The Awakening Part 1


Laura met Susan online in a chat room where thoughts and dreams flowed freely without prejudice. They immediately hit it off discovering many things in common in their personal lives. Over the course of the winter, Laura and Susan corresponded almost daily, discussing their lives and the world in general. Their discussions ranged from their sex lives to their favorite ice cream flavor. They talked about just about anything and everything, things they wished they had done to things they wanted to do. The subjects not only included themselves but their families as well.The two women had discussed meeting at some point but each had their own life to live and since they were at opposite ends of the country, it was almost impossible to meet. Their desire to meet face to face weighed heavily on each of them, they knew they had something special between them and wanted to see it come to fruition. Both women were bi-sexual and their attraction to each other became more and more evident as they conversed.They kept in touch throughout the Spring; Laura was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary in May of that year along with the graduation from college of her youngest daughter, Julie in mid-June. Susan had mentioned how lucky Laura was to have been married for so long and to have such wonderful and well-educated young women as daughters.Laura joked that it would be icing on her cake if Susan could visit during that time of year and help celebrate all the wondrous things in Laura’s life. Susan agreed but circumstances didn’t allow such a long spell away from her family and work as a public relations coordinator for a national trade show corporation.Then the unexpected happened, the person in charge of the big summer west coast show in Laura’s hometown quit suddenly, taking a job with a rival firm. The company called on Susan to fill his spot on short notice and asked her if she would go.Seeing that she could turn this into an opportunity to make herself shine and visit with her dear friend, Susan accepted the challenge. She booked her first class business seat and let Laura know she would be visiting and working in her area just before the July 4 holiday. Laura was excited and insisted Susan stay with her since their house was a short drive to the convention center where the show was taking place. Her husband was going away for a couple of weeks camping and fishing so there would be time for them to spend focusing on themselves if she didn’t mind Julie being around the house.Julie would be off from school, working part time and getting ready for graduate school. Susan didn’t mind in the least, she knew from their conversations that Julie was a wonderful young woman, she looked forward to meeting her, and Laura’s other daughter Becky.Susan’s flight arrived early, she called Laura’s cell phone to let her know. She had a few messages from her work she listened to them as she walked to the baggage claim area. She didn’t see her friend waiting for her at baggage claim as they had planned. Susan began to worry; she hadn’t made any other plans as far as lodging and transportation and most of the rooms in the city were probably booked. She finished checking her messages and discovered a call from Laura. She listened to it and the other two Laura had left her.Just as she hung up from the last message she heard a soft voice behind her, “Excuse me, Susan, is that you?”She turned around and standing there was a young woman looking a bit embarrassed as she asked again, “Excuse me, Susan?”Susan replied, “Oh yes I am and you are?” Susan recognized Julie from the picture Laura had sent. However, pictures didn‘t do her justice and Susan wanted to make sure.“I’m Julie, my mom is Laura, she sent me because she had an unexpected problem come up and had to deal with it. I hope you don’t mind, she really wanted to be here.”Susan looked the young woman over; she was dressed in very short shorts, which showed off her long smooth legs. They were firm and toned from playing various sports, which required a great deal of running. She also wore a loose-fitting T-shirt with her college’s initials across her ample breasts. On her feet, she wore the normal footwear of college co-eds, flip-flops. She was tanned and her long auburn hair was straight and brushed neatly down to the middle of her back. At about five-foot-five, Julie looked the part of the all-American girl-next-door.Susan holding back a giggle smiled, “I don’t mind at all Julie, your mother left me a few messages and apologized in so many ways, I can’t be mad at her.”Susan opened her arms wide to hug the young woman; Julie not sure, hugged her back.Susan looked her up and down. “Your mother has told me quite a bit about you, but I had no idea you were this pretty.” Julie blushed as she let go of Susan and stood back looking a bit embarrassed.Julie blushed a bit as she took her turn checking out her passenger. Susan was dressed very conservatively in a light gray business dress, black three inch high heels, and a bone colored silk blouse. Her skirt showed off her legs, toned by hours in the gym trying to keep up with the younger women who seemed to be taking all the good jobs in her company. Susan was in her mid-forties but could pass for thirty, she was around five foot six and her body was proportionate to her weight, which she watched like a hawk.Julie smiled as they both turned to wait for Susan’s baggage, their time waiting filled with small talk about Susan’s flight and the weather. Çukurambar escort bayan They kept peeking at each other out of the corners of their eyes and admiring what they saw.As the two women waited for Susan’s baggage to come around on the carousel the conversation ebbed and flowed like the waves on a shoreline. Brief pauses with nothing said and then more questions from one to the other.Julie had been the subject of quite a few conversations between Susan and Laura. Susan had a stepdaughter just about the same age as Julie. They discussed the various highs and lows that each of the girls had been through during their teen years. They talked about different situations each had experienced and how they had grown, learning from each episode.Susan’s stepdaughter had been sexually active for quite some time with both men and women. Susan had encouraged her stepdaughter to be open but also warned her about being too promiscuous. Laura felt certain that Julie was still a virgin but didn’t butt into the young woman’s sex life at all. Julie had never had a steady boyfriend and had never mentioned any other attractions. After all, Julie was now twenty-two years old and could make her own decisions.As they talked, the bags from Susan’s flight started popping out of the shoot and heading around on the carousel.Susan turned and asked Julie what she would miss most about college. Julie slightly blushed and answered, “Oh, I think my soccer team and my sorority sisters, the camaraderie – I guess.”Susan arched an eyebrow and probed a bit more. “You were on soccer scholarship weren’t you?”“Yes, but I never was a star player,” Julie replied a bit embarrassed. She had gotten a full scholarship out of high school but with so many better players, her playing time became limited.To get away from the rude people barging in between them retrieving bags, the two women slowly inched their way further out and down the conveyer belt.Susan was very interested in hearing about Julie’s soccer exploits and began asking more direct questions, some having double meanings which Susan used to see the reaction she got from Julie.“So you had a full scholarship and not on the first team, that must have been nice,” Susan commented.Julie looked at her and replied, “No, I didn’t feel I was earning my way through school.”Susan glanced back and smiled. “That’s good you have ethics, I like that. Your mother has done a good job raising you.” Julie blushed and felt warmness deep inside her with the comment from Susan. She then went on, “I’ve heard there are a lot of lesbians that play sports Julie, not that I’m labeling anyone or saying that’s wrong. I was just curious if that was your experience.” Susan waited for Julie’s answer knowing what Julie’s mother had told her about the young woman’s experiences or lack thereof.“Yes the school is fairly small and our soccer program was always looking for new talent,” Julie started to blush again realizing she had made a double entendre with the talent part. “But as far as the team being all lesbian, no. I think a couple of the girls may have been bi-sexual but I didn’t ask and they never hit on me.”Julie continued, “I do think that there were a few rather large and more aggressive girls on teams we played, but if they were lesbians I have no clue. I can only speak from my own experience.”Just as Julie finished her explanation Susan’s bags came around on the belt. Julie noticed that on Susan’s bags she had wrapped big elastic rainbow straps around each piece to identify her luggage and to help hold them closed. She wondered to herself if the straps had any other significance other than those obvious ones.Susan reached down and grabbed the first of her bags, her skirt rode up high on her shapely legs as she bent down, Julie noticed as she also bent over to grab a bag, her shorts tightening on her legs, made Susan smile as she glanced over.Out of the corner of her eye, Julie saw Susan gazing at her bare legs, a pleasant feeling shot through her tummy and down between her legs as she stood and smiled at Susan. The rainbow straps took on more significant meaning now. “Are these your only two bags, Susan?” Julie asked innocently.“Yes sweetie, they are. Can you handle that one? It does have wheels.” Susan mentioned as she took the handle from her smaller bag and pulled it out.“Oh, I’m okay,” Julie assured the older woman, mimicking her pull of the handle.Susan grinned wickedly, “I’m sure you can handle it, you’re young and still in great shape.”Julie blushed as she felt her nipples react by suddenly poking under her top. That same wave of warmth repeated itself between the young woman’s legs as she smiled back at her new friend. “Well, you’re in pretty good shape yourself Susan. You must hit the gym often.” Julie said.“Yes, I have to keep up with all you young ones who want my job. Unfortunately, in my line of work looks are a big part of the whole package”, Susan lamented.“That’s too bad, it shouldn’t be that way,” Julie replied.“Well, it really doesn’t hurt to stay in shape; I guess my job is just an excuse I don’t really need. I do love working out, I feel so sexy after a hard workout.” Susan raised her eyebrows, as Julie looked her up and down again.“It does feel good, I know.” Julie grinned.They both looked at each and smiled as they headed out of the baggage claim area with the suitcases in tow. On the way to Julie’s car, they talked a bit more about school and Escort demetevler Susan volunteered information about her stepdaughter.The small talk stalled as they got to Julie’s car, a metallic green VW golf convertible. Susan grinned, “My what a sexy little car you have Julie, can we go topless?”Julie blushed, not sure of Susan’s comment but never needing an excuse to take the top down off her car replied, “Sure, I didn’t want it parked here at the airport all open for someone to steal anything. I love being ‘topless’ she giggled, as they both understood the meaning of the joke. “It will just take a second. Go ahead and put your bags in the back seat.”Julie unlocked her car opening the door for Susan.“Thank you, sweetie.” Susan smiled as she watched Julie walk to the back of the car, admiring the way she filled out her shorts. Susan placed her luggage behind her seat and got in. She watched as Julie lowered the top on the little car and made sure everything stowed away. She especially enjoyed the view when Julie had to stretch to reach the top part of the roof to lower it back down past the rear seat. Julie’s breasts pressed into her t-shirt and her nipples were quite evident. Susan didn’t think it was cold outside; maybe Julie was enjoying her company. Julie hopped in and started up the car and they began the drive back home. Susan insisted paying for parking and as she did her arm accidentally brushed against Julie’s breasts as she handed the cashier the fee. Susan apologized and Julie blushed telling Susan “It’s okay, accidents happen.”They took off and the wind was blowing through Julie’s long soft hair. Susan watched as the wind whipped the hair around the young woman’s neck revealing multiple piercings in her ears.Julie rolled up her window to deflect some of the wind and to cut the noise down a bit so they could talk as she drove. She reached over, turned off the CD player, and just as she finished with the dial, a car slammed on its brakes just ahead of them. Both Julie’s and Susan’s initial reaction was to lower their free hand and place it over the lap of the other.After the car ahead returned to speed, they both glanced at each other and smiled. Susan remarked, “I see your mother taught you to restrain your passenger, that’s from when we didn’t have shoulder straps.”Julie smiled, “Yes, she used to do that to us when we were little; I guess I picked up the habit.”Julie removed her hand from Susan’s lap and resumed driving; Susan’s hand remained in Julie’s lap just a bit longer as she felt Julie’s firm thigh muscle just past the young woman’s shorts. Julie didn’t say anything but she thought Susan’s hand stayed a bit longer than it should have. She did get that wonderful warm feeling returning to her tummy.Julie was beginning to wonder why she kept feeling that delicious sensation and thinking back what occurred each time she felt it. She could only recall a couple of other times she had felt this and that was with her soccer teammates when they were celebrating a hard-earned victory. It was only when a close friend on the team hugged her that she had gotten this sensation. She had questioned it then but shook it off thinking it was just the great feeling after a victory.Julie drove on thinking and listening to the wind. She pulled to a stop at a signal by her home when she felt Susan’s soft touch on her ear. The back of Susan’s hand gently brushed her hair back as her fingers lifted Julie’s earlobe and jewelry.“Very lovely,” Susan remarked as she gazed at the jewelry adorning the young woman’s ear. Julie shivered and again felt the warmth. She didn’t turn her head but thanked Susan for noticing. Susan gently brushed Julie’s neck as she examined each piece, not asking permission or caring if she had any. She could tell the young woman enjoyed her touch by Julie’s reaction, especially when Julie closed her eyes and leaned over a bit to allow Susan a better look.The light changed from red to green and they took off again. Within a few minutes, they were pulling into the driveway of Julie’s home. They unloaded the car and went inside the house, Julie kicked off her flip-flops as she walked inside. She called out for her mother but only silence and the tick-tock from the cuckoo clock were there to greet her.They set the bags down and headed into the kitchen; upon entering, they noticed a note from Laura propped up on the kitchen table. They read it in unison, Susan glancing over the top of Julie’s shoulder her hands on the young woman’s hips. Julie could feel Susan’s warm breath on her ear as they both quietly read the note. It apologized for missing Susan and that Laura would be back as soon as she could. She apologized again and wrote that she would make it up by making a spectacular dinner.Julie looked back and waited until Susan had finished reading the note, she enjoyed Susan’s hands on her hips. After reading the note Susan slowly lowered her grip down over Julie’s hips brushing her firm cheeks as she let go. Julie turned and could have kissed Susan if Susan hadn’t moved back a bit.Julie’s face flushed as she asked Susan if she was thirsty. Susan politely declined with a grin noticing the redness in Julie’s cheeks, “All I want to do is put away my luggage and change into something less formal sweetie.”Julie shrugged as they retrieved Susan’s bags and carried them into the room she would be staying. Susan placed her bags off to the side and turned to look dikmen escort at Julie.“I just wanted to thank you for picking me up today, I’ve really enjoyed talking with you, and it’s so sweet of you to come to your mom’s rescue,” Susan spoke softly.Julie smiled and blushed as she responded, “You are welcome Susan; I’ve enjoyed talking with you too, plus I guess I kinda owe my mom.” Susan smiled again and looked at Julie with an inquisitive face.“Owe you mom? For what sweetie?” Susan inquired.“She’s always doing things for me, I don’t know what I’d do without her, you know?” Julie responded.Susan looked at her, “Well those are things we moms just do for our children, and it’s just natural.”Julie smiled and looking at the floor a bit embarrassed.“Oh, Julie would you mind showing me those lovely earrings again?” Susan asked changing the subject.“Oh sure” Julie looked up and pulled her hair back past her ears exposing her piercings, she leaned forward for Susan to see.Susan placed her hands on the young woman’s neck and slowly brought her closer to her face. Her thumbs massaged Julie’s cheeks as she bent in for a closer look. Tilting her head as if to see the earrings in a different light, Susan slightly pursed her lips and gave Julie the softest kiss Julie had ever felt. It didn’t really feel like a kiss, just a hint of a tingle.The young woman swooned as the blood rushed through her body. She looked at Susan with a perplexed stare not knowing what to say or do. Susan leaned in again and kissed her once more with just a bit more pressure on the girl’s lips. Julie almost responded in kind this time but instead just stood there dumbfounded.Susan finally spoke in a soft whisper; she could feel Julie’s heartbeat increase as she continued to hold her face, massaging it with her thumbs. “I just thought an appropriate gift was needed for such lovely company.”Julie blushed as she stood there, her heart racing, longing for another kiss from this woman who excited her so, not understanding why she felt that way.Susan looked into Julie’s eyes and felt the young woman wanted to say something. “Are you alright Julie?” Susan asked.Julie replied, “Yes, I was just caught off guard there for a second.”“Well then”, Susan smiled and leaned in to kiss the young woman one more time. This time Julie responded, kissing Susan and parting the older woman’s lips with her tongue. Susan was at first surprised at Julie’s reaction then pulled her closer, pressing their lips together and holding her in a loving embrace. They kissed and held each other for several minutes as their hearts raced and delicious thoughts flashed through Susan’s mind.Julie finally broke their embrace and looked at Susan; her face was a deep red. She longed to say something but Susan placed her finger over Julie’s mouth quieting her. Susan held Julie close to her, her hands massaged Julie’s back as she whispered again, “Well, what’s it like kissing a girl?”Julie sighed and responded with a question, “I’m not sure Susan, I feel so excited right now, I’ve never felt like this kissing anyone.”Susan grinned and looked her in the eyes, “Well, I respect your mother and would never do anything to cross her, but you are such a delicious young woman I couldn’t resist. Forgive me?”Julie was still stunned, her body knew she wanted the wonderful woman who had just made her feel so good but she wouldn’t cross the line between her mother and her mother’s friend, no matter how much she ached to do it. This new sensation was tearing at her, she’d felt it before and now she was putting it all together in her mind. Was she a lesbian, how else could she explain the excitement she felt when Susan touched her. She had never really looked at women sexually and thought, why now?Susan let her hands drop from the girl’s face and told her ‘thank you’ once more. She then turned and kicked off her heels and went to her suitcase; hoisting it onto the bed and snapping the rainbow straps and locks open. She flipped open the suitcase and began taking out her clothes. She put them in the empty dresser drawers of the guest room. Setting aside a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, this would be much more comfortable than her business suit.Julie stood there savoring her first kiss, and wondered how she could get more. The tingle she felt through her just confirmed what she had been imagining, she longed for a woman’s touch. However, was that what she truly wanted? Did she want another woman or just Susan? She came back to reality and sat down in the chair across from the bed. Her breathing finally came back to normal but the damp area between her legs didn’t go away.Susan kept removing her clothes from the suitcase and putting them away in the dresser. She started unbuttoning her blouse then turned and looked at Julie who was watching her with dreamy eyes.“Julie, sweetie, are you okay?” Susan asked.Julie sat there and mumbled, “Well, I think so.”Susan continued undoing the buttons and just before the last one unhooked her skirt and let it fall; she then let the last button loose and pulled the blouse off her arms. She picked up the skirt and blouse, folding them, and gently placed them on a hanger in the closet. Standing there in beige lace trim hipster panties and lace balconette push-up bra Susan turned and faced Julie.“Oh, I think so, I was just so surprised at what I felt when you kissed me,” Julie confessed as she raised her head and saw Susan standing there. Julie was mesmerized; her head had been down while she was thinking about what had just taken place and now she was sitting there looking at Susan in the sexiest outfit she had ever seen on a woman.Susan walked up to her and stood directly in front of her, she knelt down placing her hands on Julie’s bare legs slowly massaging the outsides of her thighs.

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