The Ex’s Fault – Redux Ch. 01


AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault – Redux Part A

Due to reader requests and a bad case of writers block, I have revisited this series and have added names, spiced up a few bland spots, and combined the shorted chapters into a bit of a longer read, so it is not technically a new story. You’ve been warned!

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


So here I am sitting here looking at some great pictures of my cum dripping out of a gaping pussy with a smile on her face, wondering what the fuck just happened…

But that’s the end of the story, let me back up a few months to a different screwed up situation.

After several false starts, we’re on our fourth ‘trial’ separation. I finally had enough and said that’s it. I was getting away from the woman I married ten years ago that turned into a real screwball.

Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great even when we were ‘separated’. Natalie always wore stretch tops and peasant blouses that could be pulled down to let her tits hang out if she wanted to talk me into something I didn’t really want to do. Lace or shelf bras that didn’t hide her nipples were the norm around me when she wore them. It was my stipulation after the first separation, but she agreed to it readily. When she wore underwear, it had to be able to stretch enough to let me have full access to her pussy, which had to be trimmed close or shaved. Natalie had even taken to wearing a half slip pulled up over her tits to let her nipples stand out when she had to wear something around the house.

After our second separation and her car had broken down, it was nipples out when ever I was around, and blow jobs when I finished doing anything for her. There is something about a topless woman with nice tits on her knees giving you a loud sloppy blow job that is a wonder to behold.

She still wanted sex when ever I came over to try and persuade me to agree to her point of view on the separation, so it happened either way. More times than not I would wind up behind her fucking her pussy while fucking her ass with a medium plug at the same time. Made for some nice tight pussy with that plug in her, and even better when I picked up a vibrating one. Natalie was always a little vocal, but the vibrating plug made her scream into the bed and pound her fists.

I’d be behind her on her bed, the one with the big mirror in the headboard, watching her tits swing as I drove into her. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to see the blissful expression of getting her pussy well and truly FUCKED.

“Elbows,” I called out to her.

Natalie’s eyes came open, looking at my reflection in the mirror. “Nooooooo.”,she whimpered.

I would stop with the tip of my cock just barely between her lips. She would try and roll back on me, but I kept it just barely in her. She would finally relent and lower herself to her elbows.

You see, as Natalie got bigger, she didn’t really ‘sag’. Even later as she was a healthy D cup, they still clung to her chest. And when she leaned forward on her elbows her nipples just barely grazed the sheets, her SENSITIVE nipples.

I would sink into her slowly and then drive home the last inch or so making them drag ever so little on the sheets making her whimper.

At first they were half hearted whimpers to stop, after a bit they were whimpers just short of a moan. But when I brought the plug to her ass and began double fucking her, they changed into whimpers of ‘fuck… me… fuck …me…”

They got louder and louder as I was ramming the plug deeper and deeper with each stroke.

When Natalie was about ready to cum I would lean forward and drive the plug home and then fuck a nice tight pussy until I unloaded into her spasming tunnel.

Sometimes I would leave her like this, laying on her side with our cum dribbling from her. Sometimes I would pull the plug a bit and fuck her ass with it to deliver a pass out orgasm. Other times if this was a ‘quickie’ and she still had her panties on, I would grab a decent dildo from her night stand and slide it in her pussy and pull her panties back up. This was usually accompanied by a screech and a groan as I pushed the dildo against her cervix and bumped the plug in her ass at the same time.

Now up until this point I had always been a BIG tit man, to me anything less than a small C cup wasn’t worth dealing with. That all changed during our third separation when her roommate’s van broke down. It was just an alternator, but being a mini van made it a pain in the ass to work on. I made her a deal, it was going to take me two evenings after work to get it swapped out. Stacy bought İstanbul Escort the alternator and I would put it in, but she had to be topless in the apartment and braless outside. And let me look down her shirt when she came out for the two evenings it would take me to do it. Natalie would still be providing the sex, but I felt it was only far she have some skin in the game, literally, if it was her van being fixed.

Stacy had to think about it. I told her I would be by tomorrow after work and she could have the parts and be topless, or I would just be stopping in on my way home, her choice. Since she was always trying to hide her little tits, I figured she would chicken out and have to save up to get her van fixed at a shop.

Stacy surprised me the next day, I walked into the apartment and there was the alternator in its box on the coffee table. She and Natalie were sitting on the couch, Natalie in her half slip barely covering her trimmed pussy and pulled down to let the top of her areola show. Stacy stood up behind the alternator box and took her shirt off, she grasped the clasp in between the cups and looked at me. I nodded to her, she looked at the alternator, took a deep breath, unhooked the bra and peeled it off. What I thought was a small B cup turned out to be probably AA with nice firm nipples behind a lot of padding. Just to be nice I had to say something, “Nice nipples!” She actually blushed at that, I grabbed the alternator box, and headed out to start tearing things apart.

Now Natalie had put on some weight at this point, and her nice C cups had blossomed into a healthy D, She wasn’t FAT at this point, but she had gotten plenty plump and a bit thick in the thighs. Her nipples when she was a C stood out a little, but as she got bigger the nipples just seemed to stretch out into her areola and become little bumps unless she was aroused or cold.

Seeing Stacy’s nipples stand out nicely reminded me of seeing Natalie’s and playing with them all the time when we first got together. I was still thinking about her nipples when she brought me out a cold Pepsi to check on my progress. I had the shroud and fan off and some of the belts when Stacy leaned over with the pop. I took a look, and could see some skin, but not down her shirt. I reached out to unbutton one or two, when she put her hand up to stop me.

“We had a deal…” She pulled her hand away, and I unbuttoned one and had a nice view, but since she tried to stop me I undid another just for the hell of it. Now she was unbuttoned down to below her tits, a good breeze and she would be on display. The nice part was her nipples were still nice and hard. I brushed my hand over them on the outside of her shirt making her draw a quick breath as my knuckles strummed those hard nubbins up and down a few times enjoying the feel of them before I turned back to working on her van.

Stacy stayed there a bit to watch me, but didn’t make any attempt to cover up, I took advantage of her standing there and glanced over at her firm nipples every once in a while standing proud inside her gaping top, making sure she saw me do it. As I got down to the alternator and began unbolting it she went back inside. When I finished for the day I went inside to clean up, and there she was topless with those nipples standing out holding the towel next to me. In spite of being a BIG tit man, I was enjoying the nipples.

As I dried my hands I tried to reach for her chest, but Stacy jumped and scrambled off to her bedroom.

Well time to take care of MY needs. I walked to Natalie’s room and went in without knocking to find her reclined on the bed with a knee kicked up. “Took you long enough,” she said bluntly.

Natalie slipped off the bed onto her knees in front of me and reached for my belt like a woman on a mission. She grinned when she pulled my already hard cock from my pants, “Been thinking about my titties have you?” She was cupping one and bringing her nipple up to caress the underside of my cock as she ran her hand over the end.

Natalie had those tits a swinging as she sucked and slurped on my cock, but as much as I was enjoying watching them move, when I closed my eyes I was seeing Stacy beside me at the van. I didn’t realize how aroused I became while looking down her top at her long hard nipples standing up proudly. I was imagining what they’d taste like as I unloaded into Natalie’s willing mouth. A sign of the future if I had paid attention.

The next day was a little more interesting. When I got to the apartment Natalie was not there, but Stacy was standing there waiting for me. She started to unbutton her shirt, but I stopped her. “May I?” She dropped her hands, and gave me access with a little bit of a grin, a combination of fear and thrill.

I undid the first few buttons, and then ran my hand from her neck into the first bit of what little cleavage she had, that made her moan a little. I undid the rest of the buttons, and brushed my hand from below her bra down to her Escort Bayan belly button, which raised some goose bumps. When I pulled her shirt out of her pants I made sure to pull her forward and let her bump into my hardening cock. Not hard enough to do anything yet, but firm enough for her to feel.

When I peeled her shirt off I got a whiff of her scent, while her arms were trapped in the sleeves I gave her a quick kiss on her neck that made her gasp. I dropped the shirt behind her and put my hands on her hips. I looked her in the eyes as I brought my hands from her hips up to cup her well padded tits.

Stacy closed her eyes as I let my fingers slide back and forth along the tops of the cups touching her very lightly. I released the clasp and slowly separated the cups to reveal those nipples. Since her eyes were still closed I slid the bra straps down her shoulders and held them at her elbows to be able to lean down and suck her nipple. That made her squeak and try to cover up.

Since I had her elbows trapped with her bra straps, I took the opportunity to suck the other one, taking my time to enjoy a nice firm nipple before releasing her arms. She looked down at me nibbling on her nipples and relaxed a moment even running her fingers through my hair a bit. I took one last nip, before heading out to start putting her van back together.

I started putting things back together, and it I was progressing pretty well although it was taking a bit longer as I was thinking about her scent and the taste of her chewy nipples when she came out in jeans and a flannel shirt tied around her belly, no buttons. She came up, caught the knot on the fender, and slid down opening her shirt up and putting her tits and nipples on display. “So you like my little tits?”

I looked over at her chest on display. “They look pretty tasty.”

“You’re not teasing me are you?” I took her hand, pulled her around the front of her van, and put it on my hardening cock. “OH!” Stacy left her hand there long enough to squeeze and rub a little, then went back inside. She came back outside in a few minutes in a short skirt! What she did next floored me.

Stacy pulled her shirt open to let me see her tits easily, then took one of my hands and my shop towel and wiped my hand relatively clean. She put one hand back on my cock, and used the other to put my hand under her skirt… and on to her bare pussy!! She even pushed one of my fingers in her pussy a little. She only held them there for a few seconds, and then pulled them out. When my hand came out, hers stayed in for a few more seconds, then brought her wet fingers up and wiped them on my lips. She gave my cock one more squeeze and went back inside.

I got the last of the pieces in place, put my tools away, and fired it up. Everything worked like it was designed. I went inside to give her the good news, and found her in her robe. I gave her a look, but changed my mind when she opened her robe to show me it was all she had on. She dropped her robe and walked back into her bedroom.

I followed her into the room as she stepped into the shower and crooked her finger for me to join her. I shucked my clothes and got in about the time she was lathering up. I don’t really care for the body wash ‘fu- fu’ the girls use, but soaping up with a slippery woman using her body to lather me up made it quite acceptable. Washing each other’s hair was along the same line, but I could always jump in the shower again when I get home.

We got out and dried each other off. After I finished her, spending my fair share of time on her tits, pussy, and ass. Taking time to admire the light little hairs on what I thought was a shaved pussy. Those fine little hairs that only show up in the right light. She in turn took her time with my ass and cock, but then she decided to make a closer inspection, and took my cock in her mouth.

For a petite little thing Stacy was quite a cock sucker! I had always enjoyed Natalie’s performance, but her roommate put her to shame. Even taking me down her throat a bit, something Natalie could never do without a lot of work. When she grabbed my ass to pull me in half way down her throat I lost it and unloaded into her. She enjoyed sucking down every drop with only the slightest moan. She looked back up at me licking her lips.

I pulled her back up and laid her on her back on her bed. I nibbled on her nipples a bit and then kissed my way down to her pussy. She lifted her legs before I even got there. Even though we had just left the shower and toweled off, she was already soaking wet. I ran a finger through her lips and felt her thighs shudder as a quiet hiss escaped her lips.

She got worse as I began running my tongue there instead, and when I started sucking and nibbling on her clit and finger fucking her pussy Stacy lost it. Groaning and screaming while I enjoyed the nice sweet taste of her pussy, It certainly was different from the tang I am used to with Natalie.

After a several minutes Eskort of juicy pussy, I had to roll over to catch my breath and let my tongue recuperate. I watched those hard nipples rise and fall with her breath. Her tits still stood proud like little mounds on her chest, instead of shifting off to the sides like Natalie’s now D cups did. I was starting to get hard again watching her tits and nipples as she started to come back to life. Stacy rolled over to me and gave me a nice kiss, even though my face was still coated with her juices. That was something Natalie would never even consider.

Her next move was to turn around with her pussy above my face while Stacy proceeded to give me another world class blow job, her moaning and groaning getting louder the more of me she took in. Her body was slim enough that when she spread her legs to kneel over my face her pussy spread it self a little automatically. Unlike Natalie, she kept her pussy up away from me instead of planting it on my face while she proceeded to inhale my cock. The first few strokes while I was getting hard went right down her throat. The second one she held me there for a second with her nose in my balls and worked my cock with her throat. After the third stroke I was too hard for her to take all the way in, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

After those few nice strokes she turned around, held my cock to the entrance of her wet pussy, and slowly worked her way down on to me. It took her a bit to get me into her, working a few inches in, and then coming back up, each stroke taking in a little more. I thought Natalie was tight with the plug in her ass, Stacy was tighter all by herself! She trembled a bit when she finally had me all in her with my pubes against her clit. She started rocking up, coming almost completely off before dropping back down with all her petite weight to impale herself on my cock. It only took about ten thrusts when she screamed out she was cumming and immediately collapsed on my chest, panting with my cock still mostly buried in her quivering pussy.

When she had caught her breath she uttered the first words since I had come inside. “Sorry about that, I couldn’t hold off any more.” And gave me another nice kiss and started rocking back and forth on my cock.

“I take it we’re not done yet?”

That got a hurt look, “Not unless you want it to be.” I grabbed her ass, lifted my knees, and thrust deep into her.


“Do we need to find a rubber?”

“Uh Uh, I just got off my period, and I’m on the pill anyway.” I got a good grip on her ass and began to give her a good fucking from underneath. Stacy was grunting and groaning with every stroke. I could feel her hard nipples in my chest as she had a death grip around my neck. In getting a better grip on her ass, I got a finger on her rosebud and she went off like a firecracker. Feeling her pussy grip my cock like a fist was all it took to set me off in her. We came to a stop like that, her on top of me with her nipples in my chest and my softening cock slowly coming out of her tight pussy.

We managed to untangle enough to go back to the shower and rinse off. Stacy was playing with my cock a little while we drying off and I was starting to firm up a little. “Want to take your van out for a test drive and get some pizza, my treat?”

She gave me a quick kiss, “Yea… I’d like that.”

“Two conditions though, a short skirt with no underwear, and since we’re still on your repair day I still get to look down your shirt at your nipples,” and ran the backs of my fingers over them to punctuate my point.

Stacy closed her eyes and sighed, “I could live with that. Do you need to run home and change?” I had worn my work clothes from the warehouse over to work on her van.

“Nope, I keep a spare set of clothes in my truck just in case.” I threw my pants on and ran out to get my clothes. I came back in to find her putting on a knee length dress with buttons down the front.

She left the top several buttons undone, and was leaning over to undo some of the bottom ones giving me a nice look down the top at her nipples hanging there just begging to be played with and nibbled on. Stacy stood up looking at me looking at her with a tent in my pants. “It’s not that short, but it does have other advantages.” She pulled the bottom open to reveal her thighs, and then lifted the whole thing to show her bare pussy.

“That will do nicely!” I slid my pants off with my cock standing out, which made her smile. We managed to let me get dressed with out too much groping and out the door. From the passenger seat I couldn’t look in her top, but Stacy pulled her dress up before we got in so her pussy was visible. At the pizza place I had her sit beside me instead of across so I could look down her top, and we took turns groping each other. I had the advantage of being able to put my hand in her dress and dip a finger into her wet lips every once in a while.

We ate enough pizza, and got the rest to go. We were spending more time groping than eating. I even grabbed an application from the company that did the arcade there on our way out the door, they were looking for part time help, and I was looking for anything that would get me out of the warehouse.

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