The Adventures of John Law Ch. 13


John the Horny Executive ©

I retired from the police department with mixed feelings. I had spent over forty years of my life in law enforcement. I really enjoyed it, but I felt it was time to give it up. Most of the cops I worked with were half my age and I knew I wasn’t able to keep up with them, especially if we were involved in a foot chase with an eighteen-year-old. My attitude was, “Fuck it. Let him run. I’ll catch him tomorrow!” Of course, I had also overheard some whispered comments about “The Old Man.”

I sat around my house for close to a month doing absolutely nothing. I would take my horse out for a ride in the morning and in the afternoon, I would sit on the porch smoking a cigar and drinking a beer. I was getting restless, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. One afternoon, I was surfing the internet, and I saw a job opening for a security director at a resort hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida. I always thought Florida sucked. It had the three things I didn’t like; humidity, mosquitos, and hurricanes. But the job description didn’t sound too stressful, I met all the requirements, and the pay was good, so I sent them a resume. A few weeks later I got a call from a pleasant sounding secretary asking me to come down for a couple of days for an interview. She said they would pay for my expenses, including mileage, a two-day stay in the hotel and meals. I thought an all-expense paid vacation in a resort hotel located right on the beach sounded like a great idea, so I agreed. Since I hadn’t had any sex in a while, I called my old partner, Cindi, and asked her if she wanted to spend a couple of days with me in Daytona Beach. Since she had the time off, she jumped at the chance.

We drove down to Daytona and checked in to the hotel. It was beautiful, and when I say it was right on the beach, I mean you could walk out the back door, walk past the pool, and you were on the beach. I have never been much of a swimmer, but I definitely enjoyed staring at all the bikini-clad bodies lying next to the pool and out on the beach. We had an excellent meal in the restaurant that night and then went back to the room where we fucked all night. We had drifted apart over the last several months, so it was really nice to get back between her legs. Of course, I didn’t just plunge my dick in and start pumping. I licked her pussy through two orgasms before climbing up between her legs, teasing her wet pussy with my cock, and then fucking her slow and deep through at least two more orgasms. I had always loved fucking her and I know she enjoyed it as much as I did.

I had an interview the next morning at 10:00 am, so Cindi laid by the pool in her newly purchased bikini. The interview went well. I think they were very impressed with my background, experience and training. I think they were expecting a former security guard, not a former Federal Criminal Investigator and police detective with a Masters Degree. After the interview, I was given a tour of the hotel and I pointed out several areas I thought needed attention. I was offered the job and I accepted. I rounded up Cindi and took her to dinner, then we went back to the room and fucked all night. The next day we got up early and headed back to Texas. We stopped in New Orleans on the way back where we toured the city, had some great Cajun food, and listened to jazz. Oh, and we fucked all night after she gave me a mind-blowing blowjob. It was really nice spending time with her again.

When I got home, I realized I had a four bedroom house, ten acres, and a horse to take care of, and that would be hard to do from Florida. I spoke to my nearest neighbor and he said he would keep an eye on the place and keep the grass mowed in exchange for the hay. Cindi said she would come over as often as she could to feed and water the horse and would take him out for a ride every now and then. She would also keep an eye on the place. I really didn’t want to rent it to anyone. I just didn’t feel good about having a stranger living in my house.

* * * * *

When I got to Florida, I found the job was probably the least stressful job I had ever had. Since it was a high-end resort, I was required to wear a suit every day. I had eighteen security guards who I had to quickly whip into shape, but after I did, they did a pretty good job. My first job was to conduct a security survey, and I was surprised to find there were no security cameras anywhere on the property. I called a security equipment company to come in and walk around with me, we established places where a camera would be needed, and they worked up a proposal for me. Since a nearby hotel had recently been robbed, and one of my new cameras would be over the front desk, I got the boss to sign off on it and in a short time, I had increased the security by about 70%. I kept the security guards on their toes by coming in late at night to try to catch them sleeping. It only took a couple of times before they knew they had to stay alert. I convinced my boss Göztepe Escort that I could use someone to act as my assistant and as the security guard supervisor. After a bit of negotiation, he agreed and told me to interview and hire someone.

I was in the office one day when I was notified that I had someone to see me in the lobby. When I went down, I was met by a very pretty young lady in a business suit consisting of a grey coat, short grey skirt, and a white blouse. We shook hands and she handed me a resume. She was there to interview for the job. The lobby was furnished with several over-stuffed chairs, so I had her sit while I sat across from her. I couldn’t help but notice she had some great legs. After a short interview, consisting mostly of me trying to look up her skirt, I was convinced I was going to hire her. I took her to my office where we continued the interview. She was married, so I explained to her that we had several special events that would require working long hours, including a lot of late nights. She assured me that wouldn’t be a problem, so after giving her a tour of the property and asking if she was still interested in the job, I hired her.

Brenda turned out to be a real asset. She was more than a pretty face, she had experience as a security supervisor with a large security company. Although all but one of our guards was male, she kept them in line. She had a great smile and personality, and we kidded around a great deal. We also constantly flirted with each other.

The great thing about working in Daytona was our nearness to Cape Canaveral. Every time there was a launch of the space shuttle, we could see it from the hotel. One day there was a launch planned and Brenda and I went up to the 25th floor to watch it from an empty room. We stood at the large window facing the ocean to see the rocket lift off, leaving a large trail of black smoke as it streaked toward space. Brenda sat down on the bed, and then laid back and said, “Man, this bed is really comfortable.”

When I turned around, she was on her back and her skirt had lifted up to about mid-thigh. When she caught me looking between her legs, she smiled and opened her arms wide. I took that as an invitation, so I moved over until I was lying next to her.

“We don’t have any pressing business in the office, do we?” she asked.

“Nothing that I can think of. Besides, we have a radio if anyone needs us. But we really shouldn’t mess up this bed. Since the room is unoccupied, it’s not scheduled to be cleaned.”

“We’ll just have to be careful then, won’t we?”

Now, I know this might be hard to believe, but I had no intention of fucking her, despite our constant flirting. But she was very attractive, had a great body, and she looked sexy as hell lying on the bed, so how could I not fuck her? I made an obvious observation when I said, “We had better get out of these clothes first.”

And, with that, we both started to get undressed. She was exactly as I had imagined. She had a very toned, athletic body, flat stomach, and trimmed brown bush. Her firm breasts stood out proudly from her chest and her nipples were erect. I placed my hands over her breasts, massaging each of them while allowing my thumbs to gently rub over her nipples. When I trapped them between my thumb and forefinger and pinched them, she moaned with obvious pleasure. I then leaned down so I could place a tit in my mouth and began sucking and licking the nipple, and then moving to the other one, giving it equal attention.

Brenda pulled my head to her and kissed my lips, softly at first and then harder. She forced her tongue into my mouth and I reciprocated, allowing my tongue to swirl around hers. She pulled on the back of my head, forcing us to kiss harder, like she was desperate. She was moaning when she whispered in my ear, “I have wanted this for so long. Come fuck me now.”

I normally like to please a woman by eating them first, but she seemed insistent. I reluctantly pulled away from her luscious lips that were providing a very hot kiss, but I knew something even better was awaiting. I moved up between her thighs with my knees on the bed, and I rubbed my stiff cock up and down along her pussy lips. She was moaning louder, and I could feel her getting wetter, so I stuck the tip inside of her and started pushing in and then pulling back. She started lifting her ass off the bed in an attempt to get more of my cock in her pussy, but I only allowed a few inches in before pulling back out.

“Fuck me! Stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me!”

“My, aren’t we impatient! I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you, but I don’t want to be in a hurry. I want it to last as long as possible, so just lay there, be a good girl, and let me fuck you at my own pace.”

I teased her for another minute, and then with a slow deliberate movement, I plunged all the way in and held it there.

“Ohhh, shit, yesss! Oh, fuck. Give it to me. Fuck İstanbul Escort me hard!”

I pulled out and then back in, but only allowing about half of my length in with each stroke. She shocked me by allowing her vaginal muscles to start squeezing my cock. She was only the second or third girl I had been with that could do that. Her pussy felt so good, but I was hoping her squeezing wouldn’t make me come too fast. I started a steady motion in and out and at a little faster pace. She was breathing hard and grunting with each inward stroke. I again plunged in as deep as I could go and she screamed out, “Oh fuck yeah! I’m cumminnnggg!”

I slowed the pace again but continued to stroke in and out at a moderate pace. She had her hands on the back of my shoulders and was squeezing me hard. In a few minutes I felt that I wasn’t going to last too much longer.

“Damn Brenda! Your pussy feels so good. I can’t last much longer. Can I cum inside you?”

“Yes! Let me feel it! Fill my cunt with your cum!”

That drove me over the edge. I took a few more strokes and then plunged in deep while I blasted the inside of her pussy with several loads of hot cum. She gripped my shoulders harder and pulled me to her and screamed, “I’m cumming again!”

We collapsed on the bed and laid there next to each other for several minutes while we tried to catch our breath. She then threw one leg over me and said, “Fuck. That was fun. We need to do that more often.”

I laughed and answered, “I agree. I don’t know why we waited so long. But now that we have, I will definitely want more.”

We then cleaned up and got dressed. The bedspread was wet from our combined juices, so we got a wet wash cloth and wiped it down. When we were satisfied that it would dry without leaving a stain, I took the wash cloth and placed it in a laundry hamper in the hallway. Over the next several months, Brenda would occasionally tell her husband she had to work late, and she would come to my apartment where we could fuck as much as we wanted and take a shower afterward. She was not only a great fuck, she tasted good when I licked her sweet little pussy and she could suck a dick like a champ.

* * * * *

I was walking around the property one day, and as I passed the pool, I saw two very pretty, busty blonds lying there with no tops on. I walked over to them and explained that they needed to keep their tops on while at the pool. They looked confused for a minute and said they weren’t aware of that rule as they normally always went topless. I noticed they had an accent and when I asked, they explained that they were flight attendants with Swedish Air. I told them I was sorry to make them cover up, but the U.S. was not as liberal about nudity as Sweden. I then gave one of them my card and invited them to dinner with me to make up for their inconvenience. We met later that evening where I bought them dinner, and after having a couple of drinks, they invited me to their room, as I had hoped.

When we got to their room, Heather started taking off her clothes as she walked toward the bed. She looked over her shoulder as she was unhooking her bra and said, “Get comfortable.”

Gretchen laughed and said, “No need to be shy. We’re not!”

I was thinking this was one of the best situations I had ever been in, and since they were both busily taking their clothes off, I started taking mine off, as well. By the time I dropped my pants, they were totally naked and lying on the bed.

“That was a very nice dinner. We would like to thank you, wouldn’t we Gretchen?”

She giggled when she answered, “That’s what I had in mind, but I think he is going to give us something else to thank him for.” As she said that, she was staring at my now very hard cock.

I went to join them on the bed, then asked, “Who’s first?”

Heather was lying flat on her back, slowly sliding a finger up and down her pussy lips, so I crawled between her legs and placed my face over her blond muff and started licking. She moaned as her hand went behind my head to pull me closer. As my eyes drifted up, I saw Gretchen throw a leg over Heather’s head so she could sit on her face.

I could hear muffled moaning coming from Heather as she greedily licked Gretchen’s cunt. I opened Heather’s legs wider and put them over my shoulders and I began to run my tongue deeper, first licking the full length of her pussy, and then forcing my tongue into her wet pussy so I could fuck her with my tongue. I sought out and found her clit which was now hard and erect. When I licked it, I felt her shiver and tremble. Heather let out a low throaty groan and she climaxed, soaking my mouth. I continued to lick and lap her juices while I reached up and started fondling her breasts. I ran my thumbs lightly over her hard, swollen nipples. She moaned loudly and pushed Gretchen off her face as she said, “Sorry baby, but I need him to fuck me now.”

Gretchen didn’t complain, but instead she laid down Anadolu Yakası Escort next to Heather and watched as I climbed up between her legs. I took my cock and slid it up and down her swollen wet pussy lips a few times and then plunged in about halfway. Heather gasped loudly, taking in a deep breath, and said, “Yes! Fuck me. Please fuck me!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement as I started stroking in and out, slowly at first, and then gradually increasing the speed and the depth. After a couple of deep strokes, I could tell her cunt was overflowing with juices. She was whimpering and moaning, begging me to fuck her harder. I pressed my mouth against her and kissed her long and slow, allowing our tongues to eagerly explore each other as she was moaning in my mouth. I could feel her nails digging in my back and thought that would probably leave a mark, but I wasn’t really worried about that right then. I began to pump harder and in a couple of minutes, she screamed out and had a massive orgasm. I can remember thinking she had one of the nicest pussies I had ever fucked as I gave her a couple of more deep strokes and then pumped my load of semen deep inside her.

As we were recovering, I heard Gretchen say, “Wow! That was hot. I want some of that.” When I looked over, she was furiously fingering her squishing cunt, her mouth was open, her eyes were glazed, and her face was flushed.

I rolled off Heather and laid on my back. Gretchen moved over to me and asked, “How long will it take you to get that big cock hard again?”

I laughed and said, “Give me a couple of minutes. Heather wore me out. You can help me get it up if you want.”

After a couple of minutes of trying to catch my breath, Gretchen moved her head down between my legs and started licking up and down my soft shaft, licking Heather’s juices off. It only took another minute for me to start getting erect again, and when it was semi-hard, she took it into her mouth and started sucking. She was an expert at sucking dick, and I was hard in no time. She straddled me and placed my dick into her opening. When she was satisfied it was fully seated, she sank down, taking my shaft all the way in her wet warm pussy and started rocking back and forth. I usually like to set the pace, but she was in charge. I felt her juices flowing out of her cunt as she started bouncing up and down. She leaned forward and I trapped a tit in my mouth and started sucking. She was loudly moaning as I rolled a nipple in my mouth. Because she had leaned forward, she changed the angle of my dick so I was rubbing her clit with every stroke. As I was lifting my ass up, trying to drive my dick deeper inside her, she let out a long, wailing moan and then, “Ohhh, Fuck! I’m cumminnggg!”

I felt her shudder through her orgasm and felt her pussy juice flowing against my pelvis. I bucked up a few more times and then let loose with my own climax. She fell backwards, allowing my cock to slide out of her cunt. I continued to lie on my back, breathing hard.

I was about to get up and thank them for the excellent fuck, but when I started to move, Heather said, “I want you to fuck me again.” Gretchen said, “Me, too!”

These two cock-hungry Swedish girls almost fucked me to death that night. They finally drifted off to sleep around 4:30 am. I got dressed, quietly left their room, and drove back to my apartment for a couple of hours sleep, a shower, and a change of clothes. If you have never fucked a Swedish girl, I would highly recommend it!

* * * * *

I thought I was through with police work, but six months after starting my new job, we had a murder in the hotel. A housekeeper (they don’t like being called maids) entered a room one afternoon to clean it when she discovered a guy lying in bed in a pool of blood. Of course, it almost scared her to death, and she started screaming. One of the other housekeepers came running to find out what was wrong, saw the dead guy, and called me. I took a look at the guy to determine he was, in fact, dead, and I had the second housekeeper take the first one to an unoccupied room down the hall. I told her to keep her there, keep her from talking to anyone, and make sure she didn’t leave the property. I had one of my security guys come up, stand outside the door, and not let anyone in the room. Of course, I called the police. While waiting for them, I obtained the guy’s name and contact information from his registration, along with the time and date he checked in and the time and date he was due to check out. We had electronic keys, so I also obtained a printout of every time the door had been opened. When the first police officer arrived, I showed him the body and he called for a detective unit.

A short time later, a male and female detective team arrived. I showed them my retired detective badge and ID and provided them with the guy’s name and contact information, the printout of the times the door had been opened and the name of the girl who had discovered the body. The male was sort of a smartass, but the female thanked me for securing the scene and gathering the information. I told her I could get the girl who had discovered the body so she could interview her, and she said she would appreciate that.

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