Texas Flight Attendant Acts Out Her Exhibitionist Masturbation Fantasy At An Austin Swingers’ Club

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As a flight attendant and exhibitionist, I take advantage of my travels to find men willing to indulge me in my fantasy of dancing and stripping nude from my flight attendant uniform and then masturbating to orgasm. It could be for a male flight attendant or pilot on my crew, someone on the hotel staff or even as wild as entertaining pilots in the cockpit on a long flight to Europe. As long as someone is watching me, I get off to it.Before I got hired by an airline, I used to fantasize about traveling and meeting men to watch me masturbate. It could be to the many cities my airline flew and it could be done anonymously with perfect strangers, which was my ideal fantasy. The world was going to become my exhibitionist playground.When I got hired by an airline, I didn’t pursue my fantasies right away though. It took me time to get to know the layovers and find out where good places were to find interested men. Eventually, though, I worked up the nerve but kept it close to home by masturbating, first, for my two pilots. I did it at night under Tiki Torchlight while lying in a hammock set up on the hotel grounds of our Belize resort layover. I was both excited and nervous and it took me a long time to reach orgasm but it was worth it just to show myself that I could do it.  I was much more at ease on our next Belize layover where I again masturbated for the same two pilots. This time we were at the hotel’s rooftop swimming pool late in the evening after dinner sipping on Mai Tai’s in plastic cups. When the last person left, I slipped into the water and untied the neck and back strings of my bikini top and the side strings of the bottom and casually swam out of them. The pool lighting was romantically dim so my pilots were unaware that I was naked which added an element of excitement.I swam to the ladder and got out but acted like everything was normal as I walked to the foot of my lounge chair and dried my body and hair with my towel. I pretended to be alone and watched them only peripherally as I spread my towel out, relaxed on my back and placed my legs over the sides of the chair. I played with my pubic patch landing strip and then different parts of my pussy until my clit demanded most of my attention. As I fingered more intently, my pilots moved to the foot of their chairs to watch me masturbate This time I climaxed more easily to a warm rushing esat escort bayan tropical orgasm.Some of my other favorite layover masturbation experiences are:Masturbating for twelve German semi-pro soccer players that I met in a local park where they were practicing and I was jogging. I had stopped for a drink of water and wound up watching them. They were friendly and invited me to go with them to a Biergarten, always fun on a late afternoon in Frankfurt.I was wearing short running shorts and a tight sports bra and felt a lot of eyes on me as we walked across the street. After two cold refreshing Pilsners and the resulting beer buzz, I asked them if they would like to see a sexier side of me although I didn’t know where I could do it. I’d already told them I was a United Airlines flight attendant on a layover and I think they liked that. But they gave me a hard time and accused me of teasing but I told them I was serious and would prove it if I could.A couple of them had a private conversation and then one of the guys invited (read challenged) me to continue drinking with them at his family’s summer cottage down by the Main River.It was a simple little cabin with a big flower and vegetable garden in the fenced back yard illuminated with long crisscrossed strings of white lights. It was an exciting setting for me, far from Texas for sure, and before their next beer was finished they were demanding that I make good on my word.Not being one to miss a prime opportunity and already very much in an exhibitionist mood, I directed them to sit at a picnic table on an extended patio out from the cottage and danced in front of them to the distant sound of a neighbor’s radio and stripped from my shorts, bra and panties leaving only my running shoes.The look of surprise on their faces when I first took off my running shorts was priceless but the stunned silence after I stripped from my bra and panties was even better. It felt great to be free and naked in front of a dozen German footballers, their lust-filled gazes traversing up and down my body. I think they liked the way my tan lines accented my breasts and landing strip. All the attention made me really want to masturbate so I asked for a blanket that a boy brought out and helped me spread atop the picnic table.So on a Friday night in Frankfurt, Germany, enveloped in Escort etimesgut the cool misty air of the Main River, I climbed onto the table surrounded by boys on both sides and fingered myself to a ‘Wunderbar’ orgasm.One of the boldest exhibitionist experiences I had was stripping naked and fingering to orgasm on stage at Scores Gentlemen’s Club in Tampa on Amateur Strip Night. It was something I’d been fantasizing about ever since I saw their Amateur Contest advertised on the marquee that we see on our way from the airport to our hotel.I purchased pink VS lingerie and finally got up the nerve. I flew a Tampa trip and went there with a supportive male flight attendant and entered. I danced and stripped from my lingerie to a large crowd of rowdy men. When I was nude, except for my black heels, I pranced back and forth along the stage and then picked a spot, laid down and raised and parted my legs like a good stripper. Then I put my hands behind my neck and soaked in the perfect exhibitionist moment as men peered in.Then to more cheers, I reached down and pinched and pulled my labia out like new butterfly wings and unhooded my clit to give a more intimate view of the pink wings of my pussy lips and the already excited walls of my vagina. I was in exhibitionist heaven with all the dirty talk and compliments on my willingness to openly share my body. It set the stage perfectly for me as I acted out my fantasy and fingered myself to a wonderful orgasm for a great crowd, the most men I have ever masturbated for.All of my wonderful layover experiences led me to try something closer to home. A male friend of mine that owns a machine shop in the industrial park north of the San Antonio airport called and asked if I’d be willing to do something sexy for him and some of his employees after work on a Friday night. It would be like a party, he said, with food and drink. And there would be music for me to dance to.When I started flying, I used my time away from home to act out and fulfill my masturbation fantasy but now my friend, Gary, was offering something very unique and it was right here in my home town.I first met Gary at the fitness club where we both work out. After several conversations with him, I found out that he was in a frustrating marriage but didn’t believe in divorce and wasn’t going to resort to an etlik escort affair. I liked him so when he asked if we could be friends, I told him I’d be glad to. We wound up working out together every week and hit it off pretty quickly and because our relationship was a safe one, we talked openly about our lives. He told me about his frustration with a lack of sex at home and I revealed my exhibitionist quirk and how it affected my ability to stay in long term relationships.I could tell the poor man was sex-starved because when I told him about my masturbation fantasy, it was all he wanted to talk about. He was only half-joking when he said that talking about sex was as close as he was going to come to the real thing and that masturbating for him was something his wife would never consider.I genuinely felt sorry for Gary so when he asked if I’d do something sexy at his machine shop, I told him I would do it just for him but that the other guys could watch. He laughed and gave me a spontaneous hug and kiss on the cheek and told me I was the best thing that had happened to him all year. Making someone’s day is nice but making someone’s year is even better. Now that’s a compliment!So within two weeks, I entertained him and his friends at the very unique venue of his machine shop. The funny thing about it was that his idea of music came from a decades-old cassette player. When Gary and I met for our next workout, he told me how impressed he and his friends were with my performance and said they told him to plead if necessary to get me to come back. Well, he didn’t have to plead to hard and I did it again about a month later on the weekend following the Fourth of July for his same friends and a few others he wanted to invite.About a month after that, Gary asked me if I would go with him to a swingers club near Austin called Colette, saying he thought it would be perfect for the exhibitionist in me. He told me that he’d taken his wife there one time in a desperate attempt to spark some sexual interest in their marriage but, their visit lasted all of twenty uncomfortable minutes.So in an abundance of curiosity, I looked it up and decided I wanted to go on their Friday Stiletto and Stockings night. I wore the same pink VS lingerie with white frilly trim that I wore in the Tampa strip contest. But with added white stockings and heels under a cute coat that tied at the waist and just covered my skirt and revealed ample cleavage at the top.I remember the valet’s reaction to my outfit as he opened my door and voiced a very enthusiastic, “Welcome to Colette’s young lady.” It was a little exhibitionist moment and a warm-up for what awaited me inside.

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