The Amazingly Lucky Ron Stoppable pt2


Ron, are you OK?” Kim sits with Ron at the back of the School Bus, wondering if everything’s Kosher since he hasn’t said a word since they left. They’ve joined the Cheer Squad and a few members of the Football Team on a Special Pep Rally to Camp Wannaweep. Usually hearing the name causes Ron to go cowering in a corner, but this time he’s kept his composure, causing Kim to worry. She puts her hand on his knee. “Is this about you having to leave Rufus behind because of his Veterinarian appointment?” “No, I’m cool, KP. Like the other side of the pillow.” Kim smiles, assured he is OK. “So the counseling sessions with the School Psychiatrist have been working?” “Yeah, he says that I should just think about happier times whenever…that name is mentioned. And he also gave me this nifty Stress Ball to squeeze when I get nervous. I doubt that I’ll need it though.” At that moment, Ron looks out of his window and sees the Camp Wannaweep welcome sign outside of the Camp. He starts hyperventilating and squeezing his Stress Ball, so hard that it explodes in his hands. Bonnie Rockwaller sees this and turns to look at the two. “Um, yeah, he’s not gonna be acting like this the whole trip, is he?” Kim stands up to Bonnie. “Chill out, Bonnie. Ron will not be a problem on this trip” ‘Uh-Huh, he better not!”

The Bus rolls through the front entrance gate of the camp, and Ron’s close to having a nervous breakdown. He remembers all of the horrible events that went on here. The Bugs, The Rabid Monkey, and the two Incidents with Gill, the Swamp Mutant. Ron remembers the advice of the School Psychiatrist and recalls all of the good events in his life. His Times at Bueno Nacho, his Adventures with Kim saving the world…and losing his virginity to Shego. Just thinking about that gives him a Hard-On that can be seen even through his Baggy Pants. Ron looks down and notices it. “Oh, no. Not again. If Mr. Barkin sees it, he’ll make me sit through another film of ‘The Birds & The Bees’. Gotta hide it.” Ron quickly grabs Kim’s pom-pom and puts them on his crotch, trying to cover up. At that time, the Bus hits a huge speed bump, and Ron realizes he forgot to buckle his seat belt. He’s sent flying onto the Aisle Floor, and the whole Bus starts to laugh at him, as Kim looks very embarrassed. Bonnie sighs and looks at her Cheerleader friends. “You see, this is why I don’t associate myself with the loser class.” She & her friends start laughing along with the rest of the Bus. Ron is about to make a comeback at her when the insult dies in his mouth. He’s at eye-level with Bonnie’s crotch area, and can see between her legs & under her skirt that she’s not wearing any underwear. He can’t make out the whole scene, but he can definitely see the hair and the clit from Bonnie’s Pussy.

“Bonnie’s…not wearing Panties…” He goes on staring, as Bonnie doesn’t even pay attention to him. But suddenly his concentration & gaze is broken. “STOPPABLE!!!” Ron jumps to his feet and stands Eye-to-Chest with Mr. Barkin. “Is there a reason why you were lying on the floor of a moving Bus?” “NO, NO! No, sir! None at all! Uh, I mean…I’ll just go back to my seat now.” Ron sits back down in the back as the Bus comes to a complete stop. The door opens and they all pile out into the open. Mr. Barkin marches them out to the middle of the Camp Site, then lines them up in 4 rows. Kim is placed 2 rows behind Ron and five students to the left, while Ron is directly behind Bonnie. Mr. Barkin walks around in front of the kids, like a Drill Sergeant addressing his troops. “People! The school has issued this Pep Rally in order to ‘Pep’ up your spirits for the Big Game. We will spend a couple of hours here raising your School Spirit, and you will be ‘Peppy’ by the time you leave this camp. Now the Big Game is tomorrow night, so I expect you to…” Mr. Barkin is interrupted by the Bus Driver. They turn their backs to the students and talk, as Ron can’t help but keep his eyes on Bonnie’s ass. “Oh, man. It’s so round…it’s so perfect. And she’s not even wearing panties. Oh, she must be a Pro. I bet she could teach me so much.” Ron begins to let’s his imagination go wild.

He starts to imagine the both of them alone in the School Gym & Bonnie wearing a special Cheerleader Outfit with a super short skirt. The Outfit is black & blue with a Big Letter ‘R’ in the front. She looks at Ron with seductive eyes and slowly walks towards him. “Gimme an R!” Ron looks confused, as he’s the only one in the Gym with her. “Um…R?” She moves closer as a devious grin grows on her face. “Gimme an O!” “OK, O!” She gets right up on him and leans in close. “Now gimme an N!” “N!” She puts her arm around him and drags her finger gently over Ron’s chest. “You know what that spells? You, ya big stud.” She leans in closer and gives him a Deep, Wet Kiss. They both start leaning more and find themselves on the floor. They keep kissing, as Ron begins to feel on Bonnie’s ass. He slowly Ataköy Escort moves his hands up her body, feeling on every curve of her. His hands finally reach her Cheerleader Top, and he slowly starts to lift it up when a Loud & Uninviting voice breaks up this dream. “STOPPABLE!!!” Ron is snapped back into reality to see Mr. Barkin staring a hole through him from a distance. “What is wrong with you? Are you high?” “What? N-No. No Mr. Barkin, sir.” Barkin walks back to the group. “Then pay attention, then. People, it appears that our Mode of Transportation has run into some Technical Difficulties. In other words…the Bus broke down. This means that we will have to spend the night here. Now later, I will be assigning partners to share Cabins. For now, practice on your cheers and proceed with building up your ‘Pep’.”

The group disbands. Ron tries to make his way over to Kim through the crowd, when he notices Bonnie kissing Star QB Brick Flagg on the lips, then giving him a slap on his butt. He sighs, wishing that it was him. “It’ll never happen, Stoppable. Bonnie goes for Dimwitted Athletic Type, not the Shy Mascot Type.” Kim walks over to him. “Well, looks like we’re gonna have to hang here for a while. I’ll call Wade to see if anything’s going on.” Kim walks off towards the Main Office as Ron tries to find the positive in this situation. “OK, Stoppable. You’re stuck here while Rufus is at the Vet. None of the other girls are interested in you, except maybe Kim…hey, maybe me & Kim can hook up tonight. Ah, who am I kidding? Mr. Barkin will never let the boys get close enough to the girls to let that happen.”

Later that night…

The Group is gathered around the bonfire as Mr. Barkin reads from a list of the students that are there. “All right, listen up. Seeing that these Cabins are only made to accommodate two, I will be pairing you off to these Cabins. Now, due to the Discriminatory Act the school has been issued, I will be pairing you off regardless of Age, Race and/or Gender.” This causes some gasps from the crowd. Ron looks around and sees Bonnie with a joyous grin on her face as she looks at Brick. The Camp Counselor walks over to Mr. Barkin to address what he just said. “Excuse me, sir? Do you think that it’s a wise decision? I mean, Co-Ed Cabins.” “Not to worry, these are all young adults who know the value of Responsibility. Besides, my eyes & ears are like a Cat. If I see anything that I don’t agree with, I’ll pounce with the quickness of a Cheetah.” Mr. Barkin focuses his attention back to the students. “Alright, now here’s how you’ll be paired off. Possible! You’ll be rooming with…Brick Flagg! Kim looks shocked. This came out of Left Field for her. Brick is smiling and being congratulated by his teammates. Bonnie looks devastated. “This so can not get any worse!” Mr. Barkin makes his next announcement. “Stoppable! Your roommate will be…Bonnie Rockwaller!”

Bonnie’s jaw drops as she can’t believe her luck. Ron develops a smile on his face, thinking this might not be so bad. But the smile quickly fades when he turns towards Bonnie and sees a vindictive look on her face. As Mr. Barkin finishes up announcing the partners, Ron gets up and makes his way to the Cabin he was assigned, hoping to avoid Bonnie’s wrath. He reaches the front door when an arm shoots out and blocks his way. It’s Bonnie, and she’s looking pissed. “Let’s…get this straight, Stoppable. We may be roommates, but that’s it. So do not pull your usual goofy stunts around me! I will not put up with it like your stupid friends or Ms. Perfect Possible. Understood?” Ron lowers his head and nods it. “And do NOT think that there will be any sex in that Cabin. As a matter of fact, if I catch you even trying to look at me that way, I’ll stick these Pom-Poms straight up your…” “OK! OK, Bonnie. I get it!” She sneers at him and walks into the Cabin. “Huh, you better!” Ron follows after her into the Cabin, thinking this might not be such a good thing. “Oh, man. This is gonna be a Nightmare.”

Later that night…

Bonnie is sitting on the Top Bunk being her usually moody self. She’s filing her nails, trying to past the time until this is all over. Ron is walking around the Cabin, checking every dark corner and under every piece of furniture. Bonnie begins to get annoyed by all of this. “What are you doing, Stoppable?” Ron continues his check. “I’m checking for Bugs and Psychopathic Monkeys. They can hide anywhere and attack from any place.” “Oh, I can not believe that I am stuck with you for the night.” Ron gets up from his check and comes back at Bonnie. “You know, this isn’t exactly a Picnic for me, either.” Bonnie gets angry a shoot down a mean look at Ron. “Hey, you should be happy that you get this close to a beautiful woman. Lord knows Ms. Perfect doesn’t have my looks.” Ron is about to come back at her again, when he decides to just let it slide. “Look, how about we just go to Escort Bayan bed and get some sleep.” “That’s the first good idea you had. The sooner tomorrow gets here, the sooner I get away from you.” Bonnie turns her back to Ron and lies down on her bed. Ron sighs to himself and turns off the light. He walks over to the bottom bunk and takes off his shoes & pants, not wanting to sweat in his sleep. He climbs in the bottom bunk and closes his eyes, quickly falling asleep himself.

A few hours later, the Camp Site is quiet. Everyone is asleep in his or her Cabin as you can barely hear anything. Inside Bonnie & Ron’s Cabin, Bonnie gets up to get a drink of water. She walks over to the sink and grabs a cup, but changes her mind when she looks in the cup and sees how filthy it is. “ICK! Never in my life!” She throws the cup down and walks back to the bunk. As she begins to climb up to the Top Bunk, she notices something on Ron. “Ugh. Must be a bug. Better shoo it off of him before it attacks me next.” She climbs down and goes to bat the bug away when she sees what it really is in the darkness…Ron’s Bulge. “Holy shit…THAT’S what Stoppable is working with? Well, it does explain the clumsiness. I wonder if Kim knows? I gotta see this for myself.” Bonnie carefully begins to grab Ron’s Boxers, trying not to wake him up. She reaches inside and slowly pulls out his Cock, looking shocked by the size of it. “Geez, it is for real! I never would’ve guessed. I wonder what it tastes like?”

She looks around, checking the windows of the Cabin to make sure that no one is looking in. She then grips the shaft in her hand, and gives it a small lick, expecting it to be the nastiest thing ever. “Huh. It’s not so bad.” Just then, Ron starts to shift a little. Bonnie turns pale, thinking she’s about to be caught Red Handed…somewhat. Then a smile comes onto Ron’s face. “Oh, Shego. I love it when you do that.” Bonnie looks at Ron angrily. “Who the hell is Shego?” She shrugs it off, concluding that it’s Ron talking in his sleep. She takes a few more lick of his Penis, then leans in more. She opens her mouth, and slowly begins to engulf the head. It’s starting to feel real good to Ron. So good that he wakes up, and sees Bonnie’s mouth on the head of his Cock. “WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…”

Bonnie sits up and quickly forces her hand on Ron’s mouth to shut him up. “Would you shut up, Stoppable?” Ron snaps back in and realizes it’s not a dream. “Bonnie, you were—you were just giving me a…” She cuts him off before he can continue. “Look, I know what you’re thinking.” “No you don’t. Cause right now, I’m really confused.” Bonnie sighs and sits on the edge of the bed. “Look, Stoppable, I had a plan to be with Brick Flagg right now, but stupid Mr. Barkin changed that. My sister’s made a bet with me. Said they’d stop teasing me if I get laid by the star QB, like they did when they were in High School. I was just…” She holds her head down in disappointment. Ron gets up from his bed and puts his arm around her. “Hey, hey, it’s OK it’s OK. The Ron Man knows about being teased. And it never affects my style.” Bonnie raises her head and looks at Ron. “You know, you’re not so bad after all, Stoppable.” They both smile, then their eyes meet, and they both lean in to kiss each other.

The two of them end up falling on the lower bunk bed. It’s just like Ron’s Daydream. He starts to feel on Bonnie’s ass. Playing with it before he slowly moves his hand up her body, feeling all of her curves. He reaches her Cheerleader Top and lifts it up, revealing her Soft, Round Breasts. He massages them, pushing them together and playing with them. Bonnie moans softly in approval. “R-Ron…wait…I wanna do something…” She slowly moves down Ron’s body, reaching his still erect Penis. She grabs it, and begins to put it in her mouth when Ron interrupts. ‘Uh…Bonnie? Are you sure that…” “Shut Up, Stoppable! I need this. I just need to Suck someone! It’s just a Blowjob.” Ron shuts up, remembering his experience with Shego. It’s best to just let a Frustrated Woman suck you off, and lay back and enjoy it.

Bonnie puts her lips on his Cock and proceeds to work her tongue all around his head. She goes up and down on his shaft, leaving it wetter with every motion. Ron can’t believe how good this feels. “Oh, man. She’s even better than Shego at this. This feels so good.” Bonnie starts to tilt her head as she goes lower and lower on his Manhood. Ron feels like he’s about to blow when he gets a glimpse of Bonnie ass from under her skirt with the moonlight hitting it just right, to give it that glow. “It’s even more perfect than I could ever dream. I bet her pussy is heaven. I gotta get my Dick in that. I gotta touch it! I gotta see how warm it is! But Bonnie would kill me if I even tried.” Bonnie takes his Cock out of her mouth and starts to lick it like an Ice Cream Bar. She goes up & down the shaft, and even starts to suck on istanbul Escort his balls. All the while, her pussy is getting more & more soaked. Ron notices she’s enjoying this and makes a bold decision. “I…I can’t help it. I just gotta touch that Pussy!”

Ron takes his Middle & Ring Fingers and puts them together, then lifts her skirt and slides them into Bonnie’s Wet Box. Bonnie gasps, not expecting him to do something like that, but she continues licking & sucking on his Cock, enjoying the moment. She takes it in once more, this time all the way down until it disappears. Ron looks ready to pass out. “I can’t believe it. She even knows how to Deep Throat. I can’t hold back.” Bonnie keeps pumping her head back & forth off his Cock. She takes it out of her mouth just when Ron lets his load explode. Semen flies all over her face and in her hair. Ron is scared for his life. He takes his fingers out of her wet box, and has flashbacks of what happened with Shego, hoping for the best. She shoots an evil look at Ron. “Do you have to Fuck up everything, Stoppable?” Ron looks close to begging. “I’m so sorry, Bonnie. I didn’t mean…” “You know what, if you wanna make it up to me…” Bonnie climbs onto his bottom bunk and spreads her legs right in front of him. “…then Fuck Me!” Ron is completely caught off guard. He never expected to hear that. “But…” “Oh, you think you can just finger me close to an Orgasm then just quit?” She leans in and grabs his collar, pulling him close to her. “I WANT YOUR DICK IN ME, STOPPABLE!!!”

Ron looks shocked, but not too shocked that he doesn’t comply. He leans in and rubs the head of his Cock around her pussy lips. It turns on Bonnie more & more, as she starts breathing heavy with anticipation. “Stop teasing me, Stoppable. Put it in!” He stops the teasing, and fits his penis inside her surprisingly tight box. She moans in pleasure, finally getting what she wanted. Ron begins to move slowly, pumping in and out of her. “Oh, man. She’s so warm. She’s got Shego beat by a mile.” He’s getting lost in this pleasure, as he grabs her thighs and pushes himself deeper in her. Bonnie is in Heaven. “OH, GOD!!! OH GOD, RON!!! YEAH!!! LIKE THAT!!! OH, FUCK!!!” Bonnie’s screams can be heard 2 Cabins over. But in that Cabin, sleeping like a Log is Mr. Barkin. He’s cuddled up with his Teddy Bear, unknowing of the wildness going on. Over at the other end of the Campgrounds is Kim’s Cabin…without Kim, who was called away on a mission to investigate Professor Dementor. Back at the Cabin, the entire Bunk Bed is shaking from the action. Ron is sucking on Bonnie’s Firm, Round Tits as he keeps pounding her. Suddenly, Bonnie pushes Ron away from her. He pulls out and wonders what’s going on when she lays him on his back. “It’s time for Bon-Bon to drive.”

She climbs on top of Ron as before, and guides his Dick into her. She slowly begins to bounce up and down, before picking up the speed they had before they stopped. Ron grabs her Firm Breasts again and begins to massage and play with them. This time Bonnie helps, and she guides Ron’s hands, pushing her Tits together and rubbing on her nipples. They’re both going at a fast pace, as the whole room fills with squeaks from the bed. Bonnie closes her eyes and tilts her head back, feeling closer than ever. “YES!! YES!!! OH, YES!!! I’M GONNA CUM!!! I’M GONNA…” Bonnie hops off of his Cock just as he sprays all of his Semen out. He lets it go all over her back and her Round Ass as she falls forward onto Ron, with her Breasts burying Ron’s face. She rolls over onto the other side of the bed. They’re both drenched in sweat & breathing hard. Ron has a huge smile on his face. As he passes out, only one thought goes through his mind. “I am The Man!”

The next morning, Ron is woken up by his pants being thrown on his face. He sits up to see Bonnie fully dressed and standing by the door. “Come on, Stoppable! I don’t have all damn day to wait for you! Get a move on!” She storms out of the Cabin as Ron sighs and starts to put on his pants. He stands up and grabs his shoes when he notices Bonnie back in the doorway. “And thanks for last night, stud.” She blows a kiss at him, then exits back out. Ron smiles and puts on his shoes before leaving the Cabin. The Bus is already half-full as Mr. Barkin is loading the rest of the kids. Ron joins Kim in line. “Hey, KP. Everything go OK with your bunk?” “Didn’t find out. Had to go on a late-night Capture of Professor Dementor. How about you? Was ‘Queen Bonnie’ bearable?” Ron is about to answer when he feels a smack on his butt. He turns to see Bonnie walking onto the bus ahead of them. Ron smiles and replies to Kim. “Eh, you know. The Ron Man always survives, no matter the danger.”

Kim & Ron climb onto the bus, as it’s revealed that they’re being watched on a Monitor. The Figure that’s watching them steps out of the shadow to reveal that it’s Shego, with a sinister grin on her face. “Trust me, Stoppable. You don’t know what danger is…at least not until I show it to you. You’re gonna pay for what you did to me! OWW!!!” She grabs an Ice Pack and begins to gently rub her ass. “And my Ass!”

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