That mirrored vanity


I look in the mirror that is slightly misted by the hot steam rising from the shower. The candle light is just perfectly lighting up your skin. Your nakedness is dancing with color from the small flame. In the mirror I see the desire in your eyes, your boobs hanging free, the nipples hard with want. My hand runs around your tummy and you let yourself be pulled into me, feeling my hardness pushing at your bum. You moan and close your eyes, biting you lip in anticipation of what is to come next. I reach down and run my fingers across your labia…you are wet and hot. The desire evident there too. You open your legs voluntarily and lean back to let me cock touch your lips. You shudder. Then push back onto me but my hands hold you away. I let my cock split your labia slowly and gently. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for…I want to put it in you so badly but I want to feel every nuance. Slowly I ease into you, gripping your hips, lovign the sight of your tan back glistening. You grip the edge of the vanity, throwing your head back, a small whisper of affirmation escaping your mouth. The mouth that just expertly sucked me to full attention. I’m almost out of control now, feeling your body hug my cock and pull it into you, I slip slowly, purposefully and deeply into you. you lean forward, your nipples brushing the cold marble and push your ass higher, begging for it to go deeper. Deeper than anyone before. Küçükyalı escort You are standing on tiptoes, allowing me to slip further and further. It seems like it might never bottom out. My balls touch your clit and you gasp, the cock so hard and deep inside you… I reach around and press my finger into your mouth and you immediately begin sucking on it. I use this distraction to beat down my own rising climax. This will last. I gaze at your body, the glistening skin looking so inviting in the candle light and run my other hand down your back from your neck and across your bum. I begin slow thrusts into you, the walls of your body closing and griping on the hard shaft inside you. You are sucking on my fingers, running your hands up your tum to your breasts, cupping them invitingly. I look longingly into the mirror and watch you…wishing I could do this and suck on them at the same time. But I hold back, this is too sweet. I can feel everything like this and I want to burn it into my memory. You release my fingers and cup both your breasts, willing me to suck and bite them but I am enjoying the sensation of my cock thrusting in and out of you. I grip your hips with both hands and turn my attention to the wonderful sensations of your body’s muscles grabbing at me. My breathing gets heavier as the swell of climax wells inside me. I don’t want to go but a huge and intense Kartal escort bayan waves almost knocks me over. Steadying myself I pound into you, feeling the wetness, the heat pouring from you. You reach under your tum and between your legs and rub furiously on your clit, your nails brushing against my balls, sending little shivers through them. I thrust the full length, almost taking the shaft out of you each time. Delighting in the sights of my cock splitting your labia and then plunging back in. I love the sight of you, prone over the vanity, it’s coldness raising goosbumps on your skin. But you don’t notice now that you are lost in the building climax, pushing back into me, willing me deeper. Our skin slaps together, more energetic and frantic now. Both willing the ecstacy forward and soaking in the feelings. You look back over your shoulder at me, your eyes are on fire with desire, the candlelight reflecting its little dance there. I know you are thinking the same thing I am. “Come. Come into with me”, your eyes say. It pushes me over the edge and I yell that I am coming. The final thrust is enough to make you join me and you tense as the wave crashes onto you. I’m so deep inside you, gripping your hips with white knuckles and willing the come deep inside you, panting words of encouragement and enjoyment. You turn to me, still in the midst of your climax, Escort Suadiye “please don’t stop I want more”. At this moment, after all this frustration I shudder as the words crash over me and I keep thrusting into you, willing my cock to stay hard. The sensation of it plunging into you, so wet from your own juices and my come, is thrilling and the slick tunnel tugs at my cock, glossing it, the slick shaft pushing against your walls. My cock responds, hardening almost immediately after climax, and I continue thrusting into you. I reach around your body, grabbing your breasts in my hands and pulling you up to me. You turn your head and we kiss passionately, sending more blood to my cock as it pulses into you. For a long time out tongues swirl and tease and I continue to pump into you slowly and deeply, enjoying the hot and wet inviting core. We separate slightly and I twist you to me. I want to taste those breasts that I’ve been oogling in the mirror. You offer them to me immediately, the same feelings washing over you. I dip my head and take a nipple on my mouth, biting on it gently. My cock is wet and rubbing against your tummy, you spread your legs and I bend my knees to push it toward your opening. Sensing my movements you reach down and take me in your hands, guiding me into you as I continue to suck and lick your breasts. The nipples are perfectly erect and you shudder with excitment each time I bite them. My cock reaches your pussy and you rub it there, taking a sharp inhale of breath as it touches your hot labia. I push my hips forward and enter you, slipping in easily now that we are both fully lubricated. Reaching under your bum I take your weight in my arms, lifting you off the cold tile floor.

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