The Awakening of Laura Ch. 01


This story is dedicated to my good friends, Dom and Marilyn and to my wife, Laura.

This story is the first in a series. It is all true. The characters are real, however their names are fictitious. This story takes place over a period of time. I hope you enjoy it.


Many years ago, when my then fiance, Laura and I were engaged, we used to go over to our married friends house quite often. They had been married for a couple of years at the time. Dom was 25 and Marilyn was 20. Laura was 19 and I was 21.

Dom was 5″10″ and about 180 pounds. He also had a nice big, thick cock. Marilyn was about 5’6″, 115, with big breasts and a nice ass. Laura was 5’8″, 120, nice rounded tits and a very inviting ass. As for myself, I was 5’8″, 125, and a 7″ cock.

We used get together weekly to have some wine and play adult party games for fun. Most of the time we didn’t follow the rules exactly during the game. My fiance was a bit of a prude and would never over step that boundary. However, during the game I had the good fortune of making out with Marilyn as part of the game and she enjoyed the attention. Dom was barely able to cop a feel of Laura in the game. But, we all had fun and it passed the night away.

As luck would have it, the next day, Dom called and asked me to help him do some work in their house and I went over while Laura spent the day shopping.

While I was working, I apologized to both of them for Laura’s prudeness. I told them that I really wanted Dom to fuck Laura, if that was ok with them. Marilyn and Dom both said that would be terrific but did not know how to get her in bed.

Dom looked at me and said, “Tony, I have an idea but once we start, there is no going back” and looked at Marilyn. I was intrigued and asked him to tell me more.

We sat down and he started to explain. He mentioned that Marilyn knew nothing about sex and he trained her to the point where she would do whatever he asked her to do. I sat there in disbelief and he saw that doubting look on my face. “Marilyn”, Dom called and she got up and came over to me and kissed me. Her tongue found mine and then her hand moved down to my cock, rubbing it through my jeans. Dom then said to her, “Marilyn, suck his cock” and without hesitating, she unzipped my jeans and had my cock in her mouth. In a few minutes, I shot my cum into her mouth and watched her swallow it all. Then she got up and sat down next to Dom. I was in shock, to say the least.

Dom went on to say that he could do that to Laura, if that is what I wanted. I told him I wanted Laura Ataşehir Escort to be my personal whore, to do whatever I want her to do and the first thing was to get her to fuck him.

After some discussion, we agreed and a plan was put in motion.

Two weeks later, Laura and I visited our friends. We were in the living room having some drinks when Dom said that tonight there would be no adult games but, instead, we were going to play strip poker. Marilyn and I applauded and smiled. Laura only whispered to me that she did not know how to play cards. I told her I would help her.

We all moved into the kitchen where the cards were set up. Dom explained that the winner of each hand would decide who would remove an article of clothing of the losers. He said that the winner would be the one person who had any clothes left on. We all agreed to the rules, even Laura.

The game started out easy enough, with Laura winning the first couple of hands. She immediately had Marilyn remove her blouse and shoes. Dom won a hand and had Laura remove her top. Marilyn won a hand and had me remove my shirt.

After awhile, we were all pretty much down to bras, panties and shorts. Each hand now was getting more risqué. Dom won the next hand and told Laura to remove her bra. Laura looked at me and timidly, unhooked the clasp and her tits spilled out of their confine for the rest of us to see. I won the next hand and told Dom to remove his shorts. He did not hesitate and he took them off. I saw Laura staring at Dom’s big cock, which she had never seen before. Laura won and told Marilyn to remove her bra, which she did. A couple of hands later and Marilyn wound up to be the winner, with only her panties on.

We all laughed and had some more wine. Then Dom said “Let’s have some real fun; we will continue to play more hands and the winners will decide who will do whatever they want to another person within a minute time period”.

I looked over at Laura, who said that she did not think she wanted to play but we all insisted and she relented.

Dom dealt out the cards and he won the hand. He looked at Marilyn and told her to go to the couch and to let me eat her. I looked at Laura and she just froze and did not say anything. I asked her, “Hon, you ok with this?” She looked at me and said “it’s ok…go ahead”. With that, I went over to Marilyn, removed her panties and started to lick her cunt and her clit. I enjoyed the most of the minute.

The next hand was dealt and Marilyn won. She told Laura to jerk Dom off. Dom got up, his cock Kadıköy Escort already hard, and moved to the couch, with my nude fiance following. Soon, Laura had her hand around Dom’s swollen cock, jerking it and looking at me. I winked my approval to her and she smiled back. As her minute came, the two of them came back to the table.

Now, the game was getting very interesting and I had no idea what was in store next. Then it happened; Dom won. He looked at Laura and told her he to get on the floor and lay on her back. Marilyn and I just watched as my fiance obeyed his command.

Laura got on the floor and on her back. Dom told her to spread her legs. As she spread her legs, he stood over her, his rigid cock at the ready. Turning toward me and Marilyn he said “I am going to fuck Laura, does anyone have a problem; what about you, Laura?” Complete silence from everyone…

Dom knelt down in front of Laura. Her cunt was open for his easy access. Marilyn and I watched. Her cunt was already oozing some juices as Dom slid his cock into my fiance’s cunt, slowly disappearing until his balls were up against her ass.

Laura never said a word. She looked at me and I asked her if she was ok and she nodded yes.

Dom started ramming his cock into her cunt. He started telling her that from now on she would do whatever we ask her to do and that she was to be our whore.

He fucked her harder…he told her “tell us you are our whore…tell us you will do whatever we tell you to do…Laura, tell us you are a whore”.

Laura yelled out “I am your whore…fuck me…fuck your whore… I want your cock in me…cum in me Dom…oh, God…”

I was mesmerized. It looked like I got my wish. Dom got her to be my whore. They were amazing.

A few more hard thrusts and he pulled his hard cock out and shot his cum all over her tits. It was a sight to behold.

Dom got up, his cock still dripping cum. He ordered her to lap up his cum. I was in shock. Here was my prude of a fiance enjoying getting fuck by our friend and then lapping up his cum.

Laura got up off the floor, Dom’s cum clearly visible on her tits. She came over to me and kissed me. Then she said “Tony, I am your whore. Do whatever you want with me.” I kissed her and rubbed Dom’s cum all over her and she smiled her approval.

Marilyn got up and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I looked back and saw Laura and Dom in an embrace and caught her eye as Marilyn and I disappeared.

Marilyn and I fucked what seemed like forever and at one point, I saw Laura Bostancı Escort and Dom watching us. I could see that Laura had a big smile and that she had a firm grasp of Dom’s cock. Then I heard Dom say “Marilyn, let Laura fuck you.”

With that, I got off the bed and watched my fiance lay down besides Marilyn. Laura never uttered a word and I was in a trance watching my beautiful fiance get closer to Marilyn.

Marilyn took Laura’s hand and pulled her closer to her. Their tits pressed up against each other. Their pussies touching, glistening from cum and their own juices. Marilyn kissed Laura who returned the kiss with a passion. Laura’s nipples were so erect that they looked like they were going to explode from her areolas. Both women were lost in each others caresses. I never imagined my fiance like this and I was so thrilled to see her enjoying sex to the fullest.

After everybody was finished and pretty much exhausted, we all got dressed and went into the kitchen. Marilyn made coffee and we talked about the evening’s event.

I asked Laura if she was ok and she said she really had a nice time. She thanked Dom for everything and gave him a big hug and a kiss, She did the same to Marilyn. Laura looked at me with her big brown eyes and just told me she loved me and would do anything for me. We kissed and thanked our hosts for a great evening. I told them that next week would be at our house and we all smiled.

On the way home, Laura asked if I was ok with everything. I told her I loved her and was glad she has embraced her new sexuality and that I loved seeing her getting fucked by Dom and Marilyn.

We got home, showered and went to bed, our naked bodies pressed against each other.

The next morning I was awoken by Laura giving me a blow job, something she had never done before.

As I awoke, I saw her mouth fully engulfing my hard cock and looking up at me. She smiled and went back to sucking my cock. In a short time, I exploded my cum into her mouth and watched her as she swallowed every drop.

Laura crawled up the bed to me, her tits hanging down and asked if I enjoyed her treat. I told her I did and she said she had more treats coming for me.

Laura asked if I liked her being a whore and I told her I did. I the said to her, “From now on, you will do whatever I tell you to do when it comes to sex. Do you understand?” Laura looked at me and said “I will do whatever you ask and I will please you.”

We got together with Dom and Marilyn many times after that and each time was better than the last. Laura became my while like Marilyn was Dom’s.

However, after a year, Dom and Marilyn moved away to upstate New York and we never saw them again in that setting.

I told Laura not to worry and that we will find replacements.

Look for the next Awakening story.

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