The Book Signing Ch. 02


Deborah was like an animal drinking in the sweet taste of Marlene, lapping trying get as much as she could. Drinking that sweet nectar, she could feel it coursing through her veins. Marlene’s body trembled as her orgasm started to ebb. Laying on the bed in the low lamplight a shiny sheen coats their bodies. Deborah holds Marlene in her arms for what seemed like an eternity, the clock said six o’clock in the evening. Marlene’s stomach grumbles letting her know that she was getting hungry.

Lying in Deborah’s arms, she really did not want to leave those arms, but she knew that soon she would have to. Deborah would have to go back home to Pennsylvania, to her husband.

Deborah must have been thinking the same thing when she said.

“I know what you are thinking Marlene, about me having to go home.”

Marlene’s words caught in her throat as she spoke them.

“Yes I know you have to go home, and that makes me sad.”

Deborah slowly runs her fingers up and down Marlene’s arm as she held her close to her, kissing her hair breathing in her scent as if it was the last time she would ever breathe again.

“What are we going to do?” Marlene almost cries

Deborah lies there for moment thinking, “what is she going to do? She loves Thom very much and they had gone through so much and waited so long to be together.

“I am not sure what is going to happen.” Deborah said solemnly.

Marlene rises up on her elbow and looks at Deborah with her eyes glistening with tears.

“I know that you do not know me very well and this was not planned by either one of us, if I tell you I love you and that I have loved you for some time then you would think that I was a crazy woman.”

“Marlene I do not think you are a crazy woman, and you are right this was not planned. Part of me feels guilty because I asked you to come to my hotel room and part of me feels that I have just cheated on my husband.” Deborah spoke as if she had a lump in her throat.

Marlene started to slip off the bed, when Deborah caught her by the arm. “Please do not go, we need to discuss this.”

“It is better that I leave and forget this ever happened, even though it would be very difficult for me to do that.” Marlene said almost sobbing.

“I am sorry I could not forget this moment, and I know that sinop escort you could not either.”

Deborah held out her arms beckoning Marlene to return to them. Marlene relented and fell into those arms, feeling her warmth and the beat of her heart as she lay her head on Deborah’s chest.

As they lie there slightly dozing, the phone ringing shattered the dreamy feelings.

Deborah just thought to let the phone keep ringing and the front desk would have them leave a message, but in her heart she knew it was Thom calling her to find out things at the book signing went and to let her know that he could not wait for her to come back home.

Slowly she reaches for the phone; if she did not answer, he would worry.


“Everything ok Dolly?”

“Thom everything is ok, you just got me napping that is all, the day was very tiring.”

“Ok Hun, it just sounded like something was wrong, I am sorry that I woke you I had to hear your voice tonight.”

“Baby that is ok, I can not wait to get home, I miss you so much.” Deborah had to steady her voice she was afraid she would.

Silence filled the room for a moment.

“Dolly I will let you rest tonight, you sound very tired. I will see you tomorrow when you get home. I love you and miss you.” Thom said.

“Thomas I love you very much and I will see you tomorrow, I will dream of you tonight my love.”

“Goodnight love.” He blew kisses through the phone.

Deborah hung up the phone as if her arm was holding a five-pound bag of sugar, which felt as heavy as her heart did at that moment.

Marlene had her back to Deborah. She started to gather her clothes off the chair; she wanted to get out of there before she lost it.

Deborah sat on the edge of the bed, not knowing what to do, should she ask Marlene

to stay the night, or just let her leave and forget that this situation ever happened. She knew what she wanted to do; she wanted to make love with Marlene repeatedly.

As she sat thinking, that familiar tingle began in the pit of her stomach radiating in between her legs. She could feel herself getting wet again with a burning need. Deborah this took Marlene by surprise, the touch sent a shockwave of need through her veins. She moved closer to Marlene and taking Marlene’s face between sivas escort her hands, she traces her lips with her tongue. The sensation went right to her clit, she could feel it swell and she was getting wet.

Deborah ran her tongue over Marlene’s lips, slowly and seductively. Which in turn made her need grow ever so stronger.

“Marlene, I need you, I want you right now, I want to make love to you all night long.” She spoke almost breathless.

Marlene trembled just hearing those words, she felt as if she would have climaxed now.

Marlene dropped her clothes right there on the floor. “Yes please make love to me, make me scream your name over and over again.” Marlene’s breath was coming slowly as if she had been running.


They fell together on the messy bed, hungry for one another. They acted as if this would be the last time they would ever have sex again. Both women’s need was strong for one another. Marlene’s fingers found Deborah’s clit and began to rub it making it swell three times its normal size. Deborah arched her back pushing her warm spot deeper onto Marlene’s finger. She wanted more, needed more.

“Oh please do not stop Marlene. I can not stand it, I need more of you.”

Marlene looked her deep in the eyes and smiled. “I will only stop if you want me to.”

“No Please don’t!”

Marlene’s tongue flicked out and lightly touched the tip of Deborah’s clit; she could feel her body tremble just from that light touch.

“OH Marlene!” Deborah said breathless.

Marlene stopped what she was doing, slowly raising her head she watched as Deborah flung her head back. She could see Deborah’s nipples growing harder.

“Please do not stop Marlene.” As she pulled her closer to her clit.

Marlene said teasingly. “You want me to keep licking your clit like this?” As she flicked her tongue out and touched the tip of Deborah’s clit.

“Oh yes! Right there!” shoving her pussy into Marlene’s face.

Marlene grabbed her ass and pulled Deborah’s pussy and clit deeper to her. Her tongue sliding in and out of Deborah’s warm wet pussy. Marlene used her tongue like a cock. In and out it slid. Deborah tried to push her pussy closer to Marlene’s tongue. She wanted more, needed more. Her mind floated to a distance place called pleasure. tekirdağ escort She could feel warmth all around her, her body was afire with this pleasure and she did not want this to end ever.

Marlene kept licking, sucking on that clit drawing it forth from its hood, feeling it swell between her lips and she would rake her teeth over it slightly which made Deborah shudder more and more.

Deborah needed more. “Marlene! climb up here and sit on my face so I can taste your sweet pussy and drink your sweet nectar.”

Marlene obeyed and slowly positioned her body so that her back was to Deborah and placed her pussy directly over Deborah’s mouth.

As soon as Deborah’s tongue touched her clit, her body shuddered slightly.

“Oh Deborah that feels oh so good.” Marlene whispered softly onto Deborah’s skin.

Deborah sucked hungrily on Marlene’s clit drawing it further into her mouth, nibbling lightly on that sweet bud, flicking from clit to Marlene’s pussy. Slowly she continued sliding her tongue in and out of Deborah’s pussy then increasing .Nibbling, sucking, probing. Marlene wiggled slightly and pushed her hot wet pussy into Deborah’s mouth. She wanted more of that hot tongue inside her sliding in and out, licking, sucking, nibbling on her clit.

Each one sucking on the clits, feeling they were getting larger with each lick. Soon climax would come and they would bathe in each other’s juices.

Marlene could feel Deborah’s breast rubbing against her ass cheeks, her nipples felt like pebbles. Deborah could feel Marlene’s hard nipples on her stomach. Oh what a wonderful feeling, their passion grew, their bodies glistened from the heat that their bodies were creating.

Moaning sounds could be heard through out the room, as they hungrily fed on one another.

They were oblivious to their surroundings engrossed in their unbridled lust for one another, reaching, grabbing as if they would lose one another. Their bodies glistened with their sweat and the juices that were flowing. Climax after climax sopping the bed with the nectar that flowed from their bodies, stopping only long enough to use the bathroom and to get a drink.

The stars and moon were the only witness to their display of sex. Probing one another with fingers and tongues, Murmured words of passion turning to screams of ecstasy repeatedly. They felt that the night would never end their lovemaking. Soon daylight would arrive and they would have to go their separate ways. However, she would think about that tomorrow, for right now the night would never end.

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