The Country Club Chronicles Part 1


“Man, this sucks,” I thought as I worked outside trimming the hedges of the clubhouse in 86 degree weather.~For some background, my name’s Jimmy and I work as a golf course maintenance worker at a fancy country club outside of NYC. Some would even call it boujee. All of the Wall Street types come play either after work or on the weekends. Shit, sometimes they just trade stocks right from the driving range! What a life.And we’re not just talking guy members either. Lots of beautiful, wealthy women have memberships at the club too. Honestly, it’s hard to focus on cutting the grass sometimes because all I want to do is stare at their beautiful… Swings.While I do pretty well for myself, I know that I would probably never be able to afford a membership. Sometimes I take advantage of the perks that come with the job (playing and practicing) and put on my best polo and fancy pants and try my best to be a part of that life, even if for a little while.~One day, a few weeks later, while practicing on the driving range that I had cut the day before, I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Taylor. As we were hitting golf balls and minding our own business, she turned to me and said, “Hey, don’t you work here?”To which I said, “Yes I do, very observant of you! I’m Jimmy, nice to meet you.”In an instant, I was captivated. We talked for five minutes that day but I wished it was an hour.Now, she was different from the rest of them in that she wasn’t a finance person working 90 hours a week. I asked what she did for work after she brought up her schedule and she told me she made her own money, as a model. And honestly, I had no trouble believing it.When I say gorgeous, it seems like I’m under-selling her looks. Tall (almost as tall as me at 6’ tall!), lean, with an incredible set of (I’m guessing) at least DDD tits and a face that you just can’t help but want to look at for hours. Seriously, this woman had eyes and a smile that could end wars.

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