The Demise of Innocence Ch. 04


Rachel was home from work earlier than usual and was waiting to greet her husband Jim when he got home from work.

“Mmmm Hi honey.” Rachel said as she greeted Jim with a hug and kiss. “Uh oh, something is bothering you, what’s the matter Jim did something not go well at work today?”

“Aww noo, no sweetheart, everything at work is fine. It’s ok, I’m fine.”

“Well you’re not your usual self, you seem bummed about something.” Rachel said with concern as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

“Well, ok…you know this weekend is the opening weekend of deer season, right?”


“Well just like every year, Mark and I go to the cabin during the opening weekend of deer season. Today Mark tells me that he can’t make it. He mentioned something or another about him and his wife not getting along because of the amount of time he spent fishing this fall. I don’t know…I guess he’s right, going hunting is not worth it if it means you’ll end up in divorce court.”

“Jim I am so glad we get along like we do. I’m glad we don’t have any of the problems that we hear some of our other married friends having.” Rachel said as she walked closer to Jim.

“Boy ain’t that the truth.” Jim agreed as he hugged his wife and kissed her. Oh well, I guess one less hunter in the woods means that much less competition for me,” Jim said as he continued holding his wife with his arms around her, letting his hands grab hold of her ass in a playful manner.

After supper and the daily grind of washing the dishes, checking the mail, etc., Jim and Rachel finally settled into bed.

“Honey?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, Sweetheart?” Jim responded as he snuggled closer to his wife.

“Have you noticed anything different about Sabrina here recently?”

“No not really, like what, how do you mean?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.”

Jim sensing his Rachel’s concern he continued trying to make her feel at ease. “Well, Sabrina’s not a little girl anymore Rachel, she is eighteen now you know.”

“Yea, I know. It just seems like she is different, it’s like she is growing up to quick all of a sudden. It kind of makes me wonder if she is sexually active,” Rachel continued as she sat with her arms crossed and her pillows propped up behind her.

Jim shifted in the bed, he felt sweat start to bead up on his forehead. “Oh fuck, I wonder what she knows, I wonder what she’s been told, I wonder if she senses something is going on between us?” Jim thought to himself. “Awww geesh Rachel, I mean if she is, she is, right? I remember when I was eighteen, I was free to come and go while I still lived with my parents.”

Rachel responded: “Yes I know, I know. But remember how you used to take her fishing? And it seems just like yesterday that she graduated from high school and I went with her to buy her a dress for senior prom. It’s like we don’t really see her that much even though we all still live in the same house.”

Jim continued trying to comfort his wife: “Sabrina is a very responsible young lady Rachel. She knows we are here for her, she knows she can talk to us about anything and I’m sure if she gets herself into a bind she will let us know.”

“Yea, I guess you’re right. But don’t you think it would be a good idea if WE, or at least one of us spent some quality time with her for a change?”

“Yea sure, but when?” Jim asked.

“Hey I know, since Mark can’t go to the cabin with you, why don’t you ask Sabrina if she’d like to go with you this weekend instead?”

“What?! Aww no way Rachel. No way!”

“Why not Jim, you used to take her fishing and she loved it.”

“Yea I know Sweetheart, I’m not going fishing, I’m going deer hunting for crying out loud. This is nothing like fishing, I’ll get up early both days and go sit out in a freaking tree till almost noon. I’ll hardly be at the cabin anyway except to eat and sleep.”

“Ohh please Jim?” Rachel continued as she rubbed her bare smooth shaven leg against Jim’s leg. “I bet she’d love to go if you asked her, and besides, I could use some Rachel time, I’d love to have the house to myself for a whole weekend.”

After Jim kissed his wife good night, he lied there thinking to himself in the stillness of their darkened bedroom. His mind was racing. It had been two weeks since he and Rachel had sex and even longer than that since he had last shared his cum with Sabrina in his truck. He knew it would be nice to have an entire weekend alone with his stepdaughter, especially now. Here at home they always had to sneak around and worry about getting caught. “Maybe taking her with me wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all, it’s not like I won’t get another chance to go hunting anyway.”

Jim took off work at noon Friday so he could go home and pack his gear for the weekend. In anticipation of the weekend, Sabrina decided to take the entire day off work, going to the tanning bed, making sure she had all of her own necessities too.

“Sabrina you about ready?”

“Yea Mom, just a second.”

“Jim’s escort forumları waiting out in the drive for you.”

“OK Mom, I’ll be right there.”

“Gosh Mom, what a trip. I’m going to the hunting cabin with Jim. I hope we stop by that one creek that he always used to take me too, it’s so beautiful there.”

“Well, say something to him, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind checking it out himself.”

“Yea I’ll do that. I love you Mom.” Sabrina said as she quickly turned to run out to the driveway where Jim was waiting.

“You two be careful.”

“Aww we will Honey, wish us luck.”

Once out of view of their home, Sabrina sat closer to Jim than he was comfortable with. As SAabrina rubbed her palm up and down Jim’s thigh, feeling how large he felt to her, she continued massagin him when he said: “Sabrina, why don’t you save that at least until we get out of town where no one recognizes us.”

“Why? Does it bother you for me to sit near you?”

“Nooo sweetheart, I’m just playing it safe, and besides what’s the hurry? We have more than 48 hours alone…together…just you and me.”

“Jim was right” Sabrina thought to herself. “Unlike Jim, maybe it’s just because I’m still so young, maybe that’s the reason that I tend to rush things. Unlike Sabrina’s friends, her stepfather had plenty of past sexual opportunities, over time and through the years he had gained a certain level of control over himself and his actions, he had patience, he was calm and understanding to Sabrina’s needs too. He was mature and that made Sabrina feel safe and secure, she like everything would be all right.

“Wow, this place hasn’t changed a bit.” Sabrina said once they arrived at the cabin.

“Oh sure it has sweetheart.” Jim relied. “We now have some of the conveniences of home here now. Come look, we have a washer and a dryer and cable TV. We still don’t have a phone line, but who needs one? That’s what they make cell phones for, and besides when you’re down here you tend to stay outdoors more often anyway.

“Oh cool, you and Mom bought a nice couch too.” Sabrina said as she sat her little bottom down, slightly bouncing on the cushioned piece of furniture.

“Yea, you have to have some of the comforts of home when you come down here.” Jim said.

“I guess for tonight we’ll just have some dinner and hang out together Sabrina. I plan to go to bed early because I’ll be getting up around 4:00 am.

Sabrina arose off the couch and slowly walked over to Jim. Looking at him as if she wanted to see how he would react, she looked him directly in the eye and asked: “Where do I sleep at?”

Jim wrapped his arms around her. Standing there holding her, admiring her hair, taking in her lovely scent, gently rocking her as he held her close to him, Jim said: “Sweetheart, you can sleep anywhere you like, on the couch, in the recliner or in bed with me.”

“I want to sleep with you, I bet you already knew that didn’t you?

“Ohhh Precious, yes Sweetheart, I want what you want and just think…you and me Honey, together, all alone, all weekend.”

“Mmmm….” Sabrina moaned she closed her eyes, smiled and laid her head against Jim’s chest.

“Care to watch a little TV?” Jim asked.

“Yea sure.”

As the two of them sat on the couch and got comfortable, they began to get closer too. The sexual tension was in the air from the time Jim asked Sabrina if she wanted to come with him this weekend. Now that they were finally alone together, Jim could almost swear that he smelled pussy. They removed their shoes and socks. Jim slouched back on the couch, Sabrina curled her legs up under her and snuggled against him.

“Mmmmm baby girl, you know what I’d like more than anything right now?” Jim asked.

“Uumm, let me guess…a cold beer?” Sabrina joked.

“Nooo Sweetheart, not a beer. What I’d like more anything is to watch you suck my dick right here on the couch, with the light on.”

“Mmmm, you would huh? Well, it just so happens that I’d like for you to watch me suck your dick too. Perfect timing I guess.”

Jim raised his ass up off the couch and slid his jeans and boxer shorts off, kicking them in a pile across the floor of the cabin. Jim then helped remove Sabrina’s top and bra, throwing them in the same pile that his clothes were in.

Sitting back down with his arms out, Jim said to Sabrina: “Mmmm, mmm, mmmm…c’mere my sweet girl, let me give you some attention.” Sabrina stood in front of Jim as he sat on the couch, kissing her breasts, licking all around and massaging them with his hands, pulling, tweaking and rolling her nipples around in his fingers, her nipples were getting longer and harder by the minute. He worked his mouth down her tanned stomach to her panties and said: “I see you dressed for me today didn’t you? Yes, you did, good girl.” he said, with confidence.

Sabrina’s heart was pounding in her throat, so all she could do was nod and move closer to him. Jim moved his hands over her young body, gaziantep escort forum moving them slowly, feeling her panties and how they gripped her hips, and notto mention what a visual turn on it was to see how they dissappeared between her crack, he slid his fingers inside the front of her panties to feel her thick mound. “You’re such a pretty little girl Sabrina and I love what you wore for me today,” he said smiling.

“Thank you Jim, I knew you’d want me to wear these because you bought them for me, remember?” Sabrina said softly.

Sabrina stood there. Jim wasn’t her boyfriend, he was only her step-father and that’s all he ever was going to be, but this was feeling like what was soon to be the most exciting sex they had ever shared together, nothing at all like when they had to sneak around and worry about someone seeing them or catching them together. Her pussy throbbed inside as she felt Jim fondling her vaginal lips. She could feel herself getting wet. She closed her eyes, feeling Jim slip a finger inside her, then two fingers. He began sliding them in and out of her pussy, then he added a third, and he continued playing with her as his thumb stroked her tight little ass, pushing and probing just a little but not entering her there just yet, making her remember how he had fucked her in his truck that night. Sabrina’s clit began to swell as Jim found it and gently rubbed it…soon she was almost reliving in her mind the night her and Jim had sex. Jim slowly slipped her panties down her legs as he kissed her thick patch of hair she stepped out of them.

“Sit on my lap Precious, I want to hold you,” Jim said. As Sabrina sat on Jim’s lap she could feel he’s throbbing cock pressed underneath her, poking at her. Sabrina felt his mouth on hers before she knew what was happening. They kissed passionately for the first time. He found her tongue with his and sucked on it gently. Sabrina answered Jim’s hungry aggressions by moving her body, rubbing herself against him, she opened her mouth so he could kiss her deeper. Jim slipped his hand lower, just softly caressing the outside of Sabrina’s hairy pussy. He smiled to himself as he felt her wetness and breathed in her scent. As Jim continued kissing her he felt the warmth of her juices as he slid his fingers between her wet slit, sliding them slowly and gingerly up and down. Sabrina moaned and he kissed her deeper, wanting every bit of passion and desire to flow from her body to his. Sabrina widened her legs for Jim, wanting his fingers all over her. Jim continued sliding them up and down, toying with her clit, rubbing his thumb against her ass as her clit was exposed and hard, teasing it and circling it. He withdrew his touch but continued to press against her tight little rose bud, but did not press his fingers inside, even though she moved trying to make it happen. Sabrina was completely lost and under Jim’s control. Jim knew it too, he could sense it and he was enjoying every single minute of it.

Jim suddenly stopped with his hand and broke away from the kissing they were sharing to look at her youthful and pretty face. Sabrina looked at him feeling somewhat disappointed because he was making her feel so good but now he had stopped.

“Sabrina, do you understand that you’re now my sex slave?” Jim asked. Sabrina not knowing what he meant only nodded and said: “I guess.”. “Do you also know that you’re my little fuck toy this weekend, to play with anytime I want and in any way I want?” Jim asked. “Yes, Jim,” she whispered. ” I want you to call me Daddy now Sabrina, ok?” Jim said. “Yes, Daddy,” she whispered. “That’s what I want to be for you Sabrina, you’re such a sweet little girl, yes indeed you are,” Jim said as he smiled.

Then Jim sat her straight up in his lap and turned her so she was on her knees and bent over the arm of the couch. Jim lay over her with his cock protruding rigidly, hitting the backs of her legs and against her pussy. He leaned close to her ear and whispered: “Oohh Sabrina baby, I want to fuck you in the ass.” “No Daddy,” she softy whispered as she tried pushing her pussy back against him. Aww easy now Baby cakes, Daddy gets what he wants and YOU know I will not hurt you. Jim pulled his cock away from her and slapped her tender ass with his open hand. “No no Precious, Daddy is in charge, you just relax and let it happen, just enjoy it.”

As Jim reached for the lubricant, he explained how he was gong to lubricate Sabrina’s virgin ass so that she would enjoy his touch. “Don’t be embarrassed Pumpkin”, Jim told her as he squeezed the smooth cold liquid on to his fingers….then moved them up and down her crack…massaging her rose bud moving his fingers in tiny circles applying gentle pressure…making Sabrina push against his slippery fingers.

Jim reached under her and pulled her nipples while he kissed the back of her neck while he was getting her use to the pressure against her ass. Sabina moaned softly, arching her back, obviously enjoying what Jim was doing. He gaziantep escort forumları moved in closer now, sliding his cock up and down the outside of her pussy, coating the head of his cock with her vaginal secretions. Sabrina breathed faster and moaned, rubbing herself against his cock, feeling the ache, need and desire deep inside her getting greater.

Jim was feeling like he would cum just by the stimulation his cock received by entering only the head of it inside her ass. He pulled the head of his cock out and pressed it at the entrance of her puckered little anus again. He removed his hands from her breasts and dug them firmly into her soft as cheeks, spreading the little bitches ass wide open to him. Sabrina clutched to the arm of the couch as she felt her heart beating wildly. She began to perspire as she prepared herself to be fucked in the ass for the very first time.

Jim pressed forward and slipped the head of his thick cock inside her ass, holding it there for a few minutes, telling Sabrina how he was going to let her adjust to this new sensation. Sabrina felt the pain instantly and cried out. Nooo Daddy please stop, it hurts. In a soothing voice, Jim told Sabrina to hold his dick in her ass, that he would not move it, until she felt comfortable. “Remember Pumpkin, you’re my slave, you’re going to make me feel good and also learn what it’s like to be really fucked,” Jim told her. He sensed her hesitance and reached down to softly rub her pussy and clit. “There there Pumpkin, just breathe sweetheart, just relax for Daddy, you’re gonna be fine Sweetheart.” As soon as Jim said that, Sabrina relaxed and settled over the arm of the couch while raising her ass a little higher. “Oh yes Sweetheart, very good, very very good,” he said kindly as he removed his cock from her ass and began sinking his fingers into her, helping her to relax. Adding more lubrication, he entered her ass again, pushing even further in, inch by inch as he kept her pussy and clit burning with a desire Sabrina never experienced before. At last he was all the way in, he bent close to her and whispered to her as he continued letting his fingers work their magic on her pussy and clit: “Sweetheart, how do you feel baby, are you ok?” Ohhhh Daddy, it feels so slippery, am I making you feel good too?

Sabrina felt the fullness of Jim’s cock in her ass, and his fingers making her pussy and clit tingle and ache harder, and she said, “I love it Daddy….I want you to love me, I want you to fuck me. Are you going to cum in my ass Daddy?” Jim smiled, and began to stroke deep strokes, in and out, taking his cock almost completely out and then slowly burying deep inside again, over and over. As Sabrina relaxed more and more and started to enjoy it, he picked up the pace, until he was fucking her deeper and faster with aggressive knowing strokes. Sabrina’s little moans of pleasure made his cock harden and stiffen even more, until he could feel the cum rising up the length of his shaft.

Not able to stand it any longer, Jim rubbed Sabrina’s clit harder and at the last second said, “Cum for me Sabrina……cum hard, baby.” Jim grunted as he drove his engorged dick home. Sabrina’s body started to convulse, as her moans worked up into faint screams, her body began to clench and tighten, her ass was pushing back, taking him deeper with each forward stoke, Jim couldn’t control himself any longer, losing his warm seed inside her ass. She felt his hot spurts of cum shooting inside her virgin ass, making it even more slippery at the same time the waves of her cum, went over and over her.

They both collapsed, Jim on top of Sabrina, his cock still inside of her, as their bodies came down from the passion they had both just experienced. Sabrina could feel Jim’s heart beating on her back, and she knew hers was doing the same. Jim kissed her cheek, and hugged her tight as they lay there recovering. As he rolled off Sabrina, he reached between her legs….feeling massive amounts of slippery hot cum, his fingers were dripping wet. Jim looked at Sabrina in the eyes and said, Baby…..I want you to taste your cum, as he smeared it over her mouth. Sabrina began licking her lips, as Jim moved closer to kiss her lips and the cum. They both laid there in total ecstasy enjoying the taste of womanhood.

Finally, Jim stood up and started to dress. Sabrina started to get up, but Jim stopped her. “No Precious, I want to look at you, just lay there. Please baby, just give me a few minutes. I always want to remember my little love slave with the vision I have right now….that she was fucked good and left completely satisfied, lying naked in our cum, seeing my own cum dripping from your ass.” Sabrina smiled as she raised her ass again then wiggled on the couch and said, “Okay Daddy.”

To all of you who have read my stories and left feedback, I read each and every one of them, I even responded to some of them. I appreciate all of your responses. I was thinking this would be the last chapter in this series, I have two other stories that I have wrote that I am considering submitting to Literotica but neither one of them are incestual in nature. Please tell me if you think I should continue with a chapter 5 in this series. Maybe Sabrina should go away for awhile, maybe she should get married and have a family of her own but eventually come back for some more of that loving attention she once received from her step-father.

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