The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark – Part IV


Mark: The house Jane and I owned had been our home since we first married so going back to it after breakfast that morning was somewhat strange. We had left it the day before as a normal married couple but we were not the same people coming back to it. That bond of fidelity that unites a married couple was now broken, admittedly by mutual consent, but broken all the same. Jane and I were two different people now; we had both changed. Whether for the better or not was still to be seen. That night as Jane slipped on a short nightdress and slipped into bed beside me I reached over to cuddle her. My hand automatically slipped under the short hem to feel her nakedness underneath. I touched her breasts first and then brought my hand down to between her legs; Jane responded by gripping my erection. “That’s Alex’s property you are touching Mark.” She said softly. Her tone made it sound like a rebuke and it brought my rubbing of her naked pussy lips to a halt. “Thank you.” She told me. “Now please take your hand away!” I moved it away. “That’s better.” She said with a smile. “You have to realise that my pussy belongs to Alex and you should respect that. I can’t stop you looking at it because you will see me naked around you but I expect you to be respectful and not touch me, okay?” She chastised. Somehow the rebuke excited me. “How long do I have to wait?” I asked her. “That’s down to Alex.” She told me. “It is his property and he will say when you can touch it again. But I do know that if and when he does let you he will expect you to wear a condom.” “Wear a condom, why?” She kissed me. “Because in a cuckold relationship only izmir rus escort the Alpha male should be allowed to cum unrestricted inside the wife. You are not the Alpha male.” Her words were so exciting that I was not only hard but also wet with precum. Jane rubbed the tip of her finger over my cock. “If you hadn’t have been so disrespectful I would have taken care of you.” She told me. “Please?” I begged. Jane shook her head. “Maybe tomorrow if you make amends now?” “Amends?” I asked her. “Yes, amends!” She said. “You can touch my pussy but with your tongue and only with your tongue.” Moments later I was between her thighs still tasting the Alex’s remnants from their hotel coupling. Jane: Alex had told me that most women did not realise the power they had over their men; didn’t understand the sexual power they held. I was beginning to see it for myself now. Mark had a weakness; a weakness for wanting his wife to fuck other men. Most women would turn away either in disgust or with a feeling of rejection. Why? It was neither rejection nor anything to be disgusted about in fact it was something to welcome. Yes, I had been one to be surprised with his revelation and I had to admit that I had been slow off the mark as well but after my night with Alex everything changed. I had enjoyed the time of my life; had the best sex that I had ever experienced and I had a husband who was so excited with it all that I had carte blanche to fuck who I wanted and when I wanted. What fool would throw all that away? So, I had Alex; a man who even just thinking about made my knickers feel loose at the izmir otele gelen escort bayan waist and I had a husband who would take down my knickers for any man I told him too. Mark: Tuesday morning soon came round. For me the day started with mixed emotions. I was sexually charged yet I also felt insecure and jealous. I took the girls to school and then came back to the house. Jane asked me to change the sheets on the bed while she bathed and then called me into the bathroom to shave her pussy. There was little stubble anyway but she made the point that she wanted it as smooth as possible for Alex. It was only the second time I had touched her since Saturday night; the first time being when she made me give her oral sex. I had seen it many times though. Jane had suddenly taken to going round the bedroom naked from the waist down for longer periods than usual. I knew that it was just to tease me; just to taunt me with what now belonged to Alex. As I picked up the razor Jane warned me about any inappropriate touching. The day before Jane had asked me to buy her a nightie and panty set. She had seen one she liked in a shop and had it put by for her to come back and pay for it later. She did go back to the shop for it but took me with her to pay for it. “I will be wearing it for Alex.” She made a point of saying. Alex arrived at ten o’clock and while I let him in Jane waited in the kitchen for him wearing her new white nightie set. Alex’s eyes nearly pooped out of his head when he saw her. I watched them kiss; watched him grip her bottom tightly with both hands pulled her against Escort Buca him. I also watched her reaching down and fondling his groin. They broke off a few minutes later and Alex turned to me and said “You had better go now Mark, I need to fuck your wife.” I turned to leave just as his hand slipped down the front of her panties. Jane: Just like our first meeting, our first fuck was fast and furious. It was also in the kitchen. It was my fault, I was impatient. I had Alex’s cock in my hand even before the front door closed behind Mark. I kept telling him that I wanted his cock. He guided me backwards to the kitchen table, dropped his trousers and pulled my panties to one side. Seconds later he was deep inside me. It was all over in five minutes but it was only a starter. I took him upstairs and into my bed. It was longer and more passionate this time and I came harder than even in the hotel room. This was not just any ordinary bed it was the marital bed. The bed that I had been faithfully sleeping in with my husband for all those years. I was with another man now; it seemed that I was being unfaithful in the marital bed and I just kept cumming and cumming. Afterwards we lay there talking and sharing intimacies for a while and then we fucked again. Long, slow and passionate that had me screaming with my final climax. It was then time for some lunch; we had both worked up an appetite. I automatically reached for my knickers to put them one but Alex took them from my hand. “I prefer you not to wear knickers when you are around me.” He told me. “Makes it easier to get at you!” He added. I didn’t put up a fight. Nothing gave me more pleasure than being around a man like Alex ready and available for his pleasure. It worked as well, lunch was quickly over with and he had me back upstairs on the marital bed soon afterwards, on my knees and elbows being fucked mercilessly from behind. Afterwards we lay there again kissing, caressing and talking.

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