The Art Class


Professor Sanders stood in his empty classroom. He was waiting for his new model, who was going to pose nude for his next art class, which was scheduled to start in forty minutes. He looked nervously at his watch. She was late. She should have been there twenty minutes ago. If she didn’t show up, the class will have to be canceled, he thought, pensively. It would be the second cancellation in one month because of models not showing up. Who could blame them, he thought. The pay is not enough, for a girl to sat totally naked, while several people are staring at her with brushes in their hands. Just as Professor Sanders was about to give up on her, he noticed a young woman around twenty five years old standing there in the doorway. He gave her a quizzical look.

“Are you Miss Johnson, the girl who is going to do the modeling?”

None other”, she answered smiling, as she walked into the classroom. As she strolled up to the desk, she took off the sun glasses she was wearing and slipped them in her purse. Professor Sanders, found himself looking into the most beautiful female face he had ever seen in his life. He felt somewhat embarrassed that he had betrayed his feelings as soon as he looked up at her, by appearing somewhat startled. Her face was the absolute epitome of female perfection, of the golden ratio, and all the mathematical proportions of eyes, nose, and mouth, that define female loveliness. There was also a sweetness and delicacy in her features, in the roundness of her eyes, her apple cheeks, and the loveliness of her ruby red lips, that could readily bend up into the sweetest of smiles. Her face was framed by beautiful curly locks of hair that flowed gracefully over her shoulders and down her back. The Professor noticed that her face was not the only beautiful part of her. She was wearing a low cut blouse that revealed half of a pair of perfectly shaped breast. The clinging outfit she was wearing, revealed a gorgeous female figure with accented contours of breast and ass, that seemed about to bust through the fabric containing them. For the first time in his life, the professor was absolutely speechless. The woman finally broke the silence.

“Professor you did want a model didn’t you?” “I am here to be the nude model for your class.”

“Oh…uh yes, the professor stammered, trying to overcome his speechlessness.”

“Then shall I get out of these things?” She ask this in a low seductive voice.

The Maltepe Escort professor felt like he was losing control of the situation. He felt a lump in his throat and he could feel his cock getting hard as he looked at the gorgeous woman standing in front of him. He felt between a rock and a hard place. He couldn’t very well tell her to leave without cancelling the class, and obviously, her presents was going to give him problems. Finally, he decided it was time to take a stand.

“Miss Johnson, he said, trying assume a voice of authority, this is a classroom and I have students coming in soon. Please go to the changing room back there, and when you are through, come out with a towel around you.”

“Of course Mr. professor”, she replied in a voice that contained elements of sarcasm and seduction. “I will do anything you ask”, she said, smiling seductively at him, and running her fingers under his chin as she turned and walked toward the dressing room.

As she walked away, the professor’s eyes followed the seductive swing of her lovely round ass. “The best ass on the planet”, no doubt, he thought. This just wouldn’t do, he thought again to himself. After all, he was not a strongly moral man. He had divorced two of his wives because of affairs with other women, and he had had numerous affairs. His one weak point was women, and she was hitting him right in his weak point, and he knew above all, that he was falling for her. He was just thinking that maybe he should just cancel the class, when he saw the woman come out of the dressing room.

His mouth flew opened. She came out totally naked. In his mind he thought that he had never seen a more perfect specimen of female nakedness. The subdued light of the class provided a strong contast of light and shadow, along her luscious contours, revealing and accentuating the firmness of her breast, the narrowness of her waist, and the roundness of her lovely ass.

” Miss Johnson, I thought I told you to come out with a towel around you.”

“Now professor, this is an art class. How are your students going to draw me if I have a towel round me?”

He knew she was being sarcastic, but the truth was, he was so taken by her nakedness, that he didn’t really want anything around her. She seemed to know that she had him where she wanted him. He knew that she had the upper hand and he was backed into a corner. As he stood there, with these thoughts İstanbul Escort turning through his mind, she walked right straight up to his desk, leaned over, and stuck her luscious protruding breast right in his face. Her perfume was absolutely intoxicating to him. As she leaned over, her thick, flowing hair cascaded down on his desk.

Now Miss Johnson, I am a professor, he said, making another attempt to assert his authority.

“Oh yes, she replied, running her hand over his face, your such a wonderful professor. I love you!”

To his amazement, she then climbed right on top of his desk. She then positioned her body into a sexy pose by cocking her legs up and bending her head back. She was now looking straight up at him and smiling.

“How do you like this pose”, she said, still giving him her lovely smile. “Do you think this is a good art pose?” “Do you want to draw me professor?”

At this point, the professor knew he a lost complete control. He knew that at any time his students might be coming in, and they would see this totally naked woman on top his desk trying to seduce him. The truth was, that he had fallen for this woman as soon as he saw her, and he was putty in her hands. He could have ran her off, but the fact was, he wanted her right where she was at, and most of all, he wanted more than anything to fuck her brains out right then and there. She knew this all along. She knew he could not resist her. No man could resist her. She turned heself around facing him, and spread her legs wide apart, showing him her pussy lips. That was it for him. He knew he was done for. He couldn’t protest even if he had wanted to. His throat muscles were tied up and he couldn’t even talk. The only way out was to do a quickie with her, and then bale out.

Without saying a word, he grabbed her and pulled her to him so that he was nestled between her legs. He kissed her lovely mouth and she kissed him back deep and hard. She slid down from the desk and pressed her nakedness firmly against him as they continued to kiss. He could think of nothing more erotic then kissing her beautiful lips. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and pushed her tongue down his throat. He kissed her back just as hard, pushing his own tongue into her mouth and tangling it with hers. They continued to kiss with their tongues exploring each others mouths. His hands were traveling all over her luscious naked Anadolu Yakası Escort body, exploring and squeezing every inch of her luscious flesh. She snaked her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth more firmly against hers. Finally she broke the kiss, and began to beg him to fuck her.

“Oh God, she implored, your so hard. Get that big hard dick out and put it inside me. Oh God I want you inside me.”

He wasted no time complying with her wishes. He quickly whipped his dick out of his pants. He then hoisted her legs up over his shoulders, and with one trust, he was deep inside her. He fucked her like a wild man. They started kissing again and he rammed his tongue down her throat. She kissed him back just as hard, winding her tongue around his. Their bodies moved in sexual unison. He was fucking her so hard that the desk was rocking back and forth, and at one point it, nearly turned other. He then lifted her up off the desk, so that she was completely impaled on his cock. They were still kissing furiously as he bounced her up and down on his cock. He was now cumming in her pussy, and he began to feel his cum running down her legs. She was still kissing him and moaning her orgasm in his mouth. Suddenly the professor heard voices outside the door. His students had arrived, and were staring at the fucking couple with their mouths agape. He put the woman down and stood there gazing at them in shock. No one said a word.

The naked woman turned around and faced the students with a shameless smile on her face. Well come on in guys, she said, the class has started. All six students walked slowly into the room. All of them were so taken by her naked loveliness that none of them spoke a word of protest. It was though they all had come under a spell. She stood there like the Goddess Venus in all her naked glory. She walked seductive around the room, swaying her ass, with all students eyes following her. The professor had not said a word, and stood there with his mouth open. She was doing different model poses as she walked around the room.

“How do you guys want to draw me?” “Do you want to draw me like this, or like this?”

She was bending her lovely body with the nimbleness and pliancy of a ballad dancer, with total command of her movements. “Or like this”, as she got down and spread her legs out wide, showing them her pussy. Finally, one of the students rushed over to her, pulled his cock out, and started fucking her right on the floor. Like hypnotized robots, the other students lined up behind him. They were all watching him fuck the lovely woman’s brains out and waiting their turn. The professor then closed the door, pulled out his erect cock, and fell in line with his students.

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