The Boy Next to Me in the Theater


My boyfriend had been bugging me sometime to fulfill his fantasy of wearing remote control panties out on a date. I had resisted, afraid that I would make a scene. But this was his birthday, and he asked for this as his gift. So I finally gave in.

He came over to my place to pick me up. Upon entering my apartment, he handed me a small wrapped package. I, of course, already knew what was inside. After giving him a kiss, I excused myself to the bedroom. Not having seen such a gadget before, I was not sure what to expect. I had never even tried a vibrator before.

I unwrapped the package and found a pair of normal looking black panties. The only difference was a small pocket in the crotch area with a small bullet inside. Seemed pretty safe so far, so I slipped them on and re-arranged myself. I walked back out very nonchalantly to my boyfriend and gave him a kiss. Just as our lips met, the vibrator buzzed. He felt me jump and just said, “Looks like they work then.”

With that we made our way to the car and headed out. My one stipulation was that we go somewhere dark and loud, so a movie was the destination. I was hoping he would let me have a little practice during the drive, but he did not touch the remote again until the movie started.

I İstanbul Escort was wishing for a small audience where we could hide out, but the show we went to was a sell out. As the lights dimmed and the show began, I wondered when the stimulation would begin and imagined what might entail.

About 10 minutes in, I was beginning to wonder if the gadget was not working. But just then it came on on low. It was a nice feeling, certain making my pussy aroused but being able to relax and enjoy. I was enjoying the movie and some nice pleasure.

After about 10 minutes the vibrations stopped. I let it go for a couple of minutes, but my body wanted more. I grabbed his hand and tried to pull it towards my leg to let him know I wanted more, but he pulled away letting me know he was in charge of the tease.

After another 5 minutes of aching, he turned the vibrator back on and I returned to a feeling of bliss. He gave me another 10 minutes, and then turned the speed up. It felt good, but was enough stimulation to get my juices flowing. This also meant I was feeling horny, but could not do much about it. I again tried to move my boyfriends hand towards my crotch to help out, but he still would not budge. He just sat Escort Bayan there with a big grin on his face. I put my own hand between my legs and subtly rubbed myself.

My boyfriend then turned the vibrator up to high. This was making my pussy throb for action, but was not enough to get me to come. I would just have to bear through it. Then my boyfriend stood up and excused himself to refill out popcorn. Of course, he left the vibrator on high to torture me.

After he walked out, I glanced at the gentleman sitting to my other side. His pants were bulging. He must have noticed me rubbing my crotch. My first thought was how embarrassing. My second thought was just how horny I was and needing attention.

I decided to seize the moment and grabbed the stranger’s hand and place it down my pants. He was obviously shocked as at first he sat frozen. But then he realized was the vibrating was and understood why I had been trying to get myself off. He began stroking my pussy lips. This was just what my body was wanting. And the excitement of being felt up by a stranger while on a date with my boyfriend was a bonus fantasy.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend returned in short order. When I saw him walk back in, I pulled my new friend’s Eskort hand away before we were caught. But I was still uber horny. I would not be able to last the whole movie without getting myself off. I tried one last time to get my boyfriend’s hand in my pants to no avail.

So I then excused myself. On my way by, I subtly touched my neighbors knee. He apparently picked up the hint and followed me out. We scoped out one of the family restrooms and stepped inside. I had my pants down before he could turn around from locking the door. I was so wet that juices were running down my leg.

I unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. Then I reached into his boxers, pulled his dick out the front opening, turned around, and stick him in my pussy. My whole body shivered from finally getting what it needed. He grabbed my thighs and began sliding in and out of me. Each time my body ached to get his penis back in deep.

The build up from the teasing and fulfilling my fantasy of getting fucked by a stranger combined into a massive physical and emotional explosion. I came harder than I ever had before, and hoped no one heard me through the door. After I finished, we put our clothes on without saying a word and returned to our seats.

As I returned, my boyfriend turned the vibrator down to low. I am sure he was thinking he would keep the tease going not knowing I had just gotten off in such a way.

For the night he got his fantasy fulfilled, and I got mine too for payment.

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