The Appropriated Armor


Long ago the Royal Harridan family, of the Western Continent, betrothed one of their nieces to the Prince of the Eastern Continent. This gesture would forever change the world. There are a multitude of stories that occurred during this period. However one woman was able to benefit from this conflict. From her humble beginnings she rose above the conflict to become a warrior Queen. This is her story.

Zahava awoke much earlier than usual. She put on her simple dress for the day and descended into the living room. Instead of breaking her fast with her mother and father she had something else on her mind: the boy from the farm up the dirt road, Layne. They were both 19 sun cycles old and were over the age at which they could marry. Her parents didn’t like him that much and believed he was a troublemaker. He had a habit of scaring cows at neighboring farms. She had joined him on a few occasions and had been spanked by her father for participating in such an act. But she loved him. And it was worth a few slaps on her ass to enjoy a prank with the boy she loved.

She grabbed a bucket and began to wander up the dirt road. She whistled an old folk tune as she made her way further up the road. The morning mist still lingered in the air and the smell of early morning countryside filled her nostrils. It was a morning typical of the western continent. She looked up to the sky and saw dark clouds gathering. Maybe it would rain later in the day. It would be needed. The crops were in desperate need of natural rain and this would hopefully provide it.

She continued up the path towards Layne’s homestead for a few paces before a man in shiny armor burst from the side of the road. Zahava let out a gasp and dropped the bucket and stood in fear. The armored man clumsily drew his sword and pointed it towards her.

“Freeze vile woman,” the muffled voice yelled.

She remained still as the man approached her. A piece of his armor fell off of him as he made his way closer. Soon another piece fell off, followed by another, until three or four pieces fell off. He lowered the sword and pushed it into the dirt.

“Surprise,” the man yelled as he raised his visor.

“Gods be damned,” she yelled out as she recognized Layne, “where did you get that?”

“Found it in the woods by the tavern,” he replied.

He pulled off the helmet and reached forward and kissed her on the mouth.

“Is it heavy,” she asked after his tongue slid out of her mouth.

“Not really,” he laughed, “cumbersome but not heavy.”

She bent over and picked up the bucket. He removed the sword from the dirt and collected the pieces of armor. He wrapped his arm around her waist and they continued down the dirt road.

“You really frightened me,” she giggled.

“I’m sorry,” he replied, “I couldn’t resist.”

She looked over the armor and noticed the tabard of the Harridan Family, the royal family. It looked new and unworn. Something was amiss with the armor he wore.

“Where did you really find that armor,” she asked.

“The woods by the tavern,” he replied.

“Seriously,” she asked.

“I found it in the woods,” he replied, “behind the tavern, my uncle is the barkeep. He thinks a knight abandoned his duties and drank himself to death Maltepe Escort at his bar.”

“And why would a knight do that,” she asked.

“It may have to do with what the royal family did,” he replied.

“And what did they do,” she asked.

“You hadn’t heard,” he said in shock.

“No,” she replied.

“Well,” he started, “the family betrothed one the Queen’s nieces to the Aapian royal family Prince from the Eastern Continents.”

“A Zurian and an Aapian getting married,” Zahava exhaled with a tinge of disgust in her voice, “I thought that was illegal.”

“On the Western Continent,” he replied, “we’ve been at war with them for a long time. A lot people consider them to be subhuman.”

“Do you,” she asked.

“I haven’t met any really,” he laughed, “so I couldn’t say. My uncle fought against them eons ago. Said they’re tough fighters and don’t give up easily.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” she requested.

They continued down the dirt road for about a mile. They came upon one of Layne’s family’s cottages. It was small and obscured by the pine trees that had overtaken the surrounding area. His family never really used them. Occasionally for storage or they would rent them out to travelers, but this one was empty. Layne led her to the front door and pushed the door open. The musty stench of the empty cottage took her by surprise.

“When were you last here,” she coughed.

“Maybe two or three moons ago,” he replied as he shut the door.

He began to strip off the armor. Each piece made a small clanging noise as it hit the floor of the tiny cottage. Zahava watched as he struggled with each piece of armor. He was particularly struggling with the piece that covered his crotch. He struggled for nearly five minutes before she intervened.

“Let me help you,” she laughed as she walked up to him.

She bent over and pulled at the piece and yanked it as hard as she could. It didn’t budge. She then pulled with the same ferocity as before. This time she pulled both his pants and the crotch piece. She saw his cock for about a second before he cupped it with both hands.

“Oh my gods,” she laughed.

He stood in shock for a few seconds and she continued to laugh.

“Let me see it,” she asked while grabbing his wrists.

“No,” he let out, “it’s small and you wouldn’t like it.”

“Let me see it,” she said in a more serious tone, “and you can see mine.”

He slowly moved his hands away from his crotch and she looked over his flaccid cock. She let out a quick giggle before reaching forward with her hands. She played with it briefly before it grew in size and became fully erect. She stroked it with her dry hands before spitting into her palms and stroking it. She cradled his scrotum and exhaled and took the length of his cock in her mouth. She sucked it for nearly a minute before he moaned in an unsure noise.

“You okay,” she said looking up at him.

“I think so,” he laughed as she let go of his cock.

She removed her dress and jumped on the bed. She lie down and smiled.

“Now it’s time for me to show you mine,” she laughed.

He looked over her naked body. Her long flowing red curls caught his attention first. He ran Cevizli Escort his hands through them first. Her hair was a bit dirty and matted. There was some dirt in it. Her grey eyes pierced deep into his soul. Her lips were full and red. Her skin was pale white, similar to alabaster. Her arms were thin and looked fragile. Her legs were long and seemed a bit more defined than the rest of her limbs. Her feet and toes were well proportioned and they weren’t gnarled or blistered.

“You’re so beautiful,” he exhaled before placing a hand over her right breast.

“Thank you,” she laughed as his hand gripped her large breast.

He took a breast in each hand and squeezed tightly. He tweaked her nipples before leaning in and sucking on the right one. He moved to her left breast and gave it long deep suck. He ran his hand down her abdomen and felt her lower undergarments. She assisted him by removing her bloomers. She giggled as she threw them on the floor. He ran his tongue her abdomen and stopped at the small tuft of pubic hair above her cunt. He was in awe of her small cunt. He played with the fiery pubic hairs for moment before he slowly spread her legs to reveal her cunt. He bent over and sniffed it. The scent made him euphoric. He spread her legs further apart and inspected her cunt. It was tight and well kept. Unlike many peasant women she was in good shape. He pushed his tongue deep into her cunt and she let out a sigh of pleasure. He pulled it out and ran it down the length of her cunt. It was dry at first but soon began to lubricate and become wet. She was beginning to relax with each stroke of his tongue. She gripped the bed as his tongue worked over her cunt.

“Feels good,” she exhaled.

He continued for a few minutes before abruptly stopping.

“Ready,” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

She looked up at him as he grabbed his cock with his right hand. He steadied it and slowly guided inside of her. She bit her bottom lip as this unfamiliar feeling encompassed her body. She could feel her hymen begin to break. His cock began to split her open, changing her body. He pushed the entire length of his cock into her. He rested there for a few seconds. He could feel her becoming accustomed to his cock. He pushed deeper into her thrusting into her tight cunt harder and harder with each thrust. He could feel her cunt becoming more and more moist as he continued. She thought the first time would be more painful than this. But any pain soon elapsed as it continued.

“Feels amazing,” she exhaled as he pulled out of her.

He flipped her over and she gripped the sheets. He noticed a small amount of blood spread about where her crotch was.

“Shit,” she said in embarrassment.

“It’s okay,” he laughed, “heard this happens.”

He asked her to get on all fours and she complied. He ran his hands down her back and slapped her ass hard. It hurt for a second but she soon looked past the pain and realized it turned her on. He slapped her harder. She let out another sigh. She wanted it. He slapped her harder and harder a few more times until her ass was bright red. He spread her butt cheeks and stared into her anus. It was tight and clean. He pressed a finger into it quickly and she squirmed.

“Careful,” Atalar Escort she laughed.

He spread her butt cheeks again and leaned forward and pushed his face into her ass. He pushed his tongue deep into her anus. She let out a groan.

“Feels amazing,” she exhaled

He shoved his tongue as far as he could into her anus. He flicked it a few times and she moaned once again. He pulled away from her anus and inserted his cock back into her cunt. He wanted to enjoy this a bit longer. But his body was soon turning against him and he knew a climax was imminent.

“Shit,” he exhaled as his hips smashed into her buttocks.

She didn’t know what was happening. She could feel his body beginning to quiver and maybe even shut down. He let out a long sigh and suddenly his cock spewed out its seed into her. The sudden explosion inside of her felt amazing. His warm seed blasted into her again. He let out a sigh as a final explosion from his cock filled her up.

“Oh my god,” he laughed as he slid out of her.

Zahava turned over and propped up on her elbows and looked over Layne. His erect cock seemed to look at her in a threatening manner. But she knew it wasn’t dangerous. I looked kind of cute. He was exhausted and looked like he might pass out. She eventually stood up and felt something sliding down her right leg. She felt his warm seed slip down her leg. It nearly reached her knee before she reached down and collected a small amount of the warm liquid and brought it to her mouth. She tasted the salty liquid and swallowed it. It wasn’t as bad a taste as she thought it might be. It had an interesting taste. She collected another small amount of it and brought it to her lips and swallowed it. She then covered her crotch to ensure no more escaped. Just as she covered it Layne stood up and handed her a rag.

“Thanks,” she said as she ran the rag up her leg and placed it over her cunt.

She collected her clothes and quickly got dressed. He was still naked. She walked up to him and gave him a long kiss. He hugged her tightly.

“That was amazing,” she said as she pulled away from him.

“Thank you,” he replied.

As he bent over to collect his clothes a sudden blur knocked him over. Zahava gasped as his naked body fell to the floor. She placed her hands over her mouth as his head hit the wooden floor. Suddenly a man in black armor appeared. He had a large hammer in his hand and he looked her over.

“Yes,” his muffled voice said in a vile tone.

She stood in shock as he walked up to her and bound her hands with a rope. He wrapped a blindfold around her eyes and forced her out of the cottage. She tried looking back to see if Layne was okay. But couldn’t see anything through the blindfold. She couldn’t see anything and only relied on her hearing to try and get her bearings back. She had little time to figure out where she was before she found herself being thrown into the back of a wagon. She landed on her back into a pile of hay. She heard the door shut and the clicking of a lock.

“Next stop Freedom Bay,” the man laughed.

She reached up and pulled the blindfold off her head and began to yell.

“If you make another peep I’ll cut out your tongue,” the man yelled back as he banged on the door of the wagon, “so keep your mouth shut and you’ll have a more pleasurable trip.”

She stopped and tried manipulating the ropes that bound her hands. She struggled and pulled at them to no avail. She soon sunk her head into her hands and began to cry.

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