Tessa the Hucow Ch. 01


Please understand that while Hucow/Farmer relationships actually exist, they do not reflect the contents of this story. Pet play is a fun dynamic relationship, but all D/s relationships should be based in trust and consent. With that said, Lets dive into the fantasy world.


Tessa was a single county woman, daughter of a farmer, and traveling the USA. Big cities excited her, she was a country woman at heart. Which is why she currently was on a tour of Hammond farm in Texas. They had a gift shop, and a restaurant that served fresh ingredients from the farm. After traveling for the last year she had finally found some place that felt familiar.

Tessa was a short girl, maybe 5’3″, but had a heavy c-cup rack. Her body was not fat, but a little stocky. Thick hips gave her an extremely appealing hour glass shape and her long jet black braided hair fell back in pony tail that ended at the back of her knee. She was in a navy blue tank with a pair of blue jeans, a straw hat and a pair of leather boots with a low heel.

She walked at the ass end of the tour through the various parts of the farm, taking the time to really appreciate the farm while the city dwellers muddled along waiting for the gift shop at the end. At one point she zoned out leaning against a wooden fence staring out at a pasture of heifers. By the time she came too the tour had completely moved on and was out of site.

In a slight panic she might get in trouble she quickly started jogging down the aisle between fences to catch up. When she reached a cross way between two 4 fenced of areas automated gate ahead of her shut. Before she could turn around the gate behind her snapped shut as well. A pang of fear shot through her. She looked left, the aisle open up to a field some ways down, nothing down there. Then she looked right.

Standing in the right aisle was a cowboy on horse back. Tessa felt a little intimidated but waved her hand at the man.”howdy there, I got lost from the tour could you help me back?”

The man did not respond instead he made a quick riding gesture that caused the horse to trot at a steady pace, then a bit quicker. He was about 20 feet out before she realized he wasn’t going to stop. She yelped in a high pitch, spun on her heel and booked it to the left. The fence was too tall to jump so she had no choice. She wasn’t fast, but she seemed to be keeping just ahead of the rider as she booked it out into the open field. Her chest heaved with each stride, the weight of it becoming uncomfortable. About a football field out she felt a stitch in her side and was getting slow, her face was beat red, hat long gone and ankles sore, she realized the horse rider behind her was purposely keeping a distance and running her tired.

About the time she made she reached a wet mud pit she had to slow down further, before she could take a step left or right to avoid it she felt a heavy rope catch her mid stride by the ankles. The rope cinched on her instantly, pulling her ankles together. Unable to use her legs to stop her momentum she fell forward, face first into the mud.

She tried to push herself back up on her hands Maltepe Türbanlı Escort before feeling a knee shoved into her back, shoving her back into the mud. The man yanked at her arms, and used the rope holding her ankles together to tie her arms behind her back, hogtying her helpless. She screamed as loud as she could be for feeling a sharp blow to the back of her head, and all went black.

She woke up in a barn. It was night but there was a single light somewhere above lighting the immediate area. The floor was mud covered by hay, and she was locked up in some kind of stocks. A wooden pillar shot out of the ground and came up in a T . Her wrists bound at each end, her neck in the middle, she could only look down and, if she tilted her head up, forward to the open barn door. A second pillar was at her waste, with a metal band that wrapped around her holding her up so that her back was flat. Her legs dangled down. Her feet couldn’t reach the floor, the most she could do is touch the floor with the tips of her toes.

She moaned at the head splitting ache in head as she came too. She felt the cool night air rush in from the open door. The wet mud chilling against her body, which she just now realized was naked. She felt her heavy chest dangle freely from her body, pulled by gravity, and swaying with her breathing. Her body felt sore as most of her weight was supported at the pillar binding her waste.

“Well now it looks like Bessie woke up” a deep voice sounded from behind her.

“HELP ME! I CAN’T MOVE” She screamed trying to stugle in her bonds, which only served to make her breasts sway.

“I know dear , it’s because I put you there” the man said.

Tessa opened her mouth wide and screamed as loud as she could. She got a full breath out before her wide open mouth was promptly stuffed with a rubber gag, muffling her protest. She continued to try to belt her high pitched scream but could only manage a muffled moan. Drool sliding down her face and off of her chin as she couldn’t swallow. In a short time she gave up the effort.

“Now that you have gotten that out of your system, let’s get on with your orientation. Welcome to harmony farms, your our newest livestock. Your name is Bessie. Or more accurately 52c, as we call all of you heifers Bessie. If you think you have a different name. I can assure you that you are mistaken. Your our new hucow, and have been chosen because your well suited for breeding and milking. “

Tessa grunted opposition, but the man behind her paid no mind. He shuffled around a bit, and then she felt a rough callus hand grab her breast, she screamed into the gag again. But the man went on.

Here at the farm we strive to keep all of our Stock happy, so please consider my deepest apologies for the discomfort of the orientation process” the man said in an insincere tone.

Tessa felt her breast squeezed painfully and then the shared pain of a needle being pressed into her nipple, followed by a painful injection of what felt like a lot of fluid. She screamed again, but the man shifted to her other side and injected the other breast.

He spoke again Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort “the hormone process is painful, but short. So be thankful.” He let her go, but she could hear him sifting through some tools.

“I am a farmhand and bull here, one of many we have, no one but here is assigned to any specific cow, so you will meet us all eventually” She felt a cold met pinch her ear followed buy a loud click and the Searing pain of being pierced.

” Don’t try and remove your tag, only a special tool to take them off these tags allowed us to track where you are on the farm at all times it will alert us if you leave the premises.”

She tried to struggled as hard as her body would let her, but she had no leverage and the swinging of her breast cause a hard soreness to spread throughout the body. She moaned in discomfort.

“Alright then only three things left” He said, Ashley heard behind her a few clicks and the sound of a blowtorch being lit.

But she did not feel heat, instead another injection, this time in her ass. Then, there was a sudden rush in her ears, the drug coursed into her, a fog clouded her mind and she could only recognize she was high on something. He spoke ” that should help ease your transition, it helps not to think.”

Some time passed and she felt his rough hand on her cunt pinching her, she attempted to wiggle but found that her body was hardly responsive. She felt cold metal, and then an explosive pain that cleared the fog for a moment as she felt her clit being pierced. The next thing to come was a hot brand, which was all too obvious what the porch was being used for. Luckily she passed out within the first second of iron on her left ass cheek.

The next time that she came to it was day again, she didn’t know if it was the next day or maybe a day or two after that. It did not take her long to feel the pains of what had happened to her during her orientation. Her breasts were mildly swollen instead of being a large see she was more likely a smaller D now. But they were sore. Her country but wasn’t necessarily as painful as the piercing in her ear which was surprising to her. She look down to examine her self and saw that the piercing was a ring that had a thick node on it, and a small chain that led down to a bell. There seemed to be no possible way to remove the piercing at least with her hands. She reached out and touched her ear .she felt the thick plastic tag that wrapped from one end to the other she could feel a imprint of some text and with a little intuition realize that it said 52 C.

The shock of what was happening to her finally truly set in and as she went to try and process it , her mind quickly put her body back to sleep. and she passed out.

She woke up again, it was night now, she was no longer in the barn but a shed, in the center of the room was a small metal platform. 5 Padded cuffs where bolted to the floor. She was bound in them. There was a cuff at each ankle, one at the bend of each knee, and one around her neck. The neck cuff and leg cuffs where spaced so closely that her ass was forced in the air her sore breasts where smashed Maltepe Ucuz Escort into the metal platform . Her arms where painfully folded behind her back, her long pony tail had been used to tightly tie them there, pulling her hair , and her head, up to face forward. In her mouth was an open mouth gag with built in tongue depressor. Even if she wanted to she could not form words, and drool dripped freely from her lip.

Hours passed, she watched the night turn into dawn. Every few minutes the node in her clit ring would vibrate, Every time it did it vibrated at a different strength, different pulse, it never stayed on long enough and did not seem to follow any pattern. One moment it was on, then off. Despite her best efforts and the uncomfortable bondage, she felt herself get wet. And by the time dawn rolled about she was had been furious with the thing for never staying on long enough to give her release.

She then saw the shed door open, a single man walked in but in her position she could only see as high as his belly. Desperately she tried to talk to him, but gagged as she was she could only make guttural moans and grunts. She turn red when she realized she sounded like an animal. The man said nothing, he was obviously different the the first one who enjoyed speaking so much.

He stripped naked in front of her, she immediately focused on his already hard dick, thinking to herself “Jesus Christ, he is thick.” Before realizing what was about to happen, and furiously moaning and grunting as he walked behind her out of her vision. She realized her noise could be just as easily perceived as excitement as they could panic and went red.

She breathed heavily, not being able to see meant she didn’t know when it was going to happen. He was not kind, he did not touch her to warn her. The first thing she felt was his hot thick rod, expertly aimed, quickly rush into her perfectly presented cunt in one deep, fast thrust.

Her body went ridged, every muscle went taught as she felt the aching pain of his thickness stretching her rarely used cunt. The clit ring had made her so sopping wet she offered no resistance to her invader. Her shocked mussels clenched his member, and he let out a soft grunt, before picking up a slow rhythm.

Her pain slowly faded as the man continued, she began to feel waves of torturous pleasure radiate from within. She hated herself but her body had been teased with and denied orgasm for hours, and would rather defy her minds wishes at the prospect of release. Her body relaxed and the man picked up tempo, her clit bell ringing with each thrust. She moaned and groaned, which only seemed to get him more excited. His thrusting became violent, his hips spanked her ass with each thrust, his balls would swing and knock into her bell, she felt a climax build that no shame could quell.

The man thrust a final time, and did not pull out, but grabbed her ass tightly and spasm ed inside her, at that moment her clit ring buzzed it’s vibrations again and sent her over the edge. She moaned a long moan as her abused cunt sorely convulsed with waves of pleasure and pain, milking the last bits of his seed out of him.

He breathed for a minute, remaining rock hard inside her, before pulling out gently, dressing, and leaving the room without a word said.. left alone, all she could hear is the occasional pinging drip of fluid on metal, as a small part of the thick load, ran down her bell, and fell to the platform.

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