The Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 04


Welcome back my glorious sexual angels. Thank you so much for the naughty feedback you’ve sent me. My, my, there are a lot of you that would love to have me as your personal fuck toy. I love the correspondence, so please keep it up.

We left off last time with my roommate kicking me out of our room wearing the clothes of one of the co-eds that watched as he used his big cock on me. With myself being all dressed up with nowhere to go, I decided to go to a local adult theater to see what sort of naughtiness I could find there. In the past two days I’ve made four men cum using my body (one of which was my roommate who has used me quite a few times), but I was dying for more. Sometimes you get into one of those moods where you just want more and more and this was one of them. Even with knowing what was in store for me this weekend, I couldn’t stay away.

So, I hope you enjoy this new chapter and again, this story is certified ‘pee-free’ so no golden showers or piss play. Ok, ready? Pants down? Gentlemen (and ladies) START. YOUR. STROKING!!!!!

~~~~ Cockslut Kelly


I was happy for my roommate. In such a short time span, I had been able to do what he wanted and that was give him the confidence to be an alpha male in the bedroom and hook up with chicks. Now he was going to get them in droves. I doubt he was ever really gay, but rather years of celibacy and a desire to just have a sexual experience with a head count that was greater than one had left him open to anything as long as he got to feel someone touching him. I truly believe there are people who are born gay or bisexual and there are also people who go gay or have gay experiences based on chance, peer pressure (mainly girls here) or what have you. My only wish is that he still desires to pound on me some more. Only time will tell.

I drove to the adult theater that I had been too before, parked and headed in. I walked in, went to the counter to pay and the clerk gave me a once over.

“Ladies are free on Friday nights,” he said.

Did I really pull off the appearance of a girl? “Oh, I’m not really a girl,” I said, not wanting to cheat the establishment out of revenue.

“Hot stuff, you are close enough for my tastes,” he said with a dashing smile. “Have fun up there.” He then winked at me.

He was a cute boy, maybe mid-twenties, tattoos, and hoop piercings in his ears that stretched out his lobes. I could probably stick a finger through each opening the large gauge had created over time. He had a bad boy vibe to him. Maybe he was in a band or something.

“Well, thank you,” I said. “But I wouldn’t feel right getting in for nothing. Is there maybe another way I could pay for my entrance?”

He seemed to perk up. “What did you have in mind,” he questioned.

“Well, you are stuck back there behind that big counter while men come in and out of here, getting their dicks sucked or fucking some tight ass, and I don’t think that’s fair,” I said. “Why don’t I come back there with you and suck your cock? I think it is only fair after your kindness.”

“Well, fuck yeah,” he said emphatically. “Best thing I’ve heard all night.”

I squealed in delight and then walked to the half door that the employees used to step up into the raised counter area. I stepped in after he unlatched it. I ran my hand across his stomach and then walked over to the part of the counter where he had been before and squatted down with my back to it so he could face out like normal. He walked up to me and my hands immediately went to his skinny jeans and began to undo them.

I fished into his tight pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock and found a surprise. He had a Prince Albert piercing. I’ve never sucked a cock with a piercing before. I stroked him a few times in front of my face and watched as his cock got hard. He was 6.5, maybe 7 inches long. I sank my mouth down on him, swirled my tongue around his head and explored his piercing and then started bobbing up and down on him. I heard him moan as I did. I knew we couldn’t be like this for long so I went for a quick, pleasure filled blowjob trying to get the kind boy off although I really wanted to explore this new experience more.

I heard the door chime go off and he quickly pressed himself up against me in an attempt to hide me and in doing so he sank his cock fully into my mouth. I heard him talking to another patron as they paid for their way in and after he was done, he went back to letting me suck his cock. He was more in control this time and plowed into my mouth as my head was pushed up against the back of the counter.

We were interrupted two more times by new patrons and each time, he pushed his cock all the way into my mouth and squished me up against the counter.

After the last patron, he really went to town and fucked my face hard and fast and then, without any warning, I felt his cock spasm and fill my mouth with his delicious load. I sucked it all down and cleaned his cock with my mouth, ensuring sex izle that all traces of cum were successfully swallowed down and removed from his meat. When he had had enough, he pulled his dick from my mouth, put it back on his pants and then reached down to help me up.

“That was fucking hot,” he said. “From now on, when I’m here, that can be your entrance fee.”

“Fine by me,” I said, “but do I always have to go into the theater after or can I just stop by whenever I pass by and give you some relief?”

“Shit, you can come by anytime you want,” he said.

I smiled with a bit of cock-sucker pride and then he let me out of the booth. One down, hopefully many more to go. I really wanted to be a pig tonight and just get ravished by cocks. Hopefully my appearance tonight would go a long way in getting the attention of the men upstairs. I headed upstairs to where the fun happens. Upstairs, there are several private rooms with leather couches that fold flat (so they can be beds), two lounge areas (one when you first come in and one down next to the theater) and the theater is at the end of the hallway of private rooms. It is like a submissive cock-pleaser’s paradise. Nice, large theater for public displays and private rooms for more secluded depravity.

I walked the hallway, passing by several men, some hot and some not, and listened to their subtle and not so subtle sounds of approval and desire. I made my way to the theater and opened the door as a tall man was about to leave. He saw me, stepped back to allow me entrance and I saw him unabashedly look me over like a cut of meat.

I looked at him and smiled and then realized a few of the hallway dwellers had followed me into the theater as well. I walked past the partition into the theater and saw on the screen a somewhat average looking white chick being filled in every hole by three black guys while another one stood around. She was wearing what looked like a white t-shirt with a confederate flag so it was easy to see the premise behind this scene. White redneck chick getting gangbanged by the kind of guys she normally wouldn’t like.

The theater was rather full, as it normally was on Friday nights. For a quick fuck or face pounding, this was always a good place. I walked to the center aisle, with rows of chairs on either side of me and stood there, and watched as this lucky chick got feet of big, black cock buried inside of her. I was so envious of her.

A lot of times in this place, guys will sit down, start jerking off and hope someone comes and does the job for them or they will stand along the back wall, stroking their cocks and hoping some cock sucker will come take care of them, but I wanted everyone to know why I was here.

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the bottle of poppers, unscrewed the top and took two deep inhales, one in each nostril, before putting it back in my pocket. The warmth surged through me and the unmistakable feeling of extreme horniness coursed through every nerve ending in my body.

I started running my hands over my chest and stomach, feeling the electricity scourge through me as I did. I could feel myself floating in the haze of the poppers and I let myself go. I ran my hands back to my denim skirt covered ass and began to run my hands over my tight, little butt. I arched my back while I caressed and squeezed my buns through the material, but I ached for more. I pulled up my skirt and started molesting my panty covered ass in front of all the men in the theater.

I squeezed and compressed the tight flesh of my ass while I moaned and arched my back. Pretty soon, several of the men in the place got the idea and before long, I felt one, then two hands on my butt and more running across the front of my body, feeling my chest and stomach. I could tell there was distinctly two different men now, one on either side of me and as their four hands caressed and explored my young body, I felt myself moaning in appreciation. To give them better access, I lifted my arms over my head elongating my body and just let them have their way with me. Their hands explored everywhere, groping my ass, reaching down and squeezing my cock, running over my chest, stomach, neck, throat and even down my legs.

Normally, when you are in the theater, you try and be very discreet with what you do because anyone from management can walk in. Although it is common knowledge of what goes on in these places, if you are caught out in the open by staff doing anything, you can be kicked out and God forbid the police come in because then you can be arrested. Just ask Pee-Wee Herman.

The man on my left leaned in and said, “are you looking to get fucked tonight princess?”

“Yes,” I moaned, “I need a cock in me so bad,” I moaned again, “I need a lot of cocks in me, I want to be used.”

“Oh, well, aren’t you just the little slut,” he said and I felt him squeeze my ass really hard. “Are you open to take anyone that wants you?”

“Mmmmmmm, yes,” I moaned louder, “just no fat guys.” alt yazılı porno I love cock, but there is nothing more disturbing than a fat dude trying to pound away at you. I do have SOME limitations.

“Don’t you worry little girl, none of us want to see that shit either,” he said. “Why don’t we take this to one of the rooms so we don’t have to worry about getting interrupted? Would you like that slut?”

I moaned my approval and just stood there with my hands above my head and let them feel me up. With my approval, he bent down and picked me up, placing me over his shoulder. I was in heaven. I loved being carried like this, like a caveman carrying his prey. It is just so primal and intoxicating. He kept a hand on my exposed ass and then walked around the theater, going up to a lot of the men there telling them I was willing to take on a bunch of guys at the same time. I felt several of the men playing with my ass and spanking the firm flesh. I don’t know how many men he talked too because I was in a state of sexual nirvana. After hitting up several of the men and even telling a few of them no (I assume because of the way they looked), he carried me out into the hallway and we were followed by a string of men.

“Hey, you all take that room and I will be in there in a minute with our gangbang bitch, but first, I want to see if there are any more men out here too that want a piece,” he said. He then started talking to me. “I hope you were serious about wanting a lot of cock little girl, cause daddy already got you like 6 or 7 guys going into the room plus me and I’m going to see if we can find some more. We are going to give you more cock than you can handle.”

“No, I want more, get me more cock,” I moaned as the blood was rushing to my head, “I want more than that and I want you all to fucking pound on me and fill me up with as many cocks as you can. I want it all.”

He laughed. “Did you hear that?” he asked, talking to another stranger. We are going to gang fuck this sissy in the room down there. Head on down if you want. I think we got a live one on our hands.”

He talked to a few more people and then finally headed down. He continued to spank my ass and tell me that I was going to get it once we got back to the room.

“Yes Master, feed me with a string of unending cocks and use my hole one after another or two at a time,” I moaned again. “I need to be used like a toy, do whatever you want to me.”

We got back to the room and he walked in and then put me down on my feet. He reached into my skirt pocket and pulled out my bottle of poppers and lube and grabbed everything else I had including my money, ID and keys. I didn’t see what he did with them because soon I was taking two more deep hits of poppers. He walked in front of me, lifted Tara’s shirt off of my body and then looked at me in the eyes. He started pushing my skirt down and said, “Did you see the group we have for you? I count, including myself, 13 guys. You are going to drown in cum.”

My skirt dropped to the ground leaving me in just my white, lacy panties. My young body was almost completely on display for them.

He turned me around and I saw the group in various states of undress. Some were naked, some had their cocks out and were stroking and some were still fully clothed, but their hands stroked their erections beneath their clothes.

My eyes scanned the buffet of fleshy man meat and I saw cocks of all shapes, lengths and sizes. The dicks ranged in size from probably 5.5 inches to two that were easily around 8 inches. One of those belonged to a black guy and the other one was probably of European descent. Most of the men were in good or at least decent shape. I could feel the orchestrator of this group-fuck grinding up against my ass and I could tell he was working with something substantial as well based on the bulge that was pushing into me. He was running his hands over my chest, stomach and throat and then spoke to me in my ear. “Look at all that cock you get to pig out on, slut. Are you ready for this?”

I was grinding slowly back against him and I just nodded, letting a whimper escape from me. I had never in my life taken on this many guys at once, but in my state and due to all the sexual energy from today, I was willing to do anything.

“Tell them what you want,” he demanded.

Another whimper escaped me and then I said it. “I want you all to use me, fuck me anyway you want, I don’t care, use me however you want and fill me with your cocks. Call me names, treat me like a slut, a bitch, a cum dump and the harder you can, the better. I don’t want to be treated nice, I want to be utterly used till I can’t walk anymore.”

He laughed and then pushed me towards the group of men. Immediately, they were on me and I felt hands groping at every inch of my body. My ass was squeezed and slapped, my cock was grabbed, my nipples were twisted and hands explored my back, arms, chest and stomach. I felt my panties being pulled and heard the material altyazılı sex izle start to rip which encouraged the men to tear the panties from my body instead of pulling them down. My hands reached out and grasped the first cocks they came in contact with and started stroking.

The exploration of my young body by these men was short lived as I felt hands pushing down on my shoulders and a few of them commanding me to get on my fucking knees.

I sank down amidst the sea of hard cocks and immediately one was pushed into my mouth. I kept my hands on two and stroked away while the guy in my mouth plowed away. He was smaller, maybe 5.5 inches, but he jabbed away at my face hole with little consideration for me. Soon I was dragged to another cock and again, the owner went to town slamming away at my face.

I was fed cock after cock after cock and never had an empty hand. Dicks were everywhere, slapping against my body and head when a hand or my mouth wasn’t available. Cheers went up in the room when the black guy buried his cock balls deep in my throat and fucked me hard. I was a drooling, saliva covered slut surrounded by greedy men looking to use me.

A couple of guys has joined me on the ground, but not to take some of the cocks. They were pulling my ass apart and greasing my hole with the lube. They were jamming their fingers in and sliding them around to open me up, but they found very little resistance as I had been well used earlier today.

I was becoming delirious with lust as these men continued to pound away at my face while other men took turns slapping my ass and fingering my hole. I had one, sometimes two cocks in my mouth at all times and even had them trying to stick three in at once. Most of the time, the hard, fleshy snakes just slid across my face as they vied for space in my mouth, but it was all so magical.

I’ve seen oral gangbangs like this in film and always wanted to be in one, but living it out was so much better than envying the lucky bitch getting it in the film. These guys were not actors, they were not controlled; they were horny men getting the chance to live out the fantasy of gangbanging a slut who let it all happen. I felt one of them spit on me which elicited a moan from me and a breathless admonishment that yes, I did love being spit on. This caused a lot more of them to spit on me as I continually took cock after cock into my mouth.

The European guy with the big cock was fucking my face with violent thrusts and he started slapping me across the face as he did. I was moaning like the bitch I am and yelping with every smack. My face was covered in saliva and my eyes were flowing tears from choking on so much cock. Between every dick exchange, I yelled or moaned, “Yes, yes, give me more,” or other words of encouragement of their actions.

I was bouncing up and down on the fingers that were violating my hole, trying to get them to go deeper. The room was filled with grunts, moans, laughter and vile comments as the men used me thoroughly. The only reprieve I would get was when someone held the bottle of poppers under my nose which I greedily inhaled before being plowed again.

“I wanna fuck the bitch’s ass, let’s get her up,” said one of the men.

I was momentarily evacuated of all the cocks and I was lifted to one of the couches that had been folded down so it now resembled a bed. I was put in a doggy style position with my face pointing towards the edge and before I could really get comfortable, I had one of the men grabbing my hair and lifting my face up so that he could sink his cock back in my mouth. I felt several pairs of hands on my ass, grabbing and spanking the exposed flesh while other men ran their hands across my arched back. Without so much as a warning, I felt a cock head line up with my gaping pucker and start to push in. This was one of the smaller cocks, but it still felt wonderful as my anal canal was filled with hard, man meat.

“That’s it, fuck that bitch.”

“Spit roast that fucker.”

“I can’t wait to fuck her.”

“This stupid cunt is letting us do whatever we want to him.”

“I know, right? Let’s all fuck her a little and keep switching so we don’t nut too soon and see if we can fucking destroy this dumb bitch.”

Laughter and approvals all around. They lived up to their word. I had cock after cock slammed into my grateful ass while one or two cocks pounded onto my mouth. They moved me around and put me in different positions. They picked me up and held me off the ground with my back towards the ground and my legs held open as they took turns pounding away at me while I was suspended by their arms. They moved me to the wall and had me bend over so they could ram away at me, each man desperate to fuck me in every position. They put me on the ground and lifted my legs up and over my body so that my ass was facing up and they would squat down and slide their cocks in and out of me. I was continually spanked, slapped and groped and anytime my mouth was in a position to accept a cock, someone would gladly fill it with the intent on making me choke and spew out more saliva somewhere on my body. By this point, two of the guys with average cocks had cum in my mouth and had exited, but I swear more people had joined as I briefly saw more men stripping down.

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