The Cherry Poppers Ch. 26


Chapter 26 — The contest end draws near.

Jason opened his eyes, at first not sure of where he was, but quickly realized he was in his own bed. It was still dark outside and the room was quiet and still saves for someone moving next to him. It was then he also felt something, his dick was being touched.

“Connie, what’re you doing?”

“Sorry to wake you but I have to pee. This seemed a good way to get your attention.”

“Go ahead,” Jason said. “You can use my robe.”

“I’m scared to go alone, what if someone is in the bathroom? Could you go with me?”

“Okay,” Jason responded, realizing his bladder could use the relief too.

They quietly got out of bed, not to wake Sophie in Chad’s bed. Jason strained his eyes in the dark to see if Chad had returned but it didn’t look like it. He handed Connie his robe and just wrapped a bath towel around himself. Connie followed him out the door and across the hall; the frat was still completely quiet.

Connie ducked into a stall while Jason stood before the urinal. He started to go and a moment later could hear Connie going too. He finished, washed his hands, and waited for Connie. He heard the toilet flush a moment before she stepped out.

“Hey, I’m sorry I drank so much yesterday,” Connie confessed.

“No problem,” Jason replied.

“I didn’t get to see what happened at the end,” Connie said moving closer to him.

“Sophie and I had fun,” Jason commented with a smile.

“Did you…ah…fuck her?”

“A guy shouldn’t kiss and tell,” Jason mused.

“Oh, come on. She’s my roommate,” Connie pleaded.

“Yeah, so…,” Jason chuckled.

“I know you did. I touched you down below and you smell like you got more than a blowjob from her down there,” Connie claimed.

“Smart, girl,” Jason confessed.

“Do me too, Jason. I can’t let Sophie be ahead of me when it comes to sex.”

“Not much time. I have practice at seven.”

“We could shower real quickly now and do it back in your bed? The clock by your bed said five-thirty when we got up.” Connie offered.

“Okay, you start the shower and I’ll get some soap and more towels.”

Jason hurried back into the room without waking the sleeping Sophie. He grabbed an extra towel for Connie and his soap, razor, and shampoo. He was back in the shower area in just a minute or two. Connie had the water on and was already soaking her dark hair and slender body.

“Oh, this feels good after a night of drinking,” Connie proclaimed.


“Surprisingly, no. I’m thirsty as all get out though,” Connie declared.

Jason handed her the soap and she moved out of the direct spray of the water to let him in. He wet down and reached for the shampoo. He stepped out this time to let Connie rinse off. As he worked the shampoo into his hair, Jason watched Connie wash off. Curtains of soap suds ran from her olive skinned body as the warm water rinsed her clean. Jason noticed and loved the way the water cascade across and off her small perky tits and nipples.

“You’re beautiful,” Jason claimed, staring at her as she opened her eyes.

“Why thanks, kind sir. You’re gorgeous too.”

They exchanged places so Jason could rinse his hair. Connie used the shampoo next as Jason soaped up. The shower only lasted another couple minutes, just long enough for Jason to get a quick shave in and Connie to rinse her pretty dark hair. It wasn’t as long as Beth’s gorgeous red hair, or especially Kira’s blonde tresses, but it shone like a polished onyx stone when she was done.

From facing straight, Connie was indeed pretty. She could have been a model if not for her nose in profile. ‘Not that she wasn’t still cute, but a little plastic surgery would help Connie join the ranks of women all men would go nuts over,’ Jason mused to himself as they dried off.

Connie wrapped her wet hair into the towel Jason had given her as Jason wrapped his around him. He watched her small tits jiggle invitingly as she moved. They were very firm but still wiggled enticingly as she moved her arms overhead. With her robe back on they went back to the room.

“How should we do this?” Connie whispered, after shedding the robe and crawling onto the bed.

“Well, we need to get things heated up first,” Jason stated as he climbed in beside her.

“I know that…I just meant do you want me to suck…”

Jason cut her words off with a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and moved over her. Connie lay with her toweled head on the pillow as Jason kissed her. The kisses were tender yet ardent and she returned them equally. Their tongues danced together as Connie’s hands caressed the taut muscles of Jason’s chest as he held himself over her. He leaned down to feel the bullets of her small nipples graze across his chest.

‘A guy could get used to fucking this tight little vixen,’ Jason claimed to himself as their kisses grow more urgent. He could feel his dick expand as he rubbed against her leg.

When they finally broke the long kiss Connie said, “Let me get on top Side escort please.”

Jason rolled to the side and shifted under her as she gracefully swung above him. He watched as Connie sat on his lap, removed the damp towel, and dropped it to the floor. He loved breasts, all kinds of breasts, especially big ones like Stef’s or Caitlin’s, Beth’s were magnificent, as were Sheila’s, but there was something that made his dick twinge at the sight of Connie’s little mounds shaking, quivering really as she moved. Her small tight bullets for nipples were mesmerizing as they jiggled.

“What?” Connie whispered, seeing the look on his face.

“You’re exquisite looking,” Jason praised.

“You keep saying things like that and I might fall in love with you,” Connie said, with only a hint of joking.

“I mean it,” Jason said, moving his hands to knead her breasts and feel her nipples poke his palms.

“You don’t have to convince me to let you fuck me, I already want you to,” Connie claimed.

“I know.”

“Jason…I’m a virgin.”

“I know.”

“You do?”

“Sure…I could tell last night when I ate you.”

“You could?”


Connie leaned down and kissed him with amazing passion. They kissed like long lost lovers for many moments. Connie’s tongue invaded Jason’s mouth seeking his. When they finally stopped, she looked into his eyes, and then descended on his body. He was already poking her belly as she moved down.

Jason looked at the ceiling as he felt her hand first and then her tongue. Connie licked his tip, making him groan, as more blood surged him to full hardness. What experience Connie lacked in mating was not evident in her talented tongue. She knew her way around a cock.

“Mmm,” Jason moaned. “That’s nice, babe.”

“I could learn to love this beautiful dick,” Connie proclaimed.

“It feels the same way.”

“Ah,” Jason growled as she took him into her mouth suddenly.

He let her apply her skills for several long minutes. His cock throbbed by the time he pushed her gently away. She groaned her disappointment in being stopped. He looked down at her in the growing light, as dawn approached, slowly illuminating the room.

“You have to let me taste you sometime,” Connie begged softly.

He loved her dedication to sucking him, but time was short, and he wanted to make sure they finished the way they both wanted. He pulled her from beneath her arms until she again could kiss him. They kissed as the end of Jason’s cock probed between her parted legs. Connie sat on his abdomen, kissing him, and running her fingers through his short hair. Jason held her firm ass in both hands and slowly moved her around until his dick found its mark.

“Go slow,” Connie whispered.

“I will…relax,” Jason answered.

In this position, Connie could control the pressure Jason applied to her better than if he’d been on top. Though she let him have the greater power as a sign of surrender to him. He eased into her, as he had learned now to do after eighteen previous cherries. Hard thrusts were not always as necessary or as useful as applied pressure. The tender barrier could only withstand so much. Stretching it until it gave was far better for the girl anyway. It took longer, but easier on the girl, and allowed for greater enjoyment on her part quicker.

Connie was a trooper and allowed him to continue pushing without let up. Her face showed the extent of her discomfort but she didn’t stop him. Suddenly, he felt the head slip inside some.

“Oh, god,” Connie moaned aloud.

Jason stopped, “Just sit still and let it pass.”

“Okay, but you’re huge,” Connie gasped.

They didn’t hear Sophie stir as he pressed more of his cock into Connie. After every inch or so, he waited for her tight pussy to accept the big new invader. He held her tight to his body, feeling her tiny hard nipples scrapping his chest. Connie moaned lightly beside his ear. She nuzzled his shoulder and neck as his cock reached new depths.

“Good, god,” Connie moaned.

“Just a little more,” Jason avowed.

“You’re going to pierce my insides,” Connie hissed jokingly.

“It’s meant to fit,” Jason reminded her.

“You sure,” Connie exclaimed with a gasp, as more cock filled her to capacity.

Now that Jason had pushed through her hymen, he grabbed her hips, and flipped her over underneath him. Connie squealed as he managed to do it without totally unseating his cock from inside her. He pushed back in again until he reached his furthest point of penetration so far. Jason let over half of his cock rest inside her for a minute before pulling back slowly. Connie whined quietly as she felt him exit her stretched vagina. He pulled back until the bloated head was all that remained. A slight pause, and then he eased the thick shaft back into her tight chute.

“Ah…geez,” Connie wheezed at the fullness again.

He started a slow rhythm which soon Connie got used to. It didn’t take long before she met each thrust with one of her own. Side escort bayan The sweet pleasure began to build within her pussy sooner than she expected.

“Oh, Jason, that feels so good,” Connie moaned.

“You’ve got a fabulous pussy,” Jason praised.

“Keep saying nice things like that and I’ll want to do this every day,” Connie warned.

“Wouldn’t that be nice,” Jason agreed.

“It would,” Connie concurred.

“Aww…that’s amazing,” Connie added, as Jason increase his rate.

Jason leaned down and sucked on one of Connie’s tiny nipples as he pushed deeper into her pussy. She moaned from the combination of pleasures to her nipple and cunt. His cock nudged Connie’s cervix and drew a soft groan. She couldn’t believe how far he was buried inside her pussy. She was completely amazed her slender body could contain almost all of his enormous cock.

“Mmm…aww,” Connie muttered.

Jason increased the speed at which he fucked Connie. Her pussy was so tight he could watch it flare outward on each withdrawal as it clung firmly to his cock. Connie’s hands squeezed Jason’s sides as he propelled his large dick continuously into her. At this pace and angle, Jason couldn’t suck her nipples any longer but he watched the small mounds wiggle as he fucked her.

“Oh, Jason…it feels so good now.”

He had to admit she was entirely right. His balls grumbled with growing need as her pussy milked his cock. Jason increase the intensity of his stroke making Connie groan even louder.

“Oh, god, that’s good…Mmm.”

Jason fucked Connie in long deep strokes. His cock felt like a steel rod as it probed her depths. He leaned down and kissed her, battling tongues with her, as they both fought for breath. His balls had tightened and weren’t slapping against her ass as hard as before.

“Good, God…I’m going to cum,” Connie yelled too loud not to wake Sophie.

Jason’s ass became a blur as he pushed to get her off before his cum flooded her cunt. Connie moaned loudly as her orgasm built to extreme proportions. She had never felt anything close to this good. His tongue had driven her crazy, but this threatened to rip the top off her head as the bliss seemed to consume her.

Jason could feel sweat forming on his body as he hammered his dick into her. His climax neared as Connie pushed up into each of his strokes. Her body felt like it was aflame. Connie reached the top of her pleasure peak and screamed out.

“Oh, fuck…fuck me, Jason.”

Connie’s body froze and clamped down hard on Jason’s cock. He tried to keep moving, but she was surprisingly strong, and he could only wait until she unclenched her vagina. His own orgasm hung just out of reach. He waited with some frustration as Connie groaned beneath him; enjoy the waves of pleasure enrapturing her body.

Then Jason felt it. At first he wasn’t sure where it came from but quickly realized Sophie was standing next to the bed. Her long skinny fingers were massaging his balls. At that ripe moment, it was all he needed to growl with release. His cock spewed forth a flood of hot sperm into the clenching walls of Connie’s young cunt.

Connie felt Jason’s cock expand and then the deluge of hot cum. It pushed her to even greater heights as her orgasm persisted. Every time Jason’s cock surged, Connie felt it, and groaned with her own constant bliss. Her body trembled like a leaf as the unbelievable delight overwhelmed her.

“Ah…,” Connie moaned as the last wonderful feelings waned.

Jason finished cumming inside Connie, with Sophie smiling at him, as she milked his big balls to deposit more sperm into her friend. He fired off blast after blast into the tight pussy until he had nothing left to give.

“Oh, fuck, Sophie,” Jason growled.

Connie opened her eyes upon hearing Sophie’s name. She thought, ‘Jason doesn’t even remember which one of us he’s fucking,’ and it kinda pissed her off until she saw Sophie next to the bed.

“What’s going open?” Connie gasped.

“I’ve been squeezing his balls,” the once shy Sophie said.

“She surprised me with that,” Jason declared.

He rolled off Connie to the wall side of the bed. His cock came out of her like a long cork in a bottle. As soon as it was free, a flow of cum began to exit Connie’s tight pussy. It made a puddle on the sheets as it ran between the cheeks of her firm ass.

“Wow,” Sophie exclaimed, “look at all of it running out of you.”

When Connie leaned forward to look, more cum flowed out and down, adding to what was there. Jason looked too and commented, “Geez, Connie, you’re messing my sheets.”

“Me,” Connie proclaimed, “it’s your deposit.”

“That it is,” Jason agreed with a laugh.

“Here,” Sophie said as she grabbed tissues from the nightstand and handed them to Connie.

Jason glanced at the clock which read six-thirty. “God, I got to go,” he affirmed.

“Where to Sophie asked? I was sorta hoping we could…you know…”

“I have swim practice at seven.”

“Darn,” Sophie concluded.

“You’ve Escort side created a sex monster, Jason,” Connie said with a giggle.

“Looks like it.”

“Not fair. I just watched you two do it,” Sophie protested.

“Tell you what,” Jason said, “I have two tests today and I’ll feel like blowing off some steam afterwards. I need to go by the infirmary after our sociology test today. You two want to meet me back here around five?”

Sophie looked at Connie and they both nodded agreement. “Okay then,” Jason agreed.

Jason jumped over Connie on the bed and pulled open the draw of his dresser. He grabbed a t-shirt and sweat shirt but no boxers. He decided with his dick still wet from their combined cum to go commando instead. No sense dirtying clean boxers since he had just done some laundry. He was just pulling his jeans on when the door opened.

Sophie was still sitting on his bed near Connie. Both were completely naked and screamed when Chad walked in. Sophie dove to jump into Jason’s bed and get beneath the covers with Connie. They shrieked until they were both only heads peaking out. Their screams turned to giggles as they recovered though.

“What is this, roomie?” Chad asked with a smile.

“Meet Sophie and Connie,” Jason said introducing them with a chuckle. “This is Chad, my roommate.”

“Nice to meet you,” Connie stated with a snigger.

“Oh, my, he saw everything,” Sophie concluded with an embarrassed blush.

“That he did,” Jason said, laughing as he finished getting dressed. “Watch out for these two hotties while I go to practice, Chad.”

“What…wait!” Sophie yelled, “You can’t just leave us here like this.”

“Got to go,” Jason said, heading to the door. “Chad can watch out for you.”

“That is what we mean,” Connie protested.

“Tell you what,” Chad offered. “I have to shower. You two can get dressed while I’m gone.”

Chad peeled off his shirt, grabbed his towel and toiletries bag, and waved goodbye. He left for the bathroom before Jason was even out the frat door heading towards the gym. Connie and Sophie had watched Chad strip off his shirt with some interest. He wasn’t as hot as Jason, or as built, but Chad was more in their league anyway.

Jason had a very good practice with Brad. He felt a little strange walking to earth science class with no boxers on. His dick rubbed somewhat on the inside of his jeans. He hoped he wouldn’t spend the whole day walking around semi-hard. He spotted Kira and Tessa walking towards class too.

“Hey, you two,” Jason called.

“Jason…nice to see you,” Tessa said with a devilish wink.

“Yes…how have you been? You ready for this exam?” Kira questioned.

“I think so,” Jason said.

“We should have studied together,” Tessa avowed, again with a wink.

“Stop it, Tessa,” Kira said, catching the second wink. “You’ve created a monster with this one, Jason.”

“I seem to be good at that,” Jason claimed.

“You sure are,” Tessa said with another wink and this time they all laughed.

“I hear you two have been seeing people.”

“We met some nice guys,” Kira said.

“Good for you.”

“Well, you were obviously taken,” Tessa stated, referring to Beth.

“Yeah, still am.”

They all sat together for the test. Jason was done a few minutes before the girls and he whispered by as he got up and handed his paper in. His stomach was screaming for food, so he headed for the student center. He had an hour before sociology, so he decided to get some last minute studying in as he ate. He had just finished eating and began reading when someone kicked his sneaker. Looking up from his book he spotted Beth.

“Hi, stranger,” Beth said, but with a smile which he was glad to see.

“Hi, Beth,” Jason said pointing to the only other chair at his table.

“I can’t stay. I just wanted a coffee,” Beth said, holding up a paper hot cup.

“When are you free?” Jason asked.

“This week is tough with exams,” Beth concluded.

“Agreed,” Jason said, “But I want to see you.”

“How about Friday,” Beth offered.

“How about all weekend?” Jason asked with a smile.

“Wow, that’s a change,” Beth intoned.

“I know but I want to spend time with my girl for fall break,” Jason claimed.

“I’d like that,” Beth agreed. “Call me Thursday.”

“Okay,” Jason said, standing and giving her a kiss goodbye.

He was glad when the kiss lasted a bit longer than just a quick goodbye. There was no way he wanted to lose this beauty over this contest even as he approached his goal of twenty cherries. He had to check the logs on Connie and Sophie at the infirmary before they disappeared. He thought he had some time on that though.

Jason finished eating and headed for sociology class. He was a bit early for once and had time to sit and talk with Connie and Sophie before the exam.

“You two ready for this test?” Jason asked upon sitting down.

“We think so. Maybe we can study together from now on,” Connie said with an implied double meaning.

“Good idea,” Jason agreed with a chuckle.

“We can’t wait for later,” Sophie chimed in.

“Me neither,” Jason declared. “Hey, let me ask you ladies something. Could I have ever met you at the infirmary before we met here in class?”

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