The Beach House Escapades Ch. 04


Chapter Four: The Beach House

Vika calls me at 7PM and wants to know if she and Amy can come over before 9 like we had agreed. I tell her that’s fine. I ask her if she’s told Amy anything, and she responds in a whisper that she can’t talk at the moment too well, but that I should be ready for a surprise.

Vika’s tone had been excited, as if I will like whatever the surprise might be. I get my cameras tuned up and my software and drives ready for the next set of adventures.

They arrive a bit before 7, both wearing knapsacks and wearing typical Florida fashions for giris their age —- tight lowriding bellbottom pants, shirts cropped to expose bellys and arms, and too much eye makeup.

Well, not really too much, because I love that slutty-little, virgin-whore look that girls affect when the’re experimenting with makeup. I’m talking lots of eyeliner, a touch too much mascara and lashes teased to their max. Trying to look older than they really are, but turning out looking like little tarts in need of spankings. Vika has her hair pulled into two long pigtails, braided tight. She knows what I like.

My eyes pour over her little friend. Amy is four inches taller than Vika and much more developed in the bust and hips. Her waist is trim, with no poochy belly or flabby ass. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes, and is tanned dark as an almond.

She looks shyly at me as she scoots by through the kitchen door and joins Vika leaning against a counter opposite me. I smile at the both of them and hold Amy’s eyes when we are formally introduced. She holds my gaze with an expression of interest and challenge, her body language saying that she’s aware of me as a man, but she doesn’t return my smile. She is very cute.

Vika gives her friend a tour of my house while I make some chocolate milkshakes for them and a fruit smoothie for myself. I hear the two of them giggling throughout, and I wonder just how much Amy knows at this point. They both come back into the kitchen, and Vika excuses herself saying she’s got to use the bathroom, leaving Amy and I alone together.

Amy boosts herself up onto the counter, watching me as I blend our drinks.

“I’d rather have a beer if you’ve got one,” she says offhandedly. “Milkshakes are for kids.”

“In the fridge,” I reply without hesitation. “Help yourself.”

She hops down and opens the refrigerator, pulling a bottle of Dos Equis Amber from the door and tries to twist the cap off.

“Here,” I say, throwing her a bottle opener. “The good beers don’t have twist tops.”

She catches it deftly and pops off the top like a pro. She spies the trash can standing open next to me and snaps the cap into it with a whizz from 8 feet away.

“Hey, your pretty good at that,” I laugh, looking at her.

“I’m good at all kinds of things,” she says as she lowers her drink from her lips, running her tongue across them seductively. It’s then that I notice that she’s wearing braces on her teeth. Probably the reason she doesn’t smile is because she’s embarrassed about them.

“Come here,” I say in a friendly tone, accepting her challenge.

She saunters over and stops right in front of me. I lean down and kiss her, using my hands on her hips to pull her to me. She kisses back, and I can taste the beer as she stuffs her tongue in my mouth. She presses into me, grinding her pelvis against my crotch.

Definitely not a virgin, I laugh to myself. We pull apart simultaneously, both aroused and intrigued. She smiles shyly and I can see that she’s as much surprised at herself as she is with me. I’m really digging the braces, but don’t say anything about them.

She has long, brown hair, parted down the middle, a broader face and fuller features, with maybe a trace of Italian or maybe Arab, or even American Indian mixed in somewhere a few generations back. I’m inclined to think Italian as I look at her more closely. I like that she lets me stare, and that she’s checking me out just as thoroughly.

“I’m glad you’re not doing dumb-shit stuff like asking me how I like school,” she says, still standing inches away and looking up at me. “I told myself that the instant you did I would be outta here. I’m not some little kid, and I hate being treated like one.”

“I didn’t suggest that Vika invite you over here so I can treat you like a kid, Amy,” I say pointedly. “I don’t treat her like one, so I don’t intend to treat you like one… but I have been known to give spankings now and again.”

She giggles a bit, then looks up and bats her eyes innocently while staring at my lips. We kiss again, and I grab the cheeks of her ass and pull her into me, letting her feel my erection through our pants.

We are still mid-kiss when Vika returns.

“Jeez, you guys!” she exclaims with a laugh. “I leave you alone for a minute and you’re all over each other.”

I pull the much younger looking Vika to me and kiss her just as deeply as I had her friend, stretching her up on tip-toe while fondling her ass the way I had Amy’s. Side escort She lets herself go into the kiss, relaxing and getting better every time we do it. It was hard to remember that only three days ago she had been an untouched virgin.

I wonder what Amy’s story is. Had one of her mother’s boyfriends gotten to her after all? Or is she a wild-child who gives herself to any guy who shows an interest.

I ask Vika if she wants a beer, or perhaps some wine. She shakes her head and asks if I have any vodka. I do, so I bring down a bottle from the cabinet and mix some with a bit of orange and cranberry juices. Not very strong, but enough to loosen her up a bit — not that she needs it sexually mind you, but perhaps to disclose some hidden tidbits about herself which will inspire Amy to do the same.

I walk out to the living room, turning off this light and that and replacing them with a couple of sconce lights along the walls, casting the room in a warm and relaxing glow. Other soft illumination comes filtering through the leaves of the many lush plants tucked in the corners of the big room.

We all find comfortable seats and sprawl out, watching my 72 inch plasma screen as I run a DVD which was put together by a buddy of mine in California who does screen productions and video editing overdubbed with a kickass soundtrack. It never ceases to amaze. The film is mainly a collage of great surfing, snowboarding and snow skiing, with some skateboarding here and there. Interspersed are incredible scenes from the Grand Canyon and Yosemite and other mind bending vistas. Amy and Vika ooh and ahh and are completely mesmerized.

I bring out another beer and another vodka, making this mix even weaker than the one preceeding it. Into both drinks I’ve slipped a hit of ecstacy, a mild euphoric drug that lowers inhibitions and makes one feel very erotic. The doses are just enough to have an affect, while not so great as to let the girls know they’ve been drugged.

When the movie’s over, I switch to a videodisc of soft porn, featuring sexy girls in the 18 to 22 year old range doing provocative strip teasing, nude posing, and such. Interspersed are still shots of hot hunky guys, just to keep my company interested. I turn on my mpeg player, pre-programmed with a mix of club music.

I move over onto the couch next to Vika. She snuggles in close, glad that I’m showing her affection, whispering in my ear that she’s so ready to fuck that she’s about to go crazy. I kiss her and rub her pussy through her pants and then whisper back that she has too many clothes on and that I’d like to see her in just her shirt and panties.

She stands in front of me and does a slow, sexy strip, wiggling and giggling and making sexy faces at me and Amy. I pat the seat next to me and beckon for Amy to sit on the other side of me. She hops over and pretty soon I’m kissing and rubbing her, too. I whisper that she should get comfortable, but that there’s no pressure on her to do anything she doesn’t want to. She shrugs nonchalantly and stands where Vika has just been. Vika sits back down and takes my hand and puts it on her upper thigh as we both watch her friend.

Amy has a bit of a beer buzz going, and I can see she’s working up her nerve to undress in front of me. Her long hair hangs forward, hiding her face in shadows. She sways to the music, allowing me to look her up and down for a long count. Slowly she unbuttons the closure to her pants, letting them hang open as she raises her shirt and exposes more and more of her torso. When the bottom of her shirt reaches her breasts, she stops, then begins raising it again, giving us a look at her full breasts enclosed in a low cut bra. I command her to take her damn shirt off completely, and it works. She’s got a great rack.

I whisper to Vika that she should maybe help Amy get her pants off, suggesting that she unzip them slowly and from an angle where I can see both girl’s faces. Vika slides off the couch onto her knees next to Amy, and runs a hand up the inside of Amy’s leg, beginning at her ankle and ending in her crotch. Amy smiles down and widens her stance a little, not put off at all by Vika’s actions as Vika rubs the edge of her hand across Amy’s slit.

Next Vika takes hold of the brass pull of the zipper and works it down a little at a time. Meanwhile Amy is massaging her breasts and rubbing her belly, the way she’s seen a million MTV babes do in the music videos. She’s damn good at it, too.

Vika has the zipper all the way down, and she reaches up and pulls them apart at the top, exposing a large V and a good look at some pretty red panties underneath. Vika rejoins me on the sofa while Amy shucks off her shoes and britches one-two-three. I pull her down into my lap, kissing her and rubbing her again, this time without the interference of all that heavy cotton.

I rub Vika’s cooch with my other hand, slipping it beneath her white G-string – the thong panties I had given her earlier in the day causing her to squeal with delight. Side escort bayan She’s wet as a ripe blueberry, and I take my soaked hand and bring it to Amy’s mouth, wondering what she’ll do. She knows I’ve been playing with Vika’s snatch just as I am her own, although so far my hand has remained on the outside of her little-boy briefs.

Amy looks at my hand and then up at me from her spot leaning against my chest. Her large brown eyes are soft and questioning. She’s stretched out against me with her just her ass on the edge of the sofa between my legs, her own firm, brown legs stretched out straight in front of her. Her face turns back toward my hand, which I’m holding in a place which allows her to decide whether she wants to take a lick.

Vika looks expectantly at both of us, then suddenly reaches over and replaces my hand with her own on Amy’s crotch. Without a blink or a nod, she makes two quick passes over her pussy, then slides her whole hand under the silky material.

It’s all Amy needs, and she begins licking Vika’s wetness off my fingers greedily, sucking my fingers like they’re miniature cocks as Vika goes to work on her best friend’s love pie. Vika scoots out in front of Amy, sitting at our feet. She reaches up and the two of us work Amy’s panties down, one side and then the other, till they are around her knees.

I take the opportunity to unhook Amy’s bra by its front clasp, and before you know it, she’s naked as the day she was born. I stand her up so Vika can get the damn panties all the way off, and Amy reaches over and grabs the rest of her beer and chugs it down until it’s empty.

Like I said, Amy’s much more developed than Vika, but still looks very young. Her breasts are a tiny bit lopsided, with one nipple a tad higher than the other, but altogether she has very nice tits. Her pussy is bald like Vika’s but her pudenda and outer lips are fleshy and exposed, again in contrast to Vika’s pussy being no more than a pink slit against her white skin.

Vika stands up next to Amy and they begin kissing. Man is it hot! I love watching two chicks getting close with each other. While they’re doing that I kneel at their side and slide Vika’s thong down her legs and then stand and pull her shirt over her head.

Now I’ve got both girls naked. I sit back down while they continue to kiss and massage one another. Amy lowers her head to lick Vika’s perky nipples and Vika whispers something to her that I can’t overhear. Amy smiles and takes another nibble before straightening up. Both girls look at me sitting in front of them and then grin at one another. They are flushed with arousal, their lips full, their nipples erect and their vulvas crimson with the blood flowing there.

They motion for me to stand in between them as they begin dancing in place to the sensual rhythm of the slow trance music coming from the speakers. Combined with the ecstacy, this music takes one into the primal erotic zone of the brain, deep into the limbic region of instinctual conditioning. And there’s no urge as primal as the sex drive.

The effect of MDMA, or “X” is to relax one’s mind and body while stimulating the sensory inputs, making sound, color, touch and taste more heightened and definitely more enjoyable. The hysteria which surrounds this drug is just one more campaign by the alcohol and tobacco industries to keep all recreational drugs in their hands.

I take my place where they suggest and both girls begin sinuously wrapping themselves around me, running their hands over the shirt I’m wearing. Vika tugs it up in front while Amy does the same with the back, and when its up to my chest I take over and pull it over my head. I give both girls a gentle push toward the couch and they sit next to each other, stroking each other while watching me intently.

They’re both deep into the drug now, without knowing it. I’m hoping that this experience for them will impart upon their subconscious the notion that the sex we’ll have tonight will be the the watermark they measure against for years to come.

They are mesmerized as I stretch and flex. I have a great body, I’ll admit. I stand just over six feet tall and have broad swimmer’s shoulders and a wide back. My pecs, lats, delts and traps are all big without looking bulky. I’m pretty lean thanks to a low fat diet and lots of good exercise. My abs are hard as a rock and cut like marble. My ass is tight and round, and when I flex it the glutes really pop. My quads show pretty good mass, again without looking overly bulky.

It’s just an overall good, strong symmetry of excellent genetics enhanced with exercise and nutrition. I have thick, wavy black hair which I usually keep at what Marcia calls my Italian Playboy length, meaning it can be pulled back into a short ponytail or topknot. I prefer keeping it loose with a messy part just off-center.

I did some modeling in college, but couldn’t stand all the effeminate males in the industry. I’m not homophobic, which means a fear of homosexuality. I Escort side just don’t care for what being gay represents, personally. I don’t get their silly mannerisms and funny way of speaking.

I do a variation on a Chippendale’s routine for the girls, noting that their pupils are beginning to dilate from the ecstacy I slipped into their drinks on the second round. Suddenly both girls are at my feet and pulling my shorts off in a frenzy. I let them finish undressing me and then shoo them both back over to the sofa. I’m half erect and my 8 inch cock hangs full and resplendent against the backdrop of my neatly trimmed pubic hair and the pale area of skin surrounding it.

I keep on with my routine, flexing, posing and stroking my cock until it is fully erect and standing out from me like a horizontal flagpole. I hang my shorts from it and curl them up and down by flexing the internal muscle used to pinch off the bladder. When this muscle is properly developed using Kegel techniques it makes an incredible difference in your sexual prowess, noticeable both to you and your partner. When a woman develops the same muscle in herself she can squeeze her clam so tight that it grips like a vise. Fuckin’ A!

I walk over closer to the girls and stroke my rod like I’m masturbating, holding it over their upturned faces as they both feast their eyes on me and what I’m doing. I angle my fuck stick downward toward Vika and she jumps to a kneeling position and begins giving me a blowjob. I hold her head in my hands, turning us so Amy can see everything. I reach behind her head and urge her toward me.

Vika pulls my dick from her mouth and offers it to Amy who shyly leans in and looks closely at it. She is reluctant to go any further, so Vika just shrugs and resumes her sucking, now showing off by taking me all the way down her tiny throat. She coughs and gags a bit, but goes right back at it once she’s caught her breath. I tell her what a good girl she is.

I smile down at Amy and pull her up so she’s standing next to me. I kiss her mouth and run my hands all over her body, kneading her perfect tits and softly tweaking her large nipples. Using my strong fingers I work various pressure points and muscle connections in her shoulders and along her back, and soon she is so relaxed her head is rolling with pleasure. I give a tiny push on the tops of her shoulders and she collapses to her knees next to Vika.

This time she lets Vika feed her some of my cock. She takes tentative licks on my soldier’s helmet, then slowly eases the head into her mouth. Vika strokes her back and pulls the hair away from the side of Amy’s face.

I grin to myself when I notice that the song that’s playing is “Take It As It Comes” by the Doors, a song to a young girl to relax and let things happen as they will with an admonishment to always have fun. Yes indeed. Amy has a very soft mouth, treating my dick like it’s a fragile object. I’m beginning to think this is her first blowjob.

Pretty soon the girls are taking turns slobbering on my rod, tongue wrestling each other around the shaft and even sucking my balls, each girl taking one in her mouth. Amy follows Vika’s lead at each turn. Her vixen act earlier was just that — an act. Vika is the schoolmarm, showing her friend the ropes.

And speaking of ropes, I’m just about to throw some on Amy and Vika’s faces and down their throats just about any time now. Watching them suck cock and make out with each other would be erotic enough, but when it’s your own dick they’re working on together the pleasure is indescribable.

I don’t want to freak Amy out right off the bat by unloading a batch on her face, but I know my little Vika will drain me like a thirsty slut at a well. I push my dick at her and she knows what’s coming — literally. She begins bobbing and stroking me furiously until I’m right at the edge, allowing me to coach her until I’m spewing baby gravy into her eager little mouth. She swallows in one big gulp and then drains the rest of her vodka and cranberry.

Vika is definitely bi-sexual. I can see this clearly now as she kisses her way down Amy’s front, and then lies on her back and scooches herself into position directly under her friend’s twat, like a mechanic sliding under a Mercedes for some work on the rear end. She goes to work with gusto, tittering to herself that she’s wanted to eat Amy out for a long time. Amy doesn’t seem to mind one little bit.

I back away, enjoying the expressions Amy is making and the guttural sounds coming from Vika as she slurps away like she’s devouring a ripe mango. Soon I’m on the floor between Vika’s legs, giving to her with my mouth as good as she is to Amy.

The juices from Vika’s cunt are sweet as honey, and I lap at her until she too is twitching and moaning. I look up and watch Amy weaving like a strand of kelp in a current, her eyes squeezed shut as her orgasm approaches. I move from between Vika’s legs so I can put my tongue against Amy’s clit while Vika works her from underneath.

Amy cradles my head, running her fingers through my thick hair. Soon she’s climaxing, her fingers kneading my scalp harder and harder. With a gasp and a cry it hits her, and I wink at Vika who is looking up at me while Amy twitches at every lash of our tongues.

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