The Deviants of Dorchester – Episode 3: Courtyard Voyeurs


Martina looked around the elegantly appointed bedroom in her suite at the Dorchester Hotel, taking in the splendor of her surroundings. The ornate sconces, paneled walls, crown molding, and polished solid wood furnishings made the space feel like her personal palace. The fragrance and vibrant colors of the fresh flowers, along with the original artwork that hung on the walls in fashionable frames, provided a distinctive charm. She recalled her arrival, having admired the building’s regal façade and resplendent lobby, which she now knew only hinted as to the luxury which embraced its guests at night.Martina’s attention left the features of the room and refocused on her husband, Kurt. After all, he was on top of her, trying his best to facilitate her sexual readiness by attending to her breasts with his tongue and gliding a hand down between her legs as she lay naked on her back, sunken into the king-sized bed. They had been giggling and grabbing at each other as they made their way up the elevator a few minutes before the end of an evening of dinner and drinks, during which touches and innuendos served as extended foreplay. Their shoes hadn’t made it five feet into the room before being discarded, and his charcoal grey slacks were almost tangled with her emerald green evening dress in a heap halfway between there and the bed. His boxers and unbuttoned shirt and her lacy underthings were being pushed off the bed piece by piece as the couple writhed and wrestled.Sex in a new setting always got Martina’s creative juices flowing, inducing her to try a variety of carnal experiences. And what a setting their Dorchester suite was! There’s nothing wrong with fucking in bed, and Martina wouldn’t say she was bored, but this room was screaming for something special, more adventurous. Her sexual appetite was craving something naughty, exciting, even dirty.Ahh, that desk and chair across the room – Martina decided to put them to use. And doing it up against the wall wouldn’t be a bad idea either.She scooted back using her elbows and climbed out from under Kurt, rolling off the bed dramatically. She pranced over to the desk and sat her bare ass on it, testing its stability. Only good quality furniture graced the rooms of the Dorchester Hotel, not the cheap crap in the budget chains where they used to stay.Who knows how long Kurt’s timely and lucrative business deals would sustain a lifestyle that now included a £2000-per-night hotel suite in a new bucket-list city every few months, but she was going to enjoy the ride for a while. An inner struggle was elvankent escort bayan developing between her fiscally sensible side working for a financial planning firm and her emotional side enjoying these indulgences, but for now, hedonism was winning out, a hedonism that she presently determined would have an immediate impact on their sex life.“Where are you going?” Kurt asked, still face down on the bed.“Just over here,” she replied, reclining, crossing her legs.“Awwww, just as things were getting good.”“Maybe they’re good over here.”Kurt flipped over, admiring his wife’s provocative pose.“If you want any more of this…” Martina flipped her hair, uncrossed and recrossed her legs, and leaned back on her hands, arching her back to push her breasts out, “you’ll have to come and get it.”Kurt’s bouncing semi-erect pecker lead the way as he approached her. He handled a jutting tit, gently at first, as he leaned in to kiss her. Before long, their tongues were wrestling as he tugged on her nipple. “Come here,” she told him, pulling on his dick, coaxing him forward so that it rested on her thigh. She moved it back and forth, wiping it on her leg. “Rub yourself on me,” she directed him, smiling and leaning back again. He did as he was told, his thick boner increasing in size and stiffness as he thrust his hips to glide it on her smooth thigh.Martina flipped on the lamp on the desk beside her, flooding their faces and shoulders with light.“We don’t need that, do we?” he asked, shielding his eyes.Uncrossing her legs, she adjusted the light so that it was shining right down into her lap. She leaned back more and opened her legs, giving him an explicit view of the treasure between them. “Well, there might need to be a thorough inspection down here!”He laughed and agreeably got down on his knees, peering closely at her lewdly displayed twat. He ran his fingers through her trimmed pubic hair and peeled her sensitive labia apart, inspecting the slick, moist pink flesh inside. He gave them a couple of kisses, and before long, he was fluttering and swirling his tongue deeply, pleasuring all her lady parts. She moved the lamp away a bit and held the back of his head while she watched his mouth feast on the treat she was feeding him. They looked into each other’s eyes while he slathered on her clitoris, licked up and down her slit, and buried his upper lip into her muff.Naughtiness overtaking her, Martina reached over and pulled on the cord by the window, opening the curtains. Kurt looked surprised, but didn’t Escort emek move from between her legs, continuing to orally please her as she gazed into the picturesque courtyard. Her eyes half-nervously and half-excitedly scanned the patchwork of dark and partially illuminated windows, wondering what naughty activities the other guests may have been up to, even secretly hoping to catch someone peeking at her.Her eyes fixed on two windows directly across from them on the same level, with the curtains open and a faint light on at the back. She gasped when she saw movement inside. “Mmmmm,” Kurt purred, thinking his wife’s reaction was due to his oral expertise. “Yuuummmm!”The movement in the other room became clearer as someone stepped into view right by one of the windows. And then someone else.“Oh my gosh, Kurt,” she whispered, but he kept at it down there, back to probing her pussy after a brief detour to her thighs. The second person was pushing the first smaller one against the wall over at the other window now. The clash was aggressive, but obviously passionate, not violent. “Look!” He peered over her thigh out the window, his teeth sunk playfully into her skin. The two people were evidently a man and a woman, switching places, bodies twisting around each other. As they switched back, rolling closer to the window, light from the outside fell on their skin. Their bare skin!Kurt rose to his feet, and he and Martina watched across the courtyard as the other couple got frisky with each other, arms and heads bobbing around in and out of the light. The window was low enough that they could see all the way down to the other couple’s thighs. Unless they had some very small underwear on, they were completely naked. “You sure you want to be here?” he asked. “I mean, someone might see us if we can see them.”But his wife was fixated on the sight of the sexy couple across the way. She hopped down from the desk and stood looking out the window, more details becoming apparent as she continued to her surveillance. “I know it’s dirty,” she told him, “but I kind of want to watch.”He stepped in front of her and pulled the cord to close the curtains.“Really?” she asked, grinning. “Too naughty for you? You can’t tell me you don’t want to watch.”“Maybe just a peek?” He got behind her, pushing her forward toward the part in the curtains.“No way,” she scolded him. “That’s not fair. We can’t spy on them without at least giving them the chance to see us.” She pulled the cord to open the curtains again, and this time Kurt didn’t resist. eryaman escort She knew she could get him to be dirty with her.The other couple was starting to put on quite a show. The woman was backed up against the wall, arms above her head, with the man’s face at her chest, evidently kissing or sucking her breasts with a hand between her legs, one of which was raised.Martina backed herself up against the wall and told Kurt, “Do that to me,” raising her arms and looking at the lovers across from them. Kurt lowered his mouth to his wife’s tit and sucked in a nipple while she raised a leg and felt his fingers digging in between her pussy lips.“Ooooo,” Martina whispered as her husband’s fingers reached up inside of her saturated tunnel, probing her until the other woman slid down the wall so that her head was even with the man’s crotch. Martina had a good view of the guy now, and liked what she saw. His muscular arms and back were plain enough, and the light was hitting his ass well enough to see that he was indeed naked. She slid down as well, her cheek next to Kurt’s dick, but still looking out the window. By the woman’s head movements, she just knew she was sucking his cock. Martina mirrored her actions, taking Kurt’s into her mouth.“Uuuuhhh,” he moaned while she sucked. “Oh, heyyyyy, are you just doing what she’s doing?”“Sure,” she told him between sucks, looking up and licking his dick head while she held it steady. “She looks like she knows what she’s doing.”“Mmmmm, Martina, so do you!” She tried to live up to his expectations, giving him a sloppy blowjob for a while, playing with his balls too, glancing over every so often to watch the other couple. Kurt put his hands on the wall above her and started pretty much fucking her mouth. When Martina looked over, the other guy was doing the same to his woman. She smiled around his cock, glad to see Kurt was getting into the mirroring thing, too!The other woman stood up and faced the window, reaching her arms above her head and stretching over sideways, one way and then the other. Though she was dimly lit from behind, her nipples and her pubic hair were definitely visible. She seemed quite fit, and not very young, at least in her late thirties, very likely older than her lover. Her light-colored hair was either a short pixie cut or done up in a tight bun – it was hard to tell from across the courtyard.Standing up herself, Martina quickly scanned the other windows, imagining a dozen couples on each side of the courtyard all watching each other fuck, almost disappointed that she didn’t see anyone else.When her gaze returned to the other room, she swore the other woman had a slight smile on her face. And she swore their eyes connected. She whispered to Kurt, “Do you think they’re looking at us?”“Dunno.” He snickered after a pause. “Face the wall. Lean over and put your hands on it.”

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