The Affair of Submission


She watched the clock on the wall. Almost time to leave. Just 10 more minutes. She rearranged the stapler again on her desk. Nervous. So nervous since the sms came through. It was a simple message, but she knew what it meant.


She shivered. This had been planed a few weeks ago. She knew where what it meant and where to go. So many emotions ran through her. Anticipation, nervousness, Fear… She ran her hands nervously through her short brown hair and glanced at the clock. Why is it moving so slowly? The stapler was moved again and then she stopped.

The ring on her left hand caught her eye. She closed her eyes. He was her life. She slowly removed her wedding ring and put it in her handbag quickly, before she changed her mind. A small sigh escaped her lips and she glanced at the clock. Time to go. She pushed back her chair and stood. She could not be called slim; Marriage and kids had made her soft around the edges, but had left her with rather large breasts. Brown eyes stared out from her round face.

She took her cell phone out and punched the send button. She had typed and deleted then re-typed the sms message over and over. It had to be perfect, had to leave no doubt, no question.

“Issues with the stock. Need to help with the stock take. No signal in the store room. Not sure when I will be done. Call you when I leave. Love you lots.”

She stared at the screen. Message sent, it said. She waited and jumped when her cell beeped. Incoming message. Her hands were shacking. She pressed a button to read.

“Fine darling. Will take care of the kids. Good luck. Love you too.”

She put her cell in her handbag and again ran her hand through her hair. She straightened her back. No turning back. She walked past her colleagues and smiled saying her goodbyes. They all thought she was going home. None were the wiser. She walked down the stairs and towards the parking lot. The walk seemed to take longer than usual. She bit her lip. Afraid, she felt so afraid right now. There was no turning back. She wanted this. She wanted this with him.

The key turned easily and she opened the door to her little car. She got in and closed the door. The realisation of what she was about to do hit her. She loved her husband very much, but this was for her. Only for her. She started the car and drove out the parking heading towards his house. And then she was pulling into the drive way.

She climbed out the car. He was standing at the door dressed in dark blue jeans and a plain t-shirt. Not the body of a bodybuilder, but to her he was attractive. She felt herself go wet between her legs. He turned and walked into the house not saying a word. She followed, shaking in both anticipation and fear. The entrance hall was empty. No furniture. Just horrible blue carpets.

“In here.” His voice came from the passage way to the right.

She turned and with trepidation she walked towards his voice. He was standing at the door of one of the rooms, a small smile playing at his lips. Turning he walked in the room and she knew she had to follow. The table caught her eye first and she gasped. Her legs went weak. It was a square wooden table. Cold, steal manacles were attached and waiting. For her. One for her neck and one for each wrist.

He leaned against the table, arms at his side. Patiently waiting. She noticed ropes dangling down to his other side and followed them up. They were attached to the ceiling on thick, strong looking hooks. She shivered and felt her panty become wet as her juices seeped past the lips. This would be her first time. An evolution on her sexual needs. She was afraid, but wanted this desperately. Her body shook and she looked down, then the other things in the room caught her eye.

Neatly spaced out on the floor was numerus items, some of which she recognised and others not. A black, three leather whip lay neatly curled, then a long, thin steel bar with fastenings on the end, a ball gag, black blindfold and other items she did not know or understand the use. Yet. He moved away from the table towards the door. She wanted to run. The door closed and she jumped. No turning back. He took her handbag away from her. She was afraid. He lifted her left hand and rubbed her bare, wedding-ring finger then moved to stand again by the table.

“Take your clothes off”

The words vibrated through her body and she quickly began to pull her plain, knitted top over her head.

“No!” She froze at the sound of his voice. “Slowly.”

She obeyed and pulled her top slowly off. Her bra was a plain, skin-coloured cross over. It had to be plain. Fancy lace bras were difficult to find in her size. Next her plain, brown fabric pants. Her panty was black lace. It felt good against her skin. She looked at him and bit her lip, her hands going to the fastenings of her bra behind her.

“Stop.” He said it so softly. She stopped.

He walked up to her and roughly shoved his hand between her legs. A grin played on his face as he felt her wet panty. Leaning in close Maltepe Öğrenci Escort to her he whispered in her ear.

“You are going to get so wet just now. More than now. You going to be begging me for more.” He rubbed her pussy lips hard and she flinched. “From now on I want to hear ‘yes Master’. Understand?” She nodded. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head roughly back. Tears of pain welled in her eyes. “I did not hear it.”

“Yes…yes Master.” She whispered and he pulled her head back harder. She gasped in pain and her hands came up to his arm trying to stop him from pulling harder.

“Louder.” He snarled at her.

“Yes Master!” She said loudly and he let her go, then moved to stand a short distance from her. He smiled. She shivered and looked down. Master. That’s what he was now.

“Better. Now take the rest off.”

Her hands went again behind her and she unfastened her bra slowly and pulled it off her shoulders. She pulled the straps off and let the bra fall with the rest of her clothes. Her hands shook badly as she struggled to pull her panty down. Soon the last of her clothes would be gone and she would be completely naked in front of this man. Her panty off she shyly tried to cover herself with her hands. He moved forward.

Taking her one hand he led her to stand by the hanging ropes.

“Both hands in front of you.” He demanded. She put them out in front of her. “Spread your legs.” She placed her feet apart spreading her legs at his command. He moved away behind her. Looking over her shoulder she saw him bend and pick up the whip. He walked back to her.

“Eyes forward.” He demanded. She obeyed then gasped as she felt the whip hit her backside. She stepped forward and looked back at him in shock, her backside stinging where the three tails of the whip had landed. “Eyes forward.” He smiled at her and she looked forward. “It was three times now that I did not hear ‘Yes Master’. First when I asked you to take the rest of your clothes off. Second time when I asked you to put your hands in front of you.” She felt the sting of the whip again and cried out in shock, her pussy becoming unexpectedly wet at the feel of the whip. “And..” She tensed, waiting for the whip to fall a third time. “…the third time…” He hit her harder this time with the whip and smiled seeing the red welts on her rounded backside. She gasped and stepped forward. “Shall we try that again?”

“Yes Master” she sobbed.

“Hands in front.”

“Yes Master.” She quickly said and obeyed immediately.

He took the points of the ropes and tightly bound her wrists together. He again moved behind her and she tensed in expectation. Then she felt the ropes going tighter, pulling her arms to above her head. She looked behind her to see him fastening the other ends of the rope to a hook against the wall. He smiled at her and walked slowly back holding the whip at his side, then he was raising it and bringing it down.

She saw it come down then felt it hit her backside again causing more welts. She cried out and pulled on the ropes holding her arms above her head.

“I said eyes forward.” He chuckled. “Learn to obey, whore.” He grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back towards himself. He spoke near her ear. “My whore now. All mine.” He chuckled then bit her the top of her ear playfully. Her breathing became short at his words and she felt her juices seeping down the inside of her thighs. She looked forward and swallowed hard, then cried out and jerked forward as she felt the whip come down on her again. He chuckled.

“So much to learn. You forgot something. Think…1…2…..”

“Yes Master! Yes Master!” She almost shouted hoping that was it, but still bracing herself for the whip. He laughed.

“Good whore.” He smiled at her and patted her head as if patting a dog that had done well.

She looked down avoiding his eyes as he came around to stand in front of her and looked her up and down. With her arms above her head she was fully exposed to his eyes. She felt her face grow red with embarrassment. He gently cupped her chin with his hand and lifted her head. Her eyes met his.

“What shall we do first to you?” He smiled. She stayed quiet her body shivering in anticipation and fear. “Mmm..” He tilted his head in thought. “Spread your legs for me whore.”

“Ye..Yes Master.” She stuttered and placed her feet slightly apart.

His other hand cupped her pussy. She bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning. He chuckled and kissed her softly on the mouth, then he bit down hard on her lower lip. She tried to pull away in shock only increasing the pain from his teeth on her lip. He let go and grinned at her.

“”Anything you do is only with my permission. I will be the only to give you pain or pleasure.” His fore finger and thumb slipped between her pussy lips and rubbed her clit. She gasped and moaned feeling the pleasure begin slowly from her nob. “Pleasure…” He grasped her clit between his thumb and fore finger and squeezed Maltepe Çıtır Escort and pulled it hard. She cried out at the instant pain. “…or pain.” He removed his hand then slapped her pussy playfully. “Now don’t forget that something.” He chuckled.

“Yes Master.” She again hung her head as he moved away from her.

He moved behind her and she forced herself not to look back at what he was doing. She jumped when she felt his hand on her ankle and looked down more to see him place the one end of the steel bar to her ankle. He roughly pushed her other ankle further apart and tied the other end of the spreader bar to it. She could not close her legs. He stood up and she jerked forward as he slapped her ass with his hand. She shook her head no. His one hand came around the front of her throat and she felt her airway being constricted.

“Did you forget what I said a few seconds ago?” He pushed his body against hers. “Do you think you have a right to say no?” His voice became low, dangerously low.

“Yes Master” She choked out instinctively and she gasped for air as his other hand tightened on her throat. She could not breathe. Stars danced in front of her eyes.

“So you believe you can say no then?” She realised her mistake and quickly shook her head no unable to talk. He released her throat and she took deep breaths of air.

“Remember who is Master here.” He warned.

“Ye..Yes. Yes Master.” Her voiced rasped.

“Now you’r learning whore.” He chuckled. “And for that I think you deserve a reward. Don’t you?”

“What ever you want.” Her juices had begun to run down her legs in anticipation and the fear seemed to excite her more. “Master.” She quickly added.

“Good whore. Now what am I going to give you as a reward…mmm…” She waited, holding her breath. Then he was standing in front of her.

His hand came up and he rubbed her left breast softly working his way towards her nipple. He rolled the tip in his thumb and fore finger then leaned in and flicked the tip with his tongue. She titled her backwards, a small moan of pleasure escaping her lips. Then her nipple was in his mouth and she gasped as he sucked it like a new born baby. His other hand came up and rubbed her other breast over her nipple. She closed her eyes and moaned again at the sensations, and then she cried out and jerked forward, her eyes opening. Intense pain shot through her from her nipple as he sunk his teeth into it. She jerked, pulling the ropes holding her arms up in desperation, a sob escaping her lips. He released her nipple and chuckled.

“Did you think you deserved me to be nice all the time?” She remained silent, not sure what to answer. He cupped her chin forcing her to look into his eyes, his other hand still on her breast. “The answer is ‘No Master’.” He rolled her nipple gently between his thumb and fore finger.

“No Master.” She gasped and braced herself for more pain. And then he was moving away again. She let out a shuddering sigh of relief.

The sting of the whip on her ass was so unexpected she screamed. He laughed.

“Please no. I don’t…I don’t want to do this anymore. Please. Please stop.” She begged.

“But we only just started.” He walked back into her view, a sadistic smile playing on his lips. “You can’t back out now. By coming here you agreed to this, but you’r welcome to beg me to stop.” He moved closer, two objects in his hand. “These are called nipple clamps.” He showed her two vice type clips. “I think you can guess what they for?” She shook her head no, for him to not use them. He tilted his head smiling more now. “No? You don’t know what they used for.” He grinned and moved closer. “Then I will just have to show you.” She sobbed and tried to move away. The bar between her ankles held her in place. Helpless, she was helpless to him. Her pussy juices flowed freely.

Opening the clamp he placed it over her nipple. She cried out as he let it close on the hard tip. Her body jerked at the pain. He rubbed her other breast with the cold metal clamp and then she was gasping as he closed it around her other nipple. Tears of pain ran down her cheeks. He gently wiped them away from her face and tilted his head in question. She shook her head and he smiled.

He trailed his knuckle of his finger down her cheek, then her neck, between her breasts. Slowly down tracing an invisible line. Past her navel and then down over her pussy lips. She held her breath and then he pushed his finger past the lips and rubbed her clit. She gasped at the pleasure, the pain from the clamps dulling and then he pushed his finger into her hole. Her body shivered and she moaned.

He moved his finger slowly. In and out. And then out. She moaned in frustration. He held his wet finger up for her to see, then rubbed it lightly on her bottom lip. She could smell herself on his finger and then he forced it past her lips into her mouth.

“Suck my finger clean whore.” She sucked and licked her juices tasting herself for the first time. Not bitter Maltepe Elit Escort but sweet.

When he was satisfied he walked away behind her again. She waited, the clamps still on her nipples. Then he returned holding a dildo in each hand. He rubbed the one between her pussy lips the other he rubbed against her chin.

“Open wide.” He smiled and shoved both dildo’s in and once. The intrusion of the dildo in her pussy hole and mouth made her jerk. She moaned. He pulled both out at the same time then pushed them back in. Fucking her pussy and mouth slowly. In and out. She moaned as she felt the pleasure building. So slow. And then he began to move faster and faster, fucking her mouth and hole. She closed her eyes as the ecstasy reached a peek and moaned her near release. He stopped and pulled both dildos out.

“No whore, not till I say you can.” He smiled.

He waked behind her and she jumped when she felt something hard and wet move down between her ass cheeks.

“You made this one so wet…so very wet.” She felt it at the entrance of her ass hole. “Can your ass stretch?” He mused more to himself. She felt him push it in and jerked forward. “Slow or fast…mmm…I wonder…” He pushed it further in and she felt her hole stretching painfully. She tried to control her breathing and relax. It worked. Her ass muscles began to accept the dildo being pushed inside. She felt her ass being filled by the dildo and then he stopped and moved to stand in front of her again, the dildo still in her ass.

He held the other dildo up for her to see and then pressed a button underneath it. She heard it humming. He smiled and moved close to her. He let it rub on her pussy lips. She felt it vibrating against her and moaned, then he rubbed it over her clit. She jerked, her arms straining against the ropes holding them above her head. More and more moans past her lips. He moved it away from her clit and positioned it at her pussy hole. She felt the vibrating tip enter her hole, then more as he pushed the dildo further in. She could feel it pressing against the barrier between her ass and pussy hole. It made the dildo in her ass feel bigger. She moaned. He pushed it all the way in then moved behind her again.

“Both must stay in your holes. If they fall out I will make you suffer whore.” He warned and she gasped as she felt the whip come down on her ass. She felt the dildo in her pussy begin to slip out and she held her breath. The vibration was causing pleasure to build inside her. She tried to breath, to concentrate on anything else. Work, anything. She was desperate. She jerked and cried out as he brought the whip down on her again, the sound of it hitting her ass loud in the room. Her pussy and ass muscles clenched around the dildos making the vibration feel so much more intense. She moaned more and felt herself reaching a peek again.

“Do you like this?” She gasped and tears welled in her eyes as he pulled her head back by her hair. “You don’t come till I say you come.” She groaned. He hit her ass with his hand. “I am not hearing what I want to hear.” He snarled and pulled the dildo halfway out her ass hole. She cried out as he slammed it back into her hole. It pushed the walls of her pussy hard around the vibrating dildo in her pussy hole. Her body jerked forward, she tried to pull her head free from his hand.

“Yes Master! Yes Master!” She screamed and he chuckled letting her hair go.

“Good whore. Now where was I?” She held her breath and waited. , The vibration in her pussy felt so good, building so nicely to her peek. And then she felt the sting of the whip again. She jerked forward, her muscles contracted around the dildos. They felt so good. One in her ass and one in her pussy vibrating. She moaned and tried to hold on, not to come. He chuckled.

“Does that feel good whore? Do you like it? A dick in your ass and one in your pussy filling you. Vibrating in your pussy. Deep.” She moaned as his voice seemed to caress her, making her want to come desperately. She needed to come.

“Please! Oh please…please..can’t…please…” He pulled her head back painfully again.

“What do you want. Tell me!” He demanded.

“To come!” She screamed and moaned as she felt the beginning of a wave of orgasm wash over her. Then the dildo in her pussy was roughly pulled out. She moaned in disappointment, the wave not coming, still at the peek. He pulled the dildo from her ass. He moved to her front and unclipped the nipple clamps. She shouted as the blood rushed back to the tips renewing the pain. Then she felt the spreader bar being removed. Then the ropes were released. She crumpled to the floor, her legs unsteady.

“Here whore.” She looked up. He was standing by the table. “Come here.” He smiled and spoke to her like a child. She shakily got up and walked over to him. Patting the table he smiled at her. “Put that ass here.” She walked over and turned then scooted her backside onto the table. “Good whore. Now lay down.” She hesitated. He raised his eyebrows and she quickly complied, afraid of what he might do next. “Down a bit more whore.” He moved to her head. She inched down, her ass on the edge of the table. He moved her head gently then she felt the manacle close over her neck. It was tight, but not constricting. Cold. Her wrists were next. She felt vulnerable to him.

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