The Foreigner


As he watched her move, he breathed slowly. She brought the boken up, in through his nose, and slashed to the left, and out through his mouth. Her feet moved across the floor of the dojo like so many butterflies over a field. As he rose from his kneeling position he fought to control his heartbeat. She spun on the ball of her foot and blocked his sudden attack. She looked up at him quizzically and he simply smiled in return, stepping back for another attack. They sparred for an hour, merely watching each other. When they were both glistening with sweat and nearly breathless, Tsukune cleared his throat in the doorway.

‘How long have you been watching?’ demanded Moira, sliding the wooden blade into her belt. Tsukune tilted his head raising one eyebrow. His height and stalky build standing out among those others, much shorter and thinner, whom were using the dojo to practice.

‘If you did not notice, than what does it matter?’ he asked. ‘If you are both finished, I have a bath warmed for you.’ Musashi nodded stepping up behind Moira, and placed his hand on the small of her back. As she stepped ahead, Musashi paused in the doorway to share a gentle touch with Tsukune who wrinkled his nose. ‘You both smell terrible. Go to the bath, I will rejoin with you shortly.’ He reached out and brushed a piece of hair out of his mate’s face before departing.

Moira watched this exchange with fondness. Watching them speak volumes to each other using only their eyes always astonished her. The two men had been boys together in this dojo and grew up sharing everything. Though Musashi was high born and Tsukune was only his vassal, they were as brothers in all things. She thought back to the day they found her as she and Musashi walked to the bath house.

She was on a ship with her mother and father, who was the captain, and they were on their way back to Europe. She and her mother had traveled overland to arrive at the territory where her father was stationed but they were fraught with disaster at every junction so her mother demanded to make the return voyage with her husband and as he doted on her as much as he could, he relented despite the reprimand he could receive. Unfortunately, the sea held no more luck for them and a typhoon sent them far off course and shattered their vessel on a shallow reef. Moira remembered choking on the strangely warm ocean water and struggling to stay above the roiling surface. The rain beating down and the waves tossing her violently, she decided to lay her life in the hands of god and gave up her struggle.

When she awoke she was rocking as if on horseback. She was warm and dry but her head hurt tremendously. When she heard voices speaking a language she had never heard, she slowly opened her eyes. She was being held gently by a man who seemed from the Far East. He looked down at her and smiled saying something softly. She decided he was an angel and she was safe so she went back to sleep.

In the years that followed she learned the language, and the customs. She also learned the traditions of the man who was her master, becoming proficient in all weapons, empty handed combat, and political strategy. Yumi, the women who seemed as a mother to all of the students at the dojo, was thrilled to have a ‘daughter’ and taught her calligraphy, and the proper way to prepare tea and sake for her master and other traditional womanly things such as cooking, cleaning and keeping house. Moira thrived in her new life, it almost was heaven on earth. The only drawback to her new life was unfortunately for her, being a foreigner was a crime punishable by public execution so she was forced to stay secreted away on her master’s estate.

‘Moira,’ her master’s voice pulled her out of her reverie. ‘Is everything alright?’ She smiled away his concern and nodded, kneeling to slide open the entry to the bathhouse. Once inside they slipped of their wooden shoes and left them in the entryway. She moved over to the raised baths and pulled the cover off of one to test the temperature finding it hot and steaming, exactly what her aching muscles needed. She scooped a bucket out and placed it next to the stool Musashi had pulled out, before replacing the lid.

‘Thank you for sparing with me today Master,’ she said. ‘Every time we cross blades I learn a new lesson.’ She reached out and worked the knot of her master’s obi as she spoke. He hummed in acknowledgement watching her bright red hair fall over her green eyes, obscuring her vision. She made as if to move it but he was faster, catching the lock in his fingers for a moment before he pulled it behind her ear. She glanced up to find him gazing at her intently. Her breath caught in her throat as she recognized his look. It was the same way she watched him whenever she thought he wouldn’t notice, full of deep longing. She slid Tuzla Escort her hands underneath his kimono and over his shoulders letting the simple garment fall to the floor in a pile, this simple contact much more intimate than anything they had shared before. He reached out and pulled her close. As he worked on her obi she closed her eyes, laid her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. It was steadily picking up pace and she knew hers would soon match its rhythm. He worked the wide band loose and slipped it down over her hips.

Moira stood before him with her kimono hanging open and watched Musashi look her up and down, taking in the sight of her flat hard stomach and the dark red hair of her most secret of places. He made a deep noise in the back of his throat and reached out to her, but she stepped back dancing out of his reach. Her kimono opened a bit wider with the movement and treated him to the view one beautiful breast. He growled then clenching his fist. She smiled nervously gesturing to the stool. ‘The water will cool if we dally too much.’ He closed his eyes and with what seemed to be extreme control, sat down on the stool. She picked up the simple soap and sponge and began to scrub her master’s body. He made small sounds of pleasure and as she watched, his member began to grow in gratitude. Finishing her work she picked up the bucket and poured it over his head and watched it run down through his long black hair and over strong lean muscles. He was tall for the men of his race, and likely much more endowed. While his eyes were still closed she silently slipped off her kimono and knelt before him, taking him gently in hand. He started at the unexpected touch and she giggled.

Having learned everything Yumi could teach with words, Moira put her knowledge to the test giving his penis soft kisses first on the base and working her way to the tip, enjoying the heat and softness of him on her cheek as she moved. She then worked her tongue in small circles, gently licking before taking the head tenderly in her mouth. ‘Treat his manhood with the honor and respect you would feel as if were praying to his spirit in the afterlife.’ She remembered the old woman’s words as she took him deeper into her mouth sucking gently in little pulses. Musashi was totally unable to control the sounds he made as she worked him slowly, up and down, up and down, increasing the pressure the deeper she went. As a young woman of great discipline, it was only a few long moments of pleasuring work before his entire member was inside her warm mouth and she was kissing his pelvis smelling his soft clean pubic hair. He lost himself in her completely placing his hands urgently on the back of her head, pressing himself deeper into her throat groaning with pleasure. She closed her eyes and relaxed, taking her pleasure in his, letting a small moan vibrate around his rod. He gasped and pushed further, before she pressed her hands on his thighs needing to breathe.

Musashi released her and she sat back, sucking in air. Moira’s nipples were erect on her perfect round breasts. He leaned forward off of his stool and kissed her deeply, tracing her tongue with his, all the while grasping breast which over filled his hand. With his other free hand he explored her body for the first time. Having watched her grow and turn into a woman he was still slightly shocked at her naked body, he never expected her to be so voluptuous, having only seen her in many layers of kimono or hakama. As he leaned into her she stood forward on her knees and he wrapped both of his hands around her narrow waist for a moment before sliding them down her arching back and firmly grasping her soft rump. He lifted her by her rear and placed her on the stool. He moved his kiss down her neck, stopping to nip along her neck with his teeth. He traced her collar bone with his tongue, tasting the salt from the sweat on her still unwashed body. Her breath quickened as his warm soft lips made their way across her to breasts. He took long moments suckling and teasing those wonderful mounds, working in slow circles around her areola and flicking her nipples with his tongue. When she thought she was going to faint from ecstasy, he stood to retrieve the soap still very much erect. When he returned he washed her thoroughly using only his strong hands to massage her skin. He rinsed her with a bucket of water from the bath, and as he was about to reach down for her she took him in her mouth again.

This time he reached down and grasped her now slippery wet breasts, gently squeezing and twisting her nipples, and let her do as she liked. Moira enjoyed immensely the involuntary sounds he would make and looking up to find his head rolling back on his shoulders. She held the base of his throbbing shaft and gently massaged while she sucked Gebze Escort him in, and let him slide out all the while moving her tongue around the head. Suddenly she tasted a salty sweet droplet of his pleasure and her mouth went mad for it. Musashi moaned loudly as her tempo increased almost into urgency. Then she took in all of him and he thought it was almost as if she meant to swallow him entirely. The muscles in her mouth were acting in ways he never thought possible. She came up for air, licking and kissing softly as she caught her breath. And then she took him again, and again until she got her wish feeling his hot seed erupt, filling her mouth. She drank him in feverishly until he relaxed helplessly, tugging on her arms.

Moira stood and Musashi lifted her mouth to his, amazed that she still tasted only of herself. He lifted her by her rump again and she wrapped her firm thighs around his waist feeling his member brushing against her netherest of regions. She was suddenly aware of how warm her labia were and how ravenous her lust could really be. He carried her over to the tubs and placed her on top of the warm wooden lid. He stepped away and looked her over again. Her wet red hair was darker and curling atop her heaving breasts. Those wonderful pink nipples, he thought and reached out to touch one. She shuddered and moaned, putting her eager hands behind her and leaning back. His touch moved south, and she began to shake, breathing heavily.

Yumi never said it would ever be like this. Moira felt Musashi’s lips on her belly and she closed her eyes, moaning again. His kisses were hot and insistent. Still lower he went, pressing her thighs open. Now he was kissing the top most part of her inner thigh, only a hairs breadth between him and her wet hot slit. As he switched sides, he allowed his nose and lips to rustle her short hairs and she almost lost her balance on the tub.

Finally Musashi could deny himself no longer, and spread her lips apart gently. He gazed fondly at her open cleft for just a moment before bestowing it with its first kiss. Her clitoris was very swollen and a willing target for his quick tongue. Her sweet flavors making him endeavor to taste everything. He felt her lay back and, still shuddering, she ran her fingers through his still damp hair. Then he ran his fingers along her thigh and she moaned pressing eagerly against his hot mouth. He closed his eyes then wanting to feel every ripple as he slid is first finger slowly into her wet tunnel. Suddenly Moira stopped moving, just as he was about to open his eyes and break his contact, it happened. The shuddering had gone inside as she lay still, contracting in erratic waves around his one finger. Warm sweetness flowed into his mouth and ran down his chin. He now understood her great eagerness for his seed.

He slipped in another finger as the pressure subsided, slowly pulling them out and pushing them in again. She almost screamed and Musashi allowed himself to open his eyes only to find her panting and red faced in ecstasy as another wave wracked her body, rewarding him with more of her juices. When she finally relaxed, he pulled away. Moira whimpered a bit, and he could not help but smile. He kissed her mouth again, knowing she would taste herself and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Lifting her up with one arm, he removed the lid of the tub and set it aside. Her eyes fluttered open as he placed her into the steaming water settling her onto his lap kissing her all the while. Moira pulled her knees against either side of his hips and let his hands direct her to fulfill their mutual need. One hand massaging her breast and the other her buttock, he pulled her slowly down onto his massively swollen phallus. Her lips were parted again, but this time much more triumphantly. As she settled her weight, she felt a small twinge of pain.

Yumi had defiantly spoken of that, but it hurt much less than the pleasure felt good and after a moment, Moira was moving on her own. The water in the bath sloshed with her motions, riding him slowly at first then with more comfort and desire. She needed to abandon her kisses for oxygen so Musashi contented himself with her nipples and neck tasting her salty sweat again but this time fresh from passion. She made soft noises in his ear that sounded very much like her native tongue and she pressed her hips down firmly and rode another wave of pleasure as he tried to contain his own. The pressure was enormous, and moved in eager waves up his penis massaging the head until he was just pressing against her wall. Those gentle kisses made her press down harder and make soft yipping sounds.

It was too much and he bodily lifted her out of the water by her waist, trying to calm his lust and rising out of the water to sit on the edge to cool. Moira Aydınlı Escort pouted as he set her back in the water, something he had never seen and it made him want her even more. She sat like that for a moment before turning to his erection, almost with an accusing glare, and taking him it in her mouth once more. Musashi could only stand for this briefly before he lifted her up and lay her face down across the other tub. He parted her round cheeks and entered her again, taking note of the small space at the top of her thighs that seemed to be meant for being mounted. He lifted her enough to hold her breasts and caress her face with one hand, and parted her legs enough to reach her clit with the other. He was riding her with reckless abandon, rubbing his face in her hair, marveling at her many scents. She was pressing back matching his rhythm when he was overcome, pressing himself as deep as he could go he sprayed his hot seed against her firm wall. He pounded again, and again, totally expelling himself.

Musashi sighed in contentment and heard the echo of it from Moira, when Tsukune cleared his throat from the door way. He was naked and stroking himself, obviously watching intently. ‘How long have you been there?’ demanded Musashi.

Tsukune laughed a bit and said, ‘My dear Musashi, if you didn’t notice then what does it matter?’ He smiled as his master removed himself from Moira who moaned. She slid back into the water and rolled her head to see Tsukune walking toward them, still stroking himself. She noted how his closely shorn hair showed the square shape of his jaw, and girth of his neck. She watched as his muscles rippled with the motion of his wrist even as he stepped up to the edge of the tub. Musashi was watching her as she was watching his mate. Her hand crept almost unconsciously to her sex and began to rejuvenate her lust. Tsukune stood there then and watched her too as her nipples stiffened, his member no more than an inch from the lips she now licked hungrily. She tore her gaze away and turned to her master.

‘If you forbid it,’ she said. ‘Then it will not be so.’ Her rubbing had steadied and he knew she could take herself over should he not allow his mate to share her. He reached out to her face, tracing the line of her jaw with his finger. Musashi then looked up to Tsukune.

‘We are brothers in all things,’ said Musashi. Tsukune closed his eyes, pleased. ‘Even women.’ With that the broad man stopped stroking himself and turned Moira’ s head, pushing his piece past her parting lips. He moaned as she reached up and grasped him with her once busy hand. She took his much larger penis deep and worked her tongue only as much has his size would allow. Tsukune had watched her please Musashi and desperately wanted to know what it felt like to be this welcome in the mouth of a woman. Now he knew he was not just welcome, but greeted with enthusiasm at the task. She moved her head back, taking a deep breath. He marveled at her renewed energy even as she plunged down, taking him further. He gasped at the feeling. She breathed again, and took him all the way now.

Tsukune’s eyes rolled back and he pressed his palms gently against the back of her head and began to thrust softly. She moaned and increased the pressure. He pulled himself out, allowing her to retrieve air but not waiting long. Moira noted how much more aggressive this man was as he pushed deeper on his own. She reveled in it, feeling her sex swell in response to his power. Suddenly her mouth was hot with his climax and she drank it down thirstily. She stood then and pulled him into the tub. She directed him to sit on the edge, as she sat on his lap facing away from him and toward her master.

Moira winced once as Tsukune slipped inside, then moaned as he grasped her breasts, and she began to rock back slowly. As she watched her master’s erection return she began to pick up pace. Tsukune placed his hands around her waist and began to pull her back faster and harder, when Musashi stood and pulled her mouth around his member, letting his mate’s motions move her back and forth. He ran his fingers through her hair as she moaned holding him with one hand and pleasuring herself with the other. Then she sat back firmly on Tsukune and sucked Musashi to his very base as she clenched every muscle in her body, causing both men to share her climax. Tsukune ejected so hard, she felt it seep out around him and into the water. Musashi tasted even sweeter than before as he pressed her down as far as she could go.

When the long moment of ecstasy was over, Moira collapsed into their arms. The two men washed her again, placing her in the other tub before washing themselves. They were silent the through the rest of the bath, each of them glancing up at the sleeping woman in bewilderment.

When they were through Tsukune carried her to the room Musashi often shared with him and tucked her away in her master’s futon. She rolled over and sighed happily, a content smile playing across her face. Then the two men went downstairs and discussed the evening over many bottles of sake.

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