The Game Pt. 03


Contains many different fetishes including gay, cuckold, exhibitionism, and more. No characters described are minors / under the age of 18, and the events described are fictional despite any events they may be based on.

I pondered for just a moment as to what Jay had just said, then jumped out of bed, dropped my boxers, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the showers. As I walked down the hall, the cool air hit my semi hard cock and balls sending shivers up my back. By the time I got to the restrooms, my cock was pushing the front of my towel out in obvious excitement and as I opened the door, another guy walked out at the same time, lightly brushing against the front of my towel and cock. Slightly embarrassed, but yet on a mission, I said excuse me and walked by.

Once inside, I could hear the sound of water running in one of the end showers. I hang my towel on a towel hook on the wall and quietly walked over to the sound of cascading water. My heart is beating a thousand beats per minute as my cock pointed the way. I get to the shower and quietly pull the curtain aside and see Jay’s naked body with his back towards me. He’s shampooing his hair in which the suds are sliding down his back to the crack of his tight ass. I step in shutting the curtain behind me saying nothing.

I snug my Malatya Escort body in behind him pressing my cock against his butt and eventually sliding the tip up to my lower abdomen. He presses his back against me pushing his ass harder against my hard cock. I reach around him and grab both his hands placing them spread on the wall in front of him. I then reach down and find his semi hard cock and grab it with my right hand. I find the body wash bottle with my left hand and pour a little on his cock. I then begin to stroke his lubricated cock and it quickly becomes rock hard. Meanwhile, my own cock is now harder than I can ever remember.

Jay moves his hips forward allowing my cock to drop from between us in which he quickly slides his ass crack over it allowing my cock to slide between his cheeks and now puts it where it’s trying to makes it way past his cock in front of him. I pull back pouring some body wash on my cock and then slide it forward. Jay clinches his butt effectively squeezing my cock between his cheeks. I can’t remember fucking anyone so tight in my life as his ass cheeks gripped my cock. As I pushed forward, his balls rubbed the top of the helmet of my cock adding even another feeling that I had never felt before.

Jay then pulled away a bit in which he reached behind and Malatya Escort Bayan grabbed my cock with his right hand. He aims my hard cock towards his little asshole arching his back putting the tip of my cock to his puckered entrance. He pressed his little hole against my hard cock, and then whispers “do you want this? Without saying anything, I push forward as he pushes back in an attempt to get my cock inside. His ass doesn’t relent at first, but eventually allows the head of my cock past the first ring. Jay stops my progress for a moment, then begins to push back onto my cock again. His asshole felt like it had a death grip on my cock in which I began to wonder if I was going to be able to get it inside, but slowly, the head slides forward into his ass past the second ring allowing my cock to slide in completely. I push forward as he pushes back with his ass pressing tightly against my hips.

I look down and can see his asshole now impaled by my cock. His hairless hole clinching so tightly that his asshole ring instantly makes a white ring around my cock which turns red as I slide it in and out. I reach around again and grab his cock and begin to stroke it. The faster I stroke it, the faster he fucks my cock with his ass. Suddenly, Jay tenses and I feel his balls tightening under Escort Malatya his cock. I also feel his ass tighten around my cock . I squeeze harder with my hand and suddenly feel his cock erupt shooting long streams of cum against the shower wall and down the drain. I also feel my balls pull up tight and suddenly feel I’m cumming into his ass, yet, but due to the tightness of his asshole, it’s restricting my release causing me to have a prolonged ejaculation. I spasmed numerous times eventually becoming light headed and weak kneed. I actually felt like a dog for a moment just wanting to continue to pump my cock. We both finished washing ourselves, and trying not to be too conspicuous, we left one at a time as others were now taking showers as well.

When we both got back in our room, we dropped out towels and both looked at each other and smiled knowing that we were going to have lot of fun in the future. We finished getting dressed and stepped out into the hall to make our way for breakfast. Jay started to giggle and pointed to the floor. When I looked down, I could see drops of cum, my cum, that had leaked from Jays ass. Jay then reached deep into his pants, and when he pulled his hand out, he pushed his fingers towards my mouth. I knew exactly what it was and willingly opened my mouth as Jay deposited a glob of my own cum in my mouth. I quickly swallowed in which Jay advised that next time, I was going to have to clean him up, as he was going to be leaking my cum all day. Jay began to walk away giggling as I noticed that he was now walking like someone who had just rode a horse all day.

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