freckles and moles everywhere that his nickname on the swim team was ‘Dalmatian.’ “Take twelve damage.”“That puts me at two points?”“No, remember çankaya escort to take the damage from your hit points, not your armor class.”“Right sorry, I don’t know why I keep mixing those up.”“It’s okay.  Hit points are on the box toward the– Yep, that box.”“So I am down to twenty-two. Can I attack again?”“Yes. There are two of them still standing close enough for you to hit them.”“I aim for the one on the right.”“Okay, roll your attack.”“Twenty-six?”“Nice.  that definitely hits. Roll your damage.”“Oh rats, only 4.”Gaylor smiled.  “Sorry, just keçiören escort you saying ‘rats’  while you are fighting wererats…amuses me.”Annborn grinned.   “I like that I can make you smile.”He blinked, confused.  “You say that like it’s a difficult thing. I smile all the time.”“I know but… I like it when you smile because of something  I have said or done. It’s a different smile than your general smile.”“Is it?  I never noticed.”“How could you, unless you are looking in the mirror all the time?”Gaylor smiled again.  “Good point.”Annborn felt etimesgut escort an awkward surge of bold energy.   “Can I … try something?”“Sure, what is it?”Annborn got up and kissed the GM.  He was very clearly startled, but his eyes closed as he surrendered to the kiss.  A soft inhale as his body became receptive.  He rose a hand and caressed the side of her face.  She deepened the kiss and moved to straddle his lap and he leaned back,  following her lead, and they were just making out before he broke the kiss enough to look her in the face.  “Is this leading where I think it is?” he asked, wanting to check in.“O-only if you want to.  Just want a quickie,  help me clear my head. I can’t stop thinking about having…” she snaked her hand to his groin and squeezed his package, “…this. Inside me.”  She whispered the last in a soft voice as her hands stroked him thru his pants, liking that his body was responding to her rather quickly… 

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