The CheaterPart 3


The party was quite an affair with a DJ and dancing. One corner of the basement was kept rather dark, and it didn’t take long to figure out why. The birthday boy was giving another guy a blow job, and a couple of people were standing around watching. Cheryl started to turn away, but when the guy began moaning and muttering directions, she turned back and watched as he sucked and licked the other man to an orgasm, swallowing his jizz. As the first man left, another guy walked up and pulled down his zipper and released his semi-hard shaft. He got the same treatment as the first man and soon shot his wad, which was also quickly swallowed. Alex walked up behind them and explained that Greg’s favorite thing was sucking cock and eating cum, so all his friends were indulging him as a present.”Feel free to offer him yours. I promise you will not be disappointed. And I see you have been watching, Cheryl. I hope that means you have made a decision.””I’m still not sure about participating, but it is fascinating watching a guy do that to another guy. I have never been a big fan of giving blow jobs, but I know Jason likes them, so I do it mostly for him.””Well then, this would be the perfect answer.”Greg was taking a short break when Alex announced they were going to light the candles on his cake and sing ‘Happy Birthday’. After singing, they wandered around and talked to a few people. A couple of the girls came up to Cheryl and made some small talk. They asked how she got invited to the party and if Jason was her boyfriend or what. She was pretty open but just said they were new friends of Alex and that he had invited them to the party.After a bit, they noticed Greg was back in the chair, ready to suck more cock. There were only a few people in the vicinity, and she saw Jason head over there. He stood back until Greg signaled him to come closer, Ankara bayan escort then whispered something to him. Jason nodded his head, and Greg lowered the zipper on Jason’s pants, pulled out his dick, and started working on it. Cheryl quietly walked a little closer and began watching. One of the girls walked up behind her and whispered in her ear.”It’s super hot watching your guy get sucked off by another guy, isn’t it?”All Cheryl could do was nod. Greg took his time with Jason until she saw her husband grip Greg’s head and shove his cock deep inside his mouth. She knew from experience he was cumming really hard, but nothing dribbled from Greg’s mouth. He swallowed every drop, then licked Jason clean. She decided she would let Alex know she was ready for that in a more private session. When Jason turned, he noticed his wife had been watching.”So, did you enjoy watching that, babe?””Enough to decide I want to watch it again, but with a bit more privacy. By the way, what did he say to you before he started?””He called me fresh meat, then just asked if he could suck my cock.”They hung around the party a little while longer, and Cheryl told Alex they were willing to meet with him privately. He promised he would call in the next few days to set something up and asked Cheryl to decide if she preferred their house, his house or somewhere neutral. When they got home, Cheryl was still flushed and a bit aroused from what she had seen, plus she had had several drinks. She took Jason’s hand and led him to their bedroom, where she undressed him and then herself and pulled him down next to her.”It’s time for us to be a husband and wife again.””No protection?””No.”Jason pulled his wife to him and kissed her passionately, then worked his way down her body; he stopped at each breast and kissed and sucked Escort bayan Ankara them until she was moaning. Her nipples swelled and got rock hard. As he moved lower, she began squeezing and twisting her nipples. She arched her back and pushed her hips off the bed, pushing into her husband’s ministrations. He worked his way lower, spreading her legs open. His mouth soon found her throbbing clit, and he sucked it deep into his mouth.”FUCCCK!!”Cheryl grabbed Jason’s head and pulled him tight to her as he continued sucking. He thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy. Her whole body jerked as a massive orgasm hit her. Jason continued sucking and exploring her with his fingers until she started begging him.”Please??”Jason looked at his wife and raised his body, placing her legs over his shoulders as he did. As he rose, she could see his shaft was at full attention, and a few drops of pre-cum gathered at the tip. Jason lined his cock with her slit and plunged inside, fucking her hard. After stroking her for several minutes, he felt her body tense, and her walls grip his cock. Jason pushed in deep and hard as her body exploded in spasms, then continued stroking her another few minutes as his orgasm erupted. He shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her until he was spent and she stopped jerking.He collapsed on top of his wife and held her there until his cock finally slipped out. He rolled off to one side and held his wife tightly as they kissed. They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms and were still entwined when they woke up in the morning. They discussed when and where to meet Alex. Cheryl decided that she would be more comfortable somewhere neutral and agreed that since that was her decision, they should pay for the hotel.Jason said there was one last big push to finish a critical Bayan escort Ankara project, so he would be working all weekend, partly at home, but mostly at work. He said if the project were delivered on time, there would be an influx of cash into the company and that they were virtually assured of several more projects from that client, as well as several other clients.”It’s what I have been working for all this time. The company is already posting jobs on several sites; all the managers have been asked to review former employees that had been let go. As soon as the project is delivered, calls will go out to those employees to see if we can rehire any of them.””And what will that mean for you?””My team will likely get at least four more people and will get one of the larger projects in discussion. The other teams will get anywhere from one to three new people. I have been promised a good raise, an extra week of vacation each year, a week to take off as soon as the project is completed and a bigger office. They also mentioned a special surprise for the team managers, but they won’t tell us what it is, just that it would make up for sticking with them.””No idea what it is?””Not a clue. The bosses are very tight-lipped about it, but hopefully, we will find out by the end of the week or early next week. We are due to present the project to the client next Wednesday so we should know by Friday if they are happy with it.””That sounds really good, hon. I guess you were right to stay with them. So, perhaps you can call Alex and see if we can meet with him the following weekend.””I will do that.”Jason worked late or brought work home for the rest of the week and over the weekend. They put the finishing touches on it Monday and ran it through one final test before declaring it done. He stopped on the way home and picked up a bottle of champagne to celebrate. After dinner, they celebrated again in bed. On Wednesday, they presented the project to the client, and the next day, they got a thumbs up. They had arranged to meet with Alex on Saturday at a hotel in the city. She figured they could head in early and make a day of it before meeting up with Alex.

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