The Awakening


Pulling my tight skirt quickly over my arse, I managed to try to look sweet and innocent as my Master opened the front door to His house. We had not been expecting any visitors, so were surprised to hear a knock, just as He filled my arsehole with His thick, hot cum. Trying to appear relaxed was a little difficult as I felt my own honey dribbling down my thighs, and a small trickle of His cum, that had escaped as He quickly withdrew His still hard cock from my depths, running to join my juices on their descent.

“Catalina, my love, make yourself presentable, and make some coffee while I go and let our visitors in.”

I was so happy Master asked me to go and fix coffee for everyone, as it gave me an excuse to escape for a moment, and try to wipe away all trace of our earlier play. Normally I would love the feel of my honey running down my bare thighs, but I was shy in front of Master’s friends, and did not want to embarrass Him or them. Cleaning away the traces was not as quick and easy as I had thought it would be as my cunt could not stop dripping. Wiping away the honey just teased my clit more, making me want Him inside me again. I could hear the voices of His friends as He led them into the lounge, and invited them to sit down and make themselves at home. Three friends of my Master had shown up, completely unexpected to me. The first one was Lance, who I had met once before. He was about 6 feet 2 tall, very athletic, blond with blue eyes, and almost always smiling. The second, Carlos, was a real Latin type man, one of my Master’s best friends. Friendly, almost always smiling, not very tall, and slightly overweight. The third I had met also a couple of times in the club my Master used to take me to sometimes. Tim was a very loud, sometimes obnoxious guy, who I really did not like and had told my Master.

While I was in the kitchen preparing the coffee, my Master and His friends held a small talk. I could hear the voices, but could not understand what they were saying.

“Today I have a special treat for you guys. Lance remember you told me the other day how much you wanted to see a real whore at work?”

“Yes I remember Damian,” answered Lance.

“Well today I am going to give you a show you have never seen before. Today my beautiful Catalina will prove again to me, and all of you, how much she loves me, and how far she is willing to go for me.”

“So what is she going to do?” asked Tim.

“Wait and see my friends, wait and see. I am sure I will be able to surprise you, but whatever happens do not leave. Play the game.”

“Sure we will,” answered Tim and Lance.

“Carlos also, you have to agree or you leave now.”

“Okay Damian, I will play the game and stay,” answered Carlos.


I finally managed to stop the flow a little, and moving quickly, washed my hands and began to prepare the coffee. I was aware my Master would guess what took my time, but I wondered what His guests would be thinking. Perhaps I was just overreacting and no-one would even notice my tardiness. As the coffee boiled, I arranged a plate of snacks for His friends, and a tray of cups, milk and sugar, to bring with the coffee. As soon as the coffee boiled, I poured it into the tall coffee pot and placing it on the tray, entered the lounge and placed it on the coffee table.

Being still new to Master’s country, I was often unaware of the conversation around me unless He and His friends were speaking in English, but it did not bother me as I found joy in sitting at His feet enjoying the soothing sound of His voice above and around me. I was never bored or lonely now He was the focus of my life. I put on some music I knew Master liked, and took my place at His feet, my head resting against His knee.

Master talked with His friends for a while, drinking coffee, and enjoying their company. I felt blessed to have a Master who had so many friends who liked and respected him. His hand rested on my head, at times idly stroking my hair, at others caressing my shoulder and neck to let me know He was thinking of me, loving me.

“Rover come here. Where are you? Come to your Master,” Damian called loud and suddenly.

Our ‘dog’ wandered into the room, flopping down at Master’s feet and stretching out in relaxed pleasure. Our ‘dog’, in reality was not a dog; he was a transsexual slave that belonged to my Master. He had big breasts, a huge dick, and was always naked. However, my Master had made him our ‘dog’. We would take him out for walks, he would eat from a bowl, drink his water out of a bowl, and in everything acted and behaved as a dog. Master had even given him a dog’s name. I was very surprised that Master called him, He normally would never allow Rover to be present when there was company.

I stroked his ear as his head rested on my foot, scratching him under his chin as he loved. Sniffing, being the dog Master had told him to be, he picked up the scent of our lovemaking and passion, and began to nudge my leg in response. Squeezing Maltepe Fetiş Escort my shoulder with His fingers I knew Master had noticed his interest. I didn’t know what to do, and knew at any moment he would become more insistent with his desires, and I also knew I was not allowed to refuse him. I was Master’s whore and He had instructed me clearly that I was to satisfy Rover whenever he wanted.

Panicked, I went to rise from the floor so I could leave the room before he became any more aroused. Already his cock was erected, its tip dripping precum, shining against his stomach. Normally it would have excited me to have Rover so excited by me, but not now in the presence of His friends. Master’s fingers tightened on my shoulder, pushing me back down and holding me there. I couldn’t understand what He was thinking, feeling sure He saw what was happening. I looked up at Master to try and relate my panic to Him without raising any embarrassing questions from His friends. I didn’t want Him to be put in such a position, and face the shame of having our activities exposed.

“Catalina, it is okay. I know, he wants you almost as much as I do I’m afraid. I want you to act as if my friends were not here and pleasure him for us.”

I could not believe Master was going to allow Rover fuck me in front of His friends. I did not think I could lower myself so much as to perform like this in front of everyone.

“Come Catalina, you know you must obey me. It is not as if you have never done this. You pleasure our mutt almost as much as you pleasure me these days, and though you still do not feel comfortable doing it for me, you do. Now I am ordering you to perform as you would if there were only him and I in the room.”

Standing, I stood before Master with my head lowered to hide the tears of shame and fear in my eyes. My legs were trembling as I faced Him hoping He would feel my pain and tell me it was okay, He would not need me to degrade myself in front of His friends.

“My friends and I have often discussed whores who suck and fuck dogs Catalina. Unlike me, they have not had the privilege of watching it happen up close and personal. I want to give them this opportunity, as well as enjoy the sight of you being made to whore yourself for my friend’s pleasure. I want you to start by fondling him, and then give him the headjob of his life before inviting him to fuck your hungry cunt.”

“Master please don’t ask this of me. I can’t do it.”

“You will do this for me, out of love for your Master, out of respect, and out of your basic desire to please, and always obey your Master. Now be quick about it.”

His voice was stern, but also loving, giving me the strength to do for Him what ever He wanted. He never needed to threaten or force me. He knew that I would do anything for Him. Standing up from His seat, Master’s hand reached out and tore the thin dress from my body, leaving me standing naked in the middle of the room, Rover’s nose pushing between my arse cheeks, his tongue licking where Master’s cock had fucked me earlier. I burned with shame at my sudden nakedness, and our dog’s attention. Although Rover was in reality not a real dog my Master had told me he was, so in my eyes it was the same to fuck Rover, or fuck a dog. To me, in my mind, I was fucking a dog in front of everyone, and the fact that in reality Rover was a transsexual was not helping me at all.

Tears slipped down my cheeks as my Master caressed my breasts and cunt, His hands returning to my breasts to play with His rings threaded through my nipples, our names engraved on them with the infinity symbol. I had never felt so degraded and embarrassed, and did not know how I would endure what He was demanding of me. Kissing me, He gave me an encouraging hug before pushing me to the floor and demanding I begin to caress Rover. My hand shook as I reached under his belly and closed over his balls, gently stroking as I knew he liked. Like the incorrigible mutt he was, he immediately rolled onto his back giving me easier access to his balls and cock. My hand massaged his balls gently, and then slid up to caress his hardening cock. I could not allow myself to think of Master’s friends watching me as I caressed our ‘dog’ for His pleasure.

“Catalina, take his cock in your mouth, but first kneel above his face so he can lick your cunt as you pleasure him. You haven’t pleasured him for two days so he deserves a little consideration and pleasure, my adorable slut.”

Straddling his face, I spread my legs wider so my cunt was in easy reach of his long tongue. Before I even bent forward to take him in my mouth, I felt his hot tongue lick between the folds of my open cunt, its length snaking up inside my hole to lick the honey from its source. I could not believe how far up inside me he could stretch his tongue, the pleasure of the sensation and depravity intense.

Leaning forward, I closed my eyes as I took his cock in my mouth, slipping my lips over his erection, sliding Maltepe Gecelik Escort down to the base of his shaft, licking and sucking.

“Open your eyes Catalina. Look at his belly, his balls, and his cock going in and out of your filthy whore’s mouth. Think about his cock in your hot slut’s mouth while we watch.”

As I opened my eyes, I saw Master’s friends watching intently as I sucked Rover. I was so humiliated and ashamed to have His friends see me do this, to know the whore I was. My shame could be felt throughout my body, the tension invading every pore, my cunt and arse hole tightening. I tried to concentrate on the movements of sucking his cock, without allowing myself to think directly about the fact I was once again sucking off Rover. After the many mouthfuls of Rover’s cum I had swallowed, I should have been used to the idea, but I could never get over the disgusting fact I had become such a whore I would suck off Rover’s cock for Master.

Without warning Master grabbed my hair and roughly pulled me to my feet. Forcing me to my knees again in front of the couch He pushed me forward, at the same time using His foot to spread my knees apart, leaving my cunt and arse wide open and exposed to everyone.

Holding his collar, you helped Rover mount me as I lay face down on the couch. His clawlike nails dug painfully into my back and sides as he tried to pull himself onto my prostrated body. I felt the tip of his cock enter my love tunnel as his nails dragged down my sides, drawing blood with their sharpness. His cock was hot as it buried itself deep inside me and he began to pump me hard and fast.

“You are such a good whore Catalina. I never get tired of watching him fuck you and knowing how you feel degraded and humiliated no matter how often we do this. I love to have this power, knowing you will never be able to fully accept your role as slut to man and ‘dog’ alike.”

As Rover’s passion mounted, so did the pain of his nails gouging my flesh. His cock was close to cumming as I felt Master wipe some of the blood from my back and sides. I felt his cock explode inside me, his hot cum filling me to overflowing. As he pulled out of me and laid on the floor to recover, Master reached between my thighs and scooped his cum up as it began to flow from my cunt. As Master held out His hand and told me to lick up every drop, I once again felt my skin crawl and stomach turn. My tongue worked fast to clean Master’s fingers. I could not let my Master dirty His hands with Rover’s cum when it was my duty to make sure it never went to waste, the same as the cum of my Master. I licked between His fingers, and put my own hand between my legs, then inside my cunt to scoop out the remnants of Rover’s cum and lick it from my fingers as if it was candy.

“Catalina have you forgotten something?”

“Thank you Master for degrading me again and giving me the benefit of Your training to make me the dirtiest whore. I love You for showing me how to become the whore I am.”

“You are a good slave Catalina and you have learnt well. There will be many more lessons which will help complete your training and give me, and others, pleasure.”

I was relieved…. I thought it was over. I had survived another ordeal, pushed another of my boundaries and made my Master pleased and proud of me. His pleasing words were filling me with pride, and I had almost forgotten I had just sucked and fucked Rover in front of Him and His friends.

“Catalina, escort Rover to the backroom and close the door, then go upstairs and bring my toolbox.”

I realized suddenly that I was still naked in front of Master’s friends. They had just seen me do one of the most depraved actions a slave could for a Master. My face started to turn red with shame. I did not dare look up at His friends, afraid to see the disgust in their eyes for me. I bent down to pick up the remnants of my dress and was rewarded with a loud, painful slap to my butt. It was nothing compared to what Master normally put me through, but I had never been punished in front of others, and it made me feel even more aware of what was happening. Suddenly I remembered what He had asked me to do. I was going to have to bring Master’s toolbox, and this could only mean one thing.

“Master, please have you not shamed me enough?”

“Do as I told you Catalina. You have another chance to make me proud.”

I knew my Master was not angry with me. His voice was full of love, and I knew that if He would have been angry, He would not call me Catalina. I concentrated on His voice, on His words, took a deep breath, and went to perform what He had asked of me. It did not take long for me to comply, and I walked back with His toolbox. As he had taught me, I knelt beside Him and offered Him His heavy toolbox, holding it with my two hands in front of me. Master ignored me for a while and I could feel the strain of my muscles to keep the toolbox in this position. I had decided to concentrate on Him, Maltepe Genç Escort and only on Him, focusing out everyone else in the room, and it was working. It was as if the world was concentrated on only the two of us. The coffee table, which a minute before had been filled with cups of coffee and treats, had been emptied and cleaned, and I saw the black rope Master loved using on me so much. Looking at the amount He had rolled up next to the coffee table, I could see that He was going to bind me, immobilize me completely. Suddenly I felt the weight of the toolbox removed from me. Master had picked up the toolbox and set it down next to the coffee table. Without uttering a word, He gripped me by the hair, and dragged me the 6 feet to the table. I was roughly thrown belly down on the coffee table.

“Gentlemen, since you have been so fortunate to enjoy the show my slave and ‘dog’ have just given, it is time to pay back. Anyone who feels he is not up to it can leave right now. If you don’t leave, for the duration of this session you are all under my command, and will do whatever I tell you to do.”

Nobody left. For a minute I had hoped they would all stand up and leave my Master and me alone. My Master instructed Lance to help him, while he started to bind me to the coffee table. First around my waist, my Master bound me, making diamond shapes with the rope. Then He went and tied my hands to the legs of the table. He took a pillow from the couch and put it under my head. Forcing my legs as wide as He could, He then bound them also to the legs. I was completely helpless and could not move an inch anymore. I could hear the clicking of the camera, which He had given to Carlos, who was taking pictures of me from almost every angle.

“Carlos, you did replace the memory stick after the session with Rover I hope. If not, do it now, or you will run out space to take pictures….And you, Tim, still have enough tape? If not, replace it with a new video tape.”

I had not realized earlier that Master’s friends had been taking pictures, and were filming me. My shame grew, filling every pore of my body. I did not think that the experience before could have been more shameful, but I had just learned a new lesson.

“No slipknot this time Catalina…there are enough people around.”

I could not move an inch. My female parts were open and very visible. I was completely helpless and naked, feeling extremely vulnerable, but also protected by the presence of my Master. As long as He was here, I knew I was safe. Opening His tool box, Master took out a pair of latex surgical gloves.

“Here Lance, put them on. You will need them.”

“Catalina, you are not allowed to make a single sound.”

Lance put on the latex gloves. Master then rose, and walking to the couch, sat himself down.

“Take a butt plug and insert it into Catalina’s arse, and do not be gentle just plug it in….no lube.”

Lance took a butt plug out of the tool box and tried to insert it into my arse. I tried to loosen up my butt muscles but found it incredibly hard to do. It was not my Master I was opening up too. I tried again to loosen up but just could not. Lance tried forcing in the butt plug but failed. My Master slowly rose up from the couch and without saying a word He picked up His whip from the tool box. Suddenly His whip descended with force on my back.

“Catalina open up. I am here. You have nothing to worry about my love, you are opening up for me, to please me.”

After saying this, His whip descended several times on my back. I knew my Master loved me, but I also knew that He had no problems whatsoever in punishing me when I deserved it. My concentration was on the whip descending on my back, and I forget completely what Lance was about to do, when suddenly I saw my Master nod and I felt the butt plug enter forcefully into my arse. The pain was delightful to me, and I could not help but enjoy the pain the whipping and the butt plug were both giving me. My Master stopped whipping me and sat back down on the couch.

“Take the big black dildo Lance, and insert it in my slave’s cunt.”

Lance picked up the dildo, and inserted the huge monster into my pussy. I was so wet from my own excitement at being used as the whore I was becoming, that the dildo slid in easily. I could feel both my holes completely stretched to their maximum, and my back was still painful from the loving whipping my Master had given me. I had become completely focused on my body, and my shame, and I hardly noticed my surroundings anymore.

“Take a whip Lance, and start to whip Catalina’s back.”

I knew my Master would never allow anyone to use His own whip, but he had several whips in His tool box. Lance took a small, black leather whip, and started to whip my back. I could hardly feel any pain at all.

“What is that?!! I said whip her back not caress it! Here, let me show you.”

I felt my Master’s whip descend on my back again. His touch was harder and incredibly more painful, but I did not make a sound.

“See, she is not made of porcelain. Catalina is my slave…she can take much more than this, so come on, do not be a sissy.”

Lance started to whip me a lot harder, still nothing close to what my Master did to me, but slightly painful.

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