The Fraternity Initiation


This is a story relayed to me by my Uncle Frank. He says it’s true — but I know him to embellish a story if the facts aren’t up to his story-telling standards. So, who knows? But I like to think it happened.

Frank went to college in California, in the late 1960s. He pledged for a fraternity in his freshman year. It was a frat known for its party atmosphere, even more than the normal hedonistic bent of those entities. The brothers put the pledges through a week of initiation rituals, such as drinking contests, and one night dropping them off out-of-town with a dime in their pocket — for a phone call, if needed. They had to find their back to campus. They were not to use the dime.

But the last night of pledge week had a special challenge. After the usual round of drinks to loosen up the group, the pledge-master addressed them.

“You pledges have completed all tasks assigned to you, but there is one requirement remaining. Our fraternity has a reputation to uphold, especially with the sororities, and we have to know that new inductees meet our high standards. You all are to strip naked, and lie on your backs on the floor. Someone will come around to measure your penis and assure that it meets our minimum for length and girth.”

Some of the pledges thought this was a joke, but it wasn’t. They all had to strip and were arrayed on the floor of the fraternity house great room. What they weren’t told was who was going to do the measurements.

Across the Greek quadrant was a sorority house. The sorority was initiating pledges that week too. Devious minds at the two Greek houses came up with an idea. The girls in the pledge class were brought to the frat house. Each was given a tape measure.

“Listen up ladies. Your mission tonight is to assist the fraternity to weed out pledges who don’t meet our high standards. In the next room is this year’s pledge class. You are to measure the size and girth of the male equipment on each pledge and record it. Do your best to measure the penis at its full length. Do whatever is necessary to be sure each pledge has the best chance of making the cut.”

With that, a door was opened and the girls were thrust into the room. They were met with a sea of nude men, with penises of all shapes and sizes, nestled in pubic hair of black, blonde, even a few red. No one had ever seen a sight like that. There were gasps, followed by nervous laughter as they surveyed the room full of naked men, stretched out on their backs.

There gaziantep escort were gasps from the guys too, seeing who was approaching to do the measurements — but not followed by laughter. They were shocked. Some of the penises began to stir in nervous anticipation. One fellow’s penis sprang straight up, to full height, to his embarrassment and the merriment of the ladies near him. Uncle Frank was in that crowd. His eyes grew wide as girls, giggling and laughing, circled around, picking out who they’d measure. With admirable focus, the women set about their task.

A pretty, blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl named Meredith approached Frank. She was someone in his chemistry class. He knew her, but they had never really talked.

“Hi, Frank,” she said.

He lay there frozen. Could he possibly talk, laying naked in front of her? He didn’t say a word, a look of terror on his face.

“This will only take a minute” she said, sweetly. With her thumb and forefinger, she gently picked up his penis by the loose skin at the top, stretching it to its full length. “I think you can do better than this.” At her touch, the organ began to twitch and elongate.

“Oh my,” she said with a smile as she watched the organ move in her hand. “Let me help you meet the frat’s high standard.” With that, she began to stroke the penis, encouraging it to expand. A little saliva on her hand eased the task. The penis soon stood high and she used the tape measure to record its length, and then the circumference.

“You did great, Frank,” she said. Another girl, finished with her guy, came over and decided to recheck Meredith’s work. It’s important to be thorough. Frank lay there, his eyes wide open, transfixed. Groped now by two girls? In truth, he was a virgin, only having experienced some light foreplay with high school girlfriends. Nothing, nothing, prepared him for this. Soon, the girls were ushered out.

The guys were stunned. It was announced that all had passed the test. They dressed, and very necessary drinks were served. Frank said many rushed back to their bedroom to find some release from the pent-up hormones.

If this were the end of the story, it would be interesting. But there was more. Frank avoided the girl when the chemistry class next met, out of mortification. But she had other ideas. The class had a lab experiment to do, and the professor told each to select a partner. Meredith approached Frank and said they’d be partners. He tried not to look at her, avoiding her gaze. But he couldn’t muster a reason or the courage to reject her. So, they moved to a laboratory spot to mix some chemicals.

Frank still hadn’t said a word, so Meredith decided to break the ice. “That was quite an initiation the other night, wasn’t it?”

Frank numbly shook his head, yes.

“I know you guys were shocked when we appeared, but the girls were stunned too. We had no idea. But I grew up with two younger brothers, so I’m more used to boy parts than some of the others,” Meredith offered.

Still no response.

They worked together, following the chemistry instructions. They achieved the expected result and recorded their observations.

“At some point, you need to look me in the eye,” Meredith said. “Was it so embarrassing to be naked in front of a girl?”

“I have never been nude with someone before,” Frank blurted out. “I’m not experienced like you. I guess I’m shy.”

“Look, what we girls did was pretty mean. I feel bad about it. Let me make it up to you. Can I cook you dinner?”

Frank didn’t reply. Meredith wouldn’t take silence as a ‘no.’

“OK then, this Saturday, 7 pm. I’m in apartment 12B in the Newman Building. See you then.” And she left.

Frank was young, and a good boy, used to doing what he was told. So it was that at 7 pm, he stood outside apartment 12B. He had bought some flowers, although he absolutely did not know why he did it. Maybe something he saw in a movie.

“Hi, come on in,” she said. “How thoughtful of you. Let me get a vase for them. My roommate is away for the weekend,” Meredith continued. “So we have the place to ourselves.”

Meredith was dressed in a blouse that clung to her top, and tight blue jeans, both of which emphasized her curvaceous figure. After some small chit chat about the chemistry class, Meredith decided to confront the ‘elephant’ in the room.

“Frank, you’re a nice guy and I think we could be friends. But we’ve got to get past the awkwardness of that initiation ritual. Can we talk about it?”

“I don’t know if I’ll ever live that down,” said Frank. “You’ll always think of me that way when you see me.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Meredith said with a smile. “Just as men admire women’s figures, girls like muscular, virile men. You’re a very handsome man. It’s a sweet memory for me.”

“A guy is supposed to be in charge,” Frank said. “Lying there, with you and that other girl touching me, made me feel helpless. I know it’s silly, but I feel ashamed.”

“Maybe we can level the playing field,” Meredith said. With that, she unbuttoned her blouse. She had a frilly black bra on that pushed her breasts up. She reached behind and unfastened the bra.

Frank stared at her firm, round, well-proportioned breasts with erect nipples, now exposed to his view.

“How are you enjoying the fraternity?” Meredith asked, as she opened some beer cans.

She’s going to serve me like this, Frank realized. Frank stammered some reply, his eyes fixed on her chest.

They chatted. This casual nudity on Meredith’s part was more exciting to Frank than any porno film he’d ever watched. Soon a bulge began to appear in his trousers. Meredith noticed.

“Things must be getting pretty tight in there,” she said. “I’ve seen you before, remember? I’m sure you need some space. Shall I help you?” she asked.

Frank didn’t reply, and Meredith moved close to him. She unbuttoned his trousers, and unzipped the zipper. His penis, encased in his underwear, pushed itself forward.

“Maybe we can recreate that first time, only better,” she said, as she grabbed hold of the penis. She didn’t do more than hold it, but the effect on Frank was electric. He pulled her close and tore at her jeans. She let him, and he pulled the jeans off her legs. She was now only dressed in her panties. They fell onto the ground, and it was Meredith’s turn to pull off clothes. Once again, Frank was naked.

“Are you a virgin, Frank?”

He didn’t answer, which was the answer.

“Your first time is going to be wonderful, I promise. Let me show you.”

Meredith went to a drawer and brought out a condom. She fastened it onto Frank’s throbbing penis, and pulled him down on top of her. She slipped off her panties, opened her legs and guided the penis into her.

“Now thrust inside me, gently at first,” she instructed. “Slowly, or you’ll come too quickly,”

Her hands gripped his buttocks, and she pushed him gently inside her. They created a rhythm and it wasn’t long before Frank cried out with his orgasm.

He lay, spent, on top of her. She gently rubbed the back of his head, kissing him.

“Let this memory replace that first, terrible one,” she said.

It would be fitting to say that I asked my Aunt Meredith if this were true. But alas, that did not happen. Frank and Meredith dated for a few months. In time, they drifted apart and each found another. But Frank always said that his first sexual experience was the best thing that ever happened to him.

I can’t wait until I go to college. I’m sure I’ll pledge a fraternity.

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