The Casual Acquaintance


It all began with a phone call for lunch. The venue was a restaurant set where private conversations could be had with little intrusion of others overhearing. The place was specifically chosen by Jared. Jared had thought about this meeting for months. He calculated in his mind the fantasy of how it would play out and allow him to not only attain a very deep friendship but also capitalize on the submissive feelings he had always held within.

Peter was an acquaintance of Jared’s spouse. Jared had an intuition that Peter was reluctant to express his feelings to Jared’s spouse and family. This worked well in the plan of ensuring that level of trust amongst each other. Since Jared’s initial introduction to Peter Jared wondered of Peters inclination for the same sex. Jared became more and more convinced as time went on and knew if there was ever a chance of mending his needs with what he felt might be Peters needs the timing was now.

Jared set the lunch meeting up. Peter came in and they both ordered. Jared and Peter found a booth at the end of the restaurant which was near the bathrooms down a smaller section away from the front of the restaurant. Jared and Peter had small talk and then Jared asked Peter what he did last weekend. Peter said that he had gone to a local restaurant and Jared knew that was a known gay hangout. Jared took advantage of the conversation Beşiktaş Escort and took the step to reach out to Peter. Jared had never talked to Peter about his feelings for submissive desires but he decided to take a shot at it.

Jared said you know Peter I wanted to talk to you specifically alone for a reason. Peter said I figured you wanted to talk to me about something. I want to share with you my personal life but I have trust that you keep it between just you and me. I have never shared anything like this in my life and I need someone to talk to outside of my spouse. Some things I can talk about with my spouse but what I want to talk to you about I think someone like yourself can only understand. Peter said ok you can trust me and anything you want to say is not going to shock me.

Jared then said Peter I have a real unique relationship with my spouse. I submit to her in regards to playing the submissive in the relationship. She loves it and I love it. I have always been attracted to women and so I really don’t think that I am gay outside of the submissive desires. Jared then asked Peter if he should go on and Peter said absolutely. Peter said well I have a desire to be dominated and I love using dildo’s on my ass. I have done dildo play for many years and I take a 8 inches of a 12 in 2.25 in wide dildo easily. On top of anally playing Escort Bayan with myself my spouse jacks me off once a week. I will jack off typically on food and then consume the food and cum. I love the taste of my precum but also my cum. It is the dominance in her jacking me off and me eating it because she thinks it is gross that makes me horny.

Jared said to Peter that you are probably wondering why I am tell you all this. Peter said absolutely not. You have probably figured out by now my interest in men. I said I figured and I know it is hard to talk to people about that. I feel trapped myself in that I wanted to reach out to you in regards to confiding in a relationship of trust that we can talk with each other. Jared said to Peter can I be frank in my desires in how I was hoping this lunch can go. I then proposed to Peter that I was thinking of purchasing a Slave trainer dildo machine. I told Peter that it was expensive and if this is just a phase I would love to resell it to some of his friends. Peter said that probably would not be a problem. I said my desire would be that over lunch I would get strapped into it on all fours and for an hour strapped in this machine required to suck Peters cock while getting my ass pounded by the machine. Peter would have all my clothes and have me locked in this machine where I was at his mercy. Peter suggested istanbul Escort that some night he could also invite his friends over to watch and Jared said that would be fine and if they are disease free participate in getting their cock sucked. Jared then told Peter that he really liked dildo’s in his ass only and doesn’t have any inclination to sex with a man other than submitting to blow jobs and Jared then took two fingers and stuck them all the way down his throat to show is ability to deep throat with little gag reflex.

Peter then said to Jared well I am going to have to run but you go ahead and order the machine and I am more than happy to cater to your needs. I then said well can you do me a favor to ensure that you are serious. Jared then said Peter when was the last time you jacked off. Peter said it was yesterday. Peter then said I can’t jack off right here. Jared then finished his drink and said you could cum in this cup for me. I would love to taste your cum. Peter then took the glass and walked back into the men’s restroom and locked the door. He took out his cock and masturbated directly into the cup. The whole bottom layer of the cup was coated in his thick cum. Peter came back and set the cup on the table and Jared lifted the cup to see the thick cum and tipped the cup all the way so the cum poured out onto his tongue into his mouth. He swished it around and then licked the cup and said that was good. I so much can’t wait to deep throat you and taste more. Peter and Jared left for the afternoon and started communicating more regularly eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get together again.

To be continued…

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