The Club Ch. 03


Once Jamie had finished her story Jeremy looked at his mates and their mothers as well as his own, and all were grinning broadly.

“Let me introduce you to a very nice mother and son,” he said to Alex and his daughter.

“HEY JACK, WHY DON’T YOU AND LESLIE COME OVER HERE FOR A MINUTE,” Jeremy called to Jack and his mother.

The couple smiled back at Jeremy, as all the couples do, because none could ever forget that it was Jeremy who brought them together. The mothers were especially fond of the young man, because they had been so lonely for so long, and had wanted their own sons but had not known how to let them know. Most had been afraid of grossing out their sons, so they remained silent and fought their needs. Yes, Jeremy held a special place in the hearts of all the mums.

Jack and Leslie made their way to Jeremy’s cluster of tables.

“Jack, Leslie, this is Jamie and Alex. You guys have something very profound in common,” he told them with a smile.

Jack raised his eyebrow at his friend; he had no idea what Jeremy was talking about. But Leslie smiled enthusiastically and looked at Jamie.

“You’re the ‘sub’?” she asked, and Jamie beamed back at the older woman.

“Yes, and you?”

Leslie nodded. Now both Jack and Alex knew why Jeremy had introduced them. The men shook hands and the son and mother, daughter and father moved to another single table to talk. Benny laughed out loud, looked and his best friend shaking his head.

“Another four satisfied customers of Mr. Jeremy’s House of Therapeutic Counselling, Remedies and Anything Else You Bloody Well Need.”

“I hope you’re not complaining?” Bev asked her son pointedly with an indulgent smile.

Benny looked at her and smiled, but said nothing.

“Ignore him Jeremy. Now he has me, he thinks he’s invincible,” Bev told the young man and they nodded to each other.

Jeremy felt his mother’s hand on his knee and slid it a little way up his and she gave his leg a squeeze as if to agree with her friend Bev. In response, Jeremy placed his hand on his mother’s knee and gave her a squeeze. They also continued to knead the other, something Jenny loved to do in such a public setting.

“So,” began James with a smile, “when are you going to find your demographic incestuous group?”

“We already have,” Jeremy replied with a grin and his mother nodded in agreement.

James looked around at the other three couples of mothers and son, who nodded to him in turn. He smiled at them as did Deni. Both father and daughter liked these four new couples, especially Jeremy and Jenny. James looked at his good friends Bob and Beth, and they both gave him a little wink; indicating that they too liked these new couples.

“So, I guess it’s your turn to tell us how each of you hooked up… mother to son that is,” Bob said.

Seven sets of eyes fell on Jeremy and he could only smile. He couldn’t have been happier. His had was on his mothers panties feeling her beautiful pussy, and he was in the company of other like he and Jenny.

“Well, I guess I should tell you,” Jeremy began.

He told the story of The Clan and that fateful night and his suggestion to the boys, followed by how each had responded with a desire to be their mother’s lover. By now Daniel and Julia were entwined together, while Benny and Bev, and Bobby and Ruth were a little more discreet, but all three couples were settling down for some good story telling. Daniel had his hand on his mother’s thigh and she was making soft noises to him as she listened. Benny and Bobby were not as adventurous as either Jeremy or Daniel, but both were still lovingly caressing their mother’s shoulders.

Jeremy then told how a week before school/uni resumed all The Clan members had ‘reported in’, and told their stories of seduction, each one different to the other. The whole time the two father daughter couples smiled, shook their heads now and then, and thoroughly enjoyed what they heard. This was quite evident as each father held and caressed his daughter. Then with a look at his mother for permission, Jeremy told his and Jenny’s story — but left out the very, intimate details. When he was done, Beth looked at her father who smiled and nodded. So Beth told their story.


Bob listened as once again his wife criticized their nineteen year old daughter Beth for her figure, which June believed to be ‘disgusting’. Bob knew their daughter was overweight, but he though Beth looked good — even sexy with her few extra pounds. The fact of the matter was, Beth was probably two stone (about thirteen kilos) overweight. But Bob always found his daughter to be bright and happy, unless her mother was berating her. June was always telling Beth to curb her eating, to go out and exercise and wondered out loud if Beth had any self respect seeing as so she was so big. Now Bob could see that his wife was beginning to wear their daughter down, and the bright and happy young woman was beginning to be replaced by a depressed escort bayan gaziantep and dark one. So Bob decided to step in and save his daughter from her mother.

June was not a nasty or malicious person by nature; at least that’s what Bob found himself saying as he once again heard his wife sound off at Beth. Time to act again, Bob told himself. He jumped off the couch and called out to Beth, asking her if she wanted to go for a run with him. They had been going out like this for the last two weeks; initially to get Beth away from her mum and to have Beth exercise with him, but now she thrived on it. Beth jumped at the chance to run with her dad. She loved the time they spent together, and knew why he was doing this for her, and so she appreciated him all the more.

As father and daughter jogged slowly around a bush track they knew not too far from their house, Beth had to ask why her mother had seemed to have ramped up her criticism of her over the last four or five months. Bob told his daughter that June was going through menopause, and they were both receiving both barrels from June. Beth hadn’t seen the abuse her father had to put up with from her mother, but she could hear it in his voice. As always, their jog together was very enjoyable for Beth. Her dad made her laugh, feel good about herself — especially her weight, and she felt herself drawing even closer to him.

For the next few months father and daughter would escape June’s up and down moods, and to top off Bob’s misery June had told him she was no longer interested in sex. When asked for an explanation, June could only say she no longer had a desire for sex in any way shape of form. After this revelation from his wife of twenty-two years Bob asked a number of his mates who were a little bit older than him, if June’s reaction to menopause was typical. Some men said they had had the same experience with their wives and it had not changed — still no sex, while others said it had been temporary. Bob didn’t hold out much hope for a change in June’s outlook on their relationship, and after a few more months he was right. During this time he and Beth found themselves spending more and more time at home together. June was finding all sorts of excuses not to be at home after her work day was done, so Bob and Beth began to do things together. This suited Beth as she didn’t have a boy friend, and found it hard to make friends.

Beth actually looked forward to her father picking her up from TAFE (Tertiary education, but not college or university) at the end of each day. They would go home, run together for about an hour and then make dinner together. June would usually come home at about 10.30 each week night. On the week end June would always have outings to go on with her girl-friends, leaving her husband and daughter to their own devises. Bob and Beth couldn’t help but be drawn closer and closer, until they were more like a couple then many married people they knew. It was this closeness that pushed father and daughter over the edge, and then over into their incestuous relationship and into the love they both yearned for.

On a Tuesday night June came home early, every early just after 7.30 to find Bob and Beth doing what they normally do when she was not at home — having fun together. Bob was chasing Beth through the house to repay her for some indiscretion — she had punched him lightly on the arm. June was disgusted with their familiarity and told them so, and then announced that it was time Bob made other sleeping arrangements. In other words, June expected Bob to sleep on the couch from now on. Beth was outraged on her father’s behalf, which came as a shock to June. Beth never spoke like this to her mother. In fact Beth had been considered brow beaten by her mother all her life. However, Bob intervened to protect his daughter.

That night as the family of three prepared for bed, Bob made up the couch, although June did allow him to use their en suit to shower and brush his teeth for bed. As Bob tried to settle on the uncomfortable couch half an hour after June had closed their bedroom door and turned off the light, Beth came out to check on her father.

“Dad, are you ok out here?” came Beth’s whispered concern for her father.

“Yeah sweetie, I’m ok, but I don’t think my back will be tomorrow morning.”

Bob whispered back and gave a little laugh, because they both knew his back wouldn’t be able to take the couch all night. He saw Beth approach the couch in the dark, all he could make out was her shape. But his breath was taken away as he saw her more clearly, as she moved closely. Beth was wearing a baby-doll nightie ensemble in powder blue. She looked so sexy.

“Dad, come and sleep in my room, you’ll be more comfortable,” she pleaded as she drew closer.

Now no less than a foot from her father, Bob could see her beautiful body barely covered by the filmy material of her nightwear. He could see her large, firm bayan gaziantep escort breasts clearly, and he couldn’t help but look down her body as she knelt before him. He was lost for words for a few seconds, but was eventually able to speak.

“I can’t sweetie, what would your mother say. She doesn’t like the way we treat each other now was it is. Besides, the floor would be nearly as bad as the couch.”

“I don’t want you to sleep on the floor; I want you to sleep in my bed.”

Beth had a queen size bed. Her mother had insisted on such a large bed, and it had been the source of much mirth for June at the time.

“Beth, honey I can’t sleep in your bed and have you on the floor.”

Beth leaned closer and regarded her father for a few seconds, and he couldn’t help but let his eyes drop to her barely covered breast. This was not lost on his daughter, and as he drew his eyes back to hers, she smiled at him and he could she see was flattered.

“Dad, what if you brought the cushions from the couch and arm chairs, and use them as a mattress next to my bed,” she suggested with an enthusiastic grin.

Bob could see the merit in this and nodded. However, he did wonder why his daughter wanted him to sleep in her room, but just put it down to her feeling sorry for him after her mother had ‘kicked’ him out of his bedroom. Together they gathered up the cushions and bedding, and as they did Bob was afforded glimpsers of his daughter’s breasts as her nighty fell open every now and then. As he watched Beth move, collecting cushions his breath was taken away once again as she bent and her little matching panties kinked open. Bob saw a very quick flash of his daughter’s pussy, and he was sure she had no hair.

As they made-up his bead next to hers on the floor, Bob’s mind continually replayed that very quick glimpse of his daughter’s sweet pussy. Even as he settled down to try to sleep, his mind wouldn’t let him as it began to suggest things to him that a father shouldn’t think.

“‘Nite dad,” Beth chimed warmly and quietly to him.

“Yeah, ‘night sweetie,” he replied as he tried to drive these thoughts of his daughter away.

Eventually, Bob found sleep, but it was disturbed by visions of Beth and what he had seen. When he woke the next morning it was to Beth shaking him awake.

“Dad,” she whispered, “you’d better get up and go back to the couch before mum gets up,” she warned her father.

Bob roused himself quickly and gathered up his bedding and cushions, and left his daughter’s room still dressed in only his jox (jockey shorts). He made up the couch again and replaced the arm chair cushions, and then lay on the couch again. As soon as Bob did, he was glad he had accepted his daughter’s offer. Yet, he was still wondered why she had invited him into her room. Within half an hour later June walked out of her bedroom, and announced the bathroom was free. Bob smiled to himself as if the three of them were actors in a weird play, but he was the only one who knew. They all got ready for the day, with Bob leaving before June and he drove Beth to TAFE although she was nearly late and had to run out the door to be on time for her father. On the way to work from TAFE, Bob checked his brief case and found he had left some important papers at home he had been working on the night before. He turned the car around and drove home a quickly as possible.

When Bob arrived home June had also left for work, and he was glad. He found his papers were he had left them and was about to leave for work a second time. However, as he was walking through the lounge room his mind darted back to the question that kept nagging at him. Why would Beth ask him to sleep in her room? He stopped in the middle of the lounge room and turned to look toward his daughter’s room. He wondered. Bob knew his daughter keep a meticulous diary, and his curiosity was getting the better of him. Should he look for an answer to his question in Beth’s diary? His legs seemed to move without a conscious thought to do so. The next thing, he found himself in Beth’s room holding her diary. She had left it on her bed — strange Bob thought.

Now that he had her diary, Bob had no concerns about reading it, even though a part of him said it was wrong. He justified his actions to himself by thinking that he would only read one week, and that would be o.k. Bob opened to a weak ago and read. Beth had been an avid diary writer since she was very young, and her father knew she poured her heart into her diary. But even Bob wasn’t prepared for what he read.

Beth wrote that she still found it difficult to make friends at TAFE, but was thrilled to be doing more and more with her dad, especially their runs. Her language left Bob in no doubt just how much her time spent with him meant to her. It was obvious that Beth wanted a very close relationship with her father, and she articulated as much on a number of occasions during the previous gaziantep bayan escort week. Bob as a father was very pleased that his daughter loved to be with him as she expressed, and as a man he felt himself becoming aroused by what Beth had written. The words she chose for her diary to express her feelings for her dad were words like, love, want, desire and need. Bob was positive that only ‘love’ would normally be used by a daughter, to express her feelings for her dad. To Bob it was quite evident that Beth looked on him more like a boyfriend, than her dad.

Bob felt he was quite flushed after reading the last week of entries, and he felt warm. Warm because he was aroused and warm because, he knew every man would love to read entries in a diary about him like this from a young woman. Bob replaced the diary back on the bed, positive that Beth had left it there for him to read. Usually, Beth was so secretive about her inner thoughts poured into her little book, and she would go to great pains to hide it and ensure no one ever read it.

At 5.00pm, as usual Bob picked-up his daughter from TAFE. Beth bounced into the passenger seat next to her father, giving him a big grin.

“Hi dad, good day?”

“Well, it didn’t start out all that good, I left some papers at home and I had to go back for them just after I dropped you off.”

“Did you find them?” Beth was still grinning. Why was she still grinning, Bob wondered.

“Yeah, they were on the dinning room table,” he told her with a slight frown.

Beth just nodded, still grinning. Now Bob was sure she had left her diary out for him. Suddenly he remembered something. He suddenly remembered putting his papers in his brief case before making up the couch to sleep on. No wonder it bugged him all day that he had forgotten them; he hadn’t. Had Beth taken them out of his brief case, knowing her father’s habit of packing it the night before? Yeah, he thought to himself. Beth knew alright, and had set-up the whole thing. No wonder he didn’t feel too guilty as he read her diary.

“So sweetie, how are you going making new friends at TAFE?” he asked his daughter pointedly.

Beth beamed at her father.

“Not too well dad, but that’s ok, because I’ve got you haven’t I?”

Bob looked quickly at his daughter.

“Not to worry. Yep, I’ll always be your best mate. I’ll always be there for you sweetie,” he told her. Beth looked like ‘the cat that swallowed the canary’.

When they arrived home June was already there, sipping a glass of wine and looking for others to make her dinner. Bob and Beth gave each other a quick, knowing look and set about preparing dinner. The three of them ate in virtual silence. June had nothing to say to her husband or daughter, and neither Bob nor Beth felt like talking to her. Once dinner was finished June took herself off to her newly found sanctuary of her bedroom, while Bob and Beth stacked the dishwasher. Once done, Beth went off to her bedroom to do some homework, and Bob did some of his own on the dinning room table.

At around 9.30 that night June put her head through her bedroom door and announced she was turning in for the night. Bob just gave his wife a frown. Who did she think she was? As if he or Beth cared what June was doing! Half an hour later with all the lights off and the only light coming from the TV, Beth tip-toed out to her father. Dressed as she was the night before, she approached her father’s couch, and knelt down beside him. This time Bob could see his daughter far more clearly by the light of the TV, and he was taken aback by just how lovely she looked. Her breasts were as if uncovered, and Bob found himself wanting his daughter to stand so he could see if he could see through all of her nighty.

“What are you still doing out here?” she asked her father while she watched the TV.

Beth leaned against her father, and he now that he knew where her attitude last night and tonight was coming from, he decided to go with it. Bob placed his arm around her shoulders and she leaned into him more. So far, the way they were cuddling could still be seen as a normal father-daughter thing. Except of course for her nightwear. Bob began to rub his daughter’s shoulder and then down her arm, and Beth sighed.

“You don’t mind me sleeping next to you?”

Bob deliberately said ‘next to you’ rather than ‘on the floor’. Beth giggled.

“No, I love you sleeping next to me. I feel safe and secure, and I love having you close to me”

Bob got off the couch and they once again gathered up the cushions and bedding. However, this time Beth seemed to linger over her collection of the arm chair cushions. Bob watched her every move hoping for another glimpse of his daughter’s pussy. Gone now were any thoughts that wanting this was wrong. Bob was not disappointed as time and again Beth seemed to find a reason to move so that her little matching panties to kink out, allowing her father prolonged looks at her most intimate aspect. Once in her room Beth turned to her father and with a serious expression told him, the floor was no place for him to sleep. But Bob was still a little uneasy about making a sexual move on his daughter, so he brushed off Beth’s comment. Once ensconced on the floor, both tried to sleep but it was impossible. They were both thinking about the other, and where their desire for each other was going.

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