The Detour


God she’d had a bad day. Lori had worked overtime on a big project, and it was already nearly dusk on this beautiful, hot August evening. After presenting what she KNEW was an excellent proposal, her boss’s response was barely lukewarm. He wanted his ass kissed on a daily basis (and she suspected he wanted more than that from her)… and the taste in her mouth got worst by the day. No matter how good she managed his affairs, he was either taking credit for her work, or telling her she could be better – (especially if she’d just dress a little sexier). If she wasn’t making such damn good money she’d fire her boss and hit the road for good.

To make matters worst, Lori was tired of living with her boyfriend, but unfortunately couldn’t quite afford to be out on her own yet. She’d incurred major debt during her divorce. This new guy was nice enough, but after a fun few months he’d turned out to be a work-alcoholic by day, and a borderline alcoholic by night. Their occasional bland sex was irritating and unfulfilling. be passed out before she got home tonight, and that was just fine with her. Besides, she found herself satisfying herself in the bathtub better than he could in the bedroom. AND she was determined to NOT to be caught up in another bad relationship (no matter how gentle this man seemed). She prayed one more time that this endeavor into her first novel would be her ticket to freedom – from her job… from her life.

God he’d had a bad day. Rauck’s sergeant assured him this stint in this quiet, classy suburb of Toledo would only be for a few months, “until the bad press died down.” He wished for the umpteenth time he’d have not snapped that day. Following up on a domestic violence call… the worst call a cop can go on, the apartment he walked into was a rat infested, trap. That day, he’d given into the urge to hit a woman. He’d been to this apartment before, where the couple beat on each other often, in one drunken maltepe escort stupor or another. Their little girl was bleeding and crying when he arrived, and the wife wasn’t in much better shape.

Rauck had just finished cuffing the drunk husband when the woman came after him with a broom, and got him once, hard across his back. In pain and with a blind fury he didn’t know he possessed, he turned on her – and hit her. She went down in a heap on the floor, and lost a couple of teeth. The little girl begged him through blackened eyes to not take her daddy – and please don’t hurt her mommy anymore. Sickened and ashamed he cradled the little girl in his arms and told her he was sorry, and held her until the ambulance and back-up arrived. Rauck would never understand how a mother could allow that to happen to her child.

The media was relentless – and an inquiry followed. He was eventually cleared, but they pulled him off his inner city beat and put him on patrol on the outskirts of town. When he was in the city – he’d felt good about getting “trash” off the streets, not to mention that there were women aplenty to keep him occupied. There wasn’t any “trash” out here… just an occasional speeder, or rich kid or two getting busted for dope in the backseat of an SUV. The women were shitty to him for the most part out here… he angrily felt most of them considered him beneath them.

Each night, he went home to an empty apartment after his 2nd shift ended. His on again, off again girlfriend left him for good, just over a month ago. She said she couldn’t stand being with an angry man anymore (she said many other things that he tried to keep out of his mind – but tonight he couldn’t forget her “angry all the time” accusations). Right now, he hated his life. If it weren’t for his limited success as a part-time fitness trainer, where beautiful, lonely married woman in their tights and low cut spandex pendik escort stroked his ego (and occasionally more), he wasn’t sure where he’d be mentally right now… he suspected in a dark, dark place.

“Detour ahead.” “Damn,” – Lori had forgotten about the detour. She just wanted to go home, have a beer, maybe write a few chapters in her book. She abruptly made a left turn onto a side street, heading towards a dirt road that skirted around the cornfields on the East Side of town. She vaguely heard a horn blaring and caught a flash of white out of the corner of her eye. Near miss. “Fuck em.”

Rauck slammed on his breaks and nearly skidded into the little red Chevy. He stared incredulously at the back of her car as she sped away. If he’d been in an accident in a patrol car NOW, god only knew where he’d end up. Probably at a friggin desk job for the rest of his life. He gunned the accelerator and skidded around the corner in pursuit of her. For some reason, he didn’t call dispatch or turn on his siren “Please stop… I can’t do this anymore,” she murmured in agony. And still he kept going… waves of pleasure and pain rolling through her shivering body. Lori couldn’t take it anymore, the sensations were SO strong she couldn’t stop shaking… begging him, as he incessantly, slowly rocked into her. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to her – he took a breath and stopped.

Rauck had wanted to POUND her for the last 10 minutes as he slowly made her crazy. Now it was time. He stopped and reached down and unlocked the handcuffs, and pulled out of her and rolled her limp body over onto her back.

Lori couldn’t speak. She knew he hadn’t come yet…

Rauck paused for a moment and gazed down at her, admiring her sweaty, tear stained face in the moonlight. Then, in an instant he pulled the tank top over her head and ripped off her lace bra. He roughly grabbed her sweaty, glistening breasts, kaynarca escort and pushed her back down onto the hood of the patrol car one last time.

Her nails reached up and dug into his shoulders has he pinched her nipples, and drove his dick deep into her. He pulled her ass to his hips and lifted her legs over his shoulders – and stopped briefly and looked down at her glittering eyes. He spoke for the first time… since he had told her to get out of the car, “Are you ready?”… she could only helplessly nod her head yes…

When he gazed at her for that moment, Lori thought she saw his face soften, and she started to reach for him… Then, the moment was gone and before she knew what was happening she was half naked, pushed back on the warm hood of his patrol car. She gasped as his fingers pinched & twisted her nipples, sending more waves of pain and pleasure through her. She moaned as he pulled her down onto his incredible cock, feeling like a puppet as he effortlessly pulled her legs up over his shoulders. He paused, and her heart skipped a beat when his soft, deep voice spoke down to her… “Are you ready?.” She could only nod, mute with anticipation…

The first thrust made her cry out, and he swiftly, mercilessly pounded deep into her pussy -each thrust driving her ass harder into the patrol car. Amazingly, she came again, and again – and nearly fainted in ecstascy and pain.

She could feel his cock swell even bigger as he tormented her. Finally, he groaned reaching down with his teeth closing over a nipple, he chewed her there as he pounded yet farther into her heat, and emptied his cum deep into her body, as she cried out in agony and ecstasy.

Lori couldn’t speak – she could hardly move, as he slid out of her spent, sweaty body. Every muscle in her body ached and her pussy pulsed from the orgasms… from the pain of his use. Rauck pulled up his pants, looked down one last time over her wet, quivering body there in the moonlight, exposed on the hood of his car.

Rauck reached for her – and without a sound, he effortlessly picked her up with one arm, grabbed her clothes with the other, and carried her shaking bruised body back to her car where the door still stood open.

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