The Farmer’s Daughter

Big Tits

The night before I went turkey hunting I had to go check in with the owner of the land that I was hunting on. The field I was scouting was right next to his old farmhouse, and had a broad meadow that tucked far out into the corner. I saw a couple of birds down there, a hen and some long beards. I pulled up the dusty driveway that bordered a horse pasture in my rusted Toyota pickup. The evening sun was beating down on the valley green pasture, and the horses grazed peacefully. The farm was owned by a man named Roy Tomlinson. He’d been tilling and farming these lands for over thirty years, until his back gave out. He inherited the farm from his father, and his father before that.

Old Roy still tends to plow the fields and meadows he owns, but he doesn’t usually do much with them. Most of his livestock was sold, and all that’s left are the chickens and the horses. They also kept one dairy cow named Bell. I parked in front of the peeling white painted house which sat across the way from a stable and a large rundown barn. I stepped out of the truck and slammed the door. I proceeded slowly up the yard, passing a old sleeping bloodhound that didn’t take much notice to me because he was too busy fighting off the mosquitoes. I am around 6’0 and I weigh only about 159 pounds. I’m nineteen, just graduated from high school. I strolled up on the old porch that was littered with knick knacks. I knocked sharply on the door, to hear a grunt and the shuffling of feet.

A aged crooked man wearing a greasy blue shirt and a John Deere ball cap came to the door. His hands were scarred and calloused, his eyes old and bagged, and he resembled a turkey with his hanging neck and stubble from not being shaved. This was Roy Tomlinson. Roy knew my dad, so it wasn’t the first time we’ve met. He greeted me with a steady nod.

“Hello sir, I was wondering if it was ok if I hunted down in your fields?” I asked him politely, kicking at the dirtied welcome mat with my boot. Roy squinted at me and smiled.

“Oh yeah, I know you! Yer Paul Raymond’s son, Jacob. Yeah yeah, boy you’ve grown since the last time I saw ya!” Roy exclaimed excitedly after recognizing me. I smiled.

“Yes I have, I saw a couple of long beards down there.” I told him, beckoning to the fields beyond the horse pasture. Roy nodded excitedly.

“Yut yut, back in the day I used to hunt them meadows. I don’t know how many birds I’ve gotten down there. Bostancı Escort These days I got to take care of all the animals here.” said Roy reflecting on his past. “Why don’t you come on in, I’ll have my wife Susie make you a cup of coffee.” He said waving his hand for me to follow. I didn’t really want to end up going in the guys house, but I’m polite.

I stepped onto the creaking floor of the Tomlinson’s homestead. It was very warm and cozy inside. I was standing a small mudroom. The walls of the hallways were littering with turkey fans, deer heads, and a old black bear head perched over the archway to the dining room.

“Keep yer boots on, its ok.” Roy said, hustling me into the dining room. The dining room was somewhat cramped, but cozy. The table seated five, and it overlooked a large window that portrayed the meadows and fields beyond. The chairs looked like antiques, so I gently sat down in one. I could smell the coffee being brewed from the kitchen.

Roy sat across from me and we began to talk about hunting stories. His wife Susie, a short skinny lady with curly blond hair came in with two mugs of coffee, and scurried out in a instant to tend to the dinner that was being cooked. We talked for a good fifteen minutes until something descended down the steps behind me that caught my eye. It was a girl of what looked around eighteen or nineteen. She had dirty blond hair, dark blue eyes and thin but seducing lips. She was only about 5’5, and she had a smaller well rounded ass to her. She looked so tight. Her tits were perky, poking through the sun dress she was wearing. She was awful tan, which matched beautifully with her red sun dress.

“There you are, Sandra, I think its time to go feed them horses.” said Roy pointing out towards the stable. Sandra rolled her eyes.

“Yes daddy.” She said, we locked eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I looked away, and Roy broke the tension.

“This is Jacob, you know, Paul Raymond’s son. He’s going to hunting our meadows tomorrow.” Said Roy, introducing me. Sandra nodded. “Jacob, this is my daughter Sandra.”

“Nice to meet you.” I said, giving her a small smile. She returned it and it made my heart melt.

“My pleasure… I’ll go feed the horses.” Said Sandra in a soft voice. I watched the way her tight ass wiggled as she walked to the screen door, and tried to picture myself fucking it. It gave me a erection thinking about Kadıköy Escort it.

I spent another half hour or so talking to Roy, and I finally was on my way to my pick up truck. I started the engine and threw it in first, and I was off.


The next morning I got out in the corner of the meadow around 3 am. I sat for hours, heard a couple gobbles but no birds came my way. My blind was fairly big, big enough to fit two chairs (If needed). It was almost a miniature tent, but without a floor. I fixed the no floor problem by laying out the bag I jammed it in under me. It was 8 am. And by then the turkeys were probably not coming. I set my gun down, and began thinking of Sandra. I imagined her naked, teasing me with air kisses and stripper like dance moves. I got hard. There was nothing better to do, and my hunt was over anyways, so I pulled my 7 inch boner out of my camouflage and began to masturbate to Sandra. I closed my eyes, and tugged faster. I could hear the tent rustling.

All of the sudden I heard footsteps. Before I could stop two dark blue eyes were peering in my window, and then they turned away quickly. It was Sandra, she was wearing a black jacket and tight ripped out blue jeans. Her hair was up, and she had a plate full of breakfast. “Oh… Sorry.” I stuttered.

“No its ok, finish… Or something.” I heard her say. “I brought you breakfast.” She added awkwardly.

“Well… I can’t really now.” I said, chuckling.

“I can help you finish if you’d like.” She said gently. My heart felt as if it stopped.

“Uh… Yeah sure, if you want that is.” I stammered, unzipping the blinds door for her. She came in, and peered at my erection.

“You like this?” She asked me, getting on her knees before me. She pierced my very soul with the look she gave me, her innocent dark blue eyes peering up at me, her mouth inches away from my trembling cock.

“Yeah…” I mumbled, I swayed toward her, and she caught my cock in her hand. I shivered at her touch. She jerked me softly, and slipped out of her jacket. Under it she wore an army green tank top, that revealed her stomach.

“You want me to put it in my mouth?” she asked sweetly, stroking me softly. I couldn’t do anything but nod. Her fingers were pleasing me from five different places. She giggled. “I’ll give it a lil’ touch.” She poked her tongue out and licked the rim of my head, which made me groan with Göztepe Escort pleasure. “You like that?”

“Yeah I do… More… Please.” I was begging her, I felt pathetic, but it felt so good. The feeling of her tongue outlining my head replayed over and over again in my mind. She took her hands down my shaft, pulling tightly at my cock. She gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

“You want to cum all over my face don’t you?” she asked me, and before I could answer she was gently licking the underside of my head. I nodded and grunted. She pulled her right hand up and stroked the bottom part of my shaft, and took my whole head in her mouth. For a moment she didn’t do anything, she halted there, with my cock head in her mouth. She just stared deep into my eyes, which drove me crazy. She sucked my head until it deflated, and then went deeper past it. She had about half my cock in her mouth, and she was gently sucking, nibbling, and licking it while stroking me with her right hand. I grunted, and she began to gurgle and choke a bit when she had it ¾ down her throat. She never went fast, just gentle and slow. It put me in a post LSD pleasure stage, and closed my eyes and enjoyed her lips and her tongue swiveling around my hardness.

It came in a instant. I felt an intense pressure in my legs, and I felt as if I was going to explode. “Sandra…. Sandra… I’m going to cum.” I muttered. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me softly, smiling and looking into my eyes.

“Then cum…” She teased, and at that I exploded white seamen in her mouth, under her eye, on her cheeks and on her chin. It was dripping down her face and into her shirt, and she just smiled and swallowed what she had. My cock was throbbing, but still hard. “That was fun.” She said, scooping up a tendril of cum with her finger and sucking it off.

“Sandra, Let me fuck your tight pussy please.” I begged her. She nodded, but I sensed a nervous look in her eyes as she did it.

“Jacob, I’ve only sucked dick. I’m still a virgin.” She told me, but I didn’t care. We made out, and I tore her clothes off. She let me penetrate her softly with my fingertips, and I could feel her getting wet.

“Ready?” I asked her, prodding her with my cock. She nodded, and I softly pushed into her hungering tight hole. She was so tight and warm, I fucked her faster and faster. I heard her whine a small moan, but I ignored her and fucked her deeper. She wasn’t holding back, and I was giving her the fuck of a lifetime. I was slamming her tight pussy, and before long she came all over my dick, unintentionally. She collapsed, breathing heavily.

“Holy shit Jacob….” Was all that she said.

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