The Consequences of Flirting


We hadn’t met. We had been flirting through chat for over a week now, although it has been pretty tame and lighthearted. That changed today, and it got a bit more serious.

You sent me my very first dick pic. Women are not supposed to like those, are they? Yet I couldn’t help but feel a little thrill when I saw the large head and smooth shaft standing erect from the wiry curls. An adult lollipop that I would love to lick.

I imagined what it would feel like to kneel in front of that smooth length and slowly swipe my tongue from the base all the way to the tip before taking the pink head in my mouth, swirling my tongue over the ridge and licking the tiny hole at the top to taste you. Would you like me cupping the hidden balls, massaging them gently with my hands as I draw the length further into my mouth? My hands caressing your shaft as I work my lips down the head to draw you further into my throat. I wanted to give you a thorough work over and taste your essence on my tongue. I want to feel the weight of your balls in my hands as I suck on the smooth hardness çapa escort of the head of your cock. I want to feel your tension grow as you get close, your cock straining before you explode in my mouth.

The image makes my body immediately react. I feel the heat spread from my belly to my pussy, releasing juices that soak my panties. My nipples are painfully hard and sensitive, brushing against the inside of my bra. I wonder what you would do if you knew that I was shaking from the lust burning through me this minute. I can’t concentrate on any work and wish that I could head home to touch my wetness and relieve some of the pent up desire. I am so glad that my cubicle is hidden and that there are no others in my area. Only a couple more hours before I can head home. Images of us in a myriad number of positions and situations plague my mind, making the afternoon not as productive.

You’re busy tonight, so I know that we cannot meet. Maybe that is a good thing! I think if we met, I would attack you as soon as you arrived and drag you into my bedroom. fatih escort I want to find out whether you are feeling the same way, to see if this is just because we don’t know each other and the flirting is just that. You claim attraction, and the dick pic would suggest that, but you haven’t seen me. Would you like me if we met? I am quite a bit older than you, although I know I don’t look it. Would you find this body, slightly plump with large breasts and a nicely rounded ass, attractive? Would I find you attractive? I know that I find the idea of you attractive.

I flee to my bedroom as soon as I arrive home that evening, even neglecting to feed my dog. I immediately remove my work clothes and slide under my covers in the bed. I play our flirting over in my head and imagine what would have happened if you had been free to meet tonight.

I dip my fingers into my wet folds and imagine that it is your tongue lapping at my core. I lightly pinch my clit and imagine it is you softly suckling there. I start rubbing in circles all around the sarıyer escort bayan sensitive nub feeling the tension slowly build. I insert a finger into my channel, stroking the silky walls and feeling the lubrication build. I remove it and bring it to my breast, rolling my nipple between my fingers and pinching it to a hard peak. I picture your lips drawing the rosy pebble into your mouth and sucking it so that it is even harder. My pussy spasms and releases more wetness.

My body tenses and I apply more pressure, rubbing a little more quickly. I wish it was your fingers, your cock I could feel, stroking me inside. The tightness is almost unbearable, I’m so close. I thrust my pelvis into my hand as it rubs more quickly, and I whimper softly. It is almost painful. My need so demanding that my whole body is bathed in a light sheen of perspiration. Suddenly, I reach the precipice, hanging there for an instant. The tension breaks with unimaginable pleasure as my orgasm spurts from between my legs, coating my fingers and the inside of my thighs with wetness.

I return to earth from the heights, my pussy slowly pulsing with the afterwaves of my release. I slowly drag my fingers down through my juices before taking them to my mouth and tasting the musky sweetness. How I wish it was the mutual juices of our joining instead.

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