The Damned New Bathing Suit Ch. 01


It was that damned new bathing suit that started all this. Since the family had a pool that she used regularly during the warm months it was to be expected that she would change her suit from time to time. Most of them had been two piece suits and he didn’t pay them much notice until this one came along.

Kyle was standing at the kitchen counter making a sandwich even though he had just finished lunch a couple of hours ago. He held a wide knife with a glob of mayonnaise, preparing to spread it on a slice of bread when she came breezing through the kitchen, heading for the sliding doors that led to the pool area. He froze and stared at her although she didn’t seem to notice as she passed him.

Her new suit was a pale yellow with a fine silver checkered pattern printed on it. The colors blended nicely and gave the fabric a subtle shine and even matched her short blonde hair somewhat. But the colors weren’t what caught his eye. Her top was a style he had only seen on swimsuit models. There were two triangles of yellow cloth that only covered the front of her large bosom, leaving the sides open. The straps were thin and barely seemed able to hold her breasts in and he watched as they rocked back and forth when she walked as if threatening to free themselves at any moment. Skimpy would have been the first adjective that came to mind if he could have stopped watching her long enough to think. She wore a multicolored beach towel around her waist and carried her pool bag in her left hand.

“You just ate lunch!” she exclaimed without slowing down or looking his way.

Kyle didn’t answer but watched as she gave the sliding door a shove then walked out on to the shaded patio area before stepping out into the sun. His eyes followed her as she headed over to the left side of the pool, the sun side. She grabbed a deck chair and checked the sun before positioning it at an angle for the best exposure to the warm rays. Then she moved a small table to the right side of the chair and began taking items from her pool bag and arranging them on it. She took out a large bottle of water that was frozen solid but would quickly thaw in the sun, her romance novel of the week, her cigarettes and lighter and lastly a large bottle of low SPF sunscreen. Then she sat on the edge of the chair that faced the house and methodically began to apply sunscreen to herself. He watched as she rubbed the liquid on her arms, neck, chest and abdomen, running her fingers beneath the lines of her suit to get those spots that might be exposed when she changed positions. After she covered her upper parts she stood up and pulled off the towel then turned around and spread it out on the deck chair.

The bottom of her suit was the same fabric as the top. It tied on the sides and while it wasn’t a thong cut, it certainly exposed more of her round buttocks than previous suits. There was another small triangle of fabric in the front that covered just what it had to and left the sides of her hips mostly open. She propped her right leg on the deckchair and applied lotion to it then did the same for the left before elevating the back of the chair a bit and lying down on it. She reached over and pulled a cigarette out of the pack and lit it then exhaled the silver smoke into the hot, humid air. Then she put one arm behind her head and bent her left leg at the knee then relaxed and settled in for a couple of hours of tanning.

Kyle often chastised her for smoking and for tanning, repeatedly warning her about the adverse effects of those pastimes but, in truth, she was a chipper, smoking only a few cigarettes a week so it was unlikely she would suffer any problems. She did use sunscreen and moisturizers so she didn’t do wholesale damage to her skin by tanning with no protection but this new suit seemed to be designed to allow the maximum amount of skin exposure without being nude. However these thoughts were not on his mind as he looked across the pool at her.

Kyle realized he was still holding the mayonnaise and had not spread it on the bread yet. Quickly he finished making his sandwich then grabbed a bag of chips from the pantry and a cold soft drink from the refrigerator. Exiting through the sliding doors, he made his way to the right side of the pool, the shady side. Lying on a deckchair for hours was boring to him so he had no interest in tanning. Yet he loved getting in the water and swimming around though but first he wanted to eat.

As he walked to the corner where the patio table with the umbrella waited he glanced over at her, just a quick look, not staring. She hadn’t changed position yet but soon would. He set his snack on the table purposely positioning himself so as not to have her in his direct line of sight. The sandwich, chips and drink disappeared quickly and he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand since he forgot a napkin. Then he stood and walked to the side of the pool closest to him, which was the deep end, and jumped in feet first. He escort blog brought his legs up as he slid through the water, slowing his descent, enjoying the water which became cooler the deeper he sank. The count began in his head and he mentally ticked off the seconds. His goal was to stay underwater for three minutes and so far his best had been one minute and forty-seven seconds. As the time went by he started feeling the urge to breath come over him and he lightly kicked off the bottom of the pool and rose to the surface but kept his head under water as he continued to count. When he reached two minutes he raised his head out of the water, exhaled, and then took in a few deep breaths until his blood oxygen recovered and his heart rate slowed to normal.

Looking to his right he saw that he was near the side of the pool, directly in front of her. Her feet were first in his line of sight and he noticed her right leg was now bent up and leaning over to the side. This angle gave him a straight view of her crotch and he stared for a few moments until his eyes went further up her body, still slick and gleaming from the sunscreen. Her breasts were flattened some as she reclined and they wobbled a bit as she made tiny adjustments to her position, the tiny bathing suit barely covering them. Her face pointed directly up to the sky so he knew she couldn’t see him but, after watching her for a time, he abruptly turned away, took a deep breath and glided back underwater, mentally ticking off the seconds again. He slowly drifted to the shallow part of the pool until he reached the steps at the end and realized he had lost count of his time underwater because his mind was focused on something else; something he knew was wrong to focus on but he couldn’t seem to shift his attention to anything else right now. His feet found the first step and he climbed out of the pool stopping halfway to let the water drain out of his baggy shorts. It was time to get away from this situation, time to get away from that damned bathing suit. He started towards the patio where a stack of big fluffy towels waited.

“Kyle,” she called.

“Yeah mom,” he answered.

“Come and do my back for me.”

He went on to the patio to grab a towel then walked over to her. She had turned onto her stomach and untied the slim strings in the back that held her top on. Her breasts pushed outward from the deckchair, squashed against her towel. He was relieved to see that she was facing away from him so he didn’t have to look away as he approached. Kyle pulled up a handy chair and positioned it close to her then reached across and grabbed the plastic bottle of sunscreen. He squeezed it firmly and the slick, white liquid squirted out of the bottle falling in streaks and spots across her back. The lotion’s appearance on her back immediately brought to mind the usual end of porn videos he had seen but would really rather not associate with his mother. After hesitating just a moment, he placed his hand in the heaviest accumulation and began to spread it around her back and shoulders, slowly at first, then a bit faster but not so fast as to appear in a hurry. He started rubbing the lotion on the back of her neck.

“Ooooo!” she squeaked, twitching a bit.

“Sorry,” Kyle said. She was very ticklish in that spot, something his father often took advantage of. He brought his hands down lower on her shoulders and continued applying the lotion.

“Get my legs too,” she said without changing her position.

He squirted some of the lotion on his hands this time and rubbed it on the back of her thighs and calves but stopping below her buttocks which were mostly visible thanks to this damned new suit. Despite his best efforts he felt the beginnings of an erection stirring in his bathing suit. He quickly finished rubbing the lotion on her then stood up and turned away.

“OK, got it,” he said. He quickly walked back towards the house trying to adjust his bathing suit to hide his erection which had not reached full status but was probably visible none the less.

“Thanks sweetie,” she replied.

Kyle went in through the sliding doors, still trying to adjust his cock as it pushed against the snug bathing suit lining. He was grateful that his younger sister was hanging out at a friend’s pool that day and that his father was out playing golf so there was no one in the house to see his predicament. He went up the stairs to his room and closed the door behind him. Immediately he shucked off his bathing suit and tossed it on the floor. He made a move to grab his hard cock but thought better of it and, instead, took a few deep breaths, trying to calm things down.

This was not the first time an unwanted erection had happened to him. After all he was 18 and sometimes all of his senses seemed to be trying to cause erections. The sight of a hot girl, the smell of her perfume, a flirtatious remark or friendly hug all seemed gaziantep escort blogu to trigger a response that could and had been embarrassing. He was newly graduated from high school and heading to college in a couple of months where he hoped that finding willing sex partners would be a bit easier. Having his first sex at age 16 then experiencing a drought until just before graduation had not helped things since his body now knew how good sex was and let him know that it was ready to go at inopportune times. Although he was tall and muscular in a teenage sort of way, he found talking to girls difficult and his attempts at flirting or pick-up lines were rather clumsy which caused further stress. So he dated some but had no regular girlfriend and consequently no regular sex partner.

His erection relaxed and faded away but he was still reluctant to touch himself since it might readily flare up again. He pulled some underwear out of his drawer then grabbed a pair or shorts that were on the floor and put them on. A tank top lay in a heap on his bed and he moved to put it on but decided it was too dirty and got another from his dresser. He flopped back on his bed and stretched out putting his arms over his head. Why did she go and buy a suit like that one, he thought. He figured it was so that she could get maximum exposure when she tanned but she could go fully nude at her tanning salon that she used during the cold months.

He thought for a bit and realized the problem wasn’t the damned bathing suit. The problem was that his mom was not only very pretty but had a great, curvy body. She wasn’t tall but had an hourglass figure that featured a set of large breasts that her short stature only accented. Her hips and ass were also nice and round and she carried only a bit of extra weight so she was definitely curvy without being fat. She wore her straight blonde hair in a low maintenance, pixie style, that wasn’t excessively short but long enough to still frame her features. She had always worn her hair that way saying she didn’t like taking a lot of time with drying, brushing and styling. A quick blowout with her hand held dryer she was ready for anything be it her job in real estate or a night out with his dad.

As he relaxed on his bed the images of her sweeping through the kitchen, her breasts straining in the tiny suit and the shiny slick sunscreen gleaming on her curves refused to leave him. He also remembered his hands touching her skin as he spread the white, creamy liquid around her back and legs. He tried to push the thoughts and experiences from his mind as he began to feel his cock stirring again so he fought to try and think of something else without much success. In frustration he quickly got off the bed and dropped to floor where he began doing push-ups. This technique had worked to stave off unwanted erections in the past when he was in a situation where he could get away and do them. He counted at the start of each one making sure to go all the way to the floor and all the way back up. When he reached fifty he stopped and took in a few deep breaths before gutting out ten more then he fell to the floor, his arms and chest burning, his wrists numb, his breathing rapid.

He stayed there for a bit until he began to recover then suddenly felt a vibration in the floor and heard the pipes begin to creak and pop as water flowed through them.

The large master bathroom that his parents used was on the other side of the wall from his bedroom and he could always hear the water rush through the pipes when the shower or bath faucets were turned on. The pitch suddenly changed, becoming higher as the faucets feeding the shower opened. In a moment he heard a low grinding noise then

a thump as the shower doors slid closed. He looked out his back window which overlooked the pool and saw that she was gone from her tanning spot. The water continued to run next door. He got up on his knees and thought for just a second before going out into the common hallway which gave access to all the bedrooms in the house. Quietly Kyle walked down the hall and gave the main level of the house a quick inspection to ascertain whether anyone had recently come home. He listened and looked and decided no one else was there so he softly walked back down the hall to the door to his parent’s bedroom.

It was open as was the door to the bathroom although one could not see anything in the bathroom from this position. His heart thumped in his chest as he crept to the doorway into the master bathroom and then squatted beside it. He could smell her fruity shampoo wafting through the steamy air as he crouched by the door trying to decide if he should go through with his plan or not. He paused for a few moments then slowly and carefully he looked around the doorframe and saw the standup shower in full view. The glass was translucent but he could still see the lines of her form behind the doors gaziantep escort sitesi as she scrubbed away the sunscreen and sweat with a loofa. Her hand ran the coarse pad over all of her limbs and over her chest removing the sunscreen in much the same way that she had applied it. He quickly felt himself growing hard again but this time he reached down and began to massage his hard dick through his shorts enjoying the feel of his own familiar touch. She was working on her back now and he knew that soon she would finish and he would have to be out of sight when she did. He stood up from his crouch and leaned against the doorway before moving to leave the room when he noticed the tall dressing mirror on the other side of the bedroom.

An idea formed and he strode quickly but quietly across the room to the mirror. He picked it up and moved it a bit closer to the bed and turned it some until he thought it was facing the bathroom doorway. Silently darting back to the bedroom door he took a look then went back and made an adjustment before hearing the water turn off. Kyle shot back across the room, the heavy carpet muffling his stride as he went out the bedroom door. He crouched on the right side of the doorway and looked at the mirror. He immediately saw that, despite his haste, he had aligned it perfectly.

The shower door slid open and he saw her reach out and grab a towel that hung beside the sliding doors. She held it in front as she stepped out of the shower. After shaking some of the water out of her hair, she brought the towel up and patted her face dry. The big towel still covered most of her body as it hung in front of her. She started using it on her arms and chest, wiping away the water although not exposing much. But then she grabbed the corners and whipped the towel around behind her, pulling it back and forth as she dried her back.

Kyle gasped and held his breath when he saw her fully revealed reflection in the mirror. His hand went back to his hard dick again and he began to jack himself through his shorts. Her tits were amazing, large, full and perfectly symmetrical. Her nipples were about the size of a small jar lid and darker than he might have guessed. Looking at her crotch he saw that she wasn’t fully shaved but, instead her pubic hair was trimmed short but still easily visible. He watched as long as she stood there drying herself grateful for the lack of light in the hallway that kept him hidden. She kept on drying herself, paying attention to her arm, legs and feet as he watched. Then she stood and again whipped the towel through the air and cinched it closed above her breasts. She walked over to the sink leaving the mirror’s reflection. It was over.

Kyle turned from the doorway and went back to his bedroom and went in, quietly closing the door behind him then locking it. He stripped off his shorts and underwear and grabbed the dirty tank top that still lay on the floor. Without hesitation he gripped his hard dick and frantically jacked himself as he closed his eyes and recalled what he had just seen. Fantasy overcame reality as he pictured himself grabbing his mom and throwing her on the big king sized bed she shared with his father and fucking her with hard deep thrusts as she moaned in ecstasy and wrapped her legs tightly around him. It did not take long for him to climax. His semen shot into the air and it fell on the dirty shirt and his body shook as he thrust his hips upward. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever felt and waves of pleasure radiated from his groin, flowing outward over his entire body. When he finally stopped he relaxed and allowed his breathing and pulse to slow then wiped up the excess semen that missed the shirt. Then he balled up the tank top and threw it to the floor. That was incredible, he thought, beyond incredible. But as his erection slowly faded the reality of what he had just fantasized about became clearer. The change from intense delight to guilt and shame came quickly as he recovered his wits. He sat up and rested on the edge of his bed thinking about what had just happened. He wondered if he was now totally weird and twisted due to his fantasy or if other guys thought the same things. If their mothers looked like his he thought it was certain other guys had the same fantasies. There was confusion now along with the guilt and shame. Many different lines of thought ran through his mind and he sat still not quite knowing what to do. He stood up and put his underwear and shorts back on then picked up the soiled tank top and stuffed it in his laundry hamper, putting it deep so that it blended with the rest of his dirty clothes.

Another vibration shook the house, this one more low and rumbling, signaling that the garage door was opening and that his father was home from golf, most likely having picked up his sister along the way. Kyle went downstairs and got on the couch. He used the remote to turn on the TV and found a baseball game. He relaxed and stretched out a bit trying to appear as normal as possible. His sister Megan came in first chattering away about all the gossip she had picked up at her friend’s house. His dad followed close behind. Usually his father would be about half in the bag after a day of golfing but today he drove rather than rode with someone so he likely had not drank much.

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