The Drive Home Ch. 03


Karen’s work kept her busy, leaving little time for a social life. When she did have a break, she was so mentally exhausted she barely wanted to leave her home. Today was no exception. Her day started off pretty rotten when her alarm didn’t go off and if it hadn’t been for her internal alarm clock she might not have made it to work on time.

After the day she had, she almost wished she didn’t show up at all. Seemed like everyone she spoke to had a problem and felt the need to burden her with it. She needed some stress relief and one way achieving that was having sex, but currently, Karen didn’t have anyone in her life, so she planned on a little fun on the drive home. She stared at the clock on the wall trying to will it to go faster.

When quitting time finally came, she walked to her car and surveyed the surrounding area. Should she go home the fast way, or take things slow and have some fun. Instead of taking the highway home, she decided to take the slow route through downtown. Lakeshore drive was always busy at rush hour, but that didn’t matter to Karen.

She began to get worked up just thinking about her drive home and just what she might do. She climbed in her Chevy Equinox and started home, but not before she removed her bra and panties and tossed them onto the passenger seat.

As expected, the ride was a slow go with cars creeping along a few feet at a time. Karen turned up her radio and turned down her air conditioning. The cool air circulated the vehicle, but Karen was still hot. Maybe it was the guy in the BMW next to her or the couple in the pickup who seemed to be in an amorous mood as the kissed frequently in their truck as the traffic inched along.

The thought of them getting naked made her pause for a moment and wonder if they would notice if she started playing with herself. If anything, it made it more exciting thinking about how they or someone driving next to her might see her or to think that someone else might be doing the same thing.

She sat a little higher in her seat and pulled down her top just to see if anyone would notice. She looked at both vehicles but they were both engrossed in their own worlds. Feeling a little disappointed, she pulled her top back up, then turned her radio up just a little louder and began to sing.

The traffic began to ease as she worked her way north heading towards the Edens expressway. Karen was about to get on the highway when she saw a young man standing next to a stranded vehicle. He looked a little distraught so she pulled over and waited to see if he would come to her car. When he didn’t see decided to stick her head out her window and shout to him.

“Everything alright?”

“No. Not really. My car just quit running.”

“Did you call someone?”

“Can’t. My phone’s dead and I don’t have a charger.”

“Where you heading?”


“I can give you a lift if you want.”

“That’s dope. Thanks”

“Hop in.”

Karen knew she was taking a chance but somehow felt it would be okay. She waited for him to enter her car. When he opened the passenger door, he had a large heavy backpack and a video camera. She knew he was young, but not sure how young. His hair was longer and tied back in a ponytail.

His appearance screamed starving college student. T-shirt and shorts, a pair of beat up sandals and signs of a two day old beard. If you could call it that. His eyes were an intense blue. Almost as blue as the ocean. She guessed him to be about six foot, maybe a little taller. Broad shoulders and long arms.

“Got everything you need?”

“Yah. Thanks. I appreciate the lift.”

“That’s a big backpack. You might wanna throw that in the back seat.”

Karen watched him lift the heavy bag and gently place it in the back. His plain T-shirt doing little to hide his strong pecs. The short sleeves ending where his biceps flexed into huge orbs of muscle. Karen took a moment to enjoy the scenery while she waited for him to get settled in.

“All set?”

“Yah. Thanks.”

She turned on her blinker and eased into traffic. Karen’s mind raced with wild fantasies of sex with this young meaty stranger. She could feel the excitement course through her body as she thought about his hands on her body. She played it cool, waiting to see how far she was willing to take things, and more importantly, how far he İstanbul Escort was willing to go.

“Sorry about your car.”

“Yah. It sucks. I have a gig tomorrow and don’t know how I’m going to get there.”

“Are you a musician?

“Nah. I’m into video’s. I’m the camera man for my friends band.”

“Oh. Is that what’s in that heavy backpack?”

“Mostly. A change of clothes and things.”

“What about that.” She pointed to the small video camera he was holding on too.

“This is just a hobby. I like to video stuff. Ya know, people and things.”

Karen noticed he seemed a little nervous, so she drove on in silence for the next couple of miles. After a while he said.

“Thanks again for offering a ride. I don’t have much money, but I can pay you.”

Karen thought about it for a minute before asking.

“You any good with that thing?” She smiled as she pointed in the general direction of the camera, which just happened to be sitting on his lap.

“Um. Yah. I guess.”

“Perhaps you’d like to video me as I drive.” Karen purred.

To help entice the young man, she pulled her skirt up past her mid thigh. Her right hand reaching down to gently glide over her bare skin. She then put her hand to her mouth and licked her forefinger. He needed no more coaxing as he quickly opened the camcorder and maneuvered into a better viewing position.

She smiled for the camera and put her hand on her thigh again. This time lifting her skirt higher still. Slowly she pulled the material up until her cleanly shaved vagina was exposed. She looked into his eyes and asked,

“Do you like that, um, what’s you name?”


“Do you like what you see Darius?”

“So far.”

“Well Darius. I like to drive around naked sometimes. Would you like to see me drive around the city naked?”

“Yes I would!” he exclaimed with great enthusiasm.

Karen smiled expecting the answer she received. Fancying herself as an actress, she smiled at the camera and gave a brief explanation of what was about to happen.

“Is the camera ready Darius?” she purred.


“Hi. I’m Karen. Today I’ve giving Darius a ride because his car broke down. And just to give him a little treat, I’ve decided to drive around the city naked while he video’s me having some fun.”

She licked her lips seductively, pulled her skirt higher still and spread her legs apart. Her pussy was smooth and ready. She used her right hand to spread her vaginal lips and gently rubbed her clit. She was already moist as she easily slid one finger inside herself.

Darius zoomed the camera in close and captured the moment. His trained eye using his video techniques to focus on the in and out action of Karen’s finger. Knowing that anyone who might see this would want more than just a pussy shot, he told Karen to pull down her top.

“Feeling frisky yet?” she asked the camera.

“Here’s something else you might like.” She pulled her top over her large breasts and played with her nipples. First one, then the other. Karen kept her focus on the traffic so she wouldn’t have an accident, but was also looking out for anyone who might be enjoying the view as they drove past.

She was in exceptional form that afternoon. Having worked herself up throughout the day, she was ready for anything. Having had the good fortune of picking up the young hunk Darius, her excitement and need to cum was greater than ever.

She continued to talk to the camera while she drove around the city and played her taut nipples. Pinching and pulling on them as vehicle after vehicle drove past her, oblivious of her naked flesh and the young cameraman in the passengers seat.

Karen was past caring if anyone who drove by saw or not. She was playing to an audience of one and many at the same time. She didn’t know or care who might see the video and if she had thought about it at that moment, it would’ve only made her hornier than she already was. If that was possible.

She lifted her right foot off the gas and set her cruise control while using her left foot to brake. This gave the camera a clear view of her now glistening pussy. She reached between her legs and felt her silky smooth wetness. The simple touch of her fingers on her clit made her body quiver with excitement.

She pursed her lips as she slid first one then Bayan Escort two fingers inside her pussy. The sensations heightened by the notion she was performing not only for Darius, but whoever he shared the video with.

“Oh God that feels good.” she said.

“Do you like watching me finger fuck myself? You do? Good. Take your cock out and stroke it.”

Darius wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or the camera. He hesitated for a moment, the artist in him wanted to keep videoing her, yet the urge to stroke his cock while she drove and masturbated was difficult to ignore.

Karen continued to stare into the camera rubbing her clit and making suggestions to her viewers.

“Yes. You like watching me. I think these cars that are passing me wish they were watching like you are.”

She continued as she looked around and smiled as one vehicle honked as it passed by ever so slowly. She waved as she sat a little higher in her drivers seat. The driver of the other car paused for a moment looking in her direction before speeding by.

“I bet he’s going home to jack off.” she said confidently as she returned her attention to the camera.

“The thought of that just makes me even hornier.”

She slide her fingers inside her pussy again, fucking herself for several moments before she used her fore and middle fingers to push up against her pelvis while her thumb rubbed her clit. She always liked the way that felt and it frequently caused her to squirt her pussy juices.

She drove in silence, only her fingers were making noise as she slide them in and out faster and faster. Her breathing was getting faster too as her fingers were bringing her to the brink of orgasm.

“Oh God! That feels so good. I wanna cum. I wanna cum all over my car seat while you watch.”

Darius was so worked up he put the camcorder down, pulled his cock out of his pants and began to stroke himself. Karen watched him take his cock out of his pants.

“Impressive.” was all she said.

“Get your camera and video yourself jacking off while you watch me.”

Darius grabbed the camcorder and turned it back on. Holding the camcorder in his right hand and jacking off with his left. His cock visible to the camera while Karen continued to play with herself. Once again taking one of her large breasts and lifting it so she could lick her nipple for the camera.

Another car drove past and gave a quick toot of their horn in appreciation. She smiled and waived again then turned to Darius saying,

“That was a woman. I think she saw you.” then laughed.

It had become more than just driving around and secretly wanting people to take notice. Now Karen was all about having people watch her and she was enjoying every second of it. She was also enjoying watching Darius stroke his cock. The more she watched him the faster she rubbed her clit.

Karen concentrated more on herself than on Darius as her need to cum had reached her limits. She wanted to close her eyes and lean her head back but knew she couldn’t. Her fingers were flying across her clit faster than before and Karen let out a low moan as she started to cum.

“OooohhhhHHHH! OH GOD! I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming!” she shouted out.

Darius took the camcorder and focused on Karen’s face as she came. It was at that moment he knew what he needed to do next.

“Pull over.” he said.

“I need to fuck you.”

Karen smiled and looked around for someplace to pull her car over. She wanted to fuck and suck as much as he did, maybe even more. It had been too long since she had a real cock inside her. She found a park just off the highway and made a right hand turn. Once in the parking lot, Darius set the camcorder on the dash and leaned over to kiss Karen.

Karen barely had time to turn off the cars engine when their lips met in a primal kiss, full of lust. Tongues twirled and hands groped. Darius then attacked Karen’s tits. First taking one nipple, then the other into his mouth. Sucking and biting on each, making them hard and protruding.

She gasped with delight at the pleasure his mouth was bringing to her body, but she wanted his mouth elsewhere. She said.

“Darius. I want to you lick my pussy. I wanna cum on your face and then I want you to fuck me hard.”

Karen noticed that Darius had left the camcorder on the dash and she focused Eskort on the camera eye. Still imagining herself as the star of her own show and she wasn’t about to let her audience down. She moaned louder than she might normally have and talked louder too.

“Yes Darius. That’s it. Suck my clit. Suck it hard. Ooh yes, that feels so good.”

“Yes. That it’s. That’s it. Right there. Oh God! You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

Karen held his head firm as she had her second orgasm. Her juices flowing down his chin and onto the leather seats of her SUV. He tried to pull away but Karen wouldn’t let go as she began to grind against his mouth and tongue until she came a third time. Each orgasm more explosive then the previous one.

“Oh my God, that was great. Now it’s your turn.” she said almost forgetting about the camera.

She finally let him up for air and pushed him back against the car door. She tugged on his cock and took it into her mouth. Having practiced on her dildo at home, Karen knew she could take his cock deep into her mouth and throat. She sucked and stroked him for several minutes as cars drove by only a few yards away.

She stopped short of making him cum. Instead she got out of her SUV and walked around the front and finger waived Darius out of the vehicle.

“Grab your camera and put it on the hood.” she told him.

Darius did as instructed and then Karen told him.

“Now come around here and fuck me hard.”

Karen lowered her top again exposing her tits to the camera. She then bent over and spread her legs and grabbed her ass, spreading herself, encouraging Darius to fuck her. His cock slid inside her wet pussy with ease and Karen let out a soft moan as he began to stroke in and out.

Her vehicle was the only thing separating them from the traffic that sped past on the highway. She focused on Darius’ cock sliding in and out but couldn’t help but wonder if anyone speeding by would take notice. She secretly hoped someone would pull into the park and join in, but was content with what she was getting.

“Oh yes, fuck me with your big hard cock.” Her eyes staring straight at the camera as she spoke.

Karen was finding it hard to concentrate on the camera as Darius continued to fuck her. She reached between her legs once more, finding the spot on her clit that brought the most powerful sensations and rubbed it while his cock continued it’s piston-like action.

She closed her eyes as her body started to shake with another orgasm. Her only thoughts at that moment were on how good it felt to get fucked while she played with her clit. The noise of the traffic ceased to exist in her ears, replaced with the sound of his heavy breathing as he was nearing his own orgasm.

“Oh, yes! Oh God! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me harder Darius. Oh God! I’m cumming again!”

Karen’s body shook as she orgasmed yet again. She collapsed on the hood as she tried to collect her breath. After a momentary pause, she turned around and took Darius’ cock in her hands, looking him in the eye and said,

“Your turn.”

She knelt down and took his cock into her mouth. Stroking and sucking his cock, tasting herself and feeling her pussy get wet again. Karen grasped his cock and stroked it hard and fast. When necessary, she would lick and suck it, adding her saliva as a lubricant. It didn’t take long for Darius to feel the cum building up in his shaft.

He held her head and fucked her face. Her teeth adding just the right amount of stimulation to make him cum.


He pulled his cock out just in time to shoot his cum on Karen’s face and neck. Spurt after spurt, his fluid gushed out and flew into Karen’s hair and open mouth. She licked it up and took his cock into her mouth stroking him more. His cock remained hard enough that she wanted him to fuck her again.

She stood up and lifted her leg for him to hold as she guided his cock back into her waiting pussy. Still soaking wet, it slid in with ease. It was all about her pleasure this time as she rubbed her clit yet again while he fucked her.

“Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!” she said loudly.

“Oh, oh , oh.. Yeessss” she gasped with one final orgasm.

She smiled remembering the camera and looked straight into the camera eye, licked her lips and seductively said.

“I’ll be watching you as you drive by. Will you be watching me? I hope so.”

She reached over and turned the camera around showing the cars pass before turning the camera off and handing it back to Darius.

“So where were you heading again?”

“You’re place?” he asked in reply.

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