The Balcony Ch. 02


Lari was the first to awake, startling momentarily as she realized she not only was not alone but was wrapped in a pair of strong arms. But in an instant the events of the day rushed back to her, and she lay still, almost unbelieving, allowing her mind to recall them. She felt she should be afraid or uneasy, everything had happened so fast and so unexpectedly. But instead she felt great, a warm glow inside her, loving the touch of those arms she had just come to know. As last she could recall, Dan’s hands had cupped her breasts and held her back firmly against him. They were still in place, but now relaxed as Dan slept on.

She moved ever so little to press against those hands, and immediately felt the tension as her nipples started to wrinkle the moment they felt his palms. She gave a quiet deep moan of satisfaction. She eased her hard ass back slightly and pressed lightly into him, smiling as she felt the nub of his soft cock between them. Very slowly she started to roll her hips so the cheeks of her ass rubbed lightly against it. She thought she heard a soft sigh from him, then realized his cock was very slowly starting to swell and harden. Another smile as she realized he was now awake, and at least had not suddenly pulled away from her. Lari hoped he was as glad as she to be where he was.

He didn’t say a word, but his hands gently tightened over her breasts and his fingers began to make tiny circles, instantly bringing her nipples to full aching hardness. His fingers began to knead and squeeze and she pressed into them. All the while she could feel his hardness growing, pressing against her, til she was sure it was a big as when she had first freed it from his briefs – a sight she remembered in great detail. Now she moaned aloud, hips pressing back, both of them moving so his cock was massaged by her sweet ass. A groan of pleasure in response, and Lari felt her hair being swept aside as his lips started kissing the back of her neck.

She rolled her head back and felt his lips, tongue, and teeth as they moved over her neck and shoulder. She turned her head slightly and felt her earlobe being sucked in. He pulled and teased. No more! She couldn’t stand it – she turned partially so she could see the face of the man who had so gallantly and suddenly entered her life – though of course a bit of him had been there for months.

Dan awakened from a deep and contented sleep to feel her body moving against him. Like Lari, it took just a moment to realize where he was and how it all happened. It seemed his cock had awakened before his mind, as he could already feel a slight tension in it. Relief rushed through him at the realization that not only was she not rejecting him, but seemingly wanted more just as much as he did.

He allowed Lari to take control for the moment as the cobwebs of sleep cleared, then moved to claim her once again. As she moved, his cock was sliding between her sweet cheeks, harder by the second, and he could not help pressing against her. The sweet smell of her overpowered him – he grasped her and his lips moved to taste her once again. Her response was as he hoped, and as she turned to him their eyes met in the dim light. It filtered in from the lamp he had lit by the couch, and he realized it was pitch dark out. The little clock by her bed said 9:20 – they had slept for hours. The shine in her eyes told him all he needed to know. “Hi,” he said, and his lips covered hers before any response was possible. No longer strangers, their lips moved against each other and hers parted as his tongue slipped in. Gently, tongues played as their hands began exploring. Of course he wanted her right then, and he knew he could have her, but something made him want everything to be just right.

Slowly he untangled himself from her and said, “Give me a second.”

He went to the bathroom and started the shower, making sure it was just the right temperature. Then he returned to her and offered his hand.

“Come on,” he whispered.

When she arose they embraced and kissed once more, but he slipped behind her with his hands on her hips, gently guiding her down the hall.

When they reached the bathroom door, Lari made him wait outside for a moment, relieving herself and cleaning up a little, realizing as he did that they had made more than a bit of a mess of each other. When she opened the door and pulled him in, the steam clouds had started to form, and her skin was already hot and moist. In the bright light they admired each other for a moment, the first time either had had a good look at the other. Both liked what they saw, just what they had imagined and more. Dan was hard from his job in shipping, with muscles that bulged each time he moved, natural and not overdone. Lari had kept herself trim with a daily exercise routine, and lately she had worked a bit harder as Dan had become more frequent in her daydreams. She was moderately tanned from her sessions on the balcony, with just little patches Ümraniye Escort of paler skin from the bikinis she wore. Her Latin heritage dictated that nowhere was she truly white. As Dan reached out and traced the outline of one of those patches his finger grazed her already erect nipple and she shuddered. Seeing that, his fingers closed over the hard tip and he pulled lightly.

“Ahhhh,” she said, and with a smile turned to the shower. “I hate to waste all this nice hot water”.

He helped her in, mindful of her tender ankle, and stepped in behind her. He wrapped his right arm around her waist, and reached around with his left hand until he could grasp her right breast, her body pressed tight against him.

He pulled her back under the water with him and said, “MMmmm, you’re right it feels wonderful. And so do you!”

She giggled a little and squirmed in his arms. His lips found her wet neck and started kissing, squeezing her even harder. Of course by now his cock was rock hard, and as she moved, it slipped between her legs. She reached down and put her hand under it, pulling it up against her and stroking all that she could reach. He thrust his hips forward to give her more and in the process almost lifted her off the tub bottom. As her hand moved over him he bit lightly into her shoulder. Both of them moaned as her hand closed around him and squeezed. He rolled his hips forward and back so that his shaft moved through her fingers, quickly swelling and hardening to its full size.

“That’s just too good to waste,” she said, as she wiggled free of his grasp and turned to him, dropping to her knees on the rubber mat.

Hot water cascaded over her head and his erect shaft, until she grasped it with both hands and started pulling hard, stroking him til he felt it throbbing. Finally she slipped her lips over the head, sucking and tonguing, just as she would have a Tootsie Pop.

He groaned with pleasure and wanted more, but she teased him, refusing to take more than just the tip. One hand slipped to his balls and started massaging them, taking care not to press too hard, the other hand firmly wrapped around his shaft, controlling him.

She leaned back from him and the water, smiling up. “Mmmm, he’s better than I imagined – and I imagined alot.”

He chuckled and replied “I’m glad, but thats only a sample.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll get a complete workout,” she said, “that is, if you can handle it.”

She slipped his luscious cock back through her lips and immediately he put both hands on the back of her head, pulling as he rolled his hips forward, his entire length forced into her mouth. He could feel her gag, but held tight, saying, “I can hardly wait”!

He relented and she slid back off of him, taking deep breaths. She looked up and smiled. “Waiting’s over” she whispered, as she slid her lips back over his head and swallowed him, ignoring the discomfort.

Her tongue ground on his shaft and she closed her teeth on him just a little as payback. She could feel him shuddering as she began to ram her mouth down over him with hard fast strokes, cock bottoming in her throat each time. As she pulled back she pressed as hard as she could with her lips, sucking hard so he got the maximum effect.

He clenched his fists and bit his lip, determined not to let this end prematurely. Every stroke elicited a groan from deep within him. At last he could hold out no longer, grabbing her head and holding it hard against him. A growl escaped his lips as his hot cum shot into her throat, causing her to gag all the more, but she had no choice but to take all he could give. Which was just what she wanted.

Dan released her head and she gently slid off of him, saliva and his hot cum mixing with the water flowing over her. Lari felt a sense of triumph as she gave him a cum-eating grin. He grabbed her and pulled her up to him, pressing her hard against his chest. He was shaking, and she could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest. His hands moved lightly up and down her smooth, wet, slippery body. She pressed herself against his rapidly softening cock.

“Was it good?” she whispered, knowing the answer.

“Fantastic,” he said, “almost as good as what you have coming.”

A long kiss followed, bodies grinding together. His fingertips found her nipples and played with them, slipping and sliding with the wetness, pulling and twisting and squeezing just enough.

Lowering his head he sucked one in, lips pulling on it as his tongue played, circling the tip, then grinding down on it. One hand slipped between her legs and his fingers were immediately inside her. As he sucked and nipped he slowly stroked her, fingers finding her impossibly wet and slippery. Lari moved her body up and down slightly, arching her back to press her breast into his mouth, while her cunt devoured his fingers.

She shuddered as the waves of pleasure grew, her head back, moans of lust escaping her İstanbul Escort lips. Suddenly he moved both hands to her hips and dropped to his knees. The moment he moved his lips close to her she rammed her pussy into his face and grabbed his head.

“Oh Damn! Eat her, Dan, she’s sooooooo hot!”

Knowing what she needed he rammed his tongue into her hot cunt, drinking the juices waiting for him. He grabbed her ass with one hand and pulled her against him as he pressed his other thumb on her clit, rubbing and circling it. Her hips went into overdrive, fucking his face as he devoured her delicious offering.

It took only moments. Lari grabbed his head and pulled him against her, his face buried to the point he was unable to breath. Still his tongue circled and rammed inside her and and his thumb frantically massaged her hard swollen clit. She shuddered once, stifled a scream and came. Hot juices poured onto his face, far more than he could swallow. He grabbed her ass with both hands or she would have fallen. She could not stop grinding as his tongue went up and down the hot slit between her swollen lips.

She was shuddering and gasping, almost crying with pleasure. Dan was giving her little kisses and licks all over her swollen, sopping wet pussy as she slowly regained her senses. When Lari came for him it made him feel so good he hated to let go. But he knew they were not done yet.

Dan stood slowly in front of her, running his hands up her legs, over her hips, up her sides and at last cupping her breasts as he leaned in for a long lingering kiss. Lari’s arms held him close as she enjoyed the taste of his mouth and the feel of his lips and tongue. Dan got the soap and started lathering both of them up, and they made a little game of washing each other.

Once they rinsed off, Dan got a towel and wrapped her in it, then climbed out and got one for himself. She took his hand and climbed out after him, still wet and glistening where the towel did not touch. He took her towel and slowly dried her, frequently rubbing and touching, and sometimes kissing a special spot. Finally they dropped the towels and stood for a last lingering kiss. Bodies cool from the wetness quickly re-heated.

They walked hand in hand to the bedroom and dove onto the bed together. Quickly they were wrapped up in each other, kissing and touching and murmuring how good it felt. There was no hurry now, they were enjoying the luxury of slowly and gently pleasing each other. Dan’s hands traveled over her body, lingering to tease a nipple or stroke her pussy, but never staying too long.

Lari was enjoying the feel of his hard body, giving and receiving kisses in all the little out of the way places, occasionally reaching to run her hands over his cock, hard but not yet completely rigid.

She gave it a few strokes and then playfully slapped his ass. In return he flipped her over and gave her a little spanking, reddening her cheeks slightly, then kissing all over each one. He ran his tongue over them, then slowly up her back.

As he did he straddled her backside, leaning forward over her, kissing across her shoulders and neck, his ever hardening cock resting between her cheeks. Lying on top of her, Dan slid his arms around her, finding her breasts in his hands and gently kneading them. She moaned with pleasure and wiggled her ass against his cock. He gave a sigh of satisfaction and started rolling his hips, sliding his cock between the firm smooth mounds.

Finally he slid back off of her, kneeling between her legs, as he did so whispering, “Up on your knees.”

She did as she was told and wiggled her smooth ass at him. In reply he bent down and gently bit one saucy cheek. She jumped at the unexpected shock of it, giving a little whimper, but then immediately started rolling her ass in a little circle. He slid his hands up and down her thighs and over her hips, loving the smooth feel of her body, then slipped one hand between her legs. His fingers gently stroked her smooth pussy, then slipped between her waiting lips, slowly in and out.

Dan could feel her tremble when he touched her and when he finally slipped two fingers inside her, she moaned and pushed back onto them. She was already soaking wet and his hand was instantly slick and slippery. When he slipped his fingers up over her clit and rubbed it with the slippery liquid Lari started making those little mewing sounds he loved to hear, rolling her hips back and forth in time with his hand.

He moved forward a bit and replaced his fingers with his cock, letting it press against her pussy, slipping up and down. As he slid back she spread her legs wider, opening herself for him, and he pressed forward, watching as he slid smoothly between her lips, his cock slowly disappearing. Half way in he stopped, but she thrust her ass back at him, taking more, so he grabbed her hips and pushed until he was buried in her sweet cunt. She gave a moan of pure Anadolu Yakası Escort pleasure at the feel of him inside her, and slowly clenched and relaxed her muscles around him.

The feeling was amazing, and he held himself pressed against her ass, loving the way her pussy massaged him. Slowly back and just as slowly in again, her ass rolling back to meet him. Little by little they moved faster, and he rammed his cock in harder with each stroke, slapping against her waiting ass. Both of them were gasping with pleasure at each stroke. Her body bounced as he slammed into her, and the bed started to rock in time, headboard tapping the wall harder and harder.

She began mumbling soft little sounds, urging him on, begging him to give her more, faster, harder! of course he complied and rammed his rigid cock in and out like a piston, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back as he fucked her like never before. Finally a full blown scream as she came hard, boiling juices flooding over his cock and dripping onto the bed. Dan rammed it in and held it, letting her feel all its swollen length, and he felt her contractions, holding him captive as she shuddered with one orgasm after another.

Both of them were panting and breathless, Dan sweating from his efforts. He ran his hands over her smooth ass and back, cock still hard inside her, finally leaning to kiss between her shoulder blades.

Lari pushed herself up on her hands, and slowly pulled off of his still throbbing cock. She turned over and stared at him, at last giving a prolonged sigh. “Damn, I just can’t get enough of you,” she smiled.

Unexpectedly she leaned over and turned on the little light on the nightstand. Then she reached down and grabbed his shaft, still shiny with her cum, and started stroking it. She crawled over to him and without ceremony slid her lips over his cock. She didn’t take it all this time but started to move her tight lips up and down it hard and fast, feeling him get harder with each stroke. Her eyes looked up to him, shining in the bright light. Dan just stared and enjoyed every stroke. Finally she pulled off of him and laid back down, stuffing a pillow under her ass as she did so.

He could see the fires of lust burning in her eyes. “Please, fuck me again, so hard I won’t be able to walk, and this time I want to watch every stroke. And then I want you to cum on my breasts and all over me so I can see it and taste it. Dan, I never felt anything like this, never thought I could feel like this, but I don’t want to miss a thing.”

“Mmmm I’d love to do everything you want and more besides.” Dan replied. “This is more than I ever imagined and I don’t want it to stop.”

With that he moved between her legs as she spread them wide, grabbing his cock and stroking it to its hardest possible state as he stared at her naked, wanton body. She rolled her hips up at him to show how ready she was, and in reply he slid the tip just in – and then rammed it to the hilt!

The force pushed her back a bit and she grimaced, but through clenched lips she hissed, “Yesssssssssss, damn it yesssssssssss, now harder”!

Even as she spoke he began to pound against her pussy, hard and fast, the angle with the pillow was such that he was ramming her ass down into the mattress. Both of them were grunting and groaning with each stroke, her hips lifting her waiting pussy for each new invasion. He leaned over her, hands at her sides, while she stared at his hard shaft burying itself in her, then re-appearing shiny and wet with her juices. Suddenly he bent his head down and bit her nipple, hard! He rammed his cock into her and held it as he pulled up, stretching the hard tip and lifting her breast. It hurt – it felt wonderful!

“AHHHhhhh,” she breathed, as she rolled her hips so she could feel the hard shaft inside of her. He released her aching nipple and grabbed her breasts with both hands, squeezing hard, as he once again began to pound her. Loud slapping, heavy breathing, and their moans, the only sounds in the room.

She felt her pussy begin to to tingle as she neared her final climax, and she began to whimper, “Yes, yes, yes!” in a little girl voice.

In response he redoubled his efforts and at last drove her over the top. Lari’s aching cunt gushed its juices around his throbbing cock and flooded the sheets as she cried out in extasy. He rammed down into her and held as her body jerked and spasmed again and again. His cock was throbbing and ready to explode, but he remembered what she had asked for. Quickly he withdrew and slid up over her, straddling her still convulsing tummy. He pressed his cock down between her breasts and his hands squeezed them hard against it. Her eyes were wide as she watched the head appear and disappear as he fucked her tits frantically, determined to give her all she wanted.

It felt wonderful, and in a moment he began to shudder. His fingertips pulled up on her nipples as his cock sprang up and spurted, showering his cum on her tits, her chin, even her shoulders. His body jerked uncontrollably as he emptied his load for her.

“Oh god, yesssssssss,” she exclaimed, as she lifted her head and sucked his oozing cock into her mouth, milking the last drops from him.

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